Đồng nghĩa của cancelled out

Động từ

Past tense for to neutralize the effect of something
contradicted effaced negated neutralised neutralized nullified undid undone worked against offset offsetted counterbalanced counteracted made up for compensated for counterpoised balanced annulled balanced out negatived countervailed corrected redressed redeemed compensated outweighed counterweighed canceled cancelled equalized set off evened up equalised equilibrized evened out opposed rendered ineffective countered invalidated obviated fixed fixt counterchecked overcome interfered with made good run counter to contravened rectified counterweighted squared squared up set atoned for indemnified remedied charged recompensed equaled accounted requited counterposed equalled equipoised superseded bucked reduced stabilized righted crossed stabilised halted lessened responded counterworked frustrated deactivated made ineffective conquered defused wiped out abrogated defeated subdued overruled overcame allowed for made restitution for made amends for made amends leveled matched evened outbalanced equated eclipsed levelled overridden overrode overbalanced ran counter to payed funded paid paid for come out even had enough money for equiponderated tipped the scales paired off paralleled provided for had enough funds for mored than make up for prevailed over tipped the balance against atoned turned the balance against repelled parallelled tipped the scales against made of no use or value adjusted antagonized collated financed come out covered made up accorded turned the scales against attuned readjusted antagonised tied redressed the balance amended paid back gone against went against came out came out even taken account of took account of taken precedence over took priority over took precedence over taken priority over

Động từ

Past tense for ruin or foil
brought to naught ruined wrecked blighted dashed destroyed devastated scotched shattered smashed torpedoed loused up messed up negated neutralised neutralized poisoned reduced to nothing rendered ineffective sabotaged wreaked havoc on wrought havoc on wrought havoc banjaxed did for done for fouled up nixed queered screwed up scuppered cruelled dished euchred made a mess of mullered blew a hole in blown a hole in put the kibosh on made of no use or value upset put at risk offset put an end to undermined defeated quashed subverted overturned marred spoilt spoiled toppled impaired harmed crushed annihilated crippled squelched obliterated thwarted eradicated offsetted frustrated outmanoeuvred played havoc with had unbuilt skinned foiled botched made waves abolished obstructed abated outsmarted outfoxed mucked up outmaneuvered stymied hindered decimated impoverished ballsed up cramped crimped overreached injured brought down vitiated crazed worked against rained on someone's parade hampered demolished razed wracked broke thrown a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of brake overthrew overthrown threw a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of blew broken undid blown undone canceled out damaged put paid to hurt put a damper on disfigured put a stop to put the lid on ravaged defaced tarnished trashed blemished defiled compromised tainted disrupted flawed endamaged despoiled crabbed mangled blasted totalled totaled debased quelled desecrated maimed desolated prevented stained crossed up disabled impeded weakened wasted bloodied ended mutilated nullified depressed interfered with incapacitated diminished sullied extinguished scarred made a hash of brought to an end squashed corrupted scuttled dismantled pulverized nuked prejudiced spoliated pulverised roughed up deflated cast a pall over cast a shadow over attacked lessened subdued blocked threatened held up befouled besmirched did in done in reduced suppressed deteriorated debilitated afflicted degraded polluted curbed smirched derailed baulked restrained disappointed broke down enervated stopped dilapidated cut enfeebled vandalized invalidated clobbered levelled leveled infected gutted vaporized distorted ruinated corroded pillaged blotted sacked depredated confounded scourged cut up disfeatured ravished balked sapped shocked battered dinged tweaked vaporised pulled down knocked down put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel wrenched scratched put out of action laid in ruins cut to pieces put out of commission cast gloom over laid waste to nipped in the bud put end to caused detriment to vandalised put the mockers on upset one's apple cart hit cast a gloom upon brought to ruin made useless sank sunken sunk interrupted terminated dispatched darkened disturbed disarranged disorganized disordered slowed delayed retarded convulsed unsettled eliminated clouded deranged slowed down turned upside-down profaned annulled soiled violated caused turmoil in caused confusion in dampened touched bollixed killed butchered smeared aborted destabilized dishonoured contaminated inhibited decreased smothered stifled worsened blunted jeopardized decayed dirtied intruded on fouled hacked lamed perverted blasphemed forestalled glitched up broke up broken up dismembered lacerated snookered debarred contravened obviated circumvented broken down devitalized wound wounded felled tarred busted flattened repelled repressed deterred baffled barred halted discomfited committed sacrilege discolored overwhelmed dynamited crashed rattled checkmated repulsed nobbled outwitted parried plundered disgraced bodged creamed withered inconvenienced scorched outraged abused adulterated prostituted bowdlerized dishonored expurgated treated sacrilegiously censored devoured insulted devaluated cheapened devalued disqualified unfitted nicked depleted maculated exploded bombed crossed counterplotted buried countered checked torn down tore down dumped on left desolate cleaned out wiped out smashed up took out left in ruins bowdlerised made foul brought a note of sadness to lost strength discoloured bent shook up warped handled roughly committed sacrilege against rubbed out made lose face hacked up harshed overcome amputated treated with disrespect shaken up taken out marauded wreaked havoc upon blasphemed against brought to nothing jeopardised razed to the ground messed overshadowed bended twisted spiked destabilised detracted bruised hashed up scuzzed up laid waste stood in the way of reduced to rubble caused setback detracted from beat down threw into confusion threw into disarray threw into disorder thrown into confusion thrown into disarray thrown into disorder took the edge off took the shine off taken the shine off taken the edge off took the pleasure out of took the enjoyment out of taken the pleasure out of taken the enjoyment out of taken apart took apart did mischief to done mischief to beaten down got the better of gotten the better of took wind out of sails taken wind out of sails hitten hat did harm to thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into done harm to torn apart tore limb from limb tore apart torn limb from limb fell smote smit took smited taken smitten blew up blown to pieces blown sky-high blew to pieces blown to bits blew sky-high overcame blew to bits blown up

