Đồng nghĩa của grubby

Alternative for grubby

grubby /'grʌbi/
  • tính từ
    • bẩn thỉu, bụi bậm; lôi thôi lếch thếch; dơ dáy
    • có giòi

Tính từ

Covered with dirt
dirty filthy grimy soiled messy sordid mucky shabby squalid unwashed muddy unkempt untidy dusty slovenly stained befouled cruddy grotty grungy manky smeared smutty sooty spotted begrimed besmeared besmirched slatternly unhygienic unsanitary bedraggled bemired black blackened bogging dingy draggled foul gungy icky insanitary nasty scruffy scuzzy seedy skanky smudged sullied unclean uncleanly yucky feculent festy frowzy scungy disheveled dishevelled impure sloppy slimy polluted contaminated crummy greasy tarnished scummy defiled sleazy muddied miry dirt-encrusted mud-caked tainted smeary gross grody grimed fetid sticky ruined uncleaned undusted not clean foetid unswept fouled blemished discolored marked dowdy pigpen raggedy blowsy discoloured disgusting putrid insalubrious rotten smelly putrefied decaying repulsive rundown dreggy murky dungy spattered mud-encrusted bespattered sludgy unlaundered dishabille daggy slobbish mud-spattered ungroomed slobby ragged sloven frowsy raunchy tatty blowzy tacky frazzled uncombed ill-groomed draggle-tailed slummy unpleasant cloudy dust-filled spotty dust-covered miserable arenaceous arenose dust-ridden flea-bitten straggly disarrayed unsightly gloopy infected mung slushy yukky mucous muculent clammy viscous glutinous vile oozy unwholesome mouldy odorous moldy reeking scurvy musty grim caked sloughy smoky faecal vitiated poisoned loathsome fecal horry yecchy revolting verminous slipshod soily tangled frumpy scraggly scraggy badly dressed tousled worse for wear shaggy unpolished schlumpy ragtag ruffled frayed matted coarse windblown unneat vulgar down-at-the-heel down at heel mussed up down-at-heel in rags unhealthy noxious infested septic dirtied rank toxic stale corrupt germy disease-ridden stinking germ-ridden unsanitized poisonous decayed rancid deleterious harmful diseased pestilent spoiled dark spoilt adulterated gunky unfiltered detrimental noisome fuliginous soot-covered unhealthful putrescent flyblown corrupted fusty decomposed mildewy decomposing rotting funky sour strong stenchy malodorous stinky reeky rotted mephitic offensive goopy dusky brackish adulterate alloyed sodden soggy swampy dank airless stuffy stagnant festering debased degraded mixed frowsty mildewed squelchy soft sopping fenny quaggy watery marshy waterlogged boggy acrid skunky foul-smelling acid strong-smelling stenchful bitter nauseating odiferous odoriferous spoiling pungent harsh acidic pongy whiffy drab flat dull mouldering putrified lacking in freshenss addled saturated heavy bad off perished corroding ripe damp unventilated caried worm-eaten purulent wormy carious pustular mucid maggoty unfit for human consumption bad-smelling overripe moldering beastly smelling washed out

