Đồng nghĩa của disband

Alternative for disband

disbands, disbanded, disbanding

Đồng nghĩa: break up, dismiss, disperse, dissolve, scatter, separate, split,


To separate or force apart
dissociate separate divide disconnect sever part split divorce disjoin uncouple sunder decouple disassociate unlink detach unyoke dissever resolve disjoint isolate ramify segregate abstract distinguish unfix disrupt scatter break up cut off set apart break off disunite break split up factionalize splinter dichotomize disperse dissolve triangulate undo partition go separate ways set at odds cause dissent set at variance drive a wedge between drive apart diverge branch end things dismantle alienate rive embroil estrange disengage rope off group sort go your separate ways part company stand between come apart seclude sow disaccord set against one another cause disagreement come between sow dissension among pit against one another stir the pot cause to disagree pit against tear asunder set against sow dissension cause disagreement among cause a rift remove withdraw disaffiliate distance cleave disentangle delink unhitch free cut rend unfasten section keep apart slice take apart break apart loose untether unhook insulate sequester quarantine leave disassemble loosen luxate quit spread sort out disarticulate tear off bifurcate dismount subdivide segment single out break away break down dissect withdraw from break with avoid move away divide in two split in two pull out cut in two abjugate unstrap untie extricate decompose reduce dislocate draw back disintegrate unmarry clear dislodge relocate move dismember shy put away unclasp cut up tear apart unbuckle unbolt rupture unravel dock bisect amputate uncombine divide up tear fork unpin unbutton chop off hack off lop off hew off shear off slice off pull apart carve become disconnected come away become detached divaricate open particularise itemise factor itemize portion strip particularize articulate break open wedge apart break from place far off put at a distance walk away keep at arm's length unsnap unclick move apart branch off branch out put asunder draw apart fork off turn off differentiate sift closet exclude shield protect winnow out sift out filter out extract defect choose select island ghettoize put to one side weed out draw retire retreat discriminate against ghettoise pull become estranged secede from pump suck tap pull the plug drop out back out back off weasel out opt out move out close off set aside separate out sunder out bust up part company with sever connections with reach a parting of the ways break off relations with draw off take away take out pluck out


To send away or order to leave
dismiss expel oust eject banish out bounce discharge rout chase deport discard boot disperse demobilise demobilize liberate bundle clear dispatch rid extrude throw out boot out kick out turn out turf out drum out cast out force out chuck out run off drive out let go send away send off show out cast off dispense with dispose of do without let out lock out push aside send home slough off allow to go evict slang send packing remove reject exile get rid of scatter exclude dispel displace show the door ostracize drive away expulse ostracise release expatriate break up relegate transport defenestrate drive off ban put out separate bar give the bum's rush shut out throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders sack fire proscribe chase away dislodge split up push out rusticate retire bundle off part company chase out dissipate give one the gate dissolve go their separate ways give someone the boot debar demob dispossess abandon outlaw extradite thrust out purge sling out repatriate excommunicate heave out bin off give someone the push give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air show you the door throw out on your ear shake off toss aside force to leave consign send somebody packing send down pack someone off disallow empty repulse axe ship out turf chuck can unchurch ax yeet expropriate disappear repudiate denounce blackball isolate set aside extradict sequester toss out squander leave vanish give the old heave-ho heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho toss out on ear anathematize eliminate blacklist cashier show the door to repel scramble disunite quell eradicate black decommission disfellowship takfir curse fold destroy split part fling out clear out see the back of disregard deactivate suspend fordrive bust do away with beat off drop shelve ask to leave demilitarise withdraw thin out disarm demilitarize go separate ways break it up give the boot give the hook give walking papers go in different directions put to flight throw out on ear lay aside put out of your mind pack off give the 1-2-3 lay off remove by force cast aside put aside cast away throw away forsake desert abdicate renounce abjure sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card cancel divorce give up write off shrug off


