Đồng nghĩa của fractious

Alternative for fractious

Tính từ

(typically of children) Irritable and quarrelsome
cross grouchy irritable peevish testy grumpy tetchy touchy crabby crotchety pettish bad-tempered cantankerous ill-humored ill-humoured ill-natured ill-tempered chippy crabbed curmudgeonly disagreeable irascible ratty waspish awkward crusty hot-tempered in a mood peppery prickly quick-tempered scratchy short-tempered shrewish snappish splenetic bilious choleric cross-grained dyspeptic liverish ornery petulant recalcitrant short-fused snappy unruly cranky eggy fretful in a bad mood narky peckish querulous refractory shirty soreheaded stroppy as cross as two sticks captious froward miffy snaky waxy complaining huffy indocile indomitable mean perverse restive restless scrappy thin-skinned uncompliant wild on a short fuse having got out of bed the wrong side like a bear with a sore head surly sullen fiery sulky moody edgy churlish impatient snippy sour stuffy snippety snarky quarrelsome raspy out of sorts bearish angry bitter morose argumentative whingy uptight difficult on edge whingeing acid volatile hostile miserable contrary truculent out of humor brusque sorehead bloody-minded temperamental grumbling whining gruff curt annoyed acrimonious spiteful cavilling caviling mardy tense feisty resentful exasperated obstinate belligerent short out of temper pugnacious uncooperative snarling contentious dour combative bellicose disputatious critical confrontational unfriendly disgruntled militant arsey aggressive nasty sensitive harsh fussy hotheaded tart unpleasant whiny antagonistic passionate vinegary cussed glum violent pouty oversensitive cynical warlike carping pouting agonistic discordant unsociable assaultive excitable mumpish jumpy saturnine tooshie waspy uneasy ugly out of humour sharp hot-blooded defiant anxious malevolent agitated fault-finding nervous rancorous displeased discontented ireful vexed ungracious put out huffish peeved piqued rude disputative unquiet twitchy tough worked up trying sore gloomy moping dissatisfied ill at ease iracund iracundulous acrid malignant gladiatorial easily offended blunt brawly malicious grousing obstreperous ticklish crying troublesome worried hot under the collar upset inhospitable overwrought fidgety having got out of bed on the wrong side threatening unhappy abusive fierce destructive scowling mopey snarly faultfinding hypersensitive bristly unkind wrathful tempestuous polemical irritated catty misanthropic pertinacious bad uncongenial crybaby discourteous litigious irked jittery impulsive controversial polemic furious vindictive brooding salty hot-headed hasty riled dissentious growling griping fretting childish chuffy nervy vicious apprehensive atrabilious highly strung wired malign venomous filthy stressy hateful keyed up ready for a fight nasty-tempered out-of-sorts like a cat on a hot tin roof wound up whingey embittered disobliging inimical loudmouthed adversarial vinegarish tempersome foul envenomed distraught uncomfortable sarcastic brief scornful grudging boorish uncivil impolite bad-humored uncharitable vitriolic inconsiderate unsympathetic wicked jaundiced inflammable grizzly zowerswopped stressed abrupt humourless humorless disrespectful offensive ungenerous plaintive murmuring perversely irritable unsmiling unhelpful glowering mopish censorious like a bear mighty antipathetic offended choked hurtful joyless apt to fly off the handle easily upset hypercritical got up on wrong side of bed fed up dark aloof toey viperous wrought up distressed unsettled miffed factious warring narked dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable perturbable ill-mannered frowning withdrawn sourpussed sulking dismal depressed cheerless strung out grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing negative deploring lamenting mean-spirited a bundle of nerves strung up wreck rattled overstrung battling fighting hurt stewed nettled angered provoked insulted evil-minded wired up bundle of nerves sharp-tongued bickering ructious arguesome wrangling het up impassioned turbulent war brawling foul-tempered melodramatic hard to please huffy irascible irate in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop emotional galled incensed mercurial intense stormy livid apoplectic itching aggers bolshie mad unrestful steamed have chip on shoulder dramatic spoiling for a fight scathing deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising trenchant mordacious insolent frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing bullying ferocious mordant antsy steamed up crook vex ropeable hoha wroth stubborn unyielding on tenterhooks shaken frantic infuriated fuming steamed-up raving inflamed enraged hottempered aerated like a cat on hot bricks champing at the bit ticked off teed off not best pleased hopping mad bent out of shape up in arms on the warpath foaming at the mouth hacked off in a lather in a paddy all shook up in a bate fit to be tied indignant cheesed off aggravated aggrieved outraged in high dudgeon browned off peed off in a temper rabid ballistic rankled ticked steaming roiled affronted brassed off bothered foaming riley enflamed seething raging ruffled hot infuriate maddened hopping boiling snuffy horn-mad beside oneself incandescent frustrated troubled stung in a frenzy disturbed scunnered frenzied going crook beside yourself in a fume blue in the face in a pet flustered harassed ranting wrath uncommunicative pained very angry perturbed disappointed seeing red poisonous off the air unmannerly injured unresponsive wounded spare menacing taciturn obnoxious harried distant afflicted cruel unapproachable heated needled severe burned up grieved boiling mad slighted raging mad with all guns blazing cold cool unattractive dejected chilly hard louring disaffected frosty stern black unneighbourly frigid sombre somber discouraged unlikable savage berserk chafed annoying tormented blue chill wintry clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery antiseptic uncordial hard-eyed gelid brittle frozen icy arctic glacial coldish hot and bothered impetuous fretted ungratified roused hate-filled antagonized stiff hacked bugged insane storming antagonised ill-disposed up the wall bummed out in a rage all steamed up blown a gasket beside yourself with rage gnashing one's teeth pushed too far at boiling point in a filthy temper anguished goaded burning with excitement excited unsavoury reproachful virulent objectionable malcontent snubbed good and mad mad as hell vehement hassled unlikeable snitty confused disrespected terse perplexed blazing crazy pernicious spunky acute acerbic ready to be tied lugubrious no-nonsense laconic rough bluff unindulgent uncontrollable discontent chagrined adverse disheartened offhand Eeyorish pessimistic sober crackers forceful p.o.'d crabbing bellyaching uncontent kicking malcontented kvetching out of countenance unceremonious rousted ill flaming dogged scandalized buffaloed offish off unfulfilled defeated unsavory shocked scandalised blazing mad flaming mad out of joint bad tempered agitable broody disgusted at daggers drawn dirty unglued with a long face sharp-tempered raving mad crude boisterous unsatisfied unsated having short fuse unlovable neurotic mopy kittle skittish out of control very upset grieving distressing weighty as black as thunder eristic hot under collar carrying a chip on your shoulder hung up rubbed the wrong way overcome with anger at end of one's rope in a wax in a towering rage desperate demented uncompromising energetic unreasonable corybantic full-on all-out crazed maniac bent smoking manic breakneck irrational concerted ghastly insufferable unbearable frightful irritating unloveable extremely angry high-strung long-faced easily agitated easily frightened forbidding evil despondent maleficent baleful steely uninviting flinty disconsolate sad downcast disillusioned malefic serious formidable melancholic forlorn low down saddened strict stony evil-intentioned sinister stark lowering solemn ungentle fell austere grave unamicable antisocial inconsolable disenchanted crestfallen doleful gutted downhearted unsocial unwelcoming unaffable resolute bleak reserved stand-offish sorrowful gray grey grim supercilious unforthcoming haughty impersonal indifferent disdainful adversary mortal sick Olympian starchy mean-looking boot-faced against conflicting opposite estranged competitive unpromising vengeful opposed unneighborly low-spirited not on speaking terms disparaging overcritical deprecating nagging pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking hair-splitting nitpicking criticizing judgemental judgmental disapproving rejective pernickety pass-remarkable nitpicky thorny exceptive criticising exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty demanding trivial cavillous finicky tricky

