Đồng nghĩa của unallowable

Alternative for unallowable

unallowable /'ʌnə'lauəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể cho phép được
    • không thể thừa nhận được, không thể chấp nhận được

Tính từ

Too bad to be justified or tolerated
inexcusable indefensible unforgivable inexpiable unjustifiable unpardonable unwarrantable outrageous unjustified unwarranted blameworthy censurable deplorable disgraceful insupportable regrettable reprehensible unacceptable uncalled-for unconscionable unprovoked unreasonable unworthy blamable criticizable gratuitous impermissible impolite intolerable rude unpermissible untenable wrong without cause without justification without reason shameful condemnable despicable contemptible irremissible deadly mortal not forgivable beyond the pale excessive uncalled for immoderate unjust unnecessary groundless undue unfair unfounded baseless inordinate needless culpable remiss improper unsuitable unseemly scandalous invalid weak extreme implausible shaky flawed defective specious ungrounded inappropriate disproportionate preposterous shocking illogical undeserved irrational over-the-top too much wanton awful unremittable iniquitous insulting injudicious very great unsustainable diabolical faulty unsound flimsy ill-founded unmerited absurd arbitrary irregular indiscreet senseless unbecoming ill-advised bad not on objectionable distasteful offensive superfluous bottomless exceptionable foundationless over the fence out of line not the done thing a bit much out of order unsubstantiated uncorroborated unconfirmed unsupported without foundation nonessential unwelcome inessential unessential dispensable not quite the thing without basis uninvited avoidable optional futile accidental fortuitous useless not required unrequired unneeded unwanted extravagant exorbitant monstrous fancy overextravagant steep overdue insane overweening stiff overmuch plethoric towering unmerciful baroque devilish lavish OTT unholy uncivilised unthinkable ridiculous criminal sneaky inconceivable conscienceless appalling knavish uncivilized ungodly wicked horrifying barbarous over the top

Trái nghĩa của unallowable

unallowable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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