Đồng nghĩa của bloody minded

Tính từ

Involving or characterized by bloodshed or cruelty
bloodthirsty bloody homicidal murderous sanguinary murdering sanguine sanguineous cruel ferocious savage slaughterous violent brutal fell deadly lethal destructive vicious dangerous killing fierce barbarous cut-throat devastating cutthroat ruinous criminal destroying barbaric sapping exhausting harrowing hellish strenuous unpleasant ruthless arduous merciless grim warlike gory pitiless inhuman mortal death-dealing killer fatal baleful deathly terminal hard-fought involving bloodshed decimating heavy pestilent vital internecine maniacal butcherous vindictive heartless sadistic bellicose callous horrible remorseless malignant pernicious virulent noxious baneful poisonous harsh malevolent venomous wicked evil life-threatening brutish pestilential harmful malicious fiendish monstrous inhumane mortiferous unmerciful injurious incurable unkind truculent rough wild spiteful nasty mean toxic aggressive deleterious hostile bitter threatening maleficent beastly nocuous bestial brute hurtful butcherly unfeeling detrimental cold-blooded malefic sinister atrocious diabolical final disastrous calamitous abominable unrelenting mortuary hateful vile menacing malign stern severe wanton rancorous bad mephitic causing death hard-hearted implacable hard annihilative suicidal pestiferous devilish corrupting heinous thuggish uncaring damaging unhealthy unfriendly unsparing wolfish unsympathetic uncharitable catastrophic cold-hearted dead flinty stony-hearted furious catty dire cataclysmic rabid nefarious fiery tigerish vengeful crippling unsafe despiteful demoniac feral crazed impetuous delirious depraved untreatable relentless intimidating infernal unruly gruff mad uncompassionate untamed unrestrained unfortunate waspish dirty unforgiving withering revengeful frantic frightening terrible lousy forbidding insensitive uncontrollable wrackful poison murder uncompromising critical tough unpitying ill-natured evil-intentioned bad-natured evil-minded ravening tainting troublesome diseased infectious contaminating annihilating necrotic crude coarse treacherous lupine voracious ravenous unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent murtherous slaying cannibalistic carcinogenic grave tragic irreconcilable ill-fated death dealing ill-starred serious grievous cataclysmal shattering arch unappeasable intimidatory dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous creophagous carnivorous annihilatory devastative damning fateful crushing inflexible hardline antagonistic inexorable desperate uncivilised minatory viperous minacious villainous abhorrent rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned dark costly bullying intransigent berserk immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining wasteful frenzied intemperate sworn terrorizing pugnacious man-eating hazardous unwholesome at each other's throats risky fearsome ungentle steely explosive maddened hotheaded forceful frenetic assertive dicey wounding perilous nocent parlous precarious dour raging louring frightful convulsive austere impassioned fuming crazy terrorising headstrong radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible incessive raving stark lowering enraged rugged undomesticated fearful inimical adverse disadvantageous negative painful unfavourable angry infuriated rapacious cancerous incendiary prejudicial prejudicious undesirable counterproductive subversive mischievous ill unfavorable thick-skinned obdurate hard-boiled compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney stony affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted hot-tempered hot-headed animalistic primitive biffo aggers knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts knock-down hammer and tongs out of control drag-out hardhearted marble-hearted undermining lethiferous corrosive noisome insalubrious eradicative extirpative harassing wreckful sinful full-blooded bang-bang hardened intolerant rigorous sour tyrannical with a heart of stone avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting desensitised indefatigable unyielding unbending uncontrite hard-bitten environmentally unfriendly corroding hideous ghastly bloodless unemotional inclement draconian dastardly immoral wrathful roughshod

Tính từ

Deliberately uncooperative
contrary uncooperative obstructive unhelpful unreasonable awkward inflexible obstinate recalcitrant refractory stubborn truculent unaccommodating unbending uncompromising unyielding difficult disobliging exasperating perverse thrawn trying balky bolshie cussed stroppy determined pigheaded strong-willed not giving an inch froward obstreperous intractable wilful contumacious disobedient obdurate contrarious headstrong wayward self-willed cantankerous troublesome unmanageable tiresome bull-headed renitent pervicacious mulish stiff-necked defiant ungovernable rebellious insubordinate unamenable irritable annoying argumentative unruly mutinous vexatious intransigent willful untoward rebel recusant incompliant restive ill-natured fractious unwilling unresponsive quarrelsome immovable uncontrollable capricious crabby noncompliant cross-grained disputatious opinionated indomitable unpredictable disagreeable prickly rude hard to handle negative ornery touchy chippy persistent dogged peevish morose adamant contentious unpersuadable unmalleable shrewish inconsiderate unsupportive unadaptable stubborn as a mule belligerent rock-ribbed incorrigible bullheaded grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky as stubborn as a mule blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying sticky with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way confrontational unconstructive hindering complex bulky incommodious vexing difficult to handle cramped pesky discommodious contrariant nonconforming adverse antipathetic converse dissident pig-headed inimical discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing wrongheaded antagonistic paradoxical dissentient hostile bad-tempered narky ratty shirty choleric frustrating disruptive making difficulties not cooperative scrappy unobliging uncivil unsympathetic discourteous unfriendly unpleasant unamiable uncongenial incontrollable obstinately disobedient demanding undisciplined resistant resisting opposing insubmissive undisciplinable withstanding radical wild grumbly hardheaded hypercritical overbearing importunate strong-minded pitiless strict picky single-minded dissatisfied querulous bearish set in one's ways boorish unrelenting rigid hard-line stiff finical huffy hard-nosed vexed testy invidious steadfast choosy fiendish delicate dogmatic oppressive captious snappy sensitive tough hard to please hard to satisfy temperamental irritating crotchety fussy unflinching overcritical uppity wrong-headed inexorable grim impolite uptight opinionative irascible feisty perfectionist particular resolute fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical disputative sour oafish pertinacious discontented ungracious tyrannical incorrect wrong inappropriate inept unapt unfit indecorous infelicitous contradictory malapropos inapposite graceless illogical incongruous inapt unbecoming unhappy amiss irrational improper unsuitable unseemly unorthodox irregular miscreant rotten erring aberrant delinquent unhealthy mean