Tính từ

Deserving hatred and contempt
nasty dirty contemptible despicable wretched deplorable lousy mean sorry cheap pitiable lame pitiful paltry scummy scurvy cruddy ratty scabby sneaking vile rotten loathsome awful appalling detestable dreadful abominable terrible sordid distasteful odious disgusting bad offensive revolting repulsive abhorrent horrible repellent repugnant nauseating sickening yucky obnoxious unsavoury foul gross unpleasant base unsavory grotty low unpalatable dishonourable abject atrocious frightful execrable hideous horrendous objectionable dishonorable diabolical stinking gruesome shocking poor beastly scandalous disagreeable God-awful shameful unappetizing noxious ignominious malodorous filthy noisome pathetic shabby horrid fetid icky ignoble squalid putrid rank rancid hateful wicked low-down ghastly repellant stinky foetid inferior disgraceful miserable disreputable worthless nauseous sad yukky unfair illegal smelly sleazy uninviting skanky mephitic pongy whiffy grimy funky snide ugly niffy fulsome obscene unsportsmanlike miasmal loathly disgustful olid festy yucko currish bum substandard unacceptable low-minded off-putting unsatisfactory lamentable faulty sick-making on the nose dire reprehensible degenerate unscrupulous unprincipled woeful discreditable inadequate acrid polluted evil-smelling foul-smelling smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched befouled smutty blackened sullied unwelcome evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly sour black dingy draggled bitter grungy displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing harsh muddy begrimed soiled no-good hellish poison ungodly unholy scungy deficient rough subpar dissatisfactory abysmal underhanded suboptimal deceitful off meanspirited despisable unethical wrong immoral chronic heinous unworthy nefarious crummy cowardly disastrous disdainable sneaky deceptive unspeakable beggarly pants crass shoddy calamitous horrifying petty villainous shady shifty slimy beyond the pale a load of pants seedy beyond contempt vicious callous brackish hopeless thoughtless shameless feeble degraded dislikable useless laughable unfortunate grievous regrettable pits hard-hearted narrow-minded vomitous reeking malevolent malicious disrespectful reeky strong high musty stenchy fusty well below par hateworthy measly frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty depraved slipshod indecent vulgar graceless malignant pigpen yecchy ripe swinish outcast gut-churning rubbish poorly out of sorts sick off-colour harmful crook off colour stomach-churning stomach-turning vomit-inducing unhappy distressing raunchy acid bland tart sharp heartbreaking melancholy very bad dismal mediocre good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account dilapidated trashy punk wanting bush sucky crumby junky rubbishy dishonest blameworthy downer overwhelming bummer godawful unbearable mournful intolerable grim dolorous afflictive opprobrious common schlock crooked fraudulent run down flimsy bush-league cut-rate shlocky wack low-grade unsightly schlocky gimcrack cheapjack godforsaken low-quality cheesy low-rent el cheapo shlock weak second-rate coarse bargain-basement down at heel trumpery corrupt unsporting crafty treacherous double-dealing ungentlemanly degrading caitiff infamous sly underhand cunning devious wily Machiavellian cheating conniving designing calculating guileful beneath contempt low-life below contempt dirty rotten illegitimate deceiving inequitable unsportsmanly shrewd unlawful knavish slick scheming illicit below the belt not cricket off-color ill-gotten against the rules Janus-faced out of order monstrous outrageous egregious cruel iniquitous accursed insufferable inexcusable unforgivable flagitious cursed sinful bogging grisly undesirable damnable exceptionable unkind notorious louche horrific rebarbative infernal debased uncharitable spiteful fiendish inglorious unpardonable confounded unseemly savage devilish hated unrespectable shy inhuman rascally loathed despised detested improper dastardly criminal indefensible dark barbaric servile barbarous tawdry dislikeable annoying invidious meagre macabre creepy cringe-making insupportable unfriendly abandoned insignificant brutish hurtful reprobate seamy menial mean-spirited catty rude poxy poisonous unpopular pesky unbecoming flagrant lewd execrated nightmarish ruthless unsuitable abominated meager fearful ornery terrific grewsome lurid nightmare grody untrustworthy footling humiliating unloved perverted inconsiderate insufficient black-hearted blasted brutal negligible piddling censurable cussed embarrassing undignified derisory bestial cacodemonic debauched piffling unjustifiable unwarranted trifling hostile dissolute facinorous impure debasing hateable pestiferous indecorous blithering terrifying abhorred flaming desperate unattractive from hell disliked out of place miserly ungenerous shunned valueless nothing anathematized modest stingy scoundrelly slight impoverished destitute distressed bogus barren demonic insubstantial