Đồng nghĩa của constrain

Alternative for constrain

constrains, constrained, constraining

Đồng nghĩa: compel, force, press, urge,

Trái nghĩa: free, liberate,


To limit, restrict, or inhibit
restrain check confine restrict chain curb hamper hinder stifle balk baulk frustrate hamstring impede bridle constrict contain control cramp govern hold imprison incarcerate inhibit intern keep measure regulate rein rein in retard rule tame straiten trammel ban bar bind close in concuss coop up cork deny deprive disallow fence in hem in hog-tie immure gaol jail lock in necessitate pull in shotgun shut in withhold lock up bottle up cool off hold down hold in keep lid on put half nelson on limit hold back obstruct handicap shackle fetter stop stymie encumber block prevent hobble hold up suppress repress arrest circumscribe slow down interfere with thwart handcuff manacle detain keep back clog curtail tie keep in check embarrass short-circuit tie up delay delimit smother slow moderate cap foil keep under control put away halt subdue cripple stall hang up deter keep a tight rein on impound set back cumber keep within bounds bork muzzle pin down tie down put on ice put a brake on hold captive put in prison contract clap in irons put behind bars put inside put in chains keep the lid on throw a spanner in the works of pinion freeze forestall prohibit bound stay tether catch cool commit burden debar disadvantage jug narrow leash fix choke bastille reduce delimitate hold prisoner choke back put in irons send down bite back take into custody put into detention bang up send to prison send up stem the flow of box in keep a lid on throw a monkey wrench in the works of put under lock and key get in the way immobilize retain enfetter gyve enchain secure discourage disrupt concentrate pin trap cuff avert remand cage still refuse circumvent immobilise peg demarcate hold fast bit strangle stem muffle interfere inconvenience enclose gag keep hold of terminate encircle chain up make late slow up interrupt shrink surround crimp neutralize rein back bottleneck keep in keep down hold in check baffle specify counteract get in the way of book railroad neutralise demark kill fight back define lock away take away bog down nip in the bud resist simmer down weigh down box up sit on set limits on impose limits on not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put at a disadvantage clip someone's wings cramp someone's style cool down put the brakes on place at a disadvantage keep within limits hold in custody keep under lock and key pull up rail in tie someone down press ruin manage master quell counter modulate preclude intercept compose collect clap impair keep waiting cork up keep control of decelerate overload enmesh net ensnare capture sideline suspend cause to wait cause to stay entangle debilitate drag feet snag gain control over gain mastery over keep on a string incommode tie someone's hands rule out entrap put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in pause charge discommode oppress bother give disadvantage take out put out of commission prison sentence can cut short squelch swallow throw book at slough send up the river throw in jail settle discipline cramp one's style drag one's feet tie one's hands get bogged down staunch entrammel oppose make impossible saddle with make difficult repulse rebuff brake checkmate ration waive draw up put a limit on throw in dungeon set prescribe temper inclose come down on put a ceiling on modify shorten cut down on prelimit qualify decrease diminish pound contravene crab put a spoke in someone's wheel bring to a standstill play for time slacken pace stand in the way of fetch up cut back girdle throw the book at throw away the keys dampen cut off cease harness keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt button up shut out throw a spanner in the works be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of louse up stultify constipate throttle place a limit on hold off on lay off discontinue fasten shut up keep under custody keep under constraint put in jail hold under custody draw the line on mark off guide direct hogtie damp down dissuade quash wrong put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on the shelf pull back crack down forbid faze sandbag ward taboo interdict outlaw enjoin keep in line bring under control rope truss lash have on a tight leash treat harshly encompass treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on put an end to ring press down put on brakes put an stop to compass gird corral kettle truss up hurdle isolate hide reserve squeeze localise focus pen in pinpoint center localize centre mew up hedge in pen up conceal compress forbear refrain keep secret tighten stop from spreading keep yourself keep under wraps hold out on dummy up deduct keep under one's hat stop yourself hold on to hold out keep to oneself refuse to give fail to disclose spike clam up abstain stop oneself strangulate condense pen collapse constringe telescope capsule pinch capsulize compact become narrower stockade closet make narrower tauten become smaller draw together clench tense make smaller tuck astringe narrow down draw in ice keep captive hold hostage detain at Her Majesty's pleasure take prisoner keep in custody


