Đồng nghĩa của nix

Alternative for nix

nix /niks/
  • thán từ
    • (từ lóng) chú ý!, hãy cẩn thận!, hãy coi chừng!
    • danh từ
      • (từ lóng) không, không một ai, không một cái gì
        • to work for nixes: làm công không, luống công vô ích
    • danh từ
      • thuỷ thần, hà bá


    The act of traversing
    traversal abnegation adjuration brush-off contradiction declination disaffirmation disapproval disavowal disclaimer disproof dissent forswearing nay negation negative nonacceptance prohibition protestation rebuff rebuttal refutal refutation rejection renouncement renunciation repudiation repulse retraction statement turndown veto abstaining cold shoulder controversion disaffirmance disallowance dismissing gainsaying noncommittal no way refraining refusing rejecting renegement repudiating refusal denial thumbs down knock-back snub kick in the teeth no spurning pass defiance exclusion repulsion brushoff slap in the face the old heave-ho nothing doing dismissal slight non-acceptance discouragement cold-shouldering disfavor knockback regrets nonconsent discountenancing ban proscription noncompliance disfavour interdiction silent treatment smack in the eye writ reversal smack in the face declension hard time forbidding denunciation enjoinment abjuration choice withholding the elbow disconfirmation denegation counterstatement disappointment reverse failure confutation retractation statement abnegation declining disowning abandonment cut defeat opposition check eschewal bounce bum's rush elimination turning down kick in teeth no go no dice casting off put down reprimand insult go-by rebuke demurral declinature negative response snubbing ostracism disregard kiss-off blackballing affront ignoring red light sending to Coventry lack of acceptance elbow iciness aloofness coldness dissatisfaction humiliation objection contravention pooh-poohing withdrawal unacceptance cold-shoulder non placet begrudging deprivation discourtesy disclaiming spurn dispute conflict abstention relinquishment disacknowledgement indifference neglect inattention giving up casting aside refusal to acknowledge rebuffing ostracization brushing off refusing to speak ignoring of someone desertion forsaking shunning ostracizing blacklisting avoidance excommunication shutting out ostracising cutting dead a kick in the teeth