To break up into small pieces as the result of impact
disintegrate break shatter fragment fracture crumble split bust splinter crumple rive sever collapse shiver rupture separate dismember divide explode disrupt founder subside fall fail disperse disunite fold dismantle detach disconnect disimprove disorganize sink taint turn break up give way cave in come apart fall to pieces fall apart break apart blow up fall to bits fly apart blow apart go to pieces go belly-up go to rack and ruin fade away take apart fall apart at the seams be smashed to smithereens turn to dust smash crack burst break down demolish rend tear give smash to smithereens crush snap buckle fall in crash fall down sunder destroy implode trash annihilate total blow out pull to pieces come apart at the seams come unstuck cleave slump sag tumble damage yield topple fragmentize pulverize part tumble down tear apart succumb break into pieces bust up pulverise dissolve make mincemeat of spall come to pieces cave break open eradicate torpedo pop blast blow burst apart wreck go fly into pieces devastate splinterize fragmentalize crunch scrunch split up wrack cream waste prang mangle finish off make hash of topple over break to smithereens give out give in crush to smithereens go down come down wrack up go out malfunction come unwrapped come to bits batter rift come unglued pull apart physically break stave ravage beat settle pash dash drop wilt crack up smash up write off dash to pieces crack open crack apart stave in breach erupt detonate distort powder collapse inwards crash in come to dust sink inwards come down about one's ears break into tiny pieces warp smash into smithereens break into fragments extinguish ruin vaporize nuke desolate decimate raze perforate puncture crump squash squish split asunder smatter impair pull down exhaust tear down do in disable rub out vaporise break into break to pieces go off be set off burst out go bang dissipate tatter shred ribbon rip dispel rip apart dissever drive disassemble squander send wrest cut disturb pierce pull tear in two rip to pieces rip in two lacerate tear to pieces tear asunder slit rip asunder slash chase migrate clear out set asunder scatter diverge disject go separate ways go in different directions move in different directions put to flight go their separate ways


To put an end to, especially formally
dissolve dismiss end terminate suspend discontinue abolish adjourn cease disestablish finish abate abrogate annul avoid ax axe cancel conclude disannul invalidate negate null nullify overthrow prorogue quash repeal rescind vacate void break up dismantle disunite scrap wind up annihilate close close down collapse decimate demolish destroy destruct discharge disorganize eradicate loose postpone roll back ruin sever shatter shoot split up strike down unmake wind down wrack wreck bring to an end do away with fade out get rid of render void resolve into put an end to liquidate bankrupt put into liquidation sell out shut down revoke countermand wipe out undo set aside overturn obliterate stop reverse trash retract stamp out vitiate scrub veto zap kill neutralize offset recall render invalid neutralise render null and void overrule eliminate disallow extinguish exterminate ditch expunge junk shed extirpate drop break off dissociate abandon discard erase suppress take back rule against jettison throw out delete repudiate excise remove subvert withdraw make ineffective chop sweep away efface blot out rub out snuff out dispense with clean up dump root out black out deracinate nix squelch inhibit supersede prohibit call off put kibosh on give something the chop knock something on the head put the kibosh on obviate counteract rebut countervail nig torpedo scratch counterbalance restrict compensate declare null and void confine renig squash limit renege cancel out cast aside take out wash out forget it blue pencil bring to naught call all bets off


