Đồng nghĩa của hammer and tongs

Phó từ

In a fierce, extreme, or violent manner
intensely forcefully strongly powerfully enthusiastically vigorously fiercely furiously violently explosively convulsively ferociously hotly rabidly stormily tempestuously tumultuously turbulently all out like crazy full blast like mad full tilt full force with full force with maximum force full steam ahead hog wild to the hilt as hard as possible as hard as one can with every available resource with everything one has got with might and main with all the stops out no holds barred hot and heavy energetically with a will like billy-o for all one is worth madly at full tilt passionately with a vengeance strenuously vehemently forcibly hard mightily ardently fervently with great effort with force to the best of your ability tooth and nail bec et ongles in full career to the full to the limit to the utmost flat-out wildly to the greatest extreme dynamically actively firmly stiffly sturdily sincerely robustly with eagerness quickly zealously roundly muscularly potently wholeheartedly lustily devoutly to the best of one's abilities as best one can stoutly like the deuce fearlessly with great vigour aggressively vibrantly like the devil boldly for dear life heartily healthily hardily earnestly going great guns decidedly with enthusiasm purposefully eagerly resolutely like it's going out of style like nobody's business assiduously industriously diligently like gangbusters intently to beat the band sedulously arduously determinedly conscientiously laboriously busily intensively doggedly steadily indefatigably emphatically perseveringly persistently spiritedly slavishly with vigour with vigor severely tirelessly amain painstakingly hardly willfully obstinately rigorously assertively unremittingly animatedly vivaciously unwaveringly with all one's might with perseverance with application heavily profoundly staunchly cordially roughly expeditiously fast tight relentlessly tightly steadfastly frantically unweariedly seriously unflinchingly very hard really hard painfully thoroughly with energy vigilantly unrelentingly with all one's might and main insistently avidly effectively proudly torely strong boisterously like fury briskly bodily destructively dutifully sharply viciously savagely indomitably invincibly firm close all-out with violence meticulously untiringly studiously restlessly like a Trojan without slacking nose to the grindstone feverishly angrily like all get out like the dickens warmly genuinely deeply extremely rebelliously compellingly disturbingly overwhelmingly combatively riotously exhaustively flatstick continuously unabatedly wearilessly unflaggingly heatedly unfeignedly might and main unyieldingly loyally tenaciously devotedly stubbornly with all one's strength indignantly with effort feelingly impetuously with a struggle with difficulty after a struggle urgently through thick and thin exuberantly securely breathlessly in anger immovably heart and soul from the heart with indignation safely motionlessly enduringly unshakeably anticipatorily with all one's heart from the bottom of your heart solid durably substantially rigidly inflexibly solidly stably soundly fixedly readily expectantly impatiently gladly anticipatingly hungrily thirstily willingly with gusto speedily anticipatively promptly zestfully cravingly longingly rapidly like a rock

Phó từ

As much or as far as possible
full out flat-out to the maximum all out at breakneck speed at full pelt at full speed at full tilt at maximum speed full throttle full tilt hell for leather like billy-o like crazy like mad with maximum power as fast as possible like the clappers like a bat out of hell quickly swiftly rapidly fast hastily expeditiously hurriedly briskly posthaste speedily quick vigorously like greased lightning at a gallop at the double open throttle at a rate of knots full steam ahead at speed very fast in haste fleetly like a bomb like the wind post-haste at a lick at top speed at full throttle at the speed of light full speed ahead full sail with all speed at high speed at a fast pace full speed apace lickety-split hell-for-leather snappily pronto double-quick swift presto chop-chop hot soon at warp speed a mile a minute like lightning in a hurry promptly like the deuce like a shot like a scalded cat double quick hotfoot PDQ like wildfire nippily like blazes in double quick time precipitately in short order by leaps and bounds like gangbusters like an arrow from a bow like a flash immediately madly on the double with all possible haste with dispatch like a whirlwind like a madwoman like a madman like nobody's business heedlessly abruptly instantaneously without delay as fast as one's legs can carry one with great speed at a run very quickly like a bullet out of a gun in a jiffy swith in a rush in a flash fast and furious like a streak express as soon as possible ASAP ventre à terre dangerously fast in double time fast-paced directly without losing time as swift as an arrow as fast as your legs can carry you in less than no time straightaway suddenly agilely nimbly unpremeditatedly subito on spur of the moment too quickly like all get out pell-mell wildly headlong recklessly impetuously carelessly impulsively frenetically amok anyhow harum-scarum rashly frenziedly amuck berserkly hectically frantically berserk wild hurry-scurry topsy-turvy about incautiously irregular incontinently higgledy-piggledy at random as quickly as possible any which way cluttered helter-skelter muddled in confusion jumbled hit-or-miss unmindfully around random tumultuous disorderly

