Đồng nghĩa của needless

Alternative for needless

Trái nghĩa: needful,

Tính từ

(of something undesirable) Not necessary because avoidable
dispensable gratuitous unnecessary excessive expendable inessential nonessential pointless redundant superfluous uncalled-for undesired unwanted useless non-essential avoidable causeless groundless purposeless unessential unneeded unwarranted supererogatory too much uncalled for unrequired de trop to no purpose futile extraneous optional unimportant worthless irrelevant not required surplus wanton peripheral excess extra beside the point extrinsic additional accidental senseless unproductive uncritical fortuitous incidental meaningless trivial noncompulsory haphazard exorbitant disposable casual random cosmetic wasted undesirable not needed supernumerary supplementary insignificant mindless fruitless chance profuse lavish unjustified prodigal unprofitable empty minor unprovoked motiveless spare aimless inappropriate valueless inordinate undue unmerited unavailing surplus to requirements unreasonable leftover idle purportless hollow in vain in excess not necessary without rhyme or reason indefensible unjustifiable remaining indiscriminate ineffectual nonsensical replaceable inane immaterial vain secondary ornamental hopeless profitless barren residuary extravagant otiose superabundant pleonastic ineffective superfluent footling overflowing extreme abounding overmuch unasked inconsequential unused not essential not pertinent to no avail stupid automatic oblivious unwelcome skippable subsidiary removable unjust undeserved accessory subordinate no need left over waste to spare inexcusable unfair uninvited unforgivable absurd more on your hands supplemental added further insane fatuous deadwood petty luxury of little account diffuse going begging too many unsuccessful fresh outmoded disused impotent nongermane excess baggage abortive bootless inefficacious needed like a hole in the head unfounded unrewarding special omissible unfruitful inapposite inapplicable add-on baseless ungrounded unrelated unconnected unprolific goalless vacuous trifling supererogative immoderate brutish unreasoning careless without reason disproportionate impertinent unavailable to no effect gainless designless thoughtless witless illogical frivolous irrational vapid without cause over and above for naught irrelative inadmissible unsupportable reasonless assumed bottomless feckless inutile desultory brainless unhelpful spinning one's wheels wild goose chase adventitious tangential inapt not germane undirected ridiculous floundering drifting unpurposed wanky intrusive neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it wide of the mark off the subject out of place not to the purpose good-for-nothing hit-or-miss wishy-washy unmeaning unsound nugatory paltry negligible inconsiderable slight piddling failed insubstantial sterile minute small niggling of no consequence fiddling Mickey Mouse of no use little measly piffling superficial of no account lightweight picayune inadequate nothing small-fry null nickel-and-dime not worth mentioning of no importance foolish unsubstantial non-successful light inappreciable inferior nominal of little consequence unfructuous of little importance no-account meager of no avail thwarted impractical forlorn meagre second-rate impracticable junky silly inefficient time-wasting of no great concern Sisyphean wandering trite marginal without success no-good piddly pimping no dice unusable miserable scanty counterproductive de minimis mediocre minuscule cheap lesser small-time impossible unsatisfactory no use chaffy foiled void baulked doomed unremunerative frustrated lost shallow lame chicken peanut balked commonplace directionless no-win inoperative for nought twopenny-halfpenny puny small-bore ignorable on a treadmill lazy wasteful poor trashy nondescript wretched low-ranking bogus ignoble abandoned not worth the candle of no moment no great shakes not worth speaking of base dull unworkable thankless boring objectless misfired powerless dry unreal uninspiring vacant banal uninteresting exhausted delusive pathetic pants inept humdrum bad drab insufficient prosaic unachievable feeble penny-ante flighty flimsy minimal beyond hope indecisive unable dinky everyday unimpressive not much cop of no value a dead loss tiny shoestring not worth bothering about a dime a dozen infinitesimal mean of minor importance minor-league not having a prayer with no chance of success not pertaining to off the topic off the point abject drossy not at issue not connected with despicable contemptible ne'er-do-well childless slothful inactive laggard indolent uneconomic objectiveless throwaway unsalable pyrrhic scant insincere botched helpless adrift bungling bungled specious frustaneous unlucrative disastrous defeated without direction smaller pettifogging unsuitable save one's breath of no earthly use ill-fated bleak misleading unnotable shuck delusory two-bit unserviceable nonfunctional rambling dead puerile flippant frothy tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent stillborn nonpractical unfunctional bush-league uncelebrated obscure smalltime momentary microscopic skin-deep diminutive atomic evanescent vanishing insipid going nowhere lilliputian stale erratic nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly blocked issueless scrap unuseful inoperable dysfunctional broken not a prayer in vicious circle not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case lacking foundation Pyrrhic beyond remedy parlous empty-headed without depth arid tedious flat not useful vagrant capricious heedless blind resultless unpromising threatening sinister menacing weak despaired of without grounds without foundation invalid lacklustre dreary unstimulating monotonous lifeless desperate despairing despondent unattainable not serious of little import beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not significant unfilled clear forceless emasculate withered slack-spined spineless neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous limited anticlimactic no good to gundy driftless cancelled nullified rescinded revoked lackluster no go no way not effective defective deficient null and void nonvalid non-viable nonbinding terminated discontinued poxy rubbishy inconsequent unexceptional of no benefit ordinary detached disconnected average rubbish remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated foreign outside hair-splitting inapropos separate inappurtenant common typical plain two a penny of no matter not applicable off base not connected not related nothing to do with out of order mundane bland unremarkable undistinguished usual unmemorable pedestrian fussy unexciting routine unnoteworthy vanilla normal canceled not binding middling uneventful uninspired hairsplitting niggly workaday characterless whatever not in force dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard not worth a hill of beans more than enough