    To refuse or be unwilling to allow or grant
    decline reject refuse negative disapprove reprobate spurn repudiate pass deselect disallow deny withhold turn down pass up throw out balk at throw over dismiss rebuff veto knock back give the thumbs down to turn one's back on say no to prohibit negate rule out scorn withgo say no renounce forbid block discountenance snub repulse interdict revoke shun disregard demur ignore not grant set aside baulk at pass on turn away not accept give thumbs down to give the red light to preclude begrudge give the brush-off to pass by not hear of steer clear of forgo discount rule against skip overlook say ‘no’ to miss withhold from desist from shy from abstain from not take advantage of not heed refrain from overthrow outvote prevent oppose give something a miss shoot down restrict stonewall stopper stymie blackball defeat give the thumbs down fetter disdain repel withdraw protest desist not budge on turn deaf ear to not care for brush off send one's regrets hold out protest at not buy turn from demur at hold back send off hold off jib at draw the line at dispense with refuse to receive shake one's head abandon desert disown discard abjure forsake disavow recant reverse retract forswear rescind cast off disprofess give up cast defect dishonor rat apostatize turn default disinherit tergiverse tergiversate shed lay aside cut off banish disacknowledge flush dump oust dishonour have no more truck with wash one's hands of turn your back on be against wash your hands of break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of disclaim relinquish drop renege eschew cast aside abdicate abnegate surrender leave yield ditch avoid neglect disaffirm gainsay cold-shoulder refute quit kick cut rebut sacrifice resign ostracize renege on ostracise freeze out look right through give someone the brush-off pull out give the cold shoulder forbear slight refrain jilt snout contradict disconfirm go back on withdraw from stiff-arm put down cut dead opt out give the brush have done with rat on give someone the go-by exclude swear off tell someone where to get off repeal unsay waive welsh foreswear cede abstain refuse to acknowledge betray jettison shirk escape divorce oneself from drop out pack in cut out resign from pull out of back out walk out on send to Coventry resist junk disaffiliate dodge evade bilk chuck abscond scrap revolt separate wash hands of rebel go depart duck back down cop out decamp end relations with axe secede from hand over take back do away with weasel out of refuse to recognize cut off without a penny jack in turn back on depart from ax break away from fail to honour split with sever relations with stay clear of run out on shut out bin off fight shy of look past give the bum's rush part with go away from run out leave out shy away from go over keep clear of take the oath drop out of give a wide berth to change your mind give the elbow not touch have nothing to do with turn coat give someone the big E defect from give someone the air shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from change sides leave alone give someone the push concede disprove prove to be false show to be false give the lie to divert belie invalidate renig impugn call into question discontinue disincline scrub discredit forego contemn blank explode throw off disgorge worm out of stop using delink from go back on word excommunicate stop having quitclaim vacate elude disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from turn up one's nose act cool make unwelcome unfollow strand send packing dislike scoff at treat with contempt look down on hold in contempt turn nose up at sneer at sneeze at turn your nose up at stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn away from break free from take leave from be exclusive of other not include not be inclusive of bag it step down from deliver up bail out step aside from body-swerve keep away from give a wide berth shake off have no part of recoil from shrink from look right through someone keep your distance from palm off contravene cast out refuse to abide by shy shake finesse scape deliver render lay down turn over leave behind leave flat maroon divest leave high and dry leave stranded do without bereave sit out say goodbye to go without keep from break up with split let well enough alone have no truck with get around shuffle out of exheridate evict deprive dispossess don't want let go of take the pledge kiss good-bye stand down quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in cut loose sign away cough up let pass drop like hot potato refuse to accept bin trash violate oath jump ship leave in the lurch take your leave of kiss goodbye change one's tune drift away show the door cashier retire cancel scratch retreat from backpedal back off fink out except disburden throw doff slough retreat backtrack backslide throw on the scrapheap dispose of fling away cast away get shut of get rid of chuck out get shot of chuck away toss out throw away shrug off leave penniless cut off without a cent cut out of will secede brush aside elide bypass levant welch default on cry off weasel out call off wiggle out beg off back pedal worm out chicken out bar pretermit overpass overleap break from disaffiliate from become independent separate oneself from split from form a splinter group separate from split off from break away swindle stiff defraud fail skate not bother pass over count out let slide take out miss out leave off fail to include fail to mention skip over factor out omit refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of change allegiances turn traitor revolt against go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties break faith be apostate take a walk throw in the towel blow it off get cold feet about get cold feet chicken out of check go into arrears leave town skip out on put on the cuff meet under arch fall behind break one's word fail to pay see in the alley not pay let lapse duck out discourage give the red light chide rebuke cross reprove stave off push back ward off beat off put off fend off send away tell off keep at bay lash out at keep at a distance put in one's place keep at arm's length


    To refuse, or to vote against
    kill veto blackball negative down shoot down reject turn down refuse ban squash bar disallow embargo negate give the thumbs down to boycott throw out give the red light to shutdown vote down say ‘no’ to prohibit forbid block interdict outlaw proscribe dismiss rule out overrule quash nullify stop rule against preclude dissent decline discountenance deny pass cut censure defeat disapprove burn place an embargo on declare null and void pass on not go for pass by put down put an end to throw away give thumbs down put a stop to refuse permission to put the kibosh on thumbs down repudiate exclude snub debar expel remove ostracize blacklist oust vote against shut out evict shun cashier drum out disfellowship cold-shoulder spurn get rid of ostracise force out keep out leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder give the cold shoulder to banish ignore eject avoid black freeze out set aside excommunicate send to Coventry put an embargo on cast out exile condemn blank coldshoulder put a price on someone's head unchurch eliminate denounce cancel hand someone the frozen mitt leave in the cold anathematize except omit curse takfir bounce disbar consider undesirable countermand rebuff reverse disown overturn invalidate refuse to employ steer clear of put on hit list hit list close out discount estop occlude sideline deny access to disregard disclude suspend obviate prevent bate disclaim abjure disavow not count refuse to admit cut out leave out count out miss out zing throw censor say no to taboo disacknowledge prevent from entering put out lock out ward off refuse admittance pass over drive out shut the door on keep back