Tính từ

Given to troublemaking
unruly wayward difficult disobedient headstrong intractable obstreperous recalcitrant refractory uncontrollable unmanageable anarchic defiant disorderly disruptive insubordinate mutinous rebellious stubborn troublemaking undisciplined contrary contumacious obstinate wilful out of hand ungovernable willful froward wild untoward turbulent rebel balky restive incompliant rowdy recusant perverse riotous troublesome incorrigible out of control uncooperative boisterous bolshie awkward lawless incontrollable unrestrained stroppy delinquent self-willed badly behaved errant violent obdurate naughty unyielding rough insurgent chaotic mischievous ill-disciplined unbiddable impish noisy irrepressible rascally roguish seditious noncompliant uncompliant indocile ornery impossible quarrelsome disaffected tough lawbreaking pugnacious non-compliant misbehaving wrong attention-seeking mulish resistant raucous bloody-minded unbridled indomitable insurrectionary impetuous opinionated intemperate mean unpredictable stiff-necked bull-headed truculent bad inappropriate loud uncontrolled annoying disturbing intransigent insolent impudent cantankerous unmalleable infelicitous inapt unsuitable pigheaded exasperating playful malapropos dissentient rumbustious treacherous factious heedless reckless rude anarchical tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish dissident gallus fiendish wanton impulsive impervious drunken rash bawdy imprudent forward inexorable assertive nonconformist bellicose out-of-order out-of-line unpliable problematic militant thrawn aberrant out of line unrestrainable threatening full of mischief badly-behaved undisciplinable radical brutal aggressive nonobservant vicious lively rollicking romping unsettling upsetting resistive erratic fickle belligerent thuggish hard distracting contentious two-fisted rugged antisocial unwilling divisive unpersuadable cussed impotent rampant without law and order intolerable unbearable undependable dissentious uncomplying ugly radge unlawful revolutionary obstinately disobedient contrarious stubborn as a mule disputatious immoral arbitrary malcontent disloyal renitent pervicacious rioting indisciplined off-base disrupting unresponsive bullheaded tempestuous uproarious vociferous argumentative resisting opposing insubmissive withstanding clamorous rampaging drunk on-a-tear out-of-control termagant cross-grained challenging rambunctious self-indulgent strong-willed unbending roisterous rackety tumultuous persistent maleficent resolved malicious malign determined malevolent spiteful warring armed restless sabotaging alienated individualistic iconoclastic treasonable anarchistic attacking nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable hysterical berserk like a loose cannon excited strong freaked overwhelming beside oneself abandoned overpowering intense insuppressible rip-roaring raunchy ruffianly artful kiddish thoughtless immature childish infantile ill-natured inconsiderate sly disrespectful frolicsome devilish foxy bothersome ill-behaved causing trouble rampageous roistering inflexible uncompromising incurable screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous unaccommodating unadaptable rock-ribbed raising Cain untimely adverse unfortunate raising the roof insoluble hard-line pat thorny tenacious locked resolute immovable knotty pertinacious inopportune inconvenient unfavorable unfavourable incorrect unanticipated ill-timed unexpected hang tough locked in tough nut unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed unlucky inauspicious unwelcome irritating inept unapt unfit indecorous contradictory inapposite graceless illogical incongruous unbecoming unhappy amiss irrational wrong-headed unreasonable improper unseemly vexatious inimical badly timed unseasonable unorthodox irregular unpropitious misfortunate unpleasant star-crossed hapless luckless ill-starred misbehaved disobliging miscreant rotten erring obstructive unhealthy unhelpful impolite wicked sinful teasing worthless evil bad-mannered uncontainable tiresome insurrectionist criminal unconstrained unstoppable unquenchable immoderate demanding trying ungoverned discommodious incommodious hard to handle unchecked subversive robustious knockabout hell-raising uncurbed offending unhindered unbounded inexpedient uninhibited traitorous disadvantageous raving sinning licentious deviant unhandy discommoding crazed transgressing unwieldy dogged up in arms pestiferous detrimental cumbersome disturbed maladjusted straying complex peevish petulant deviating loudmouthed vexing pesky unsubduable limit cross exuberant loutish renegade excessive robust roughhouse dangerous runaway adamant untameable burdensome dissenting heretical nonconforming maverick unrestricted swaggering swashbuckling cavalier felonious brawling tricky unhampered raw full-on flyaway mutinying apostate schismatic incommoding untrained unsteady capricious unschooled aggravating reprehensible censurable transgressive unconcealed rabid enthusiastic impossible to cope with as stubborn as a mule wild and woolly problem callous hardened worrisome distressing deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered unconventional with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way dysfunctional inconsistent lacking self-control unfettered extrovert prickly irritable touchy socially impaired hot-tempered fierce whiny sullen hostile nasty troublous confrontational combative bold irksome scrappy wearisome corybantic incautious profligate chippy thrilled bulky difficult to handle cramped disagreeable giddy flighty unfailing undying negative unendurable objectionable offensive culpable guilty everlasting enduring unfading inextinguishable eternal loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant insupportable terrible painful insufferable remote prejudicial embarrassing imperishable unrelenting indestructible lasting unwavering constant relentless unremitting excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful shifting stray heretic devious fallible unreliable meandering errable unacceptable egregious off straight and narrow frantic irresistible mad furious forceful beyond bearing not to be borne fervid raging frenzied maniacal manic perfervid passional hyper carried away beside yourself like one possessed