To force physically, by strong persuasion or pressurizing
force compel oblige coerce drive impel pressure press dragoon urge pressurise pressurize require bind blackjack browbeat bulldoze bully impress make muscle necessitate obligate push railroad sandbag steamroller hustle prevail on strong-arm lean on put the screws on intimidate harass hound influence bludgeon demand put pressure on goad induce badger enforce threaten exact squeeze nag use pressure on prod command harry twist someone's arm use strong-arm tactics on menace put under an obligation bring pressure to bear on press-gang put the squeeze on persuade pester brainwash impose insist on tyrannize terrorize cow enjoin charge cause insist fast-talk hector terrorise work on tyrannise push around put the heat on extort move beg twist one's arm shotgun order domineer concuss beseech spur act on ask solicit incite oppress put up to tighten the screws on push for turn on the heat commit restrict encourage implore restrain prompt admonish bounce exhort bother claim bear challenge promote adjure hassle entreat propel nudge steamroll dragoon into beset make necessary postulate crave inspire request dictate frighten bullyrag wheedle cajole browbeat into buffalo blackmail bogart try to persuade twist somebody's arm bluster wrest railroad into put screws to torment put the arm on crack down plague bulldoze into fire up appeal to egg on come at mau-mau have someone do something turn the screws on indebt astrict actuate hinder suppress repress make indebted apply pressure leave someone no option lean instruct bid high pressure importune assail worry provoke pressurize into coerce into sell politick argue force somebody's hand plead bludgeon into bully into kick put the frighteners on besiege talk sway despotize overbear direct breathe down someone's neck twist arm work over intimidate into terrorize into appeal trouble vex will scare terrify instigate maneuver sanction manoeuvre dog requisition propose stimulate tighten the screw on turn the screw on high-pressure prevail upon have impose on effect commandeer daunt subdue make an offer they can't refuse walk heavy ride roughshod advance rationalize countenance commend rationalise tempt conjure throw weight around persecute ramrod leave someone no option but to put the chill on exert invoke expect whip unnerve call upon insist upon assert oneself call on psych up ride awe overawe ruffle make compulsory force upon affright spook appall appal levy warrant push about scare the bejesus out of scare off pick on involve employ advise goose entail call for advocate expedite assess subject fine lay inflict inspan recommend motivate want need take mean fleece gouge consign assign overcome behoove key up speed up occasion foist milk put the screws to choke use duress on burden apply conscript obtrude contract use force on urge by force condemn put doom behove be grounds for exert force on bleed extract wring pour it on bear down pin down put the bite on steamroller into bear hard on put squeeze on turn on skin fix emphasize to stress to set inculcate instil in instil drum into inculcate in instill stress establish sell on exert influence on hold a knife to hold up screw pinch obtain by force wrench bleed someone of something go to town on subject to bear down on ingrain in knock into din into bring home to drive into leave no choice but to bring pressure to bear upon bring home get into head establish in someone's mind drive home fix deeply in someone's mind leave in no doubt convince inveigle coax entice stir lure trigger get rouse win over bring round lead talk into incline manipulate spur on beguile convert bring bribe suborn prick sic prejudice steer control counsel finagle subjugate rally incentivize dispose chivvy animate arouse turn corrupt boss around boss about incentivise draw excite tease heckle bait square reason spark invigorate rowel sound galvanize embolden affect galvanise envigorate ride roughshod over buy bring around pay off get round buy off soap seduce nobble bring pressure upon shanghai get at grease palm inhibit compress constrict condense squash egg heavy bias bend change root gain mobilize castigate dominate irritate swagger inflame sting poison bring over needle alter foment predispose condition determine mobilise enthuse roust lash titillate orient lord it over put heat on budge work up charm elicit impassion flatter put through the wringer inspirit activate energize evoke steel mistreat taunt annoy antagonize chivy hearten impact exhilarate uplift empower vitalize blarney antagonise bring force to bear on hold a gun to someone's head court worm strike incentify refresh energise help petrify sweet-talk soft-soap alarm blandish palaver smooth-talk stir up pump up suggest to hint to cheer on whip up pep up boost up kowtow banter con snow oil shock panic scarify horrify fright victimize alarum startle reward procure butter up lay it on soften up spread it on sweeten up exploit jockey play strike terror into upset strike terror in dismay victimise propagandize enlist proselytize work proselyte propagandise proselytise scare to death put the fear of God into fill with terror make things hot for someone inspire panic in make it hot for someone frighten out of your wits swing give someone a backhander lubricate pervert tip sweeten the pot take care of approach rig tamper get to influence by gifts give an inducement to do business make a deal keep someone sweet oil the palm of give someone a sweetener oil palm buy back sugar work upon secure someone's support oil someone's hand talk someone into wheedle someone into argue into talk round pull strings with spirit up plead with turn on to press someone into pressurize someone into convert to cause to believe reason someone into pressure someone into lead to do colour bring to senses prod someone into lead to believe wear down act upon win argument gain confidence of sell one on prove to make yourself felt with carry weight with touch cut any ice with ride herd on seek press for color clamour for appeal for pray for arrogate clamor for beg for stipulate for apply for pester for hit up supplicate hold out for nag for sue for summon impetrate lay claim to whistle for quest inquire about badger for bay for petition for ask for


