Đồng nghĩa của contrarious

Alternative for contrarious

contrarious /kən'treəriəs/
  • tính từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) trái ý, trái ngược, không phải lúc (chuyện xảy ra...)
    • trái thói, cứng đầu, bướng bỉnh, ngang ngược (người)


Tending to counter, oppose, resist, argue


Ornery, fractious, belligerent, or obstreperous, and hence difficult to deal with
stroppy cantankerous grumpy ill-tempered irritable sulky sullen truculent argumentative confrontational contrary quarrelsome recalcitrant refractory awkward bad-tempered bloody-minded bolshie choleric cussed difficult narky obstreperous perverse pigheaded ratty shirty thrawn uncooperative unhelpful balky contumacious froward obstructive scrappy stubborn intractable obstinate headstrong obdurate wilful bull-headed mulish self-willed unreasonable unmanageable unyielding intransigent wayward disobedient stiff-necked unaccommodating disobliging defiant willful inflexible uncompromising opinionated cross-grained tiresome troublesome rebellious ungovernable dogged insubordinate adamant unbending renitent immovable pertinacious pervicacious incompliant restive unrelenting bullheaded hardheaded hard-nosed wrong-headed vexatious annoying capricious unruly implacable untoward rebel recusant unpersuadable unmalleable determined mutinous tenacious persistent crabby ill-natured strong-willed steadfast adamantine inconvincible hardened ossified pat hard rigid stiff unflinching stubborn as a mule disputatious negative ornery inexorable fractious dogmatic indomitable opinionative strong-minded single-minded pig-headed self-opinionated contrariant nonconforming adverse dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing antagonistic paradoxical hostile antipathetic converse inimical wrongheaded dissentient with a will of one's own as stubborn as a mule determined to have one's own way peevish morose blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying contentious uncontrollable shrewish firm unconstructive hindering resolved unshakable steely unbendable unshakeable persevering frustrating disruptive making difficulties noncompliant incorrigible unresponsive uncompliant relentless unalterable unmoved unbreakable fixed heady indurate remorseless convinced grumbly hypercritical overbearing importunate pitiless strict picky prickly dissatisfied rude trying querulous bearish set in one's ways boorish hard-line finical huffy vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish delicate oppressive captious snappy sensitive tough hard to please hard to satisfy temperamental irritating crotchety fussy overcritical uppity touchy grim impolite uptight irascible chippy feisty perfectionist particular unamenable resolute fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical disputative sour oafish discontented ungracious demanding tyrannical with one's feet dug in iron-willed with one's toes dug in locked in dead set on deaf to reason disorderly undisciplined wild resistant incontrollable disaffected insurgent turbulent riotous seditious naughty delinquent errant non-compliant out of control opposing badly behaved insurrectionary resistive resisting unrestrained unfavourable mischievous unadaptable inauspicious belligerent unbiddable out of hand unfavorable unwilling factious revolutionary rock-ribbed insubmissive anarchic problematic unpropitious threatening bellicose challenging pugnacious untimely irrepressible unfortunate inconvenient ill-timed arbitrary impish alienated mistimed unsuitable inappropriate exasperating unseasonable roguish rascally inopportune malcontent insolent rowdy subversive uncontrolled unsupportive infelicitous inapt insurrectionist dissenting unpliable indocile dissentious malapropos troublemaking boisterous lawless iconoclastic attention-seeking chaotic radical loud badly timed noisy disturbing insistent treacherous unpleasant combative militant rumbustious unbridled reckless disagreeable impetuous irreconcilable estranged haughty irrational tetchy grouchy biased illogical cross petulant nonobservant renegade blinkered inconsiderate obstinately disobedient prejudiced intolerant impudent heretical maverick assiduous purposeful malign malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful undisciplinable withstanding sticky tireless indefatigable ominous up in arms unorthodox mutinying apostate schismatic traitorous ill-chosen uncomplying unrestrainable incurable not giving an inch aggressive erratic fickle impotent rampant loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant untrained disloyal ill daring provocative audacious bold not cooperative unsteady unschooled hard-core hard-shell locked-in insoluble thorny locked knotty without law and order inexpedient bothersome precocious disadvantageous early premature restless individualistic anarchistic warring armed sabotaging treasonable attacking inconsistent ungoverned unbearable undependable intolerable impossible vexing pesky vociferous rough tempestuous uproarious raucous stalwart not helpful tough nut hang tough clamorous rampaging unobliging immoral aberrant rambunctious disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy roisterous rackety tumultuous complex bulky discommodious incommodious cramped unanticipated unexpected uncivil unsympathetic discourteous lacking self-control rip-roaring ready for a fight rampageous roistering unfriendly unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted spoiling for a fight difficult to handle piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous self-indulgent unamiable uncongenial anti lively rollicking romping anarchical heedless lawbreaking unlucky unwelcome raising the roof raising Cain against opposed impulsive impervious violent rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy mean out of line misfortunate hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless dead set against hostile to disinclined to accept inimical to opposed to averse to reluctant to accept unenthusiastic about unwilling to accept