Tính từ

(of a person) Making others work hard or meet high standards
demanding perfectionist trying uncompromising clamorous critical dictatorial disapproving fussy importunate intractable judgmental obstinate rigorous strict tiresome tough cavilling difficult exigent hard harsh imperious inflexible insistent nagging overbearing overexacting querulous stringent troublesome unaccommodating unamenable unbending unmanageable caviling cavillous censuring disparaging faultfinding firm hairsplitting hardheaded hypercritical needy obdurate overscrupulous possessive quibbling sticklerish stiff stubborn unflinching unreasonable unsparing carping censorious cynical demeaning serious tyrannical high-maintenance fault-finding hard to please hard to satisfy over-exacting hard-line over-censorious over-particular over-rigorous over-strict unrelenting grim recalcitrant picky boorish rigid hard-nosed argumentative pigheaded fastidious finicky pitiless dissatisfied bearish inexorable irascible opinionated resolute perverse immovable oafish discontented obstreperous refractory grumbly snappy irritable temperamental irritating set in one's ways cantankerous impolite unyielding uptight quarrelsome testy negative choosy dogmatic strong-minded intransigent single-minded rude indomitable wrong-headed bloody-minded opinionative headstrong stiff-necked sour pertinacious steadfast oppressive overcritical delicate disobliging prickly captious sensitive ill-natured crotchety ornery crabby contrarious thrawn uppity touchy finical huffy stroppy froward disputatious chippy obstructive feisty vexed unpredictable balky particular hard to handle invidious bolshie disputative bull-headed contrary cussed ungracious fiendish pedantic pernickety niggling hair-splitting rejective nit-picking pass-remarkable nitpicking pettifogging overnice exacting severe exceptive sarcastic persnickety nice deprecating judgemental criticizing criticising nitpicky trivial thorny unfair unjust peevish very critical petty acrimonious petulant cross tricky punctilious overparticular meticulous scolding humbling diagnostic calumniatory belittling discerning biting discriminating derogatory analytical lowering critic judgy reproachful trenchant sharp cutting penetrating contemptuous choleric condemning withering satirical stern uncontrollable ungovernable unruly incontrollable willful untoward wilful wayward awkward complex insoluble burdensome impossible to cope with out of control out of hand