To obstruct or get in the way of an operation or process
interfere hamper inhibit hinder obstruct check block handicap impede frustrate restrain cramp trammel thwart delay stop foil baulk restrict cumber disrupt balk prevent oppose baffle affect disturb remit suspend influence tamper confuse conflict discommode incommode inconvenience intermit jam trouble hold up hold back get in the way hang up stand in the way of be a hindrance to get in the way of throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of encumber curb fetter interfere with retard shackle hamstring hobble handcuff interrupt manacle hog-tie short-circuit tie up slow down halt stymie forestall bar stonewall derail embarrass clog bork arrest slow prohibit deter cripple sabotage crimp crab put a brake on set back avert detain ruin overturn slow up spoil curtail nip in the bud brake bottleneck muzzle burden neutralize box in choke shut out contravene debar throw a spoke in the wheel of neutralise throw a spanner in the works resist counteract louse up scupper faze freeze discomfit dam rattle bind chain entangle disconcert cramp one's style saddle with foul up close off screw up cut off give a hard time shut off shut down keep in check limit stall stay bridle sandbag throttle screen obscure complicate weigh down monkey with bog down postpone keep back confine scotch put the kibosh on decelerate defer defeat interdict circumvent snooker put off forbid withhold repress put a stop to put back outlaw retardate reduce counter mire put on hold disappoint tie dash stifle enjoin checkmate upset outwit make late take down choke off hold obviate put paid to bring to screeching halt taboo do for ban proscribe slacken disallow veto lessen decrease stunt exclude preclude loiter disadvantage beat suppress rule out moderate regulate leash keep waiting stump confound quash straiten keep embog make illegal criminalize nullify entrammel rein in cross drag one's feet nobble back off cancel put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel put an end to forfend lock up control nix spike embargo criminalise shelve put the mockers on upset one's apple cart give the run around reschedule inc prevent from making progress discontinue tie-up pause protract put a crimp in circumscribe stave off hold off on prolong prorogue hold over constrict get bogged down set limits on stand in the way impose limits on impair put the brakes on intercept head off pick off take out of play overload crush catch bring to a standstill confront enmesh net ensnare capture put straitjacket on place at a disadvantage throw monkey wrench in drag feet tie down give disadvantage sideline take out put out of commission hold captive clip someone's wings cramp someone's style put at a disadvantage charge oppress bother make difficult dash one's hope put the lid on annul render null and void crool overcome negate lick upset the applecart conquer banjax repulse repel blank undo parry mess up counterplot take wind out of sails bury cause setback scuttle get the better of put end to squash beat down invalidate snag cause to wait cause to stay discourage entrap hem in tether temper puzzle dissuade smother mystify pass on place an embargo on put down put a lock on put a stopper in zing bottle up keep lid on put half nelson on gridlock jam up pour cold water on put chill on cool kill cork throw cold water on lag abate diminish bit put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in ward hold down nonplus quiet qualify procrastinate reef flummox pigeonhole throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner corner hang fire dead-end hold off smash cut back back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down anchor it bilk traverse root snafu upset the apple cart queer someone's pitch take wind out of give the slip skin play off cook someone's goose spike someone's guns down hesitate loaf falter bog dawdle flag poke let up give the thumbs down to put the chill on declare taboo deny give the red light to deprive censor say no declare illegal debilitate tie one's hands