    To abolish, invalidate, or reverse (a previous system, decision, situation, etc.)
    overturn cancel annul revoke nullify quash repeal invalidate rescind reverse overrule void retract countermand abrogate abolish veto negate overthrow override vacate withdraw repudiate disallow recall recant obviate alter upset change overset down prostrate set aside take back rule against throw out declare null and void bring down knock down avoid disannul scrub scrap null dissolve strike down roll back drop abate wipe out axe call off remove abandon undo obliterate render invalid ax terminate annihilate vitiate renege abort erase expunge put an end to make void call dismantle backpedal lift kill end cry off mothball renounce disclaim scratch efface delete X-out abjure blot out rub out call back back out of render null and void ditch stop do away with discontinue get rid of chop dump subvert deracinate supersede discard stamp out root out black out sweep away snuff out give something the chop zap weasel out knock something on the head deny disown dismiss counterorder forswear turf discharge declare invalid put off put on ice postpone cast aside forget about destroy eliminate eradicate extinguish exterminate backwater forget junk extirpate shed suppress jettison trash wangle out declare excise get off the hook pull the plug crawl out of liquidate dispense with clean up make null and void inhibit finish disestablish squelch prohibit shelve weaken undermine close down put kibosh on suspend put the kibosh on renig wash out back out worm out opt out shoot down KO stand down blow throw over break off unfit impair circumduct neutralize counterbalance disqualify neutralise offset counteract bring to an end renege on disaffirm backtrack on go back on torpedo waive reject blow sky-high render meaningless redline knock out finish off do in call something off cut purge omit edit black exclude censor ink out cross out blank out cancel out block out blue pencil strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out put a line through take out edit out elide X out dele white out unsay halt cease abnegate withcall disavow relax desist ignore remit foreswear back down divorce outvote make ineffective countercheck redress retreat break nig take away quit give up forget it draw back backtrack relinquish do a U-turn on welsh interrupt break with break up rule out forsake back off eat one's words pack in go back on one's word desist from lay off cut off discount raise back-pedal on disobey disregard dishonour release liberate watergate refuse go against dishonor refuse to fulfil cork up hush up bottle up shut down put damper on forbear dominate flout defy defeat predominate prevail put the lid on apostatize knock on the head ride roughshod over trample underfoot countervail rebut dial back contradict worm out of row back climb down retire refute bleep trample upon restrict compensate limit confine squash phase out excuse oneself pull out beg off counterpoise belay check arrest contravene frustrate ding blackball impugn traverse stonewall cross oppose belie disprove take off pull back do a U-turn do an about-turn put down turn down call in wimp out cop out crap out disband turn thumbs down adjourn call all bets off unfreeze render inert bring conclude prorogue bring to naught retrograde recede apologise apologize retrocede get cold feet fly in the face of wind up disunite wipe slate clean reel in fall back take in eat your words row back on pull up wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate unmake collapse destruct sever shoot ruin wind down shatter demolish change one's mind change one's tune do an about-turn on cut short have change of heart forgo fade out resolve into render void knock it off call a halt stop midstream pull the plug on call it quits kick shun can forfeit shake jilt sacrifice turn your back on part with resign from eighty-six finish with dust off write off pack up knock off have done with leave off lay off of withdraw from throw up retire from shut off part from cut out give over


