Đồng nghĩa của divorce

Alternative for divorce

divorces, divorced, divorcing

Đồng nghĩa: disconnect, disjoin, divide, separate,


A separation between things which were or ought to be connected
breach rupture rift break parting separation alienation distance disunion disunity division estrangement partition severance split variance chasm difference gulf schism detachment dissociation divorcement disconnection disjunction disagreement disseverment dissolution breakup disjuncture discord uncoupling isolation dissension scission sundering conflict disaffection divergence disengagement dissent fractionalization breaking hostility break-up bifurcation fractionation discordance dissidence disharmony friction disaccord strife inharmony infighting dissention cleavage falling-out feud dissonance discordancy splitting up breaking up warfare war split-up cutting off disconnectedness disjointedness dispute disseverance difference of opinion distancing severing withdrawal contrast polarity souring disgruntlement antagonism unfriendliness bust-up gap disjoining disuniting turning away removal disintegration clash argument divergency breaking off parting of the ways incoherence dislocation farewell leave-taking quarrel war of words difficulty trouble contention segregation disruption splintering fracture faction fissure secession great divide antipathy withholding embitteredness altercation row contradiction antagonization distinction leave leaving disassociation bustup misunderstanding abyss divide incongruity paradox wide area of difference loosening loosing unfastening untying dissection taking apart quarrelling arguing feuding setting apart indifference opposition trichotomy contrariety unzipping unbuttoning unhooking undoing unhitching freeing remoteness diversion acrimony analysis selection bisection parceling segmentation carving vivisection subdivision demarcation distribution diagnosis autopsy dismemberment apportionment reduction out-of-body experience dichotomy coolness diverting pruning quarreling departmentalizing separating rending dividing detaching disparting distinguishing contrasting breaking down cutting up setting against irreconcilable difference chopping off extrication pulling off disentanglement hacking off splitting lack of consistency parcelling splitsville fragmentation controversy bickering wrangling bad blood disputation squabbling divisiveness enmity debate wrangle confrontation bad feeling clashing hassle rebellion rivalry tension ill feeling spat nonconcurrence flak incompatibility dissentience sour note bone to pick animosity fighting ill will squabble resentment run-in bitterness contestation lack of agreement factionalism dissensus set-to firestorm tiff sedition affray jar fight discontent battle struggle insurrection barney contest combat resistance protest objection disapproval remonstrance nonconformism unrest demur misbelief dissonancy backbiting fuss words static blowup brawl inharmoniousness scene beef bad vibes bone of contention scrap internal strife power struggle disruptiveness argumentation disparity unharmoniousness turbulence animus tumult doubt fracas exchange bicker tussle tangle unorthodoxy dispeace independence upheaval clashes niggle mutiny conflict of opinion falling out argy-bargy competition contretemps counter-argument quarrelsomeness sectarianism battle royal shouting match drifting apart tug-of-war face-off sweep-stake duel dogfight sweepstakes match grapple grievances grudges striving emulation divided loyalties palace politics palace intrigue ruction dustup counteraction ruckus hatred rumpus defiance vendetta tug of war nonagreement insubordination nonconformity opposing views brush bit of argy-bargy brannigan brush-off ball game refusal denial bone clinker gainstriving belligerency gainstrife lack of concord


