Đồng nghĩa của retardate

Alternative for retardate

  • danh từ
    • (Mỹ) người trí tuệ phát triển chậm


A person who lacks intelligence
moron idiot fool imbecile dolt dullard simpleton twit doofus dork oaf dunce halfwit jackass lump pillock dimwit dummy schmuck yahoo dope dumbbell dumbhead goop lamebrain meathead nincompoop clot nitwit numbskull bozo goon ignoramus putz sap bonehead dodo noddy numpty spud chump dumbo klutz knucklehead nimrod donkey fathead galoot goof lamer loon muppet nit wiener birdbrain dill dipstick git goofball ninny numskull schlub turkey airhead blockhead bogan boob clod clunk cretin dingbat dingleberry mug mutt nerd pinhead poop simp boofhead bubblehead chowderhead chucklehead clodpole clodpoll clown drongo galah mompara ninnyhammer prat stupe stupid wally weeny charlie deadhead dildo dummkopf dunderhead goofus jerk loggerhead loser lunkhead mome muttonhead natural nong noodle poon saphead schlemiel shlub squarehead thickhead tit tosser woodenhead addlepate alec berk coot cuddie cuddy divvy gander gink gobdaw golem gowk hammerhead hardhead knobhead loony lummox palooka plonker ratbag retard schnook stock twerp wazzock balloon cluck dip mooncalf nerk nyaff schlepper spoony sumph tomfool twonk ding-dong mental defective dum-dum half-wit know-nothing pea-brain dim bulb pudding-head yo-yo dumb-bell dumb cluck wooden-head buffoon zombie wing nut booby goose meatball thicko eejit dweeb featherhead goat dorba cuckoo plank gonzo prick charley geek lunatic ding-a-ling nutcase nut stupid person silly illiterate lightweight dumb ox lout stooge softhead silly billy duffer clodhopper weenie bore brute incompetent lubber mampara simple lame-brain innocent bruiser bungler boor Neanderthal blunderer lug hulk gawk monkey ox butthead dag foolish person sucker yokel laughingstock bumpkin yobbo ape milksop scatterbrain kook clodpate baboon muggins yob bear gorilla rascal churl lowbrow dumdum beast chav oik witling pea brain pain in the backside pain in the rear pain in the neck pain in the bum peabrain botcher bumbler amateur bimbo weakling bodger schmo featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz dotard knothead juggins prig wag zany droll buffo drip numptie screwball harebrain beefhead bust musclebrain jughead slow learner looby dub tosspot goof ball hayseed bird-brain born fool schlep joculator antic dupe cloth-head hick ignorant dags bearberry arando addle-brain Simple Simon stumblebum barbarian butt hobbledehoy bosthoon scozza skate cougan joker figure of fun joke easy mark victim fair game clumsy idiot Merry Andrew clownlike person merry-andrew rube peasant vulgarian hoon swine hillbilly rustic savage cad provincial chuff philistine bucolic hound thug creep countryman ruffian scum sleaze scumbag slimeball slime vermin skunk sleazebag stinkard slob varmint sleazeball scuzzball louse cornball chawbacon bogman culchie buzzard rat dog fink dirtbag crud snake toad rowdy reptile stinker rotter heel bleeder country bumpkin crumb pill cur bounder blighter so-and-so hooligan rat fink ocker roughneck hind monster country cousin bully boy hoodlum ned countrywoman tough village idiot bushy carl weirdo sadist scoundrel rapscallion rogue kern country dweller miscreant reprobate wretch ogre knave scalawag heathen varlet villain pig primitive degenerate son of the soil daughter of the soil mucker cannibal lager lout son of a gun patsy pigeon tool gull pushover plebeian swain Philistine butterfingers bourgeois materialist dirt farmer or know-nothing or hick homesteader or lout country jake hoodie pleb anti-intellectual wimp vandal wuss Goth devil unsophisticated person troglodyte fiend goober freak soft touch bigot countryman/woman weed wild man wild woman animal dull person honyock hun crude booner bevan boot boy nazi scallywag meanie caitiff heavy evildoer no-good baddie baddy scapegrace demon meany scamp savage person labourer laborer farmer country-dweller cropper crofter sharecropper peon planter farmworker villager radge ghoul bully farm hand hired hand paysan campesino paisano fellah kulak ryot muzhik contadino contadina weasel bushie joskin dastard vagabond rake slimebag loudmouth scuzzbag brawler slimebucket backwoods person country person pervert blackguard redneck fraudster charlatan skank toughie trickster rough worm dirtball rounder butthole wastrel cheat stinkpot mofo spalpeen scrote liar dingo deviant mother sleeveen swindler dastardly person snake in the grass unprincipled person bad egg hard man sly person good-for-nothing nasty piece of work bad lot reprehensible person