Tính từ

Showing lack of good taste, decency, or refinement
vulgar crude indecent coarse dirty rude ribald suggestive blue indelicate obscene bawdy earthy filthy lewd offensive smutty X-rated distasteful naughty obnoxious pornographic profane racy colorful colourful foul nasty Rabelaisian raunchy salacious scatological sordid depraved licentious locker-room scatologic vile abusive blasphemous foul-mouthed low porn porno risqué scurrilous sleazy fruity gamy gross gutter improper impure lascivious off colour porny saucy spicy stag steamy tasteless trashy unprintable wanton adult concupiscent indecorous bad bad-mannered base cheap contemptible debased discourteous disgusting dishonourable dishonorable hard-core inappropriate malicious odious off-color outlandish raw repulsive slippery sneaking soft-core unworthy villainous near the knuckle close to the bone immodest wicked uncouth immoral crass prurient erotic unseemly rough titillating sexy unrefined impolite scandalous lustful shameless unchaste explicit shocking broad lecherous mean unwholesome degenerate salty carnal nudge-nudge near the bone detestable unclean loathsome off libidinous unsavoury sensual sickening unpleasant gamey outrageous despicable abominable unsavory horrible shameful ignoble corrupt dissolute in bad taste disreputable debauched loose evil lowbrow juicy repugnant off-colored rank inelegant lowbred libertine uncivil revolting boorish unbecoming sinful ignominious reprehensible low-down abhorrent atrocious lubricious deplorable indiscreet arousing tactless shady noisome wretched rakish sexual appalling unscrupulous disgraceful nauseating unpolished sick unprincipled off-colour graceless discreditable scabrous reprobate hideous taboo provocative common low-minded nefarious scurvy uncultured execrable horrid beastly hot repellent unacceptable mature diabolical brutish ill-bred disagreeable raffish objectionable abject unladylike untoward randy churlish unmannerly awful monstrous heinous lousy vicious degrading uninhibited stinking roughneck dreadful yucky disrespectful fleshly dissipated tacky undignified unfitting ungentlemanly profligate Fescennine unvirtuous wrong perverse gruesome skin ugly icky tawdry uncultivated poor horny grody grotty yucko God-awful in poor taste insulting perverted goatish incult snide currish paltry rugged dishonest unrestrained uncivilized loutish lusty shabby mucky fast unsuitable unethical horrendous displeasing infamous barbaric fiendish humiliating Cyprian voluptuous frightful profaned rotten nauseous dark hateful purple desecrated unsophisticated barnyard uncivilised sorry black shoddy truculent unfashionable ill-mannered sexually explicit undiplomatic hellish malodorous egregious noxious disgustful terrible ridiculous dire loathly wrongful ghastly out of keeping sick-making full-frontal unstylish cruel savage brutal beyond the pale lubricous satyric passionate itchy hypersexual vulgarian irreverent questionable ungracious iniquitous illiberal insensible uncleanly embarrassing fierce ruthless inhuman incontinent low-down-and-dirty derogatory decadent lively orgiastic ferocious corrupting underhanded bodily off-putting graphic blunt exploitative disparaging devilish rascally lowdown and dirty unbefitting grubby merciless foulmouthed deceitful abandoned unblushing unconventional heartless remorseless bestial demoralized barbarous unpalatable exceptionable crooked uncensored corporeal vituperative exciting opprobrious rough-hewn unrighteous degraded worthless murderous ignorant ithyphallic vomitous unwelcome notorious galling bogging tremendous sneaky deceptive incorrect inapposite inapt unpleasing unspeakable infernal inhumane black-hearted butcherly brute sadistic inglorious gut-churning hellacious scummy repellant inept unfit incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos ungodly cruddy undesirable flagitious lurid rubbish page-three affronting inexcusable slimy unappetizing pitiless out of place unforgivable alarming distressing rancid fulsome demoralised creepy no-good godawful abysmal skanky festy not pure unsightly godforsaken vomit-inducing scuzzy yecchy out of the way insensitive ill-chosen barbarian toey disorderly base-minded groveling risque evil-minded sooty exuberant satirical profanatory illicit libellous libelous gaudy grovelling gruff seamy seedy dysphemistic awkward bizarre ruttish squalid promiscuous rogue fleshy barro sly forward bold daring amoral vigorous extravagant robust parodic untactful callow undecorous dirty-minded stimulating entertaining thoughtless sullied warped rakehell jackleg rakehelly crummy dubious suspicious suspect animal defiled Philistine fresh cheeky brazen grimy slavish humble servile petty menial brash sizzling tempting seductive oafish excessive strong sacrilegious XXX low-down and dirty out of line despisable sour bitter uncongenial unlovely harsh unlettered annoying irritating unequitable unrightful unjust mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish blameworthy tainted farmyard in the gutter wild lowly pitiful plebeian grown up wolfish dastardly dodgy funny iffy malevolent meanspirited lame brackish messy whorish physical vitriolic unfair colloquial contaminated impious shy unrespectable knavish indefensible louche sexually suggestive wounding hurtful exasperating contumelious denigratory invective pejorative deprecatory slipshod ratty scabby disdainable malignant unceremonious wayward demeaning personal impudent vexing provoking impertinent slighting insolent venereal sensuous of easy virtue venomous unsettling intemperate flagrant vilifying drunken derisive unutterable serious underhand ill-advised debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying trailer-park funky harrowing low-life contemptuous censurable sex grownup material amorous somatic corporal desirous grungy gnarly depressing vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless voyeuristic rowdy ruffian hankering upsetting unhealthy longing cheesy adults-only itching from hell very unpleasant good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account vituperous offending insupportable horrific dowdy naff unpardonable grievous intolerable genital grisly horrifying uninviting unlikable putrid dismaying squicky rebarbative cloying surfeiting sleazeball macabre styleless bloodthirsty stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning ticky-tack ticky-tacky diabolic miserable damnable unlawful

