Đồng nghĩa của overcame

Alternative for overcame

overcomes, overcame, overcoming

Đồng nghĩa: conquer, defeat, drive off, frustrate, overpower, surmount, upset,

Trái nghĩa: submit,

Động từ

To have achieved victory over
took beat bested defeated surmounted dispatched licked overmatched topped bettered conquered creamed outclassed outdid outperformed outplayed outshined outshone prevailed over skunked stopped subdued surpassed triumphed over upended vanquished won against did better than got around got the better of went one better than wiped the floor with mastered quelled curbed subjugated quashed controlled bridled tamed solved repressed got under control brought under control dealt with got control of gained mastery over got over got a grip on overwhelmed overpowered trounced crushed routed tanked clobbered drubbed overthrew destroyed thrashed undid stuffed excelled outstripped hammered worsted suppressed demolished survived weathered whipped downed devastated slaughtered got pasted overbore crucified gat floored knocked over hurdled came out on top of oppressed ran rings around threw reduced knocked out shellacked blew out of the water rendered won over rendered incapable rendered helpless came out on top ground down rendered powerless walked all over did down walked over prevailed gained a victory over brought someone to their knees stunned won outlived made mincemeat of knocked socks off shocked rose above owned took to the cleaners overcome put an end to put down checked stifled moderated mitigated eased beaten soothed restrained allayed squelched pacified put a stop to diminished lessened assuaged calmed squashed mollified relieved tempered softened extinguished put the kibosh on alleviated smothered silenced abated deadened trimmed put the lid on dampened stilled weakened dulled lulled quieted cracked down on dominated palliated relaxed shut down cooled settled killed decreased toned down annihilated tranquilized quietened upset put paid to lightened composed appeased inhibited contained frustrated gotten the better of stamped out held back clamped down on thwarted ended constrained placated taken run rings around cut off slapped down snuffed out overborne reined in gotten lowered quenched regulated wiped out terminated overthrown murdered gotten around subjected attenuated blunted smashed nipped in the bud kept in check cushioned governed damped cast down done down humbled restricted put a lid on soft-pedalled soft-pedaled calmed down damped down kept a tight rein on finished muffled abolished halted ruled subordinated flattened overrun depressed beat down cut short curtailed limited demoralized muted kept under control arrested took the edge off taken the edge off massacred overturned own totaled totalled trashed sweetened triumphed trampled put away dispirited eased off kept down sat on put a damper on put an stop to demoralised put in the shade sapped diluted prevented undermined hindered cowed pulverized ebbed pounded blown out of the water hegemonized ruined salved held kept gagged helped measured transcended gentled dropped subverted marmalized walloped wallopped eradicated pulled in crippled slammed discouraged brought down held in de-escalated kept the lid on turned inside out held down cooled off pipped at the post gained control of pulverised outdone hushed impeded disheartened dismayed daunted broke broken brake undone dejected scotched conciliated cut tyrannized propitiated exceeded taken to the cleaners unnerved satisfied deterred eliminated unseated extirpated muzzled enslaved lullabied becalmed choked back kept back enervated caned modified mellowed beat hollow let up thrown disarmed comforted ameliorated whomped lenified waxed torpedoed strangled kept a lid on put the brakes on tyrannised lambasted knocked for a loop skinned knocked for six trampled on gained ascendancy over blown out quieted down cut down brought to ruin put damper on blew out put the stopper on put out cut back outhit KO'd put in their place settled down poured oil on overran gotten rid of got rid of hampered faded bore down beaten down dimmed borne down capped declined unmanned busted subsided disciplined smoothed dwindled tapered remitted steadied reined back slackened saddened defeated utterly enfeebled extenuated defused buried chastened humiliated paralysed chilled shrunk dispelled sank sunk sunken chilled out felled dropped off directed overshadowed slowed retarded incapacitated slaked zapped decked quelched tapered off debilitated qualified outrun brought to heel swamped stemmed tanned obliterated made peace with squared ratcheted down rolled back took the sting out cracked down knocked the stuffing out of phased down knocked sideways coped with gained control over brought low smoothed over made nice picked