To make (someone or something) late or slow
delay retard impede hamper hinder obstruct postpone restrain stall arrest derail detain foil restrict stymie thwart trammel block cramp cripple curb defer halt hobble interrupt pause prevent protract repress withhold crimp cumber deter fetter hamstring inhibit prorogue remit shackle shelve slow stop bar brake check choke clog confine encumber frustrate handcuff hold intermit prolong hold back hold up put off set back slow down slow up bog down interfere with keep back shut down shut off stave off take down back off close off hold off on put back choke off hold over make late put a brake on get in the way of stand in the way of bring to screeching halt hog-tie throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of handicap decelerate slacken reduce stay lessen decrease mire loiter baulk down poke dawdle baffle bog hesitate flag balk loaf falter hang up let up temper stunt limit curtail regulate lag moderate abate diminish qualify reef procrastinate embog quiet rein in wind down keep waiting lose speed put the brakes on cut back lose steam back-water cut down anchor it hit the brakes let down flaps constrain bridle manacle embarrass tie up short-circuit forestall control suppress bork prohibit dam contain stifle disrupt stem stonewall counteract oppose keep suspend avert hold in get in the way put an end to hold down catch burden tie interfere smother freeze govern straiten scupper tame debar interdict ward off weigh down shut out cut off nip in the bud keep lid on still circumvent counter discontinue staunch muzzle rein constrict disadvantage draw up measure rule reschedule bind forbid pull up fetch up avoid keep under control keep in check put on hold choke back hem in bottle up cork pull in bring to a standstill defend against head off stem the flow of hold off put a stop to sabotage discourage crab neutralize occlude muffle defeat bottleneck ruin inconvenience preclude sandbag chain subdue stanch evade congest overload neutralise terminate faze circumscribe nullify circumnavigate oppress entangle bring up contravene resist jam cut short clot stuff fight back leash gag bit sidestep skirt imprison close stop up ward can steer clear of box in spoil keep a lid on bite back gaol jail rule out keep in cramp one's style be a hindrance to ease up lock up put at a disadvantage saddle with keep within bounds cool off place at a disadvantage clog up plug up bring to an end keep the lid on cool kill gum up bung up end straitjacket sink cause to wait cause to stay dissuade from impair debilitate withstand enmesh net ensnare capture dissuade quash snag prevent from making progress incommode barricade block up drag one's feet tie one's hands get bogged down sideline entrap discomfit rattle taboo outlaw enjoin charge discommode bother tether disconcert get out of blockade fix scrub sidetrack drop brace strangle slam on the brakes give disadvantage take out put out of commission put paid to escape bypass beat peg discipline make difficult set limits on impose limits on entrammel foul up screw up put on brakes put an stop to knock off overturn scotch chill obviate intercept forfend keep at bay turn aside stave fend off keep off anticipate give a hard time stand fence deflect put a limit on louse up dampen incarcerate intern harness wreck put the stopper on stump ditch take wind out of upset outwit crash do for juke put the kibosh on unsettle throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of cool down hold in check keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on button up squelch swallow keep down box up keep in line tie down impound bring under control have on a tight leash sit on put away pin down pull back rein back guide direct crack down hogtie delimit ban lock in coop up fence in close in immure deny concuss shut in deprive shotgun disallow necessitate stand still come to a standstill not move stand off peter out repulse rebuff checkmate wrong adjourn put half nelson on slacken pace treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to treat harshly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on cease go slower slack put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time lose pace reduce speed lessen one's speed slam on the anchors slack up slacken off throttle saddle load screen obscure pigeonhole complicate break off table disband dissolve prorogate recess become slower mothball put aside monkey with make slower push back lay on the table put on back burner count out take a rain check on put in abeyance file lay off lay aside break up inactivate put on the back burner hang fire quit pink-slip put in cold storage call a halt to keep in abeyance put on ice waive lay over omit get slower put on the shelf hold in abeyance reduce in speed lumber laden lade overtax weight freight stress strain tax overwhelm overburden plug bung obturate die squeeze dam up gibbet drown fill gunge up wring stopper fill up silt up noose

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