Incite someone to do something, especially something bad
instigate encourage provoke incite stimulate prompt influence move rouse goad impel prod urge arouse entice excite start egg on induce inflame initiate motivate persuade press push spur trigger drive on impassion kick-start make pique spark spur on sting stir sway actuate bring about foment kindle prevail upon prick procure set off stir up fire up get going hint insinuate needle originate plan plot rabble-rouse rev up scheme suggest tempt whip up put up to root on add fuel make waves set on steam up turn on work up inspire drive animate galvanize cause galvanise propel activate inspirit agitate awaken nudge compel whet coerce pressure energize exhort rally enkindle quicken energise goose generate electrify incentivize incline fuel waken spark off incentivise sic hound lead dragoon enliven produce fire pressurize ignite force pressurise abet precipitate light a fire under key up enthuse invigorate intensify bring impress promote challenge whip envigorate ferment raise pep up fire the imagination of foster fan the flames of thrill rile badger oblige touch work revive vitalize fan vivify increase call forth occasion stoke up harass exhilarate bully titillate mobilize drum up talk into sound trigger off touch off mobilise fire the enthusiasm of prevail on disturb set strengthen further summon up give incentive forward help refresh agitate for dispose advance convince ask elicit inveigle buoy coax convert get heighten give rise to wake steel charge psych hassle bring around bestir solicit pump up wind up countenance bring back embolden craze shake up rowel work into lather predispose send innervate innerve win over wake up set going feed the fire act as a stimulus to fire with enthusiasm lean on whomp up reawaken stir something up call down intrigue egg instil gain satisfy roil agitate against instill roust lash pay off corrupt anger startle cajole condition determine direct act as an incentive to get someone going evoke chivvy awake hook prime irk incense draw predetermine warm hearten impact advise uplift empower pick brew put into action grab exacerbate tease please steer impose on orient strike incentify necessitate grill vex bribe put a bomb under crowd remind jog memory tickle tantalize redouble mount bug magnify enhance deepen intensate elate set afoot give incentive to set astir breed taunt juice jumpstart create dig alert call tantalise commove jolt charge up bring out spirit up hint to cheer on boost up suggest to ask for it make wild cause to be act upon cause to become ride herd on begin run revitalize spook favour favor get to shake madden heat up fan the fire resuscitate add fuel to the flames spirit someone up buoy up give the incentive to put in motion set in motion bring on crank up lead to reactivate fillip reanimate spike brace act as a incentive to switch on stir embers call to mind add fuel to fire reinvigorate revivify suborn grow dispatch spring vivificate zip up liven revitalise amp up jump-start irritate beg intoxicate exalt plead enjoin inform juice up ginger up liven up jazz up entreat adjure admonish implore beseech assist build a fire under insist appeal request aid boost maneuver sanction nag manoeuvre nurture propose wheedle cultivate develop rationalize rationalise conjure commend nourish nurse twist someone's arm bulldoze into psych up insist on put pressure on appeal to try to persuade put the heat on put the screws on call on railroad into push for use pressure on bolster reinforce improve fortify serve succour enrich approve endow succor pave the way for give a leg up