Tính từ

Deliberately uncooperative
cantankerous bilious surly disagreeable dyspeptic splenetic ornery bearish acid ill-tempered ill-natured bad-tempered ill-humoured ill-humored irritable crabby testy tetchy crabbed grouchy peevish crotchety cross grumpy waspish fractious prickly pettish irascible snappish liverish choleric curmudgeonly short-tempered touchy cranky cross-grained crusty shrewish peppery petulant sour hot-tempered ratty snappy sulky chippy quick-tempered eggy shirty stroppy short-fused narky sullen soreheaded waxy miffy snaky peckish moody like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse spiteful nasty unfriendly scratchy unpleasant brusque quarrelsome vicious morose curt snippy as cross as two sticks perverse gruff mean querulous difficult churlish thin-skinned huffy impatient in a mood volatile in a bad mood angry rude acrimonious bitter contrary disobliging atrabilious abrupt impolite discourteous ungracious ugly unhelpful fiery temperamental dour annoyed obstinate sharp out of sorts uncooperative awkward snarling stuffy short truculent vinegarish arsey captious argumentative critical vinegary wrathful tempersome catty cussed oversensitive snarly fretful having got out of bed on the wrong side out of humour tooshie perversely irritable exasperated zowerswopped tense having got out of bed the wrong side grumbling edgy resentful rancorous rotten hard-nosed contemptible ignoble malevolent hostile malignant malicious impulsive sensitive out of temper snarky excitable easily upset raspy snippety mardy hot-blooded inflammable out of humor passionate hot-headed hotheaded envenomed malign pouty glum humourless moping boorish disrespectful humorless unsmiling uncivil ill-mannered mopey scowling pouting saturnine blunt mean-spirited cruel unlikable whiny uptight disputatious eristic contentious bellicose complaining harsh vindictive venomous miserable hateful whingy sorehead vitriolic on edge whingeing acrid unkind antagonistic tart virulent hurtful poisonous maleficent ireful evil-intentioned sore fierce pernicious whining malefic bad savage cynical piqued cutting caviling cavilling mumpish scathing pugnacious baleful caustic irate sarcastic scrappy aggressive discontented displeased unsociable indignant carping fussy wild waspy belligerent wounding abusive hot under the collar fault-finding vengeful biting barbed mordant embittered acerbic furious stinging disgruntled livid despiteful upset peeved huffish mad riled ferocious apoplectic withering sardonic irritated astringent wicked tough dissatisfied offended searing trying grudging fuming gloomy put out wroth choked grousing steamed up wound up destructive teed off up in arms hopping mad bent out of shape inhospitable confrontational on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied combative feisty inimical threatening snide militant antipathetic restive vexed trenchant enraged irked unhappy ticklish outraged aggrieved rankled ballistic angered misanthropic pertinacious censorious ill-disposed crybaby ticked antagonized evil squint-eyed uncongenial mordacious incensed restless ropeable scornful faultfinding infuriated raging incandescent rabid provoked worked up corrosive hard acidulous miffed jaundiced jumpy roiled nettled foaming wounded crook steamed easily offended hot infuriate steaming heated inflamed enflamed aerated salty bristly growling fretting childish chuffy hopping riley raving glowering frenzied antagonised menacing filthy ranting cheesed off foul-tempered ticked off hacked off fed up off the air in a paddy nasty-tempered in a pet in high dudgeon in a huff in a fume going crook in a bate horn-mad in a temper sharp-tongued in a lather blue in the face out-of-sorts foul pointed uneasy uncharitable inconsiderate unsympathetic overwrought distraught worried uncomfortable spunky acute incisive blistering unruly recalcitrant plaintive murmuring bad-humored harmful refractory anxious stressed fidgety ungenerous hypercritical joyless froward iracund brooding iracundulous begrudging apt to fly off the handle devastating taciturn emotional indomitable uncompliant indocile viperous griping hasty obstreperous hate-filled hurt implacable begruding insulted brutal sharp-tempered like a bear injurious frowning mopish stabbing vituperative got up on wrong side of bed Eeyorish unresponsive uncommunicative grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing negative crying deploring lamenting acerb smart-mouthed acidic belittling smart-aleck smart-alecky scalding pungent satiric satirical evil-minded wrought up agitated ill at ease distressed unsettled violent psyched up angerful disapproving cold convulsed cheerless with a long face dejected agitable broody loudmouthed adversarial piercing taunting full of hate of evil intent huffy irascible hard to please vehement irreconcilable wreck rattled unquiet overstrung twitchy nervous blue neurotic kittle mopy skittish hypersensitive warlike defiant aggravated with chip on shoulder hard done by grudge-bearing with a chip on one's shoulder het up seething offensive maddened hacked very angry boiling rousted roused easily frightened easily agitated high-strung vitriolous mighty assaultive agonistic discordant frustrated bugged dogged perturbed scandalized buffaloed toey storming frantic spare shocked scandalised dark dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable highly strung perturbable burning beside oneself browned off slashing seeing red in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger with all guns blazing burned up bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad hot and bothered pushed too far in a frenzy beside yourself at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage peed off rapier-like razor-edged wired up dripping with malice stern bundle of nerves forbidding galled severe flinty steely uninviting defamatory vex serious distant unapproachable formidable aloof brief hoha strict sombre stony somber spleenful dirty horrid intimidating ungentle louring fell stiff sinister austere stark lowering solemn grave resolute bleak not best pleased boot-faced gray grey mean-looking grim accidentally on purpose