Tính từ

Having a tendency to inflict suffering and pain on others
wanton cruel vicious malicious wilful arbitrary deliberate evil malevolent senseless unjustified spiteful unprovoked wicked gratuitous groundless motiveless bad unjustifiable unmotivated willed aimless atrocious barbaric barbarous brutal brute butcherly fiendish heartless inhuman inhumane sadistic savage truculent contrary double-crossing inconsiderate insolent maleficent mean merciless ornery perverse undisciplined unfair unjust unruly wayward ruthless diabolical monstrous brutish murderous villainous beastly infernal ferocious heinous nefarious bestial nasty vile hellish base pitiless fierce remorseless violent black-hearted horrible bloodthirsty ghastly unspeakable black low dark low-down terrible callous infamous abhorrent cold-blooded odious dreadful flagitious bloody shocking scandalous harsh devilish crude abominable offensive appalling unwarranted coarse horrifying flagrant hideous homicidal vulgar horrid loathsome fell grim awful foul horrendous nauseating sickening intolerable despicable contemptible outrageous demoniac sanguinary corrupt egregious gross ungodly execrable degenerate sinful godawful red in tooth and claw uncouth ravening satanic mindless purposeless crazed ignorant malignant unrelenting destructive unrefined uncultured unlettered demonic wolfish unfeeling implacable accursed Mephistophelian dastardly wretched perverted disgraceful dangerous aggressive gloating iniquitous unreasonable meaningless uncalled-for shameful steep unbearable unendurable immoderate exorbitant insupportable insufferable excessive exasperating impossible OTT extravagant distressing maddening preposterous hellacious O.T.T. extortionate depraved uncivilised depraving debasing extreme uncivilized debauching contumelious notorious scurrilous too great shaming criminal over the top disgracing opprobrious ignoble very bad degraded immoral worthless debased profligate unprincipled licentious lewd miscreant untamed contaminated reprobate putrid impious faulty abandoned insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous wild nightmarish grisly gruesome disgusting hateful harrowing repellent revolting repugnant unforgivable grewsome horrific disgustful lurid macabre sick-making sick loathly terrific scurvy nightmare frightful cacodemonic facinorous grievous desperate hairy grody beyond the pale fearful