    Stop early on
    nip in the bud block hinder prevent stop thwart abort anticipate cut off cut short put the kibosh on stymie ban outlaw proscribe interdict disallow veto prohibit bar enjoin forbid exclude debar rule out inhibit criminalize restrain taboo make illegal embargo spike freeze forfend halt hold up lock up shut out criminalise pass on put a stopper in cork bottle up jam up keep lid on zing box in throw cold water on pour cold water on place an embargo on put down put chill on hang up tie up bring to screeching halt put half nelson on cool kill gridlock put a lock on preclude cancel deprive deny check obviate forestall oppose impede restrict obstruct withhold censor declare taboo give the thumbs down to put an end to put the chill on shut down say no put a stop to declare illegal give the red light to avert foil head off stave off fend off ward off intercept frustrate arrest hold back deter avoid pre-empt baulk turn aside help balk hamper second-guess counteract save defend against beat someone to the punch deflect beat someone to the draw get ahead of steal a march on circumvent chill divert interrupt get in before hold off beat someone to it preempt provide against desist discontinue cease keep from happening stonewall commandeer pick off be early beat somebody to it act in advance of be one step ahead of prepare for head off at pass shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer counter baffle stave ward retard keep at bay dam limit repress keep off parry preoccupy forecast delay monopolise expect monopolize project foresee envision predict curb stay keep damp let disadvise put a damper on scare talk out of turn off dampen act like a wet blanket


