Đồng nghĩa của deadwood

Alternative for deadwood

  • người vô dụng

Danh từ

Coarse woody debris
rubbish debris refuse waste litter garbage junk scrap trash dross dreck chaff effluvium effluvia truck riffraff offal offscouring dust raffle drek spilth detritus remains dregs scraps leavings grot rubble mullock draff muck discarded matter sweepings odds and ends flotsam and jetsam leftovers gash raff lumber slop offscourings debitage orts cultch rummage fragments residue filth sediment swill slag sewage hogwash slush oddments scourings tripe crapola sleaze clutter pieces excess cheese spoilage scum waste material crust lees flotsam remnants ruins gubbins collateral bits and pieces waste matter odds and sods effluent landfill sullage shreds carrion leaving slops husks hulls rejectamenta dump scattering rash scoria impurity glumes dunghill wreckage domestic refuse recrement pod shard shell bric-a-brac stuff compost scrapings scobs sinter wreck bits rejects cast-offs useless things discarded things ashes white elephants brash off cuts miscellany space junk salvage shavings droppings remainder relics residuum crumbs vestiges offcuts rest bits and bobs deposit remnant miscellanea traces sludge sundries balance silt grounds skeleton hull ruin shambles jetsam scree shards end stub surplus settlings precipitate dirt castoffs accumulation relic deposition grouts sublimate alluvium oddment leftover mélange gunk fag end jumble particles mishmash patchwork mixed bag loose ends hodgepodge notions novelties knickknacks potpourri this and that melee medley rags sundry items assortment motley miscellaneous paraphernalia etcetera olio destruction things paraphernalia grains poop poo faeces snippets cuttings knick-knacks cargo sea-drift driftwood notion etceteras clobber cinders spoil stones fill bricks hulk mess heap crackup wastage mincemeat skids knick-knackery legacy frame sunken vessel sunken ship broken bricks havoc wrack feces solid waste overage precipitation settling gook matter solids ground powder pickings remaining part deposits remaining quantity remaining number unused supplies uneaten food tail ends quantity left over number left over part left over stalks straw grime what's left pollution part that is left over number that is left over quantity that is left over slime contamination crud putrefaction mire defilement mud stems bit fragment putrescence ordure ooze snippet sliver butt shred decay soil smut yuck grunge gunge foul matter putridity rottenness offensiveness feculence tail end end of a line off cut stubble

Tính từ

Not needed or important
nonessential unnecessary needless inessential dispensable gratuitous unessential unneeded expendable superfluous unwarranted extraneous unimportant peripheral extra excessive trivial supplementary additional insignificant luxury petty uncalled-for excess baggage redundant useless unrequired unwanted irrelevant optional avoidable non-essential beside the point not required causeless futile extrinsic supererogatory worthless surplus accidental excess wanton fortuitous uncritical exorbitant noncompulsory casual pointless undesirable uncalled for haphazard profuse lavish chance prodigal random disposable incidental inappropriate minor cosmetic de trop replaceable not needed purposeless unmerited immaterial inordinate undue surplus to requirements not essential spare not necessary undesired unjustified supernumerary groundless remaining unprovoked inapposite inapplicable indefensible leftover unjustifiable irrelative extravagant residuary unconnected unrelated impertinent superabundant pleonastic superfluent secondary ornamental in excess overflowing overmuch extreme unasked abounding inconsequential to no purpose not germane neither here nor there off the subject too much subsidiary subordinate accessory skippable unproductive unused removable wasted left over waste to spare of little account on your hands no need unwelcome unfounded sacrificable consumable collateral inconsiderable usable undeserved unjust to no avail baseless senseless ungrounded able to be sacrificed immoderate brutish unreasoning indiscriminate careless without reason disproportionate uninvited inexcusable unforgivable unfair not pertaining to off the topic not worth worrying about not the issue off the point not connected with nothing to do with the case not at issue without cause assumed unreasonable bottomless unsupportable reasonless supererogative inadmissible adventitious inapt not pertinent tangential intrusive not to the point nothing to do with it out of place not to the purpose wide of the mark meaningless mindless fruitless unprofitable empty motiveless aimless valueless unavailing idle purportless hollow in vain without rhyme or reason ineffectual nonsensical inane vain hopeless profitless barren otiose ineffective footling stupid automatic oblivious absurd more supplemental added further insane fatuous diffuse going begging too many unsuccessful fresh outmoded disused impotent nongermane abortive bootless inefficacious needed like a hole in the head unrewarding special omissible unfruitful add-on unprolific goalless vacuous trifling unavailable to no effect gainless designless thoughtless witless illogical frivolous irrational vapid over and above for naught feckless inutile desultory brainless unhelpful spinning one's wheels wild goose chase undirected ridiculous floundering drifting unpurposed wanky good-for-nothing hit-or-miss wishy-washy unmeaning unsound more than enough

Trái nghĩa của deadwood

deadwood Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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