apart brought under the yoke choked off quietened down tailed off brought to an end edged out held sway over poured cold water on taken the sting out shushed balmed paralyzed kept under thumb stroked snowed under holden holp holpen modulated ousted gotten over played down given someone a drubbing kept under turned down gave someone a drubbing deposed waned persecuted toppled numbed dethroned weeded out receded fought back darkened eclipsed foiled shaken shook minimized collected disabled brought to a stop brought to a halt dashed relented relent annexed devitalized trumped disappointed exploited contented impaired dumbed confined abased benumbed sobered recovered reined negotiated downscaled sedated supplanted removed knocked off beaten hollow steamrolled whacked interfered with occupied staggered outwitted passed resisted buttoned up dismissed anaesthetized corked handicapped whitewashed pommeled pommelled made downhearted made dejected disinclined stabilized banished palled discontinued died away died out dropped away died down reassured distressed flogged slacked guided enthralled forced improved on coerced queered overmastered won a resounding victory over prostrated wasted immobilized slayed edged disparaged weighed down overtopped delimited clammed simmered down kept in line checkmated overawed held in check bottled up interrupted bulldozed buffered outmatched outgunned kept lid on kept within bounds plowed under put lid on got the upper hand over brought to screeching halt outflanked cooled it put out of order cooled down worked over beset wound down put out of action mowed down brought to their knees brought to knees nosed out petered out cast a pall over knocked spots off decimated neutralized trampled underfoot blown away put kibosh on made less intense removed from power put half nelson on withheld finished off cooled out blew away risen above decelerated neutralised put a brake on shipwrecked run rings round outdistanced removed from office unburdened minimised outmanoeuvred piped down pwned put to shame ran roughshod over garrotted gave someone a hiding come out on top cut to pieces shut up put screws to put the squeeze on kept in blocked out outjumped let up on laid back drained away pwnd won a victory over put to sleep said nothing anesthetized put off towered over kept it down put to rest stabilised closed up given someone a hiding gone one better than shut off butchered buttered up immobilised deprived tyrannized over put a limit on patched things up decreased the volume ruled over dulcified throttled put upon ambushed outmaneuvered entrapped played up to bitten back bit back shrank shrunken fallen fell outran took the bite out taken it all strangled at birth taken the bite out thrown cold water on threw cold water on took it all done better than sated satiated yoked obstructed blocked abused deactivated gratified bedimmed sabotaged stymied monitored adjusted nullified degraded seized maltreated ailed troubled scuppered denied rationed decided determined contracted clouded disrupted deepened shaded demoted cornered rallied inspected levelled leveled re-collected decremented made lighter desolated brought to a standstill dipped wronged swallowed swayed submerged pocketed brightened outranked disrated colonized masked downgraded punished corked up ill-treated influenced formed dictated conditioned displaced outsmarted defeated heavily defeated easily cured counteracted depleted downsized reconciled smoked cauterized desisted rattled perturbed wearied disconcerted bothered chagrined disfranchised depreciated dissipated shaved affected refreshed loosed minified slashed moulded disintegrated paled narrowed scourged done for crumbled shaped did for pared pegged trammeled harnessed succored solaced consoled varied leashed bit trammelled punctuated bitted succoured impoverished underyoked compelled improved upon invaded humoured whupped tromped whelmed wrecked endured uncrowned unthroned addrest razed disestablished improved dissolved defenestrated addressed made crestfallen made dispirited indisposed setted limits on imposed limits on managed disempowered commuted assured treated harshly touched altered censored debarred entrammelled froze straitened entrammeled fettered frozen swept lissed rejected whapped whopped bombed dusted taken down took down censured minced slew slain circumvented struck spanked stretched straught dumbfounded poured out pared down saved laid one out hosed stemmed the flow of rendered speechless leapt bowled over brought respite to faded away brought aid gotten under control made bearable clamped concluded gotten through resolved gained the advantage over rolled over kept control of exerted influence on did away with soberized vexed brought an end to rounded down made a fool