Đồng nghĩa của unproductive

Alternative for unproductive

Trái nghĩa: productive,

Tính từ

Unable or insufficient to produce any effect or result
fruitless futile useless vain idle ineffective unprofitable inefficacious worthless ineffectual otiose unavailing valueless bootless pointless unrewarding abortive barren empty impotent profitless unremunerative unsuccessful blocked inefficient lazy nonproductive slow trivial uncreative unyieldly wasteful to no effect nugatory in vain purposeless to no avail failed hopeless meaningless hollow insignificant to no purpose unfruitful senseless inutile trifling sterile inadequate non-successful inconsequential thwarted paltry unimportant aimless of no use weak unfructuous inoperative wasted counterproductive null inept impractical unusable foiled flat inferior inactive lame powerless irrelevant unable slow-moving good-for-nothing quiet stagnant needless feckless slack unavailable feeble void doomed sluggish without success Sisyphean frustrated no dice insubstantial dead petty incompetent of no avail junky waste depressed frivolous bungled without rhyme or reason miserable no-good unprolific nothing nonfunctional dry dull baulked unfunctional indecisive defeated unpurposed footling impracticable balked scrap dysfunctional unsatisfactory no use exhausted purportless for nought insufficient vapid negligible forceless limited deficient broken chaffy defective lacklustre on a treadmill not worth the candle unhelpful lackluster poor trashy wretched boring bogus ignoble mediocre abandoned unessential cheap unworkable misfired uneconomical uninteresting disastrous stale expendable tedious gainless thankless botched inane withered spineless neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic measly inoperable unnecessary dreary monotonous slight drab humdrum piddling arid delusive inert static stupid unsound unreal no-account unsuitable pathetic hamstrung motiveless pants vacant unsubstantial banal lifeless no good null and void time-wasting redundant superfluous not busy puny weary sleepy casual heavy a dead loss enervated abject drossy despicable contemptible base uneconomic ne'er-do-well failing bungling unimpressive miscarried frustaneous unlucrative inexpedient scant invertebrate not fruitful forlorn ruined spoiled unserviceable throwaway for naught absurd nonsensical save one's breath stillborn nonpractical groundless goalless unsalable spoilt unuseful stymied insipid spinning one's wheels wild goose chase niggling picayune chicken minute nominal piddly pimping piffling inconsiderable peanut lost messed up insane fatuous no-win misleading unnotable shuck delusory hindered stonewalled obstructed of no earthly use objectless baseless unstreamlined unneeded resultless not useful cramped of no value vague uncommunicative rambling unfounded not needed uninspiring nongermane going nowhere not a prayer in vicious circle drifting wandering dormant no good to gundy lacking foundation commonplace adrift de minimis Mickey Mouse disorganized without grounds not serious without foundation fouled up unstimulating prosaic not pertinent invalid emasculate slack-spined unwieldy unreasonable vacuous unfilled clear poxy wanky silly rubbishy nickel-and-dime mindless of no benefit unmeaning awkward cumbersome no go no way not effective rubbish cancelled nullified rescinded revoked two a penny not much cop unsystematic profligate disorganised unoptimized bad nonvalid non-viable nonbinding terminated discontinued a dime a dozen uninformative flimsy junk unfit not proper unadvantageous inconsistent not good enough ill-suited incompatible inapt lousy improper inappropriate unsuited fallow not worth a hill of beans tame faulty malfunctioning canceled not binding badly arranged wearisome disadvantageous damaged tiresome uneventful busted down out not in force wearying ho-hum unexciting ponderous disabled kaput tiring plodding pedestrian helpless lethargic wonky knackered numbing mind-numbing jading unprogressive colorless stodgy doesn't work broken-down one-horse drudging jejune dusty old colourless leaden monochromatic stuffy tired out of kilter out of commission acting up in disrepair not in working order not functioning conked out not working non-functioning as dry as dust dead-and-alive impuissant incapable frail effete handcuffed paralyzed hog-tied paralysed slothful burned out slumberous torpid fatigued languorous slow-going dilatory unenergetic lymphatic somnolent lackadaisical drowsy listless debilitated without energy slow-paced languid sedentary somnific snoozy spiritless flagging spent passive nerveless infirm incapacitated paper tiger high and dry gutless prostrate enfeebled dud crippled infecund past it immaterial minor incidental nonessential small inessential peripheral extraneous of no consequence fiddling little non-essential superficial beside the point of no account lightweight small-fry not worth mentioning of no importance uncalled-for foolish uncalled for light inappreciable inapposite of little consequence of little importance gratuitous meager meagre neither here nor there off the subject of little account second-rate of no great concern trite inapplicable marginal unconnected impertinent not germane irrelative unrelated unwarranted scanty secondary minuscule lesser dispensable small-time impossible unwanted unrequired haphazard wanton shallow extrinsic tangential directionless twopenny-halfpenny small-bore ignorable random not to the point out of place surplus nondescript low-ranking wide of the mark of no moment no great shakes not worth speaking of undesired excessive indiscriminate undirected desultory avoidable causeless unachievable penny-ante flighty minimal beyond hope dinky additional everyday optional unmerited tiny cosmetic shoestring not worth bothering about nothing to do with it infinitesimal mean of minor importance minor-league not required not to the purpose not having a prayer with no chance of success not pertaining to off the topic off the point not at issue not connected with unjustified automatic oblivious childless laggard indolent objectiveless unasked pyrrhic insincere specious without direction smaller pettifogging witless designless thoughtless illogical irrational ill-fated bleak exorbitant two-bit puerile flippant frothy tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent brainless surplus to requirements bush-league uncelebrated obscure smalltime momentary microscopic skin-deep diminutive atomic evanescent vanishing lilliputian erratic issueless ridiculous floundering not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case Pyrrhic beyond remedy parlous empty-headed without depth vagrant capricious heedless blind unpromising threatening sinister menacing despaired of hit-or-miss desperate despairing despondent unattainable wishy-washy of little import beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not significant driftless careless disposable fortuitous uncritical prodigal noncompulsory inconsequent undesirable chance accidental unexceptional no need ordinary detached disconnected average remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated foreign outside hair-splitting inapropos separate inappurtenant common typical plain of no matter not applicable off base not connected not related nothing to do with out of order mundane bland unremarkable undistinguished usual unmemorable fussy routine unnoteworthy vanilla normal extra middling uninspired hairsplitting niggly too much supererogatory workaday supplementary inadmissible characterless whatever adventitious dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard de trop intrusive

