Đồng nghĩa của disputatious

Alternative for disputatious

Tính từ

Having a predisposition to fight or engage in confrontations
argumentative contentious quarrelsome polemical pugnacious scrappy aggressive agonistic assaultive bellicose belligerent brawly cantankerous chippy combative confrontational controversial discordant feisty gladiatorial militant polemic truculent warlike captious cavilling dissentious litigious awkward caviling contrary difficult disputative fractious hostile perverse troublesome antagonistic on the warpath threatening aggers touchy ornery salty fierce spoiling for a fight having a chip on one's shoulder factious stroppy militaristic ill-tempered bad-tempered warring irascible violent spiky opinionated oppugnant hot-tempered fighting defiant hawkish fiery warmongering sabre-rattling offensive martial bolshie fire-eating eristic biffo battling mean rebellious have a bone to pick jingoistic provocative active bickering adversarial inimical quick-tempered unfriendly courageous spirited spunky bloodthirsty destructive challenging enthusiastic contending military uncooperative ardent hot flip persuasive pushy ferocious at loggerheads cussed on the outs have it in for have chip on shoulder up in arms ready to fight inharmonious hot-button hotheaded determined plucky adverse disruptive soldierly gung-ho choleric petulant battleful dissentient wrangling inhospitable malevolent irritable rough brawling sanguinary war ructious attacking impassioned bold outspoken uncompromising passionate litiginous litigatious disputable angry snarly wrestling tilting skirmishing self-assertive itching to fight assertive vigorous under arms radical ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme forceful combating rational logical rationalistic fanatical embattled zealous cross warrish revolutionary assertory sullen obstreperous dialectical nasty loudmouthed in arms rude surly ill-natured unpleasant discourteous tough analytic itching arsey sensitive looking for trouble insolent scathing frightening deadly vituperous browbeating caustic terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing harsh terrorising trenchant sharp hateful bullying mordacious mordant excitable gutsy ready for a fight peppy gritty frisky mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly gutty zestful game hearty analytical thin-skinned hot-blooded go-getting full-blooded high-strung full of pep dialectic

Tính từ

Causing, or likely to cause, an argument or controversy
contentious polemical polemic controversial argumentative hot-button quarrelsome querulous belligerent ill-tempered bad-tempered petulant irritable fiery cantankerous combative litigious scrappy hostile disagreeable irascible truculent captious bellicose cavilling antagonistic feisty choleric testy chippy cross stroppy touchy peevish quick-tempered caviling difficult hot-tempered prickly grouchy acid snappy churlish pettish pugnacious ornery crabby waspish confrontational passionate factious mean militant ill-humoured disputative ill-humored spiteful defiant ugly warring threatening gladiatorial agonistic wrangling fighting battling discordant bickering aggressive brawly assaultive warlike critical bitter perverse fractious virulent venomous hotheaded ready for a fight vitriolic huffy eristic surly ill-natured hot-blooded grumpy tempestuous sulky contrary brusque nasty impassioned violent snappish crabbed tart sharp unfriendly unpleasant sullen ratty curmudgeonly angry uptight splenetic bilious dyspeptic thin-skinned tetchy bearish ungracious whiny acrimonious vicious acrid malicious vindictive out of sorts naysaying eristical rude disobliging mean-spirited abrupt bloody-minded cruel impolite discourteous unlikable unhelpful heated biting cutting rancorous bristling antipathetic inflammable icy uncomfortable spirited inimical intolerant lively lawless antisocial embittered vengeful hateful manic hysterical uneasy scathing caustic acerbic trenchant sardonic corrosive pungent sarcastic astringent stinging keen acidulous incisive devastating piercing mordacious cranky tense fretful temperamental glum curt huffish disgruntled moody unsociable impatient gruff volatile sensitive shirty whingy bristly ireful shrewish misanthropic cynical narky pouty oversensitive harsh obstinate sour pertinacious discontented hypercritical whining miserable soreheaded snarky uncooperative exasperated displeased snarling grumbling peckish resentful crotchety eggy crybaby peppery crusty gloomy snippy annoyed snippety iracund pouting miffy tough liverish fussy brooding iracundulous waxy morose stuffy snaky scratchy edgy waspy grousing on edge dissatisfied trying dour carping mardy griping awkward out of humor mumpish growling complaining fretting vinegary short whingeing childish raspy hasty malignant sorehead saturnine sore filthy obstreperous blunt cussed chuffy fault-finding out of temper cross-grained having got out of bed on the wrong side short-tempered nasty-tempered out of humour like a bear with a sore head hot under the collar on a short fuse foul-tempered out-of-sorts as cross as two sticks in a mood having got out of bed the wrong side short-fused easily offended in a bad mood dissentious arguesome arsey ructious excitable turbulent unruly war brawling have chip on shoulder