irritating poverty-stricken diabolic demoniac Mephistophelian amoral heartless humble slavish indigent forbidding cheerless mercenary uncouth shaming unwholesome merciless joyless piteous harrowing rueful heartrending suspect inhumane comfortless vindictive sadistic dubious suspicious freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned dang darn condemnable groveling mingy malign culpable unbefitting inappropriate uncool unwanted mortifying exasperating churlish despiteful virulent grovelling gloomy inconsequential trivial inconsistent incompatible inelegant sleazoid inadmissible satanic dodgy defective ill-natured unfit lowly blamable tragic crying indelicate adverse inexpedient unconscionable tasteless discouraging questionable wanton morbid funereal uncalled for frightening alarming unlikable sepulchral preposterous hairy revulsive hellacious out of keeping empty sterile ineffectual drossy unprofitable unimportant unproductive pointless unavailing nugatory futile profitless unessential waste counterproductive meaningless inutile unusable ineffective doggish ne'er-do-well grave crude shiftless merciful misbegotten unadorable uncaptivating scant lean craven feckless incompetent traitorous perfidious unchivalrous emetic demoniacal selfish natty avoided condemned decadent scanty puny skimpy blackguardly boorish scabrous base-minded gut-wrenching avaricious murderous unrefined moving compassionate afflicted stirring arousing touching affecting commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful plebeian simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain reviled unmannerly ill-bred funny iffy senseless calculated venal covetous ribald intemperate drunken profligate immodest carnal stupid belittling pill heel aberrant ominous humiliatory ridiculous foolish unregenerate tenth-rate hair-raising disconcerting repelling unlovable tainted diseased shuddersome resentful accurst ill-favoured discomfiting dinky exiguous errant maggot demonian demonical Luciferian abusive very disgusting mischievous roguish dreaded brute butcherly truculent galling dismaying unwarrantable ill-famed indescribable in poor taste erring spine-chilling formidable surly venomous surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy wet infuriating pestilential frenetic maniacal unhallowed crazed mad possessed self-seeking ungallant rakish cantankerous wounding remiss backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting perverse unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant unwished-for ruthful needy ill-favored unrighteous pixieish scampish arch puckish pixy prankish tricksy impish pixie lying leprechaunish waggish elvish terrorizing contradictory opposed unbelievable inconceivable blimming reproachable highly improper disorderly unsought bothersome detrimental scorned inconvenient troublesome incommodious disadvantageous uninvited rejected humiliated subservient meek dejected deferent hangdog self-effacing blamed under a curse blessed dratted inexpiable averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic sarcastic ill-humored unimaginable ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish upsetting violent unreasonable delinquent red hot of bad reputation slippery lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie insensitive against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign ineffable unutterable steep reprovable blameable fishy frolicsome arrant for the birds unwished for penniless beggared immoderate exorbitant excessive unendurable wanky inexpressible excruciating derogatory libidinous licentious evil-minded bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured extravagant maddening impossible OTT to be avoided strictly for the birds in opposition irremissible beyond words preternatural undefinable O.T.T. extortionate penurious impecunious amiss guilty demeritorious indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil scurrilous too great disgracing debauching over the top uncivilised depraving contumelious extreme uncivilized deadly unpermissible untenable unallowable mortal no good in bad caddish too horrible for words needful broke down-and-out famished skint pauperized dirt-poor necessitous threadbare incongruous unfitting unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic in low esteem in the doghouse unstylish tacky unfashionable ticky-tack dowdy styleless ticky-tacky at fault beneath undeserving cold-blooded not nice hard up dreary bleak depressing not forgivable ineligible desolate unfitting to unmerited unsuitable for recreant improper to inappropriate to sombre drab uncomfortable solemn somber disheartening unpromising sullen morose drear poor quality low in quality garbage out of character unbecoming to forlorn depressive dreich lugubrious saturnine glum sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac niggling picayune chicken minute peanut nominal piddly pimping inconsiderable not good enough out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit Cimmerian de minimis Mickey Mouse