To refrain from doing something
abstain avoid desist eschew forbear refrain renounce shun decline forgo keep refuse abandon quit do without give up go without hold back kick cease curb cut out evade fast fence-sit pass relinquish starve stop withhold have done with jack in pack in keep from pass up sit out stay neutral not take sides take the cure give the go by sit on one's hands refrain from abstain from abjure forswear drop swear off discontinue leave off lay off resist forsake break off steer clear of halt withhold from dispense with reject sacrifice check give over end desist from restrain conclude yield finish inhibit repudiate stop oneself abdicate disavow spurn escape forego fight shy of not touch knock off keep off pack up give a wide berth to belay resign not do surrender surcease skip leave alone dodge resist the temptation to arrest break shirk can deny have nothing to do with steer clear get around abnegate let up shake deny yourself forbear from give something a miss suspend sit on the fence turn aside from waive cede bridle omit pause endure dispense concede dead-end expire close die go lapse terminate elapse break up determine keep away from manage without restrain oneself unsay foreswear retract withdraw recant disallow renege repeal restrain yourself decline to go easy kick the habit restrain oneself from quit cold lay off of prevent oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from kick over call it quits wink out shut off cut off wind up elude call a halt to call a stop to wash one's hands of turn one's back on cast aside pass by part with pass on leave out say goodbye to disclaim disdain duck gainsay shy disaffirm finesse scape renege on stay clear of turn your back on let well enough alone weasel out of have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of interrupt avert prevent stay away stay away from sidestep circumvent shrink from preclude bypass shake off restrain from withstand skip out on skirt shy from avoid doing be temperate take the pledge fend off get out of ward off break the habit of help neutralise hold off go on the wagon hinder interfere with head off stave off negate make up for nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance prohibit counteract anticipate want be in want deny oneself be in need need lack not have lack for something be deprived of go hungry go short suffer deprivation be without fall short be deprived hand over ignore disregard forfeit turn down ditch set aside lose leave dismiss turn over deliver up overlook brush aside neglect render pass over miss step down from step aside from discard put a stop to sign away snub disown allow scrap grant cancel axe withgo ax call it a day remit get off turn in lay down cough up opt out let go withdraw from give put an end to rebuff let pass resign from devote jettison dedicate transfer chuck betray disapprove discount stand down from deliver junk knock back scrub reprobate exclude do away with eliminate vacate demit fail to take advantage of desert lay aside remove rein in quitclaim say no to baulk at spare nix balk at offer up shelve not accept negative lose out on let go of dispose of pull out of bag it bail out escape from finish with cry off eighty-six throw in the towel be stripped of throw in the sponge pack it in throw out throw up bring to an end retire from pay with cast off bring to a halt come off give something up waste squander pledge consecrate buck immolate offer provide disinherit disgorge cut check oneself blow deselect forlet kill extend volunteer submit let go by miss out on pay for abolish cut short bring to a close manage not to stop trying put the kibosh on give away back off from check out from go cold turkey botch fritter away expend not heed put aside postpone defer abort get by without get along without proffer release kibosh surcease from call it quits on render needless nip something in the bud scratch rescind pass something up delay table reserve stay prorogue prostitute give a miss skim over carve isolate extirpate usurp delete exsect sever marginalize extract oust excise revoke give the thumbs down to not take advantage of commit divorce jilt fail to grasp let slip fail to take drop the ball gift bequeath hold up put off get rid of knock something on the head back out separate oneself from divorce oneself from sign off wash hands of back out of bring to a stop pull the plug on dust off call off break with write off part from wipe out forget about retreat drop out fold communicate capitulate abalienate accord remise vouchsafe make over leave behind sacrifice something kiss goodbye kiss goodbye to take out marginalise cut dead take away yield up free retire wrap up sew up cut it out not continue get on the wagon hang it up give way sign over fork over come across with give in give notice sell out step down leave in the lurch leave holding the bag leave high and dry repulse demur stop using shed dump demur at allocate spend turn a blind eye to stop having toss exorcize exorcise cashier bin pitch unload shuck off throw off fling sluff off fling away lay by deep-six wash your hands of fling off away slough off throw away refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of send one's regrets shake one's head give the thumbs down give the red light