Tính từ

Unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive or disproportionate
undue excessive extreme immoderate inordinate disproportionate extravagant improper inappropriate intemperate overmuch unjustified unnecessary unseemly unsuitable unwarranted fulsome non-essential superfluous unneeded baroque devilish exorbitant fancy insane intolerable lavish overdue overextravagant overweening plethoric steep stiff too great too much towering unbecoming uncalled-for unconscionable undeserved unmerciful unmerited unreasonable exceeding forbidden gratuitous ill-advised illegal ill-timed inapt indecorous inept sinister unapt uncalled for underhanded unfair unfitting unjust unjustifiable unmeasurable unseasonable untimely unwarrantable not required a bit much over the top exaggerated OTT preposterous outrageous dizzying profligate prodigal profuse overabundant sky-high wanton unrestrained surplus extortionate enormous boundless limitless super dissipated indulgent redundant unbounded superabundant recrementitious stratospheric overboard more supernatural overkill extra self-indulgent wasteful overgenerous too many way out overripe unrestricted unlimited irrational inexcusable uncurbed effusive gushing overindulgent over unacceptable monstrous improvident supererogatory ridiculous out of all proportion imprudent beyond the pale overdone O.T.T. in excess abounding over the limit overblown very too high going too far unreserved gushy fancy-pants untempered a lot outré uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling uncivilized ungodly over-the-top horrifying illogical unholy criminal sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous unpardonable wrong indefensible iniquitous baseless injudicious groundless unfounded insulting unforgivable thriftless spendthrift overstated unbridled uneconomical squandering unthrifty overworked inflated substantial vast uncontrolled immense grandiose tremendous gross over-enthusiastic over-elaborate over-effusive laboured overemphasized infinite prodigious huge monumental immeasurable astronomic massive stupendous humongous astronomical fantastic sensationalistic actorly forced theatrical melodramatic stagy hyped affected unhampered thumping whopping giant mega silly monster extensive unchecked mountainous ludicrous epic mighty gargantuan colossal unfettered mammoth gigantic uninhibited high-rolling ruinous careless reckless camp overelaborate overemphasised labored elaborate highly coloured pound-foolish inefficient liberal useless dissipative squandered destructive incontinent cavalier wild hyped up super-duper beyond all bounds over the odds not needed supererogative laid on with a trowel dramatic flamboyant artificial hammy histrionic overpriced prohibitive showy larger-than-life mannered expensive actressy stagey attention-grabbing unreal pricey ham blown up ostentatious radical egregious fanatical stilted theatric overacted hyperbolized dear heavy severe bloated unbalanced pretentious too-too overdrawn unnatural overplayed punitive nonsensical outsized outsize extremist violent revolutionary costly debauched hyperbolic magnified farcical rabid revolutionist operatic absurd pompous campy fanatic overwrought rampant drastic out of control overestimated sensational overdramatized excessively high staged absonant unrelenting unmitigated unyielding far-out costing an arm and a leg spectacular ultra out of bounds de trop highway robbery fabulous up to here schmaltzy out of proportion comic indiscriminate elevated puffed-up confident impressive arresting animated expressive puffed up gaudy flashy loud garish very expensive blown up out of all proportion overacting thespian hyperventilated very high splashy catchy raised boosted overinflated increased surplus to requirements additional excess senseless outre gone outlandish demonstrative passionate uncontrollable posh unrightful far-fetched imbalanced unlawful wrongful peremptory unprovoked arbitrary all out blown-up raw dissolute unhindered tempestuous abandoned runaway expansive wholehearted generous fanciful fantastical implausible ungovernable foolish crazy incredible bizarre amplified overemotional overdramatic aggrandized greedy unaffordable high-priced pricy tall exuberant exalted sentimental over-sensational sensationalized dire embellished sensationalist highly colored farfetched unrealistic embroidered impossible a bit thick stylized top premium desperate strict uncompromising stern harsh unbending posturing serious forceful momentous tough far-reaching barnstorming acting up sensationalised hokey cloak-and-dagger cliff-hanging blood-and-thunder rigid zealous sharp remorseless unusual exceptional consequential spendy big-ticket high-end priceless valuable precious unduly expensive an arm and leg out-and-out downright unconventional swingeing flagrant rigorous uncommon thorough absolute punishing remarkable austere oppressive utter draconian ferocious sheer ceremonious extremely high Daliesque far out camped up emotional meretricious superficial legitimate acting show amateur tragic dramaturgic vaudeville exacting costing the earth out of sight daylight robbery over one's head costing a bomb a rip-off rebellious subversive overzealous rebel militant diehard combative swivel-eyed decadent riotous more than one can afford

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