To force or break apart
separate disconnect divide sever dissociate disunite detach disjoin split sunder dissever isolate alienate decouple disassociate disjoint distance part ramify resolve uncouple unlink unyoke break up dissolve unmarry cut off keep apart set apart break apart put away split up segregate disengage break remove cleave undo partition break off estrange disaffiliate rend cut section rive abstract come apart disband dissect withdraw unfix seclude subdivide segment slice cut up insulate sequester disentangle unhitch diverge quarantine free unfasten bisect tear take apart break away dichotomize loose untether set at odds break down turn off slice up unhook set at variance put at a distance delink quit disaffect dismember luxate disrupt rope off branch exclude spread loosen disassemble disperse antagonize crack leave part company alien sour disgruntle tear off splinter go separate ways dismount island drive apart bifurcate disarticulate turn away dismantle set against close off divide up wean carve up quarter halve antagonise withdraw from break with open chop carve make unfriendly rupture divide in two push away come between make hostile to turn your back on split in two drive a wedge between chop up cut in two abjugate unstrap untie end things extricate dislocate distinguish draw back factionalize scatter decompose reduce embroil stand between group sort go your separate ways disintegrate dislodge relocate move clear tear apart unclasp avoid fracture burst unbuckle unbolt unravel compartment distribute puncture breach shear dock amputate uncombine become disconnected pull apart come away become detached fork fractionate unpin unbutton make hostile withhold chop off hack off lop off hew off shear off slice off hack break from place far off walk away keep at arm's length move away abscind bust divaricate break open wedge apart unsnap unclick lose branch off rip slash branch out dissatisfy disillusion disunify disenchant divert share out portion out closet shield protect particularise itemise factor itemize portion strip particularize articulate fork off drive away move apart crack open pierce smite tear asunder split open lay open choose select sort out ghettoize set at odds with cause antagonism between sow dissension between put on the outs destroy the affections of sever connections between put asunder draw apart defect discriminate against ghettoise single out set aside separate out sunder out become estranged secede from cocoon distance oneself cloister bust up part company with sever connections with shut away seal off confine keep out screen off cordon off fence off shut off tape off partition off curtain off reach a parting of the ways break off relations with keep in solitude form a ring around block off put a cordon sanitaire around sow dissension make indifferent withdraw the affections of slit take off excise lacerate incise lop gash intersect cross cut across break in two cut open prune trim truncate axe anatomize butcher dislimb mutilate snap hew saw off pull off ax demarcate cut in half joint extract release share untwine disentwine knife untangle unloose cut into pieces pull out lance make an incision in slot snap off come off skim abscise curtail eliminate remove surgically fray unzip take out unbridle furcate dimidiate hemisect nip off prune off clip off chiv shred shave mince hash dice strip off cut away disburden let loose discumber split down the middle score maim separate into two rip off slice open nick carve out cripple limb liberate cube fell split off section off open up wound injure apportion hack up disembarrass deal disburse screen dispense schismatize tear limb from limb bite parcel out whack hackle mangle clip fragment jimmy dissipate saw cut into cut in size into divvy up dole out measure out cut off the limbs of solve differentiate take a chunk out of penetrate polarise polarize dispel saw down bring down cut down hack down vivisect pit against one another create a schism in create a rift in cause a rift between cause disagreement among drive squander send exscind operate exsect prosect perforate kick in bust in break in chase go in different directions set asunder put to flight migrate clear out move in different directions go their separate ways shatter disject cut apart


To annul
dissolve annul cancel invalidate nullify void overturn repeal rescind revoke discontinue abandon quit end cease stop terminate relinquish abort scrap halt axe forgo break ditch shun scratch scrub shelve forsake can kick interrupt remit ignore forfeit eighty-six shake break off retire from lay off part from desist from sacrifice turn your back on wipe out knock off cut off call off jilt ax write off drop dispense with have done with break up shut off cut out finish with give over dust off forget about part with pack up pack in leave off resign from give up lay off of cry off break with withdraw from throw up abolish quash abrogate disannul null negate countermand abate strike down roll back retract vacate reverse avoid withdraw set aside undo render invalid declare null and void vitiate obliterate repudiate recall overrule obviate override annihilate remove render null and void nix do away with kill overthrow veto put an end to stamp out eradicate take back eliminate suppress discard erase get rid of dump neutralize disallow zap black out discharge renege dismantle neutralise X-out make void lift destroy expunge extinguish delete chop trash subvert efface deracinate supersede blot out recant reject cut torpedo cast aside counteract cancel out give something the chop declare invalid counterbalance offset renig knock something on the head bring to an end countercheck redress backpedal blue pencil wash out weasel out declare suspend weaken undermine renounce rule against renege on disaffirm backtrack on KO blow watergate disclaim go back on abjure call back waive unfit impair circumduct disqualify abnegate get off the hook bleep back out worm out opt out shoot down stand down throw over bottle up cork up shut down hush up put the lid on put damper on pull back take off take away draw back phase out backwater forget knock out finish off do in countervail rebut blow sky-high render meaningless retire refute redline nig confine restrict compensate squash limit counterpoise turf belay make ineffective make null and void pull the plug back out of wangle out crawl out of contravene oppose frustrate ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross take out forget it rule out render inert go back on one's word wipe slate clean put down turn thumbs down turn down fly in the face of bring to naught call all bets off exterminate junk extirpate shed jettison throw out excise liquidate clean up root out sweep away rub out snuff out inhibit finish disestablish squelch prohibit close down put kibosh on put the kibosh on

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