of kept in submission crested disturbed greased brought aid to kept on a string purged smoothed someone's ruffled feathers got down clipped molded encumbered pulled back predisposed kept under one's thumb doped outrivaled ceased psyched out pressed unzipped made matters up harassed assisted obtunded succeeded over wiped off map made harmless exterminated injured climbed carried the day saddled untroubled filled tormented tortured appropriated overloaded stupefied fell away humored emptied mullered took a load off gave someone the blues invalidated temperated disarranged couched done away with gained the upper hand over circumscribed made safe abashed snarled kept in subjection prest come to an end nipped something in the bud completed cleared the air padded taken care of reduced something coasted made less bright smoothed out gaoled whittled down worried made something bearable hushed one's mouth fixed up stayed detained smoothed down shifted hog-tied clipt laid out stript imprisoned drove off wrapped up reduced the force of aggrieved nonplussed come first tied down imposed peace upon freed had an effect on taken to cleaners come out on top of colonised outrivalled disenfranchised upraised made faint iced called a halt taxed dished trimmed back shot ahead of scrunched blotted out aided clammed up demilitarised chased away made someone fed up bottled clamped down trimmed down commanded shamed spiked despotized kept tight rein on hounded muddled scaled down overtook etherized shot down took to cleaners stripped leaped vaulted drowned overpassed run down chloroformed ran rings round reduced weight cauterised rescued boxed up annoyed tumbled withholden surfeited outraged weighed heavily on made less got through astonished outfought levitated become weaker excused inclined got to made dim unhorsed unloaded uplit made up jumbled liquidated got the upper hand jailed ruled with an iron hand captured buried the hatchet exhausted kissed and made up broken the spirit demilitarized met halfway deescalated reeled back in impounded had an impact on rendered defenseless prevailed against embarrassed beat up tied up won hands down blasted bummed out forced down tipped cleared the air with unlaxed mortified dismantled hobbled wound up consumed worked on overrode held one's tongue taken a load off vext dialed down made it over disbanded dummied up discountenanced disqualified outpaced facilitated shepherded slowed down bore down on marked down pinned down sent up brought to naught won out made cutbacks in gained mastery of strained hemmed in ruled with a rod of iron dried up given someone the blues knocked down closed tread stepped down made it past harried gained a victory restored harmony to got one up on changed won through held sway hogtied uplighted disorganized disposed jettisoned caused instability borne down on disordered shot ahead took care of disburdened overtaken broke down unglued made calm brought to a close confounded lay back squished made peace deflated had on a tight leash fallen away tired kicked around brought about the downfall of impacted on unarmed gassed overridden rocked to sleep thinned unsettled locked up removed the fuse from kept inside disencumbered gotten the upper hand gruntled boxed in picked on weighed heavy upon conned discomfited plagued shaven shove shave beaten up lay out pacificated acceded to somebody's demands drove underground driven underground shook off shaken off became weaker came to an end given someone a pasting driven away drove away gave someone a pasting threw out thrown out shope shapen broken down taken the heat took the heat stricken rid rode roughshod over ridden rode ridden roughshod over tongue-tied struck dumb stricken dumb given a hiding gave a hiding did in done in thrown a pall over threw a pall over ran down clomb clumb grown less grew less underlay underlain took load off broken up got hooks into taken load off broke up gotten hooks into blew up taken steam out taken apart took apart gotten to took steam out blown up taken the edge taken it easy took the edge took it easy took out taken out been a factor in was a factor in acted on were a factor in taken over taken possession of took control of took over taken control of took possession of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of taken the honours took the prize taken the cake been successful gotten last laugh took the cake took the crown taken the prize got last laugh came first took the honours were successful was successful taken the crown trodden on trodden trod trod on

Động từ

Past tense for to subdue or hurt physically or violently

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overcame Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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