    To tarnish with something undesirable
    spoil vitiate darken destroy ruin undo upset wreck blast dash sabotage scotch scupper torpedo cloud mess up banjax queer blemish cruel dish euchre foul up mar muller poison stain taint tarnish touch cast a pall over cast a shadow over do for louse up make a mess of muck up screw up put a damper on take the edge off take the shine off balls up blow a hole in put the kibosh on take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of bring to naught throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of queer someone's pitch devastate shatter blight demolish crush smash put paid to do in disrupt stymie wipe out blow annihilate trash wreak havoc on frustrate defeat quell quash damage injure play havoc with total make a hash of decimate vaporize put an end to desolate waste raze impair overturn put the lid on sink cream nuke overwhelm vaporise tear down rub out end prevent crool bring to an end ravage put a stop to disfigure pulverize desecrate break ruinate reduce to nothing despoil ravish botch bust wrack pulverise extinguish overthrow lay in ruins bring to ruin pull down lay waste bring down foil thwart scar negate render ineffective cancel out neutralize nullify bring about the downfall of decay afflict disappoint glitch up topple trounce slaughter put out of commission destruct tumble put out of action write off break up make of no use or value neutralise finish explode pop disable burst put the skids under be the ruination of seal the doom of be the ruin of interfere with disturb disorder disarrange disorganize hamper convulse delay slow impede retard hold up obstruct unsettle blow up wreak havoc with rattle bring to nought turn upside-down derange slow down cause turmoil in throw into disorder cause confusion in throw into disarray throw into confusion flatten mangle dilapidate defile reduce deface bodge scourge level mutilate maim deplete clean out knock down reduce to rubble bring to nothing wreak havoc upon leave in ruins leave desolate harm cripple hurt undermine compromise obliterate weaken flaw sully subvert corrupt gut dismantle vandalize endamage pillage eradicate pollute besmirch vandalise depredate spoliate contaminate debase blot batter bloody sack crab cross up plunder dirty kill deform befoul soil smirch overcome distort take out exterminate ransack devour hinder enfeeble infect raze to the ground abolish sap diminish threaten blacken foul disfeature remove incapacitate bulldoze discolor destabilize discolour raid unbuild loot consume maraud beat liquidate stop degrade spot destabilise dispatch wound smear overpower subdue rape stamp out burn squash butcher muddy debilitate impoverish rob invalidate terminate contort do away with crash suppress tar bomb bruise torture discredit zap rout erase conquer vanquish smash up massacre expunge grime begrime smudge efface extirpate prejudice blow to bits eliminate enervate blow to pieces blow away warp slay mark shake up take apart strip fell lay waste to finish off attenuate denigrate twist dynamite wipe off the map break down rifle attack depress clobber abate cut snuff out corrode blot out scorch prostrate lower cancel scratch subjugate bankrupt overrun blow sky-high halt debauch dissolve abuse blunt reave adulterate exhaust make impure jeopardize rough up shoot down strike wipe off the face of the earth wear away uglify sweep away bring someone to their knees torment knock out harry blow out of the water annul lessen disprove maul squelch hamstring worst undercut misshape pervert scathe lick deteriorate oppress mangulate disestablish crack paralyse take best jeopardise master disgrace murder wreak havoc muck distain bemire gaum mire daub wrench trample forage be detrimental to paralyze humble prevail over devalue outmaneuver outmanoeuvre skin reduce to ruins influence shipwreck upend throw down wipe from the face of the earth cheapen floor vilify cause detriment to slam violate swamp spike get rid of dispose of mow down put down take down blow out shoot full of holes unfit affect drag through the mud roll back erode block cramp buckle delete havoc oust root out squinch smite black out stifle screw depose clean up unseat malform eat away supplant dethrone put at risk emasculate depopulate shiver bust up traumatize rend lacerate refute use up humiliate fleece scuttle demoralize wither gnarl detract from tear deflate incinerate execute shake drain maltreat kill off deprave do damage to worsen shock dishonour capsize molest wrong harass downgrade restrict split knot disassemble skew spread to strike down defame shame demoralise bend knock to pieces hit disintegrate stuff tank depreciate falsify do harm to dishonor reverse stab make unattractive knock cease dent slash thrash whip hammer prove wrong decrease wince blotch disempower stigmatize detract tear up devaluate traumatise belittle wax wipe off map tweak ding crucify paste skunk whack pound wallop steamroll drub be prejudicial to unmake doctor make ugly immobilize marmalize overbear overmatch cane trim deck pommel whitewash get surmount tear apart play merry hell with rain on someone's parade bang up tamper with flog water down be a blot on the landscape make useless shellac edge outplay triumph over drop whomp tan handle roughly deprive stigmatise reflect badly on bring into disrepute give the lie to entrap outjump outflank ambush route outrun outhit lambaste flax own disqualify inactivate nip in the bud wrack up win against damage beyond repair drive a coach and horses through give someone a drubbing take to cleaners take it all throw monkey wrench in make mincemeat of unstrengthen edge out KO poke full of holes get around cut up get the better of give someone a hiding pip at the post run roughshod over pwn run rings round plow under hogtie hock handicap turn inside out bear down walk all over take down a peg work over drag through the mire kibosh run rings around unbrace immobilise nose out win a victory over do down make unclean wipe the floor with muzzle do mischief to take to the cleaners pinion render incapable pick apart bring shame on wipe lead astray dust avenge empty make desolate obscure tag devitalize pauperize cool chasten chastise speckle mess endanger manipulate inconvenience prang do one in whittle imperil disfashion nick detonate excise burn away prey pirate wrest foray seize capture derail lay low rip down bow wolf annoy rupture check prohibit make destitute bleed dry cow set a bad example let down burn out hack throw a monkey wrench into spill scatter limit lame indispose counteract spend take care of interrupt dispirit gobble up spray paint brand take away dampen be disadvantageous to knacker shrivel confuse torpefy displace crack up dislocate cost cut down commit genocide cut a swath through make misshapen distort the shape of tear to pieces put in toilet demote engulf dump on strike out blow down cast down play mischief with create chaos aggrieve grieve pain pique distress sting be deleterious to run onto the rocks make unfit render powerless make powerless defenestrate inhibit smother curb restrain minimize minimise demean bend out of shape implode betray maraud over deceive scratch out disrate dash to pieces pile up absorb envelop expend rebel supersede invert lose strength crumple chop mildew tip remove from power remove from office purge bring low have craze overreach outsmart crimp outfox offset splinter crack down on jumble be the end of draw blood hack up score pinch scrape cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in harm to strike at the foundations crud up knock off balance tame chip away color colour sour fracture fragment radioactivate dispossess result in damage to lead to the end of work against make waves trouble contradict knock over bollix repress impact hash slit slice carve cut about separate mash flay denude disease move enthuse overshadow maculate discourage abort silence whelm overmaster play out draw down fragmentize scrunch smash to smithereens crunch rive splinterize fragmentalize smatter snap perturb confute steal from freeboot reive taint with mildew chop up disillusion quelch strangle ice harsh break into pieces intrude on counter go through force down snow under grind down bear down on slap down clamp down on cause instability scuzz up prevail occur appropriate embezzle trespass arrogate confiscate invade torch run through spread among cast gloom over prick make foul crush to smithereens blow apart controvert rebut disconfirm debunk belie mistreat manhandle dismiss throw out throw into chaos mix up turn topsy-turvy impinge rot gnaw rust puncture cut short mark down negative go against bleach fade impact on impinge upon benothing cast a gloom upon bring a note of sadness to mishandle assassinate whittle away jam cause injury lace thin dilute suspend strike at confound plague curse knock props from under take wind out of sails blow sky high knock bottom out sandbag mine dig soften tunnel wear challenge embarrass write down deactivate disenable freeze combust scald take hold of disband discontinue bully down prove false cremate carbonise carbonize clamp wheel-clamp dig out hollow out have an effect on have an impact on exert influence on persecute brutalize assault victimize bump revert devalorize abase undervalue demerit set back declass bench adjourn bastardize mix slander clip one's wings chip away at queer the pitch of tie render inoperative prevent from working arrest disarm prevent from moving bring to a standstill make inoperative action render inactive bring to a halt drive a nail into the coffin of make a nonsense of put in a bad light bring shame to knock the bottom out of grimace destroy by fire burn up reduce to ashes burn to the ground burn down burn to a crisp disannul rescind void vacate axe prorogue avoid null repeal abrogate conclude extend sophisticate traduce roughhouse knock off malign scrap wind up disunite dope knock about kick around knock around treat roughly be violent toward brutalise treat badly beat up do over victimise ill-treat mess over bung up bump off put away censure slur rubbish give a bad name to make lose face have a negative effect on have a negative impact on knock for six split up close close down loose collapse shoot ax fade out discharge resolve into postpone render void sever wind down reproach badmouth decry disparage calumniate take off carry off take someone's life mix with denature bastardise infiltrate phony up commingle irrigate doctor up plant transfuse amalgamate thin out blend intermix alloy shave cook mingle asperse besmear scandalize assail libel beset punish burden terrorize excoriate bedevil drive to the wall move in for the kill pan muckrake vilipend give the coup de grâce administer the coup de grâce bring shame upon rip up and down blackguard do a number on give a black eye rip disrespect speak ill of bring discredit to scandalise sling mud at do a hatchet job on breathe on poor-mouth give a bad name blister slag off deride tar and feather drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud cast a slur on spread scandal about bad-mouth fling mud at sling mud derogate run smear campaign knock the stuffing out of terrorise cause suffering to