Tính từ

Shabby or scruffy in appearance
raggedy ragged tattered shabby tatty scruffy mangy tatterdemalion scrubby seedy grungy mean squalid ratty dumpy tacky tumbledown dilapidated miserable neglected rundown shoddy bedraggled filthy scuzzy sorry grotty rough yucky ragtag sleazy unkempt scroungy run-down run down worse for wear threadbare timeworn moth-eaten down-at-heel beat-up down-at-the-heels bombed-out worn down at heel gone to seed slummy dog-eared scungy dodgy sordid seamy crummy faded insalubrious broken-down tired slimy base down and dirty beat up decrepit decaying old ruinous dowdy unprepossessing unpleasant cheap low disheveled dingy untidy poor low-class dishevelled disreputable skanky skeezy paltry limp frayed worn-out battered well worn dirty worn out warby raggedy-ass disfigured decayed rickety degenerated meager deteriorated ruined desolate bare poverty-stricken meagre deteriorating pitiful slipshod smirched dishonest dismal crooked out at elbows poorly maintained having seen better days the worse for wear falling apart at the seams derelict ramshackle disintegrating uncared-for unmaintained crumbling depressed shambly rumpty manky in ruins slovenly shacky falling to pieces gone to rack and ruin drooping droopy sickly frowzy wilting ailing down-at-the-heel messy sagging flagging torn in a bad way overgrown used up wilted in tatters holey falling apart in rags ripped in disrepair on its last legs used damaged weather-beaten in shreds patched scraggy rent in holes worn to shreds destroyed impaired shredded frazzled shaggy broken poorly made badly dressed badly worn split full of holes in ribbons wretched distressed impoverished well-worn rugged untended sloppy antiquated tumble-down torn to pieces shopworn in a state of disrepair ill-maintained seen better days scabby hackneyed time-worn stale trite passé overused old-fashioned outmoded crude clapped out out of date ancient effete injured outworn trashy creaky lined creaking wrecked overworked used-up superannuated unsound falling down all the worse for wear on the rocks badly maintained diseased scaly beaten-up clapped-out decrepit. in ruins disordered poor-looking cure pot broken down rank mucky indigent sick sticky gunky gungy desultory unpressed contemptible unfinished unravelled unravelling busted dinged totaled wizened downgone peaked shattered knocked around well-thumbed well-read uncared infirm in poor condition yellowed crumbly marred unraveling worn through unraveled down at the heel quavering shaking crippled flimsy insubstantial haggard fragile anile shaky in bad repair out of condition below par in bad condition under par worn thin tawdry tasteless gaudy vulgar raunchy unimproved beat cast-off passe sere etiolated useless shot depleted worn-down cut lacerated slit kitsch showy nasty garish démodé wrung out pegged out disadvantaged deprived hand-me-down fallen-in uncared for beaten up fallen in rinky-dink flash Brummagem common loud second-rate dressed in rags banal severed cracked separated hackney cliche obligatory hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged stock musty commonplace dated flashy naff needy destitute uncouth unkept weathered ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky stodgy frumpy wrinkled clichéd hoary underprivileged wrenched burst gashed fractured ruptured mangled sliced slashed cleaved snapped unoriginal corny dying declining cheap and nasty old hat waning in bad taste ghetto ghost shanty collapsing degenerating cut open skid row abandoned failing perishing forsaken languishing rotten oxidising oxidizing eroding in decline rusting on the decline penniless breaking up on the way out wearing away breaking down penurious impecunious hard up badly off in want in need on the breadline on your uppers on your beam-ends without two pennies to rub together

Tính từ

Inferior in quality
cheap substandard inferior common shoddy tawdry worthless cheapo junky tacky bad trashy grotty average mediocre meretricious crummy pitiable pitiful rubbishy dud lousy inadequate junk poor tatty cruddy lame nasty paltry shabby base ratty sorry subpar cheapie deficient kitsch lemon punk ropy rubbish sad scroungy tinhorn trumpery wretched brassy Brummagem cheapjack duff gimcrack naff pinchbeck tattered tinny execrable poor-quality second-rate third-rate below par low-grade run-down two-bit entry-level low-end cheap and nasty low-rent below average below standard bush-league dime-a-dozen dime-store rinky-dink bottom-rung a dime a dozen twopenny-halfpenny el cheapo not up to much second-class two a penny terrible unsatisfactory awful rotten bodger deplorable miserable crude woeful dreadful dire low dodgy unacceptable low-quality not up to scratch not up to par tenth-rate not up to snuff second rate of poor quality of low quality cheesy cut-rate bum jerry-built sleazy slipshod schlock schlocky coarse bargain-basement cheap-jack dilapidated plastic dingy scruffy seedy pretentious gaudy broken-down inglorious makeshift mean low-down pants half-pie end-of-the-pier piss-poor for the birds suboptimal dissatisfactory unseemly disgraceful impermissible exceptionable objectionable distasteful offensive intolerable insupportable wanting displeasing disagreeable obnoxious improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate undesirable imperfect dismal insufficient amateurish insufferable abject unimpressive reprehensible horrible pathetic stinking abominable dubious lamentable contemptible appalling hopeless atrocious faulty abysmal laughable meager unreasonable questionable repugnant diabolical meagre disastrous horrendous damnable odious wack garbage crumby loathsome condemnable scurrilous horrid out vile off wrong defective gross irremediable disappointing indefensible stinky inacceptable unappealing uninviting bush reject won't do over the fence not on less-than-stellar from hunger not quite the done thing poor quality God-awful half-baked not cricket not up to standard beyond the pale out of order under par