Tính từ

Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
meagre meager scanty scant sparse paltry scarce small insufficient inadequate poor skimpy measly inconsiderable slight exiguous deficient insubstantial slim stingy slender spare light little sparing short inappreciable skimp wanting weak miserable puny mean flimsy derisory bare tenuous minimum shabby barren scrimpy unfinished subtle mere infertile scrimp unfruitful bitty lacking stinted stunted hand-to-mouth too little too late piddling thin few limited incomplete restricted low miserly sketchy incommensurate pathetic laughable shy feeble lame depleted parsimonious junk failing dry trifling insignificant trivial negligible petty inconsequential not enough too few in short supply bush-league too little piffling nominal minute footling picayune niggling pimping chicken peanut worthless superficial microscopic diddly de minimis no-account piddly two-bit Mickey Mouse rinky-dink minimal modest imperfect patchy defective beggarly unsatisfactory faulty tiny fragmentary rare scrappy pitiful lean thin on the ground shallow perfunctory reduced at a premium unsubstantial tight rudimentary unconvincing bereft partial implausible finite few and far between hard to come by destitute shoddy diminished infrequent frail too small hard to find disappointing lamentable unpolished like gold dust sporadic not to be had not to be had for love nor money inferior cursory unbelievable flawed missing outline impaired substandard unsound contemptible inconceivable incredible unpersuasive hasty unsufficient second-rate needing mingy hurried devoid diminutive drained narrow hardly any piecemeal low on short on frugal scattered needed rough short of slipshod thinning barely sufficient crude little or no fragile uncritical depthless part not up to scratch half-baked occasional shortened leaving much to be desired incoherent fragmented fractional dispersed thinly distributed airy seldom met with lousy marginal penurious incidental ungenerous unqualified broad-brush confined infinitesimal nugatory minus unfitted incapable unample incompetent undermanned under strength thumbnail circumscribed defined definite determinate measured basic close imperceptible wispy out of little bitty smallish dwindling mediocre skeletal lacking in detail on the small side cut set ineffectual faint scrubby uncommon coming up short lowly delimited truncated threatened seldom semioccasional base ordinary subnormal not hacking it run-down transparent diffuse not much not making it short-handed strapped for pushed for frivolous threadbare disjointed at a low level unsatisfying unacceptable improbable untenable questionable vapid with an insufficiency of inept baseless puerile ungrounded fallacious false groundless illogical controvertible inane unreasonable assailable wishful weakly scarcer than hen's teeth absent not good enough exhaustible inquorate flat unrefined not up to standard bodger not acceptable omitted empty cooked gone away unfulfilled bankrupt deprived less untidy unsystematic uneven disorganized weak-kneed casual not up to par burned out below par in default cut off desultory out of gas undeveloped undone abridged not up to expectations not much cop passing slapdash inconsistent disconnected half-pie unaccomplished qualified unexecuted unconsidered patchwork disorganised vague inchoate rude not total broken expurgated underdone unconsummated immature unwhole curtailed under construction not whole not entire garbled nodding rapid rushed token trite offhand duff unsuitable unworthy thrown together inattentive fleeting quick unassembled unequal underprovided undersupplied injured amiss damaged marred imprecise fuzzy flash summary insincere feigning second string second fiddle outta gas found wanting third string provisional not make it cobbled together woolly wooly introductory preliminary coarse unclear hazy not cut out for surface-level on the back of an envelope