Tính từ

Unwilling to compromise or moderate a position
intransigent uncompromising obstinate stubborn unyielding immovable inflexible obdurate unbending stiff-necked tenacious adamant intractable resolute tough unrelenting unaccommodating uncooperative unmalleable unpersuadable unshakeable unwavering bull-headed diehard hardline hard-line iron-willed single-minded adamantine bullheaded determined dogged firm hard hardened hardheaded hard-nosed headstrong implacable inconvincible inexorable inveterate mulish opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded rigid self-opinionated self-willed unbudgeable wilful willful balky indurate hard and fast narrow-minded refractory relentless recalcitrant contumacious steadfast contrary persistent difficult cussed fixed bolshie stubborn as a mule cantankerous unshakable froward strong-minded cross-grained stiff persevering pig-headed unmanageable unflinching unreasonable restive indomitable defiant strong-willed locked in dead set on deaf to reason awkward unadaptable steely wayward stroppy obstreperous disobedient ungovernable hard-core uncompliant incompliant contrarious insubordinate rock-ribbed not giving an inch wrong-headed strict unsparing strong assiduous purposeful iron decided rugged insistent indefatigable tireless categorical resolved unbendable importunate unalterable die-hard dogmatic heady opinionative unmoved unbreakable brick-wall stony staunch convinced remorseless unimpressible grim unappeasable stiffened impertinent unrepentant harsh hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate mean unemotional renitent stalwart unswayable merciless ruthless unmovable immalleable durable cold fish hanging tough proof against persuasion ornery set in stone with one's toes dug in with one's feet dug in tough nut to crack unruly wild incurable uncontrollable fractious undisciplined rebel recusant untoward rebellious set in one's ways unpliable insoluble locked thorny knotty problematic indocile tough nut hang tough rigorous exacting stern stringent severe brassbound set undeviating picky cast-iron unswerving extreme unflagging bound draconian pitiless unpermissive iron-fisted meticulous authoritarian immoderate cruel definite demanding mule invariable puritanical invincible tight fussy scrupulous solid fastidious unconquerable choosy unforgiving careful finicky sedulous unfaltering no-nonsense discriminating heavy-handed exact painstaking unstoppable dead set particular ironclad forceful unchangeable unsurpassable invulnerable hard-boiled punctilious choosey lionhearted rough persnickety unsentimental hard-headed sticklerish bound and determined doughty undefeatable spirited nit-picky tough-minded nit-picking stout-hearted militant ungiving fanatical radical energetic systematic stand pat noncompliant unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable crisp unflexible doctrinaire dour oppressive non-compliant patient feisty ineluctable unabated mortal pounding dug in standing pat forbidding disciplinary illiberal undismayed dauntless immutable austere necessary immobile compulsory uptight irreversible concrete do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground hold the fort standing one's ground resilient realistic gutsy sure diligent untiring unchanging static ramrod unvarying unmoving changeless sticking to one's guns cohesive mean business coherent no going back hell bent on possessive persisting sturdy spunky true stout unforgetful binding stuffy hard-and-fast like death and taxes tough and shrewd hard-bitten drawing dyed-in-the-wool compelling poignant convincing valid powerful acrimonious confining meaning business writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon unbeatable critical finical pernickety selective impregnable by the book by the numbers dainty nice fearless insuperable valiant untameable brave plucky intrepid bulletproof heroic insurmountable unassailable faddish delicate finicking choicy overnice gritty mettlesome courageous impassable old-maidish over-fastidious fussbudget faddy fussbudgety hard to please over-particular methodical conscientious prim mathematical priggish precise prissy scientific

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