Tính từ

Indulgent in libidinous or immoral activities
unchaste promiscuous libidinous loose wanton immodest impure indecent lewd carnal debased depraved dirty dissolute immoral corrupt obscene profaned smutty unvirtuous unwholesome coarse defiled desecrated fallen filthy foul gross sinful unclean uncleanly unrefined vitiated nasty vile not pure vulgar crude offensive improper indecorous salacious disgusting base crass tasteless raunchy risqué inappropriate naughty saucy indelicate cheap racy unsavory impolite profane taboo sordid hard-core suggestive lecherous explicit uncouth uncivil distasteful profligate repulsive uncultured low uncultivated questionable ignoble licentious malicious rakish foul-mouthed scandalous scurrilous inelegant randy odious bawdy colourful rough ribald shameless off-color adult lascivious off colour mucky in bad taste blue grimy lowbred insensible rude gamy raffish low-down-and-dirty rugged fruity unsavoury incult unpolished roughneck spicy near the knuckle X-rated colorful lowbrow common nudge-nudge illiberal lustful debauched degenerate dissipated libertine prurient wicked fast perverted decadent concupiscent lubricious reprobate abandoned sensual horny goatish hot perverse intemperate demoralized pornographic passionate evil satyric lubricous demoralised hypersexual itchy lickerish sick degraded erotic warped jackleg rakehell rakehelly unprincipled incontinent bad unrestrained fleshly voluptuous of easy virtue sexy wild pervy easy swinging trashy sexual porny unprintable gutter stag whorish locker-room titillating louche voluptuary scabrous sybaritic scatological scatologic porno raw fast-living self-indulgent animal gone bad vicious tainted dishonourable ruttish wrongful steamy disreputable wayward hedonic sleazy light uninhibited unconstrained dishonorable rank barnyard shocking sickening high living fast and loose gone to the dogs in the fast lane sullied physical bodily amorous roundheeled uncontrolled ardent wolfish corrupted iniquitous hankering flirtatious nefarious hircine lax itching unseemly hedonistic venereal unscrupulous riotous villainous contaminated sensuous indulgent loathsome noisome repugnant orgiastic desirous unhealthy low-down miscreant corporeal rotten violated hideous atrocious horrible deteriorated drunken open lusty amoral pleasure-seeking arousing in the gutter lacking restraint night owl bestial unworthy uncontrollable freethinking careless unblushing imprudent heedless revealing amatory uncurbed aphrodisiac irresponsible inconstant hot and heavy material somatic corporal aphrodisiacal impious unruly unmoral relaxed disorderly craving porn Fescennine hot-blooded unethical off-colour page-three ithyphallic Cyprian genital excessive voyeuristic out of control beyond the pale longing dishonest no better than one should be wrong unconscionable fraudulent unfair underhand morally wrong devious earthy deviant salty off off-colored gamey crooked shady cutthroat unrighteous Machiavellian dodgy black unlawful dark slack tarty unbridled slaggy epicurean saturnalian unjust graceless unconventional riggish flagitous brutal twisted criminal not cricket near the bone sicko kinky unnatural mean unrestricted philandering uncivilised boorish degrading unsettling abusive loutish affronting vilifying brash tawdry bad-mannered colloquial vituperative derisive uncivilized churlish tactless ill-mannered insulting unutterable discourteous blasphemous unmannerly ungracious dirty-minded immoderate luscious lush luxurious hellbent gone to seed appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual dishonoured shamed animalistic moving stirring exciting tactile heavy stimulating sensory delightful physically gratifying sharpened pleasing ruined disgraced collapsed lost flat decayed sunken ruinous shaken dishonored on the ground hot to trot

Tính từ


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