    To remove completely, leaving no trace
    obliterate eradicate erase cancel destroy efface expunge delete demolish devastate desolate eliminate extirpate remove abolish annihilate decimate excise exterminate extinguish kill liquidate raze waste wreck axe ax finish level off scratch scrub squash torpedo total trash zap cover cut defeat obscure ravage sink smash rub out wipe out blot out snuff out stamp out root out black out blank out get rid of block out remove all traces of sweep away wipe off face of earth wipe off the face of the earth clean up cross out wipe off the map finish off blow sky-high ink out knock off knock out KO mark out put paid to score out strike out take out rub off shoot down wash out X-out blow to bits take apart blue pencil do in destroy root and branch terminate end dispatch slaughter massacre butcher neutralize neutralise do away with quash murder execute assassinate slay whack blackball top stiff ice down scrag smoke lynch immolate snuff guillotine put an end to put down make away with bump off wipe from the face of the earth take the life of carry off blow away cause the death of put to death put away take someone's life cut down end the life of dispose of quell silence put a stop to nullify annul abort overturn overthrow bring to an end stop banish abrogate invalidate put out give something the chop knock something on the head get shot of phase out dispense with drive out cast out croak fell claim smite wax get suffocate garrotte hit crucify asphyxiate strangle garrote hang sacrifice cut to pieces do for do to death mow down polish off put to sleep