To command the doing of by one's authority
decree command order dictate ordain rule decide prescribe proclaim determine direct enact pronounce call demand establish mandate adjudge enjoin announce authorise authorize compel declare force impose oblige require set lay down lay down the law put one's foot down read the riot act judge adjudicate instruct state charge settle bid resolve rule on conclude request exact fix specify tell deem requisition arbitrate adjure appoint assign assert find designate insist on warn decide on stipulate deliver set down arrange expect choose commission call for call on legislate put foot down boss around settle on affirm consider delegate postulate estimate esteem hold asseverate evaluate assess umpire referee promulgate pass rate reckon ask necessitate claim figure organize make guide think suppose solicit set out name quest perceive need particularize select confirm walk heavy organise summon particularise beckon press for clamor for stipulate for elect for call upon give the order to give a verdict on give the command to pass judgement on give orders to set up bid for figure out sit in judgement on agree on give orders make a ruling on give directions broadcast make known exhort state publicly schedule advise inform lecture constitute allocate arrange a time for arrange a date for define recommend give instructions urge take foresay institute deal elect nominate bless formulate examine answer try hear issue seek task resolve on agree upon fix up decide upon fix on subpoena ref view regard conceive involve entail intend govern affect influence control clear up deal with surmise believe appraise value give return render count finalize call the shots force upon impose on spell out detail guarantee promise contract agree condition insist upon warrant pronounce on pronounce judgement on effect cause write prescription make provision for pick out appreciate manage shape lead regiment sentence apportion award gather deduce theorize infer theorise say hand down pass down make a judgement on want wish specificate specificize pledge write a prescription for size up think of look on ask for give a ruling on set forth exert insist will regard as ensure make it a condition underwrite provide have as a condition weigh up sum up make a judgement bring in agree to sit in judgment pass judgment view as see as believe to be take the reins call the tune call the play trumpet look for finalise have a bearing on pass upon bring about fix upon nail down square up work out come to a decision about cinch pin down call the shots on take a decision on clinch square off maintain choose to do drum blast mouth verbalize pontificate verbalise sound off spread around caution admonish push spur pressure pressurize nag pressurise plead with lean on put pressure on use pressure on put the heat on put the screws on railroad into bulldoze into entreat obligate coerce beseech impel challenge crave drive press beg draw implore supplicate importune bear invite induce push for dragoon impress railroad appeal for muscle sandbag beg for invoke please fetch pray obtain appeal to attract petition tempt entice lure allure bind browbeat apply for strong-arm blackjack clamour for bay for badger for steamroller bully menace bludgeon sue for bulldoze petition for blackmail pester for cite nag for lay claim to put in for count on tighten the screws on use strong-arm tactics on aspire call the signals propose sue appeal plead retrieve mean pester put under an obligation shotgun leave someone no option forcefully persuade extort extract apply to behoove make necessary arrogate besiege impetrate formally request justify behove be grounds for ask authoritatively be after ask brusquely depend on cry out for call out for cry for hold out for file for volunteer someone unwittingly leave no choice but to put in an application for rely upon decree that necessitate that hope for rely on pray for hit up whistle for inquire about concern comprise encompass include manipulate tell someone to volunteer assert oneself overcome terrorize summons occasion foist enforce voluntell consist of use duress on burden conscript use force on urge by force choke concuss apply obtrude terrorise move rally hail bear down exert force on twist someone's arm bear hard on put screws to put the squeeze on put squeeze on bring pressure to bear upon bring pressure to bear on press-gang put the bite on arraign serve notice serve a court order order to testify serve with a writ serve with a summons contact muster motion encourage like send price at generate provoke desire court request the attendance of call in demand the presence of ask to come foster request the presence of fancy sell for engender elicit incite create prefer opt coax pull woo relish arouse value at make happen bring on oneself flirt with call forth countenance leave the door open to bring on lead to intimidate be partial to think fit would like feel like be inclined toward charm feel disposed to be inclined see fit bring levy procure tighten the screw on put up to high-pressure have turn the screws on badger prevail on harass turn the screw on prevail upon hound have someone do something hector fascinate engage interest enchant persuade captivate fix price at indicate catch the eye of sign pull in

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