Phó từ

In a very fast or unrestrained way
like crazy fast furiously hurriedly quickly rapidly hastily speedily like mad as fast as possible at warp speed lickety-split at full tilt hell for leather like a bat out of hell like the wind like the clappers at a rate of knots like billy-o like greased lightning swiftly briskly flat-out expeditiously apace full tilt at full speed like lightning hell-for-leather at the speed of light like a bomb hotfoot posthaste post-haste at a gallop snappily like blazes like the deuce a mile a minute like a scalded cat in double quick time double-quick double quick in haste fleetly quick at the double at breakneck speed like an arrow from a bow nippily at speed like a flash PDQ promptly at a run in a hurry with all possible haste like wildfire like a shot with dispatch like a whirlwind with all speed at high speed like nobody's business precipitately without delay pronto presto in a rush on the double as fast as one's legs can carry one swift at a fast pace very quickly chop-chop madly very fast like a bullet out of a gun with great speed fast-paced pell-mell headlong like all get out express in double time soon on spur of the moment hot unpremeditatedly agilely nimbly subito too quickly suddenly heedlessly straightaway hurry-scurry helter-skelter rashly precipitously cursorily at top speed at a lick on the spur of the moment to the maximum full out at maximum speed at full pelt full throttle with maximum power all out abruptly in short order in a flash at full throttle by leaps and bounds like gangbusters fast and furious like a streak like a madwoman like a madman busily