Tính từ

Not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one's own
intolerant bigoted narrow-minded prejudiced illiberal small-minded dogmatic narrow blinkered one-sided biased inflexible insular parochial provincial racist unsympathetic chauvinistic dictatorial fanatical partial partisan rigid uncompromising unfair unforgiving xenophobic discriminatory racialist sectarian uncharitable unjust antipathetic averse contemptuous disdainful hateful indignant individualistic irate irritable jaundiced obdurate outraged short-fuse snappy stuffy tilted unforbearing unindulgent unwilling upset waspish worked-up hidebound petty chauvinist small myopic closed-minded limited Lilliputian small-town picayune sexist inward-looking close-minded restricted localist parish-pump conservative distorted little warped jerkwater anti-Semitic short-sighted opinionated reactionary parti pris petty-minded diehard conventional anti-gay homophobic heterosexist weighted dyed-in-the-wool entrenched blimpish claustral closed puritanical doctrinaire jingoistic inequitable discriminating nationalistic slanted prejudicial selfish mean coloured obstinate grudging pigheaded colored blind twisted strait-laced moralistic prim prudish priggish starchy prissy nationalist shockable ethnocentric isolationist influenced ungenerous predisposed loaded unsophisticated preferential non-objective preconceived ageist disablist prepossessed set invidious tendentious extreme classist sceptical base sectional local skeptical deaf unpersuadable resistant stubborn shortsighted puritan borné inexorable swayed subjective embittered skewed unimaginative introverted favouring racially prejudiced racially discriminatory ethnocentrist shallow regional hick factional circumscribed ignoble racially bigoted jingo set in one's ways contracted secluded sequestered confined separated clannish cliquish favoring flag-waving nasty vulgar schismatic jingoist superpatriotic exclusive extremist fanatic denominational suburban woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist discriminational uninformed male chauvinist differential discriminate upcountry corn-fed excludent homespun rude unpolished outmoded pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable unobjective male supremacist religious nonconforming dissident nonconformist splinter conditioned resentful discriminative fattist cynical bitter jealous inclined presupposing intransigent leaning ultra-conservative envious suspicious fundamentalist unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid strict despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly stingy alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous unenlarged proscriptive greedy antiliberal penny-pinching spiteful yellow unenthusiastic unindifferent tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving unequal iniquitous unwarranted unprincipled undue dishonorable unbalanced dishonest unlawful discreditable uneven devious improper fraudulent unethical cheating arbitrary bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral deceitful dishonourable inexcusable vicious cruel injurious shameful false low vile wrongful wrong criminal grievous wicked shameless uncalled-for

