Đồng nghĩa của put the brakes on


To restrain or to keep in check
rein in check restrain curb repress restrict bridle suppress regulate constrain limit smother control keep in check hold back hold in contain compose cool subdue inhibit moderate measure keep collect tame keep the lid on keep a tight rein on keep a lid on simmer down hold keep under control curtail slow down arrest rein stop halt impede retard stifle govern entrammel keep within bounds discipline trammel keep lid on freeze peg box in hinder bite back fight back deter cool down cut back fetter put a limit on muffle tie up hold down rule muzzle gag cool off strangle keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt choke back stem the flow of button up withhold keep back quell settle master re-collect calm adjust cap monitor pull in corner rally still inspect quiet recover tranquilize soothe lull damp down keep in line set limits on impose limits on tranquillize bottle up swallow confine hamper silence delimit cork cork up circumscribe temper sink submerge fix pocket deaden tone down keep down shut in quench conceal prevent bound hold in check rein back hem in overcome mitigate dampen quash mellow squash cramp overpower frustrate hide decrease straiten demarcate modulate squelch kill shush set constrict specify enclose demark define keep in shut down put a lid on conquer pacify soften mute damp gulp back extinguish leash cover up box up bar direct imprison keep secret coop up reduce intern determine quelch guide decide gaol jail chain interfere with tie down put a brake on get the better of lock up hog-tie prescribe terminate delimitate girdle stamp out bring under control put away pin down crack down bind modify fence in keep within limits put an stop to put an end to put half nelson on put a ceiling on mark off encircle surround soft-pedal come down on nip in the bud keep something in check manage crush gulp cushion fight resist destroy choke something back ease hold something in relieve drown keep control of gain mastery over gain control over garrote garrotte censor keep an eye on set a limit on keep on a string bring to naught keep feeling inside oneself trap collar entrap left out bite one's lip keep a rein on mothball immobilize immobilise bottle something up hamstring baulk choke incarcerate bring into line lay down the law to someone hush ice quieten tongue-tie hold up ban lock in deny concuss deprive shotgun disallow close in necessitate immure balk ration place a limit on lick shrink inclose shorten narrow contract prelimit qualify tether diminish dry up dummy up shut up allay mollify send up take tough action hang up clamp down clip someone's wings put on ice cut down on palliate draw the line on gentle handicap mince relax break humble clamp down on crack down on temperate bit harness cow reclaim bust debar bottle internalize block detain stay stem impound hogtie internalise water down get a grip on sit on pull back sway form influence condition dictate play down cool out meet halfway have on a tight leash affect shape mould alter touch underlie establish predispose directionalize mold act on incline work on dispose shepherd keep under wraps impact on exert influence on jam up keep inside black out be a factor in have an effect on have an impact on outline stipulate identify designate delineate classify distinguish envelop encompass detail set the limits of set the boundaries of flank gird set out mark rim belt lay down verge stake out edge wall in border set bounds to compass mark out


To reduce in extent or quantity
curtail dock shorten reduce cut cut back decrease diminish lessen retrench truncate shrink abbreviate abridge chop curb cut down cut short elide limit lop pare down restrict syncopate trim clip contract control cramp crop downsize halt inhibit minify restrain slash slim down tighten up break off rein in boil down hold back rein back roll back get to meat put a limit on put a restriction on put in nutshell lower prune abate minimize ease pare condense moderate minimise drop dwindle de-escalate downscale lighten weaken quell summarize abstract snip synopsize taper precis attenuate depreciate depress temper compress epitomize summarise scale down deplete ebb decrement mitigate wind down digest dent check epitomise edit mark down alleviate tone down make cutbacks in knock down put in a nutshell tail off cut off encapsulate wane soften bring down decline shear narrow remove telescope devaluate précis shave blue pencil blunt sink erode abort subside cut back on dilute impair peter out whittle down axe constrict detach drop off ax modify make less dial down take the edge off lop off ease off step down deaden terminate stop salami-slice degrade dampen allay end dull slacken relax assuage wear away wear down tighten bob shrivel top pollard eliminate let up fall off capsulize capsule mow taper off chop off stop short hack off take off whittle away phase down make reductions in slump fade settle waste dry up slow down sever outline cheapen wither palliate evaporate discount discontinue summate make smaller leave unfinished run low die down narrow down suspend damp finish sum economize downgrade economise nip poll inventory couch cushion stifle mollify devalue sum up mute make shorter undervalue detruncate subdue hew excise take down trim back trim down round down amputate recede skive run down deflate deduct freeze take the bite out take the sting out turn down write down constringe damp down scrimp write off ratchet down cut shorter become smaller stop dead call a halt phase out grow smaller fall away bring to an end put a stop to grow less drain quiet decay droop degenerate rebate ration concentrate mark off muffle tame hack scale something down undermine sap sketch soothe calm down deteriorate crumble lose edge slack off tail away consolidate conflate slice disempower shelve adjust remit get shorter excerpt take up fall saw relent recap expurgate bowdlerize commute plummet plunge cut down on make fewer recapitulate give an abstract of give a summary of turn up take out cut out break retrench on reprise brief give a precis of give a digest of give a synopsis of give an outline of do away with get rid of bowdlerise decapitate skim cut something short put down reduce greatly shape neaten demote get to the meat make weaker cut to the bone peter die out become less die away slacken off keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum tidy up even up ream minimalize reduce punishment make a long story short swing shift play stress accent cut in price lower in price delete confine omit cream cause to fall ease up on bring to a premature end undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale make a résumé of wrap up make a outline of rationalize offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of subtract render worthless shave off file off scrape off bring to an untimely end rationalise disgrade demerit drive down separate budget cut tune down roll down scale back trim away collapse compact squeeze smother suppress cleave relieve still take in lose ground get smaller tranquilize barber calm cool abscise dissever dismember remove surgically disconnect part placate fleece tranquillize tonsure disengage shear off hew off saw off slice off put the lid on make less intense put a damper on put damper on soft-pedal interrupt cut away quit cut into a bob postpone stop cold break short stop in full flow extenuate amortise cast down qualify amortize

Trái nghĩa của put the brakes on

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