Đồng nghĩa của uncleanly

Alternative for uncleanly

  • tính từ
    • bẩn thỉu; nhơ nhuốc
      • uncleanly thoughts: ý nghĩ bẩn thỉu
  • phó từ
    • xem unclean


Dirty or unhygienic
dirty filthy smudged unhygienic begrimed soiled cruddy draggled foul greasy grimy slimy smutty sullied unclean befouled bemired besmirched defiled dreggy dusty grubby grungy mucky scummy sooty stained bedraggled black blackened contaminated dingy dungy fouled grotty muddy murky polluted scuzzy sordid spattered squalid icky nasty pigpen raunchy sloppy spotted undusted unlaundered unsanitary unswept unwashed yucky festy skanky messy manky gungy smeared bogging scungy unkempt insanitary crummy gross feculent tarnished sleazy muddied disheveled dishevelled shabby mud-caked slovenly dirt-encrusted putrid smelly fetid rotten besmeared foetid unpleasant smeary grimed tainted loathsome disgusting repulsive revolting grody yukky ruined uncleaned miry not clean distasteful horrible disagreeable sickening untidy offensive odious repellent nauseating vile repugnant blemished discolored marked obnoxious awful objectionable abominable dreadful unappetizing nauseous impure horrendous unpalatable hideous noxious appalling terrible horrid malodorous noisome frightful rancid stinking unsavoury atrocious lousy uninviting rank acrid ghastly beastly gruesome mephitic diabolical ugly pongy stinky whiffy bad niffy unsportsmanlike repellant fulsome wretched sneaking shocking despicable bitter contemptible sorry unfair pitiful funky scandalous deplorable displeasing obscene miasmal ratty loathly uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing unsavory harsh abhorrent scabby cheap scurvy illegal evil sour wicked paltry mean lame discoloured pitiable disgustful yucko olid hellish poison bum ungodly unholy on the nose sick-making off-putting God-awful sludgy putrefied decaying sticky seedy bespattered rundown slatternly foul-smelling evil-smelling insalubrious slummy slushy dowdy cloudy scruffy dust-filled spotty dust-covered oozy frowzy miserable gloopy tatty grim caked sloughy flea-bitten arenaceous arenose dust-ridden straggly disarrayed unsightly mucous muculent clammy viscous glutinous dishabille mung mud-spattered smoky faecal fecal horry yecchy verminous slipshod soily mud-encrusted


In a manner that is unfair
unfairly illegally unreasonably below the belt dishonestly immorally unjustly excessively unjustifiedly unwarrantedly disproportionately unjustifiably inordinately unnecessarily unmeritedly undeservedly unacceptably immoderately improperly extremely unequally irregularly overly too wrongly inappropriately overmuch devilishly exorbitantly intolerably monstrously unsuitably superfluously unduly incommensurately extravagantly immensely indecorously underhandedly ever over overfull out of proportion incorrectly insufficiently inadequately unwarrantably incommensurably inequitably unevenly disparately inconsistently asymmetrically lopsidedly unsymmetrically nonsymmetrically intemperately needlessly too much ill-advisedly out of all proportion to death to a fault with a vengeance indefensibly gratuitously unconscionably inexcusably outrageously groundlessly unforgivably unlawfully wrongfully steeply unprovokedly stiffly unpardonably criminally illogically irrationally preposterously unseemlily illegitimately unbecomingly lavishly insanely baroquely plethorically unmercifully fancily toweringly overweeningly senselessly extortionately blameworthily inconceivably wickedly reprehensibly poshly wantonly unrightfully arbitrarily peremptorily unsatisfactorily dearly absurdly insultingly iniquitously injudiciously unfoundedly baselessly fulsomely culpably inexpiably remissly regrettably unworthily insupportably ridiculously unthinkably knavishly ungodlily barbarously appallingly shockingly consciencelessly unholily sneakily horrifyingly nonsensically ludicrously illicitly unaptly forbiddenly unfittingly ineptly sinisterly unmeasurably inaptly exceedingly unseasonably bottomlessly inessentially unwelcomely unessentially prosecutably unethically tortiously lawlessly feloniously optionally uninvitedly avoidably unwantedly fortuitously uselessly futilely accidentally evilly dishonorably actionably troublesomely incredibly dishonourably thickly