    To get rid of
    reject discard jettison abandon desert exclude ditch dump eliminate junk scrap shed cashier chuck exorcise exorcize toss bin lose pitch relinquish unload away fling forgo forsake negative cast off throw away throw off throw out cast aside deep-six fling away fling off lay by eighty-six shuck off slough off sluff off wash your hands of get rid of dispose of get shot of get shut of trash drop dispense with toss out chuck out chuck away eject remove set aside do away with axe throw on the scrapheap dismiss ax expel have done with cast away see the back of slough cast shrug off throw weed out cull throw overboard toss aside write off clear out part with cast out abdicate dispose offload dispatch shake off thrust aside root out extract disown heave hurl maroon shelve scrub bung out bung away cut fling out throw aside repudiate 86 yield disburden doff chase refuse slip evict extrude shuck unburden clear put aside dispossess can auction adios give the boot knock on the head pull the plug on sweep away turn down fob off divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye kiss off make over deep six rid oneself of free oneself of abjure renounce cancel divorce banish oust give up destroy demolish recycle decommission annihilate obliterate wreck retire consign to scrap heap put out to pasture break up discharge unlade off-load unship unpack leave disencumber empty out tip out do without manage without cope without make away with release transfer pour out unhand let go surrender throw over the side take off loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on lighten deposit disgorge discommode relieve drop off rid void empty tip let drop let fall take a load off break bulk devolve delegate distribute debark pass on


    To make ineligible, as for entry to an examination
    disqualify ban prohibit debar forbid bar disentitle exclude preclude unfit block interdict disable incapacitate invalidate bate disenable disfranchise eighty-six eliminate except impair paralyse paralyze rule out suspend weaken declare ineligible not make the cut prevent stop veto blackball black restrain inhibit put a stop to render declare incapable proscribe outlaw disallow enjoin suppress restrict reject banish boycott embargo hinder criminalize disfellowship shut out impede illegalize curse make illegal halt criminalise close out deprive deny keep out expel count out refuse lock out freeze out check pass by place an embargo on officially forbid put an end to pass up ice out close up close down declare illegal say no to estop obviate forestall refuse entrance to refuse admission to interrupt deter ward discontinue forfend cease quit stand in the way of leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder to make it impracticable for make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable obstruct dismiss thwart cancel taboo give the thumbs down to hamper ostracize ward off stymie counteract repudiate exile ostracise quash turn down negate throw out give the red light to put the kibosh on disregard limit withhold decline negative hamstring circumvent kill overrule censor ignore defeat rebuff nullify disapprove discount hold up blacklist cripple squash crimp arrest thumbs down put an embargo on declare null and void pass on leave out put down set aside foreclose constrain plug rule something out destroy override discard forbid to place injunction on place an injunction on disown overturn countermand reverse shut off avert abolish revoke recant disclaim abjure disavow shut out of throw keep back zing disacknowledge stave off put paid to close one's doors to not consider forget about omit curb disbar remove oust bounce avoid eject evict retard dissuade from hold back down rule against vote against deny access to disclude occlude sideline repulse reprobate get rid of pass over force out put out send to Coventry not count refuse to admit cut out prevent from entering shut the door on drive out miss out refuse admittance snub encumber slow contravene interfere with disrupt handicap cut off stonewall slow down pass cut dissent shoot down discountenance censure burn begrudge consider undesirable give thumbs down not go for throw away refuse permission to refuse to employ steer clear of hit list knock back foil put on hit list give the brush-off to baffle counter spoil disappoint dash scotch crush baulk balk derail freeze oppose spike confront snooker fetter stifle declare taboo discomfit hobble neutralize beat checkmate crool foul up scupper banjax shut down lock up say no render null and void cramp one's style hang up overcome stump lick screw up ruin frustrate upset the applecart conquer put a brake on cramp nip in the bud do for dash one's hope neutralise give the run around put the lid on annul outwit put the chill on