Tính từ

Much debated, discussed or disputed
vexed disputed controversial contentious contested debated debatable moot questionable problematic unconcluded undecided undetermined unresolved unsettled at issue delicate dicey in contention in dispute knotty ongoing problematical sticky taxing thorny ticklish dodgy hairy hot-button iffy open to debate open to question awkward difficult open to doubt tricky troublesome much debated up in the air yet to be decided uncertain sensitive prickly tough complicated touchy complex involved tricksy catchy nasty spiny intricate open disputable arguable hard controvertible doubtful convoluted perplexing critical trying risky disputatious polemical irksome worrying upsetting polemic contended vexatious precarious pending equivocal bothersome contestable unsure concerning baffling provocative dubious borderline unanswered doubtable suspect dubitable unstable rocky open to discussion to be decided in doubt argumentative ambivalent scrappy quarrelsome paradoxical puzzling unpleasant negotiable issuable harassing unlikely severe formidable nettlesome like herding cats ignored neglected unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged nice unsteady capricious fickle temperamental inconstant mercurial chancy dangerous volatile variable changeable touch-and-go embarrassing divisive emotive tendentious gnarly debateable quirky fiddly undependable inconclusive unsolved unconfirmed indefinite notorious hot heated vague ambiguous confused clouded unfixed unclear pendent waffling under discussion in a state of uncertainty up for grabs in limbo in a state of limbo betwixt and between open-ended not decided elaborate sophisticated uncomfortable tangled challenging confusing distressing unfathomable disturbing hazardous perilous bewildering tortuous impenetrable labyrinthine involute detailed unpredictable involuted enigmatic worrisome mystifying obscure byzantine abstruse uneasy rough grievous disagreeable undecipherable humiliating dark arduous compromising labyrinthian fancy Byzantine incommodious unsafe disconcerting Gordian serpentine entangled cringeworthy recondite discomfiting inscrutable cringey painful cryptic parlous interlaced flustering cringe-making high-risk bitter baroque inconvenient daedal cumbersome troubled fraught with danger impossible incomprehensible confounding advanced tight dire bleak Daedalian full of twists and turns onerous forbidding grim difficult to understand unchancy treacherous awful punishing shameful tense demeaning degrading barro briery pointed unsound annoying unfriendly spartan hostile profound discomposing discountenancing agitating unnerving problem shaky insoluble complicate mazy scratchy operose strenuous toe-curling unanswerable subtle excruciating exasperating messy deep circuitous serious demanding fraught ravelled jumbled mixed dense knotted mind-bending raveled hi-tech full of problems mixed up Daedalean beset by problems finicky loaded chaotic tender intractable echinated stimulating vulnerable discomforting scandalous searching penetrating shaming mortifying scary unhealthy wicked jeopardous erratic fluctuant stressful heavy laborious rugged insolvable threatening grave eventful incalculable insecure indivisible inseparable bemusing frustrating daunting hair-trigger kid-glove state-of-the-art elite kittle ignominious lively fiendish devilish disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making winding sinuous twisted high-level higher-level ornate unpropitious discommodious distracting discommoding dishonoring inopportune troubling rattling unseemly charged rococo heterogeneous multifaceted multifarious variegated nuanced muddled devil of a very devil of a high-tech long-drawn-out can of worms maze-like drawn-out bristly barbed top-level tickly galling torturous roundabout indirect indissoluble inextricable impossible to separate briary thistly brambly irritating dolorous bumpy afflicted unintelligible abstract embarrassed radical extensive mind-boggling inexplicable itchy confronting distressed afflictive wearisome untimely sharp spiculate pronged bristled spiniferous spicular spiky aculeate spinous spiked trouble vexing rambling esoteric mysterious mystical thought-provoking fathomless causing discomfort ill-fitting hard to solve hard to explain beyond comprehension beyond one's grasp opaque misleading unstraightforward nervous anxious setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose enigmatical hazy over one's head above one's head unsolvable suspicious shady fishy queer verbose lengthy overlong devious deceptive nerve-racking restless unsettling creepy disquieting nail-biting distressful nerve-wracking drastic perverse cunning indecisive complete sweeping thorough extreme revolutionary uphill terrible ramified reticular effortful difficult to follow uptight apprehensive major emotionally charged unhandy unwieldy clunky cumbrous cranky impractical clumsy bunglesome ungainly ponderous unmanageable burdensome lumbersome a devil hard to use

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