Tính từ

Unnecessary, especially through being more than enough
superfluous excess redundant surplus extra spare remaining unneeded supernumerary excessive expendable needless supererogatory unnecessary useless dispensable disposable in excess residuary uncalled-for undue unused unwanted left over not required pleonastic superabundant to spare unrequired waste abounding exorbitant extraneous extravagant extreme inordinate lavish leftover nonessential overflowing overmuch profuse superfluent unasked unessential on your hands de trop surplus to requirements worthless unusable scrap unprofitable discarded inessential non-essential unimportant gratuitous optional uncalled for cosmetic peripheral unwarranted not needed incidental extrinsic irrelevant accidental additional trivial minor not essential fortuitous uncritical left noncompulsory avoidable casual beside the point futile replaceable over still available going begging too much unmerited pointless purposeless secondary ornamental wanton causeless prodigal haphazard not necessary undesirable random chance unconsumed odd reserve available skippable residual removable improving non-medical beautifying too many subsidiary immaterial supplementary subordinate accessory of little account diffuse unjustified unwelcome inappropriate outmoded needed like a hole in the head disused sacrificable consumable collateral inconsiderable usable undeserved unjust unprovoked undesired able to be sacrificed wasted unjustifiable uninvited inexcusable unforgivable unfair indefensible to no avail to no purpose no need more than enough

Tính từ

Clumsy or awkward in nature
inept clumsy bungling awkward bumbling crude klutzy maladroit undexterous ungraceful blundering gauche rough unfacile botched butterfingered butterfingers fumbled unhandy unsuccessful wooden artless hopeless all fingers and thumbs cack-handed ham-fisted ham-handed heavy-handed all thumbs graceless ungainly inexpert inelegant gawky unskilful uncoordinated lumbering incompetent unco unskillful stumbling oafish unpolished clodhopping handless gawkish amateurish gangling lubberly left-handed coarse like a bull in a china shop ponderous untactful cloddish unrefined stiff clownish uncouth unsophisticated tactless unskilled unwieldy indelicate lumpish inefficient inexperienced unadept useless crass rough-hewn boorish green shambling fumbling rude gruff cumbersome indiscreet floundering spastic harsh unsubtle stilted blunderous rash careless injudicious bovine clunky hasty vulgar foolish muddled two left feet with two left feet inapt bulky unfortunate unfit untoward untalented weedy unable brash loutish imprudent heavy-footed accident-prone unpolitic having two left feet having two left hands flat-footed undiplomatic hulking impolitic stolid heavy rustic ill-bred not agile all thumbs rough-and-tumble botching mutton-fisted untrained inadept unproficient raw unworkmanlike unsteady fumbly slouching coltish helpless splay ill-shaped elephantine brutish laborious skill-less clunking out of your depth unmannerly disaster-prone ill-fated unlucky doomed ill-starred uncultured gross bearish Neanderthal lumpen blockish churlish yobbish dorky uncivil unwise sharp inadvisable blunt dozy swinish stupid unthinking unperceptive simple badly behaved ape-like primitive tasteless rudimentary plain ill-advised callous rough and ready jerry-rigged jerry-built jury-rigged rough-and-ready straightforward precipitate lifeless unnatural rigid passionless uncomfortable rustical leaden flat dry stodgy uneasy unimpassioned spiritless soulless weighty inflexible deadpan inexpressive obstinate unyielding unbending lacking vitality

Trái nghĩa của unproductive

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