    To dismiss from duty or employment
    discharge remove dismiss cashier fire sack eject expel oust axe ax bounce can discard release retire terminate excuse supplant bump bust displace replace supersede freeze out lay off boot out let go declare redundant kick out make redundant pink-slip throw out turf out deprive of office give one notice give someone notice let one go send packing show the door get rid of give someone their marching orders muster out relieve of duty run out of town turn off give someone the boot give someone the push give someone the sack lock out give someone the bullet give someone their cards give the heave-ho ride out on rail defenestrate depose give the old heave-ho unseat give the elbow evict out drum out boot dethrone turn out give someone their notice banish topple drop defrock dislodge drive out exclude remove from office overthrow give notice to uncrown chuck out unthrone deprive unmake bin off bring down cast out give someone the air force out send away give someone the big E give the bum's rush give walking papers suspend overturn pay off turf rout reject give the boot run off disqualify cut eliminate relegate usurp unfrock impeach chase discrown send home throw out on your ear let out shut out push out disbar remove from power debar ship bar ban pension deselect disfrock shelve recall disemploy furlough depone break deport degrade omit disregard slang unhorse shed chuck pink slip extrude see the back of show the door one give marching orders sling out fling out expulse give notice chase out give a pink slip give someone his wash out turn away give warning give the sack give somebody their cards leave out give somebody the boot set aside drive away give the ax give the gate give somebody the push throw out on ear throw someone out on their ear give the chop give someone the pink slip send somebody packing lay someone off heave vote someone out move on throw court martial demote triumph overwhelm defeat sever connections unsettle downgrade retire early give the boot to give the bullet to eighty-six blackball disthrone disenthrone dehire unhire yeet give somebody notice upset subvert give the push to put away blacklist step into shoes of take over terminate employment give someone the gate give someone his or her walking papers give someone the ax strip of rank black thrust out put out give one the gate show the door to toss out give the sack to purge exile give their cards give the axe give heave-ho hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip move fordrive dispossess heave out transfer expatriate give somebody the sack give bum's rush ask to leave give somebody the pink slip reposition abolish shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach tomahawk downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver excommunicate ostracize waive budge abstract dislocate give the hook show you the door repatriate extradite transport outlaw cancel delete proscribe isolate rusticate ostracise extradict drive off sequester slur elide erase forget take down do away with shake off chase away ignore scale down cut back put an end to slim down leave off rule out give something a miss take out miss out cross out cut out shut the door on kiss off remove by force disband disperse demobilize liberate dispatch rid bundle clear demobilise show out allow to go send off dispense with dispose of cast off slough off do without push aside repudiate boycott disallow veto snub preclude smoke out keep out embargo dispel disfellowship shun prohibit except interdict send to Coventry flush out scatter count out leave out in the cold vote against hand someone his hat refuse forbid discount disclude stop uproot close out put an embargo on put out in the street give the cold shoulder to attaint throw someone out consign coldshoulder repulse empty unchurch prohibit from entering denounce ferret out anathematize overlook takfir curse disentitle ditch unloose irrupt dump toss dissipate force to leave chase off vote out throw overboard kiss goodbye squeeze out give someone their P45 show the gate to say no to declare ineligible refuse admission to refuse entrance to deny stand in the way of not include fail to include factor out disturb squander avoid knock over disentangle extricate repel scramble free bring low knock out of position knock out of place clear out dig out get out knock loose bring about the downfall of withdraw consider undesirable split up beat off break up estop deny access to obviate prevent block sideline bate occlude steer clear of thumbs down place an embargo on hit list refuse to employ down negative kill not count refuse to admit put on hit list break it up pass over ward off refuse admittance prevent from entering cold-shoulder spurn take away move out shoot down clear from send to a safe place remove from undermine relieve displant substitute override give the cold shoulder wrench out crowd swap places with substitute for sit in front for fill in ring outplace take over from ring in back up force stand in take the place of


    Zero in amount, value or degree

    Trái nghĩa của nix

    nix Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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