Đồng nghĩa của seditious

Alternative for seditious

Tính từ

Guilty of or involving betrayal or deception
treacherous disloyal traitorous unfaithful deceitful duplicitous perfidious untrustworthy treasonable unreliable untrue faithless subversive treasonous false fickle rebellious recreant renegade apostate mutinous undependable breakaway inconstant two-faced betraying Punic unloyal deceptive dishonest insidious misleading shifty slick tricky underhand double-crossing double-dealing back-stabbing false-hearted two-timing Janus-faced snake in the grass fly-by-night unpatriotic wormlike undutiful insubordinate dissident snaky backstabbing adulterous cheating backstabby double-faced hollow-hearted crooked unscrupulous dishonourable dishonorable shady deceiving sneaky corrupt insincere devious slippery guileful shonky dodgy lying crafty cunning designing untruthful dubious wily unprincipled subtle sharp sneaking artful scheming forsworn mendacious foxy sly conniving bent shrewd cagey irresponsible delusive underhanded iffy bluffing elusive not to be trusted backsliding furtive stealthy fraudulent falsehearted flighty low disreputable roguish base calculating astute wicked questionable beguiling rascally canny intriguing dissembling ingenious illusory plotting captious smart smooth truthless knavish defrauding cute cagy trustless perjured immoral unlawful villainous mean evasive slim heretical wayward clever unfair irresolute swindling rebel defecting arrant doubting coquettish lubricious perjurious of bad faith secret Machiavellian slimy cowboy unprofessional disingenuous covert dirty unjust skulking vile unbelieving amoral criminal unethical illegal fly manipulative chameleon-like unconverted sceptical fluctuating skeptical wavering unstable capricious changeful changeable carny not to be relied upon equivocating fast malfeasant rogue skillful skilful nifty hypocritical impish arch mischievous secretive extramarital hoodwinking sinister backbiting unctuous heterodox revolutionary reactionary outlaw runaway untraditional schismatic radical untrusty unsound dicey fink deviant dangerous illicit commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness unsafe scoundrelly venal malicious foul mythomaniac malevolent adulterate extracurricular unchaste adulterine clandestine fornicating moonlighting speedy improper not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather fast and loose

Tính từ

Rebellious or defiant to authority
insubordinate defiant disobedient rebellious unruly recalcitrant ungovernable contumacious disorderly refractory mutinous undisciplined insurgent turbulent contrary delinquent errant fractious intractable riotous troublesome non-compliant obstreperous unbiddable uncooperative wayward wilful awkward badly behaved balky difficult froward impish incompliant mischievous naughty perverse rebel recusant restive uncontrollable unmanageable untoward willful bolshie disaffected dissentious factious noncompliant rascally roguish treacherous uncompliant uncomplying insurrectionary revolutionary dissident alienated obstinate stubborn disloyal insurrectionist anarchistic militant lawless radical out of control up in arms estranged resistant dissentient malcontent intransigent nonconformist bellicose subversive restless iconoclastic treasonable pugnacious quarrelsome rioting traitorous threatening renegade insolent impudent haughty inflexible unyielding obdurate headstrong irreconcilable pigheaded challenging incorrigible warring individualistic armed sabotaging attacking breakaway rebelling mutinying reforming progressive reformist extreme discontented progressivist extremist revisionist fanatical dissatisfied antagonistic hostile rabid fanatic diehard revolutionist immoderate frustrated resentful ultraist nihilistic disgruntled unfriendly unsubmissive far-out loony looney swivel-eyed way out disillusioned apathetic indifferent cynical fed up wild dissenting ornery truculent incontrollable rowdy disruptive unrestrained irrepressible reckless impetuous nonconforming belligerent anarchic boisterous chaotic insubmissive loud noisy stroppy rumbustious resistive unbridled out of hand heedless violent impulsive impervious drunken opinionated rash intemperate bawdy imprudent forward inexorable assertive mean out of line nonobservant heretical maverick adverse peevish unfavorable unfavourable petulant cross unorthodox apostate schismatic unrestrainable indocile impotent rampant erratic unpredictable fickle negative irregular without law and order uncontrolled intolerable impossible unbearable undependable refusing divergent declinatory impatient objecting declining mulish rough tempestuous uproarious raucous vociferous immoral aberrant arbitrary clamorous rampaging aggressive self-willed rambunctious cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed roisterous rackety tumultuous rip-roaring daring provocative bold resisting audacious rampageous roistering confrontational screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous combative argumentative raising Cain raising the roof contentious feisty scrappy attention-seeking troublemaking disregardful cheeky sassy gutsy dareful lawbreaking lively rollicking romping anarchical ready for a fight spoiling for a fight

Tính từ

Not having laws
lawless disorderly anarchic unruly anarchical rebellious insurgent riotous insubordinate mutinous ungovernable revolutionary wild chaotic disruptive insurrectionary lawbreaking reckless unrestrained mutinying revolting terrorist ungoverned anarchistic bad barbarous contumacious despotic disobedient disordered evil fierce heterodox infringing nihilistic noncompliant nonconformist piratical recusant savage tempestuous terrorising terrorizing traitorous turbulent tyrannous uncivilised uncivilized uncontrollable uncontrolled uncultivated unorthodox unpeaceful unregulated untamed violent warlike without law and order unlawful rowdy boisterous antisocial rough undisciplined refractory troublesome unmanageable obstreperous uncompliant rioting wayward indisciplined noisy raucous fractious intemperate termagant drunk out of control out-of-line out-of-control out-of-order illicit prohibited illegal out of hand felonious dishonest on-a-tear culpable illegitimate unethical corrupt villainous indictable wrong nefarious crooked unlicensed wicked clandestine iniquitous unsavory contraband furtive forbidden wrongful delinquent punishable impermissible immoral unsanctioned dark bent black fraudulent shady banned outlawed unauthorized actionable vile proscribed dodgy improper against the law unofficial unacceptable interdicted peccant verboten sly adulterous malfeasant sinful vicious taboo unwarranted unrighteous bootleg racketeering heavy miscreant excessive rotten dirty violating unsavoury flagitious criminal wildcat unauthorised guilty criminogenic transgressing tapu haram out of line black-market off base under-the-table smoking gun against the rules off limits ruled out not acceptable not permitted not allowed under-the-counter in violation of law under the table under the counter contrary to law tumultuous uproarious brawling unbiddable ugly rampageous deranged uncontained immoderate disorganised helter-skelter turbid disorganized hedonistic

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