Tính từ

Characterized by fierce, extreme, or violent energy or force
fierce turbulent explosive ferocious rough tumultuous violent furious stormy tempestuous rabid convulsive hot volcanic cyclonic paroxysmal knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bang-bang intense wild fiery passionate agitated frenzied feverish heated lively raging cataclysmal cataclysmic impassioned volatile savage impetuous frantic frenetic boisterous vehement mad delirious forceful hysterical angry unrestrained blustery animated squally confused roaring windy howling excited disturbed aggressive brutal blustering vicious flaming destructive bloodthirsty uncontrollable harsh maniacal emotional potent headstrong full-blooded drag-out hotheaded knock-down exciting uncontrolled roller-coaster hectic unbridled chaotic in turmoil involuntary spasmodic unpredictable rampant full of upheavals ebullient at the boiling point bursting ardent full of ups and downs fervent spirited fervid acrimonious passional touchy inflamed irascible aroused ill-tempered bad-tempered temperamental excitable distracted foul gusting gusty ungovernable dirty nasty filthy rampageous excessive intensified concentrated extreme bullying boiling foaming murderous berserk choppy ruthless cruel intemperate threatening pugnacious callous terrorizing storm-tossed heavy bumpy sadistic fuming pitiless homicidal heartless merciless crazy inhuman out of control terrorising maddened cut-throat assertive demoniac thuggish barbaric forcible hot-tempered radge hot-headed barbarous roily seething unsettled unstable disordered weltering storming ruffled moiling noisy riotous restless coarse stormful tremulous thunderous unmanageable bitter rebellious swirling stirred up unruly disorderly rowdy obstreperous uproarious undisciplined loud energetic disruptive rumbustious rambunctious uninhibited rollicking roisterous wayward refractory wilful lawless raucous irrepressible contumacious intractable clamorous zealous powerful disobedient fractious vigorous robustious abandoned out of hand enthusiastic mutinous rip-roaring recalcitrant insubordinate eager exuberant rackety strenuous anarchic fanatical immoderate knockabout resounding keen contrary willful untoward froward defiant hell-raising emphatic dynamic recusant badly behaved debauched manic troublemaking orgiastic difficult inordinate vociferous vivacious roistering attention-seeking ill-disciplined outrageous strong stroppy restive rebel incompliant balky lawbreaking nuts tough saturnalian hard romping intensive deep hard-hitting hearty pulling no punches active bacchanalian depraved pumped avid raring Dionysian frisky overwrought truculent mettlesome rampaging troublesome resolute determined sprightly Bacchic great overpowering high-spirited rugged crazed full-on anarchical uncooperative voracious overexcited terrible bolshie clangorous effervescent errant muscular blunt juiced unchecked acute hyperactive robust jovial profound overwhelming perverse bacchic unrestrainable raving reckless full incontrollable swashbuckling uncurbed impatient punchy cheerful nervous desperate gay incorrigible all out dreadful in-your-face ungoverned on fire swivel-eyed glad noncompliant worked up in a frenzy drunken mischievous without law and order plucky mighty shocking impossible clattering clattery impotent loutish unconstrained unrepressed madcap insurmountable gleeful burning loudmouthed rude roughhouse dissipated torrential tremendous blind harmful unsettling disturbing upsetting dissolute wanton side-splitting belligerent arduous taxing relentless rapid towering unmatchable unmeasurable naughty delinquent hurtful boozy revelling carousing distracting swaggering cavalier two-fisted all-out rigorous exhausting brisk untrained divisive misbehaving unsteady capricious unschooled wild and woolly bibulous dionysian sottish crapulous heedless agog enthused ugly injurious fast rushing fast-flowing desirous antsy anxious exhilarated stoked perfervid impulsive impervious out-of-line rash ornery imprudent forward quarrelsome disrupting out-of-order out of line opinionated bawdy inexorable causing trouble off-base unyielding mean Dionysiac wassailing Saturnalian inconsistent lacking self-control thirsty athirst obsessed ready fevered abusive geeked hungry solicitous piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous devout psyched effusive generous affable unreserved very excited hepped up jumping up and down hopped-up potty daft gung ho untrammeled untrammelled raw unconcealed primal frolicsome joyous visceral vivid jaunty reveling undisguised playful carefree merry complete raising Cain high game deepest backslapping cavorting raising the roof insurgent responsive nutty amped high as a kite amiable devil-may-care sportive honest frank abiding jolly profuse cheery welcoming gushing deep-rooted back-slapping good natured deep-felt warm-hearted rollicksome fun-loving lighthearted thumping ripping joyful happy full of beans uncompromising thoroughgoing thorough seditious revolutionary stirred distraught neurotic insurrectionary overactive steamed up fired up wigged-out committed wholehearted total sweeping revolting mutinying terrorist obsessive unhinged deranged beside oneself maniac distrait bouncy all-embracing exhaustive excruciating devastating consuming busy bad uncivilised tyrannous unorthodox despotic heterodox nonconformist warlike evil anarchistic untamed unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic uncultivated infringing piratical traitorous berko keyed up like one possessed in a tizzy high-strung severe exquisite fearsome ghastly sharp unfettered frightful biting blistering almighty fearful vibrant in a state carried away driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved possessed out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic beside yourself blazing in a fit hyper hysteric agonizing urgent peppery hellacious painful enraged ruinous out-and-out virile hardy unmixed vital out and out sound heavy-duty coercive gale force agonising full of force irregular rowdydowdy termagant in high spirits strident vociferant over-the-top brawling

Trái nghĩa của hammer and tongs

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