Directly opposite in character or tendency
polar opposite contradictory contrary antithetical opposed antipodal antagonistic diametric opposing antipodean antitypical conflicting counterbalancing diametrical extreme oppositional antonymous dichotomous oppositive converse counter diametrically opposed reverse contrasting incompatible oppugnant different clashing irreconcilable divergent differing adverse dissimilar at variance inconsistent poles apart incongruous disagreeing at odds discrepant inverse obverse disparate discordant inharmonious repugnant mutually exclusive unlike contrasted absolute paradoxical direct complete anti antipathetic cross inconsonant hostile in opposition out of step exact out of line on the outs antonymic not in keeping out of keeping at loggerheads out of sync antipathic variant ambiguous ornery against nullifying counteractive con contradictive antithetic negating agin self-contradictory conflicting with inconsistent with incompatible with polarized opposed to contradictory to irreconcilable with contrary to dissonant unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful no go directly opposed to differing from polarised contrasting with different from different to divergent from at variance with at odds with dissentient confronting controverting defensive warring disputed crossing facing enemy restrictive allergic repelling objecting battling combating defending obstructive exposing protesting gainsaying disputing denying rival up against at cross-purposes unalike diverse unconnected competing unrelated separate inimical reversed independent contrapositive violative unsimilar streets apart flip-side contrastive distinct mismatched nonidentical unequal incongruent varying distinctive distant distinguishable deviating other non-identical unmixable heterogeneous incomparable unharmonious inverted varied like night and day disconsonant alternate sundry manifold in disagreement disproportionate alternative dissenting various irregular offbeat not the same differentiable mixed like chalk and cheese diversified motley indiscriminate eclectic miscellaneous assorted unique unassociated discriminable incommensurate backward incoherent disharmonious unsuitable uncoordinated discrete diverging quarreling contrarient foreign particular quarrelling uncongenial in conflict anomalous multifarious otherwise another incommensurable differential distinguishing inconformable myriad divers individual contradistinctive contradistinct ill-matched factious not alike far cry unsuited reciprocal polar opposite respective uneven unequivalent contrariant unfavorable unfavourable express especial bipolar single altered not similar averse adversarial against the grain as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable weird mismated untypical unnatural off-key atypical factional prohibitive prohibitory confining far from not capable of comparison march to a different drummer inconstant jarring unadapted frictional acrimonious alien nothing like whale of difference remote not so removed not as such other than supposed adverse to unacceptable to antagonistic to unusual for out of tune out of harmony at outs irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to immaterial to unrelated to omnifarious hostile to foreign to in conflict with oppugnant to repugnant to inimical to on a sour note alien to piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous variegated composite mongrel multiplex jumbled mosaic mingled odd legion amalgamate conglomerate confused unallied transposed rearward retrogressive retreating retroverted backwards back-to-front bottom-to-top changed turned right-to-left flipped reverted retrograde directed backwards turned over

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