Tính từ

Giving rise or likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement
controversial contentious debatable disputable disputed arguable contended controvertible delicate difficult divisive dubious polemical sensitive dubitable emotive moot polemic provocative questionable suspect tendentious vexed awkward contestable contested debateable problematic debated doubtable doubtful heated hot notorious uncertain hot-button under discussion at issue in dispute open to discussion open to question argumentative unsure equivocal scrappy ambivalent quarrelsome unresolved unsettled borderline undecided critical open to debate problematical iffy dodgy open to doubt issuable negotiable unclear in doubt ticklish sticky up in the air tricky thorny knotty undetermined hairy unconfirmed fishy indeterminate chancy indecisive dicey touchy unconcluded marginal prickly suspicious perplexing indefinite tough catchy inconclusive unreliable queer shaky shady precarious embarrassing vague unproven unestablished open tricksy nasty uncomfortable spiny subject to debate unsound spurious mootable flimsy yet to be decided ambiguous in question risky clouded uneasy unclassifiable paradoxical unlikely peripheral frontier bordering inexact ongoing in contention taxing conjectural sub judice far from certain unsubstantiated weak tenuous troublesome fractious untrustworthy speculative unreasonable suppositious suppositive unsupported undependable much debated intricate complicated convoluted unverified unprovable open to suspicion apocryphal undefined complex hard involved volatile scandalous occult cryptic enigmatic obscure hypothetical contingent unpredictable nettlesome not definite not obvious under advisement under examination hair-trigger unknown riddling puzzling on ice not yet established a moot point a controversial subject a live issue a matter of opinion bone of contention on the back burner betwixt and between touch and go the jury's out up for discussion between sixes and sevens between rock and hard place

Tính từ

Stubborn or unmanageable
refractory intractable recalcitrant stubborn wilful perverse contrary disobedient headstrong obstinate unmanageable wayward mulish rebellious defiant insubordinate obstreperous stiff-necked ungovernable unruly balky bull-headed contumacious difficult obdurate pigheaded self-willed unyielding contentious froward intransigent mutinous uncontrollable bloody-minded bolshie cantankerous cussed incompliant rebel recusant restive stroppy thrawn uncooperative unmalleable unpersuadable untoward willful contrarious stubborn as a mule bullheaded fractious incorrigible noncompliant opinionated unresponsive demanding uncompromising overbearing unaccommodating tough hard to please fussy unrelenting unreasonable grim unamenable delicate grumbly disobliging hardheaded dogmatic hypercritical importunate strong-minded pitiless strict oppressive picky prickly single-minded captious dissatisfied snappy sensitive ill-natured rude hard to satisfy irritable temperamental trying irritating crotchety querulous indomitable bearish ornery crabby set in one's ways unflinching overcritical boorish rigid uppity touchy hard-line stiff wrong-headed inexorable inflexible troublesome finical huffy impolite uptight hard-nosed opinionative irascible chippy unbending obstructive argumentative tiresome feisty vexed quarrelsome unpredictable perfectionist particular resolute fastidious over-particular finicky testy hard to handle dictatorial invidious critical immovable disputative sour negative oafish pertinacious discontented ungracious tyrannical steadfast choosy fiendish

Tính từ

Able to express oneself easily and articulately
fluent articulate eloquent silver-tongued cogent glib voluble coherent communicative effortless expressive illuminating natural persuasive vivid well-spoken well-versed facile smooth-spoken assured chatty confident copious cursive declamatory effusive garrulous loquacious mellifluent mellifluous prompt quick running self-assured smooth-tongued talkative verbose vocal wordy smooth-talking grandiloquent lucid clear well-expressed effective convincing intelligible slick plausible easy fast-talking ready oratorical urbane insincere moving flip understandable suave slippery comprehensible magniloquent artful forceful vocative hot-air meaningful smooth operator impassioned facund nicely spoken hard to resist speechmaking debating flattering refined striking noticeable polite posh-sounding fathomable apprehensible thought through comprehendible speaking smooth powerful pat graceful pregnant revealing significant neat silky potent suggestive disingenuous meaning pointed telling strong stirring graphic revelatory flippant simplistic superficial oversimplified shallow sweet-talking indicative rhetorical ardent fervid sententious fervent touching well spoken outspoken passionate well expressed affecting impressive poignant having kissed the Blarney Stone with the gift of the gab telltale emotional deep evocative inspiring allusive mournful heartfelt profound sincere sad doleful feeling uplifting soulful symbolic redolent animated evocatory intriguing mobile impactful warming gladdening cheerful cheering witty well-crafted encouraging sensitive inspiriting heartening instigative elevating inspirative enriching improving inspirational heart-warming fiery stirred tender deeply felt well-turned knowing denoting symptomatic allegorical emblematic demonstrative token compelling representational figurative insightful representative symbolical calculating hinting indicatory significatory connoting characteristic valid insinuating giveaway reflective evidential oracular denotative informative relevant exhibitive pithy solemn purposeful signifying

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