To formally bring to an end (at least temporarily)
hold something in abeyance adjourn break off delay interrupt postpone suspend arrest defer hold over intermit pigeonhole prorogue put aside put off reschedule shelve cease cut short discontinue dissolve put on ice table terminate bring to an end call a halt to mothball put on the back burner take a rain check on prorogate recess withhold push back lay on the table put on hold hold up hold put in abeyance bar lay off lay aside hold off check stop pink-slip put an end to omit put on back burner hang up procrastinate rule out break up count out put back put in cold storage inactivate protract put on the shelf can file put a stop to retard stave off hang fire stay halt waive hold in abeyance quit keep in abeyance lay over remit put over respite hold off on continue carry over stall prolong detain extend hold back end sideline pause stand over set aside suspend proceedings take five knock off take a break take a breather retain suppress set back give rain check curb cut off restrain break keep slow rise hinder impede dismiss take a recess dally give a rain check slow up do later put off the evil day put off the evil hour park reserve rearrange reorganize put something on hold hang hold something over cool forestay reprieve be suspended contain be put on hold deny constrain take offline temporise temporize cool it save inhibit keep back cut block lengthen obstruct cancel sever refuse bridle keep hold of repress stifle leave off refuse to pay put on the bank burner put on one side finish let up take a raincheck slow down come to an end reorganise bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill shake drop slow pedal take a rain check call a halt take a breather from call it a day put on a back burner take time out drop it call time take ten freeze dawdle tarry leave to another time linger dillydally loiter lag poke drag one's feet shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage put to one side tie up


To make less organized
disorganize confuse disorder disturb upset disarrange disrupt jumble muddle derange destroy discompose unsettle convulse disarray dishevel disjoint dislocate hash muss rumple scramble shuffle tousle tumble break up clutter complicate confound demobilise demobilize discreate disperse embroil litter mislay misplace perturb scatter toss mess up mix up turn topsy-turvy break down make a shambles of put out of order throw into disorder ruffle make untidy rummage throw into confusion mix make a mess of muss up throw into disarray spoil agitate foul up mess jumble up tangle displace turn upside-down untidy muddle up rattle entangle shake throw perplex derail snarl interfere with change unbalance get into a tangle psych out make disorderly mistake wreck rearrange destabilize make a mess interfere muddy intermix muck discombobulate fluster bother riffle ravel snafu get out of order bewilder bungle botch shift snarl up distract distemper bring into disorder louse up reorder throw into chaos turn discommode put off put out of place destabilise muck up throw off change the order break the deck misalign dealign turn something topsy-turvy ruin randomize recombine turn something upside down addle befuddle dizzy puzzle bring into disarray strew make hay of tamper distort meddle replace misarrange wrinkle crumple gum up randomise muff foul fumble blunder overturn reorganize put in disarray throw out turn upside down mingle disalign throw into a state of disorganization stir up tilt slosh reverse slop subvert reorganise transpose shift about knock off balance turn inside-out stop bollix alarm dismay cause confusion in cause turmoil in play havoc with discomfit trouble faze disquiet nonplus unnerve disconcert cut short intrude on screw up rattle one's cage muddy the waters daunt upset the apple cart throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of concern hagride alarum frazzle make anxious worry undo make uneasy unhinge discomfort distress ail exercise flurry fuss jolt lose sicken down dement spook fuddle needle miss take aback shake up throw off balance weird out freak out get to pull the rug from under pull the rug out from under put someone off their stroke throw into uproar drop forget misfile forget the whereabouts of be unable to put your hands on lose track of place unwisely remove leave behind be unable to find forget where one has put something be unable to lay hands on forget whereabouts of be unable to put place wrongly put in the wrong place put in wrong place make unclear obscure befog mismanage obfuscate fluff butcher bobble foozle blow flub cloud blur garble convolute becloud goof up fog disorient darken intricate twist make difficult encumber make more difficult make complex involve thwart ball up murder boot mangle boggle dub veil muffle bramble conceal make obscure overshadow eclipse bestrew misdirect mishandle bollix up bumble cover dirty fill misconduct misgovern mar embarrass balls up make a Horlicks of cause mess be scattered about be strewn about complex sophisticate complexify make a muck of stuff up baffle mystify clog interrelate fold interweave make intricate open can of worms add fuel to fire make difficulties make complicated multiply mire elaborate impede set hurdles make waves combine handicap bedevil interfuse infold render unintelligible snag flummox make a hash of bemuse stump dumbfound fox get bamboozle pose beat gravel maze beset thicken wilder vex floor buffalo stumble stun surprise astonish baulk astound balk cause to be at a stand make someone scratch their head catch off balance mix you up be all Greek to render uncertain mislead confuscate misinform obnubilate lead astray muddy up

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