Adverb for contaminated or noxious
fetidly putridly rottenly stalely deleteriously foully noxiously pollutedly putrescently rancidly rankly scummily septically toxically unwholesomely filthily impurely unhealthfully unhygienically unsanitarily vilely stinkingly unhealthily dirtily insanitarily unpleasantly nastily offensively disgustingly corruptly poisonously loathsomely pestilently grossly horribly awfully diseasedly disagreeably objectionably terribly squalidly abominably repulsively sordidly dreadfully revoltingly yuckily grimily muddily dustily harmfully appallingly noisomely smellily obscenely shockingly sourly ghastlily mephitically badly distastefully sickeningly repellently repugnantly nauseatingly odiously obnoxiously unappetizingly nauseously horrendously hideously unpalatably malodorously horridly frightfully grottily unsavourily ickily atrociously lousily uninvitingly diabolically grubbily gruesomely acridly stinkily uglily wretchedly displeasingly paltrily evilly harshly wickedly blackly repellantly scabbily deplorably unpleasingly abhorrently cheaply dingily scandalously bitterly unsavorily meanly bedraggledly grungily contemptibly scurvily rattily pitifully funkily sorrily lamely smuttily uncongenially fulsomely illegally unfairly unwelcomely muckily despicably detrimentally pitiably disgustfully ungodlily hellishly unholily off-puttingly sloppily messily mouldily moulderingly corruptedly moldily purulently wormily fecally faecally hatefully detestably carnally gluttonously animally bestially swinishly brutely pruriently piggishly degradedly irrationally brutishly barbarously cruelly sadistically ferally coarsely brutally inhumanly boorishly lowly depravedly basely monstrously


Adverb for depraved, perverted or extremely wrong in a moral sense
corruptly degenerately depravedly immorally sinfully unwholesomely badly evilly indecently obscenely wickedly debauchedly decadently degradedly disgustingly dishonorably dishonourably dissipatedly dissolutely impurely lasciviously lecherously licentiously loosely perversely pervertedly pruriently rakishly sickly sordidly unchastely wantonly coarsely lewdly lustfully ribaldly improperly unworthily vulgarly wrongfully vilely profligately abandonedly immodestly basely shamelessly dirtily grossly libidinously unprincipledly filthily profanely promiscuously foully crudely corruptedly smuttily intemperately salaciously viciously bawdily raunchily carnally lowly nastily fastly disreputably scatologically pornographically louchely bluely suggestively unrestrainedly nefariously rottenly villainously unrefinedly pervily indelicately unsavourily scurrilously unsavorily rudely amorally ignobly meanly concupiscently shockingly unhealthily rawly sybaritically indecorously wildly unvirtuously explicitly ungodlily twistedly offensively scabrously despicably waywardly unnaturally loathsomely iniquitously atrociously kinkily sickeningly rankly tastelessly indulgently infamously racily trashily swingingly easily unprintably naughtily pollutedly scandalously monstrously crassly raffishly drunkenly adultly abnormally retrogradely repugnantly noisomely lubriciously hedonically wrongly sleazily hedonistically retrogressively inappropriately sensually riotously unrighteously horribly hideously brutally criminally goatishly blasphemously randily saucily erotically knavishly uncouthly unconstrainedly whorishly titillatingly sexily grubbily uncivilly impolitely odiously spicily openly churlishly flagitiously shadily boorishly gamily questionably fruitily degradingly inelegantly lightly roughly aberrantly inferiorly abusedly incorrigibly roguishly unethically luxuriously overindulgently hornily voluptuously irreligiously impiously unholily unregenerately lickerishly carelessly dubiously prodigally sadistically grotesquely dishonestly unseemlily moribundly excessively abasedly heedlessly imprudently unscrupulously arousingly earthily misguidedly mixedly unconscionably saltily fraudulently spitefully crabbedly unaccommodatingly incorrectly shrewishly surlily ill-naturedly irresponsibly inconstantly banefully deleteriously deviously underhandly unfairly disgracefully incontinently lustily unconventionally brashly discourteously abusively insultingly tactlessly immoderately crookedly blackly unlawfully dodgily darkly colloquially vituperatively loutishly derisively tawdrily unsettlingly unutterably ungraciously unjustly gracelessly discreditably outrageously reprehensibly contemptibly deplorably blameworthily appallingly cheaply ingloriously shabbily abominably heinously unspeakably ignominiously shoddily hatefully inexcusably scurvily indefensibly unrespectably opprobriously notoriously unforgivably shily repulsively distastefully egregiously unbecomingly maliciously colourfully shamefully diabolically flagrantly muckily grimily colorfully insensibly ruggedly commonly illiberally


Adverb for forbidden based on religious, ritual or ceremonial grounds

Trái nghĩa của uncleanly

uncleanly Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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