Động từ

Past tense for to draw a line through
crossed out cancelled canceled cut deleted edited out erased obliterated removed rubbed out scored out scored through scrapped scrubbed scrubbed out struck out struck through stricken through wiped out put a line through expunged effaced blotted out abolished blue-pencilled blue-penciled blanked out snuffed out stamped out swept away blacked out rooted out eradicated excised eliminated annihilated extirpated exterminated liquidated scratched out deled censored annulled negated disannulled nullified cleaned up killed edited lift put an end to inked out cut out blocked out whited out cast aside set aside wiped off bowdlerized redacted destroyed revoked struck dispatched gutted laundered trimmed blotted bowdlerised scraped off razed rescinded recalled withdrawn withdrew concealed abrogated voided countermanded reversed called declared null and void aborted rendered null and void made void blued pencil dropped smoothed away backpedalled excluded called off discharged rendered invalid abandoned renounced stroked out quashed disowned called back dismissed blacked avoided omitted nulled discarded nixed disclaimed rolled back counterordered elided abjured backpedaled vacated removed all traces of taken out covered over declared invalid took out repudiated repealed struck down rubbed away dismantled faded recanted lifted Xed out eroded invalidated reneged overruled obviated retracted purged cried off denied stricken wore away worn away took back taken back forswore forsworn undone overridden stricken down overrode undid backed out of canceled out scratched axed squashed squelched knocked off left out rubbed expurgated snipped ruled out cut up gotten rid of chopped ignored put paid to extinguished got rid of shed shut the door on cut off covered suppressed zapped unpublished sterilized bleeped sanitized decontaminated cleaned terminated scored crossed through sterilised sanitised passed up amputated exscinded exsected slashed scissored out disqualified lopped off stamped across offed washed out extracted made dark passed out wasted obfuscated disregarded wiped off the map devastated pulled subtracted covered up totaled neglected darkened passed over marked out waived merged levelled demolished torpedoed leveled run together finished off totalled keeled over knocked out wiped off face of earth decimated ravaged smothered stifled obscured battened smashed defeated desolated KO'd held back finished wrecked destroyed root and branch trashed rejected rubbed off eclipsed wiped off the face of the earth shaded shot down ran together gave something the chop given something the chop threw out thrown out sunken blew sky-high sank did in blew to bits done in blown sky-high sunk taken apart blown to bits took apart struck off stricken off took away taken away extraught

Động từ

Past tense for to cause to have no value or effect

Động từ

Past tense for to declare to be untrue
refuted denied rejected repudiated contradicted gainsaid disaffirmed disallowed disavowed disclaimed disconfirmed disowned negated negatived rebutted abnegated broke brake broken burned burnt cancelled canceled contended contested contravened convicted countered crushed debated disputed everted exposed opposed overthrew overthrown parried quashed silenced squelched topped argued against burned down burnt down disposed of replied to showed up tore down torn down blew sky high blown sky high declared to be untrue gave thumbs down to given thumbs down to took a stand against taken a stand against controverted impugned confuted bucked disproved withsaid traversed dared undermined questioned confronted differed counteracted crossed reversed said the opposite of called in question refused to accept had bone to pick withspoken withspoke disproven took on taken on canceled out challenged argued disagreed with resisted called into question fought objected to protested against queried disagreed discredited dissented from combatted combated assailed impeached oppugned foughten shot full of holes quibbled over debunked brushed aside renounced disaccorded withstood took issue with taken issue with answered doubted argued with shot down balked addrest addressed wrangled shot down in flames pettifogged baulked argued about put up argument cast doubt upon quarreled put up an argument quarrelled put down cast aspersions upon cut to shreds put up a fight disbelieved flown in the face of flew in the face of failed to agree exploded rebuffed dismissed annulled declared untrue hindered frustrated obstructed thwarted disacknowledged naysaid differed from diverged from impeded retorted examined mooted slammed knocked repelled dueled attacked duelled criticized blasted smeared traduced checked tarred trashed zinged zapped altercated canvassed bandied invalidated responded demurred defied denounced canvased took exception to taken exception to backtalked diverged deflected criticised nonconcurred objected disapproved stickled protested refused rebelled abjured called out contended over discorded varied divided shied declined dissented quibbled about hammered away at agitated against picked a bone dissented against differed with expressed disagreement with picked an argument with litigated proved to be wrong investigated expressed objection run down stuck it to rallied against refused to support bandied words concerning come down on come to blows with wondered about proved to be false pinned on said not a chance feuded with inquired said nothing doing demurred against fought against battled interrogated rendered null and void tested demurred about tackled thumbed nose at accosted skinned alive called in argued the pros and cons of said no way remonstrated withheld assent declined to support disapproved of failed to agree with rebelled against enquired stood up to faced down rivalled expressed disagreement rivaled had an argument about taken issue took issue broke with broken with proven wrong proved wrong proven false proved false threw down thrown down came to blows with gone against went against came down on thrown the book at swung at threw doubt on ran down thrown doubt on swang at threw the book at showed to be false blew out of the water blown out of the water shown to be wrong shown to be false showed to be wrong

Trái nghĩa của cancelled out

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