Đồng nghĩa của rescinded

Alternative for rescinded

rescinds, rescinded, rescinding

Đồng nghĩa: annul, countermand, lift, overturn, repeal, reverse, revoke, vacate,

Động từ

Past tense for to put an end to, especially formally
annulled cancelled canceled repealed abrogated invalidated overturned quashed reversed revoked voided abolished nullified recalled retracted countermanded vacated avoided disannulled overrode overridden overruled withdrew withdrawn abated dissolved negated nulled set aside made void obviated backpedaled backpedalled backwatered dismantled forgot forgat forgotten lifted lift nixed removed rendered invalid reneged rolled back struck down stricken down wangled out weaseled out weaselled out weaselled backed out of crawled out of pulled the plug declared null and void made null and void repudiated scrapped axed scrubbed dropped called off aborted put an end to vetoed abandoned terminated recanted stopped ended wiped out discontinued disallowed vitiated cried off rendered null and void obliterated took back taken back cut called undone undid killed renounced abjured disclaimed suspended discharged annihilated ditched offset ruled against did away with done away with called back cast aside overthrown overthrew erased eliminated discarded reneged on upset expunged dismissed neutralized disowned unsaid halted denied deleted ceased backtracked on abnegated neutralised blacked out withcalled quit stamped out backed out scratched brought to an end disaffirmed disavowed eradicated cut off effaced rejected suppressed offsetted disestablished forswore forsworn relaxed zapped finished desisted rubbed out ignored cancelled out canceled out remitted blotted out declared invalid postponed dumped backed down shed extinguished altered overset counterordered destroyed junked jettisoned trashed divorced chopped subverted outvoted counteracted made ineffective torpedoed deracinated counterchecked redressed retreated superseded disqualified counterbalanced excluded nigged shut down washed out shelved gone back on went back on quitted put down put damper on swept away rooted out dispensed with snuffed out broke off broken off put kibosh on released liberated closed down put the lid on backtracked relinquished put the kibosh on split up welshed interrupted knocked something on the head ruled out backed off cut short packed in laid off desisted from put a line through shut off cut out thrown out threw out gotten rid of got rid of foreswore foresworn blued pencil took out taken out exterminated arrested checked extirpated bleeped changed declared KO'd downed prostrated discounted dishonoured disregarded disobeyed begged off excused oneself pulled out undermined weakened redlined refuted retired omitted excised purged raised countervailed rebutted disbanded waived liquidated cleaned up belayed belaid turfed counterpoised blacked edited censored defied confined disproved frustrated crossed flouted belied opposed blackballed contravened impugned predominated dinged traversed dominated squashed compensated restricted prevailed stonewalled defeated limited stood down opted out wormed out shot down adjourned dishonored broke broken brake refused knocked down brought down inhibited deled prohibited squelched elided brought circumducted impaired unfitted bottled up hushed up corked up copped out crapped out wimped out trampled underfoot concluded prorogued refused to fulfil knocked out finished off taken away took away apologized retrograded receded apologised retroceded phased out turned down gave up given up trampled upon disunited wound up pulled back forgot it forgotten it drew back drawn back turned thumbs down forgot about forgotten about gave something the chop given something the chop called in pulled up reeled in rowed back on did a U-turn on done a U-turn on ruined wound down demolished decimated wrecked shattered destructed severed collapsed closed unmade shot disorganized loosed wracked shunned kicked struck out crossed out Xed out broke with broken with rendered inert called all bets off broke up broken up forfeited forsook forsaken changed one's tune changed one's mind sacrificed jilted apostatized edited out blanked out brought to naught ate one's words eaten one's words knocked on the head had change of heart wiped slate clean went back on one's word gone back on one's word resigned from whited out knock it off packed up parted from turned your back on rendered void blue-pencilled wormed out of stroked out pulled the plug on eighty-sixed called it quits blocked out lay off resolved into dialed back finished with laid off of stopped midstream called a halt blue-penciled knocked off inked out contradicted left off parted with retired from had done with faded out dusted off blew blown unfroze unfrozen thrown over threw over disproven rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over gone against went against did in done in forbore forborne gotten off the hook got off the hook rendered meaningless blown sky-high blew sky-high shotten taken off took off got cold feet gotten cold feet forwent forgone flown in the face of flew in the face of knocking it off canned took in fallen back eaten your words taken in ate your words fell back shaken shook done an about-turn on did an about-turn on did an about-turn did a U-turn done a U-turn done an about-turn wrote off given over withdrawn from threw up written off withdrew from gave over thrown up put to rest put six feet under balanced compensated for made up for negatived corrected counterweighed balanced out inverted entombed buried laid in the grave brought to a close held a funeral inhumed interred undercut put out cast out shut out wound back spooled back backed up laid to rest banned remedied upended forbid evened out equilibrized equalized destabilized debarred embargoed barred bucked stabilized righted lessened responded counterworked rectified stabilised fixed fixt countered reduced deactivated sabotaged counterweighted conquered defused equalised overcome toppled rendered ineffective supplanted subdued unsettled blocked proscribed banished rebuffed rewound ousted dethroned deposed disrupted unseated evened up squared up outlawed tabooed precluded disacknowledged zinged said no to damaged passed on tumbled razed levelled pulled down wreaked havoc on rebelled capsized leveled depressed brought about the downfall of destabilised kept back forbidden forbade overcame thrown threw wrought havoc on wrought havoc drove out driven out got shot of gotten shot of gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to

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