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Alternative for ship

ships, shipped, shipping

Đồng nghĩa: dispatch, haul, send, transport,


To take, or cause to go, from one place to another
send transfer bring carry consign dispatch run shoot take transmit transport bear convey ferry address direct distribute drop embark export forward freight haul move pack off remit route shift smuggle go aboard ship out put on board deliver cart post relocate lug mail conduct tote fetch send off pack truck displace remove relay transplant express reposition pass schlepp transpose dislocate locate issue take over drive convoy switch rearrange shoulder piggyback send out transport in bulk funnel channel sweep traject import hand-carry lift resettle budge uproot shuffle reallocate shuttle chauffeur advance redirect impart airmail disturb replace taxi onpass circulate move around move over carry over drop off put in the mail settle pay square buck cast aim turn set level present point send on put in the post hand over make payment of make payment reach get contact move across communicate postmark mark bootleg sneak deal in traffic in drag pick up collect hump heave tow draw give a lift to trawl pull tug schlep yank fly carry away give a ride to airlift guide give a lift hoist go for trail call for escort lead emigrate usher hale take along carry off take away go to get cart off load up stop for come and get shlep heft airdrop winch bus translate port support pipe gather blow puff syphon ride interchange exchange change siphon draggle take off immigrate revamp readapt reorient recondition reset manhandle traffic waft streel come carrying carry on come by take on humph obtain retrieve vellicate snap transport by air unload deposit propel push go and get leave drop in for bring back bring to go get pull along wash float draw forth get a hold of drop-ship put off allow to alight bear away sweep away wash away pilot take round accompany show put out put on fork over dish out chaperon steer shepherd come across with see attend herd assist help marshal marshall trailblaze show the way companion belead decamp depart vacate migrate flit quit move house up sticks go away pull up stakes move away


To dismiss from employment
sack dismiss cashier discharge fire ax axe boot out bounce can kick out pink-slip release remove retire terminate throw out lay off let go make redundant out send packing turf drop expel get rid of give someone their notice muster out turn off turf out give someone the boot give someone the bullet give someone the push give someone the sack give the heave-ho show the door give marching orders give notice give someone their cards give someone their marching orders give the elbow give the old heave-ho give a pink slip displace oust eject purge unseat depose dislodge topple dethrone eliminate move supplant relegate transfer evict reposition abolish shift expunge evacuate pull relocate defenestrate detach budge abstract dislocate take down see the back of throw out on your ear give the bum's rush drum out turn out banish force out drive out chuck out cast out exile run off boot exclude overturn disturb deport transpose reject rout defrock chase bring down overthrow put out slang throw someone out on their ear expulse remove from office uncrown unthrone suspend deprive unmake bump impeach shut out heave out push out thrust out bin off give notice to give the gate give someone the big E give someone the air discard break dispossess usurp unfrock debar ostracize discrown fling out ostracise send away give walking papers upset misplace ban subvert uproot disqualify degrade pension deselect disfrock shelve recall disemploy furlough depone bust replace eighty-six chuck freeze out knock out of place knock out of position disestablish extrude transport give the sack to force to leave bring about the downfall of sling out run out of town pay off give someone his chase out let out wash out turn away give warning ride out on rail give the ax show the door to throw out on the streets give someone the pink slip toss out rusticate keep out throw demote bar consign downgrade blackball move on heave expatriate unhorse prohibit from entering blacklist undo triumph overwhelm defeat yeet excuse strip of rank black put out of place dissolve expropriate nix supersede put out in the street sever connections court martial give heave-ho give the boot to give the bullet to put away give someone his or her walking papers unsettle remove from power dehire unhire shed fordrive get going set going give the push to move out of place send home hand someone his hat chase off ask to leave disthrone disenthrone separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt declare redundant hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip pink slip give bum's rush drive away pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force show out heave-ho toss out on ear deprive of office change the position of give the hook show you the door extricate knock over disentangle take over relieve of duty free bring low lock out step into shoes of dig out get out tomahawk cut downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver knock loose clear scale down cut back put an end to slim down toss ditch unloose irrupt dump throw overboard kiss goodbye send off squeeze out drive off do away with give someone their P45 give the chop withdraw show the gate to take away move out remove from clear from send to a safe place kiss off


To leave or exit
move go run walk begone bail book depart exit get march part quit scarper vamoose bail out blow bug off bug out bustle buzz off clear off clear out cut out dig out flow get off go off hurry leap off-load peel off pull out push off push on run along sally forth scram shove shove off step along take off walk out withdraw get away get going move about pack off pack up pike off pike out skip out make a move leave go away split beat it skedaddle decamp take a hike hit the road escape scoot run off be off head off set off make oneself scarce flee retire bolt hightail make off take a powder run away move out take leave take flight set out retreat fly get lost be on your way sling your hook light out make a break for it make tracks pull stakes scat vacate evacuate get out hook it beat a retreat say goodbye cut and run beat a hasty retreat make a run for it hightail it voetsak absent yourself hamba hop it rack off break skip off disappear head for the hills make a quick exit bog off do a bunk check out set forth start out make an exit say your goodbyes pack your bags hit the trail take yourself off shoo flit embark skidoo turn tail avaunt leg it levant abscond desert head run for it dash abandon git peel out scurry hustle scamper race dart rush fly the coop make step out go through shoot through do a fade do a runner advance make a start abstract oneself up sticks make a break show a clean pair of heels move off slope off walk off take wing go out alight kite remove oneself skiddoo forsake range cruise post security stand surety walk away wend lam mosey go to hell maroon strand make for make one's way put up bail obtain somebody's release run out drop out take a walk head out get on your bike separate say adieu slip out hasten speed expedite zip spur whiz say farewell break up get up and go storm off leave suddenly storm out flounce out go off in a huff make a sudden departure vanish abdicate go your way naff off on your bike sod off haul off hop the twig get along back out take a long walk on a short pier push along get stuffed move along nick off go and chase yourself draw away duck out pop off get out of my sight be off with you go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake get moving hop the stick conk out dedomicile migrate remove emigrate sally repair absent start proceed troop git along go forth blast off move on slip away break camp betake oneself march out hit the bricks shake a leg make haste hurry up get a move on go like lightning move fast kick rocks make time step on it issue break off split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells make one's farewells walk out on ease out go one's ways go their separate ways part company go separate ways leave flat exeunt cut sprint shoot scuttle bound career aim beeline steer scramble bear veer make one's departure go offstage flake off do vanishing act bid farewell strike out travel motor sail set sail cast off raise sail make headway put out weigh anchor leave harbour leave port put to sea hoist the blue peter leave dock put out to sea hoist sail do a disappearing act skip make a getaway take to your heels steal away do a moonlight flit take French leave sneak away be gone go on the lam take it on the lam hotfoot it break out break free recoil go AWOL fall back do a vanishing act make your escape break out of break loose get free make a escape shrink draw back have it away pull back do a Skase back off bust avoid shun clear evade elude sneak off run out on give way give ground cut loose back away move back do a moonlight make away scatter recede absquatulate fade away hide have it away on one's toes dash off depart suddenly hasten away run from fold disengage be lost book it get cracking back down shrink back move away drop back go back jump hotfoot defect go absent without leave go missing go west slip pass emerge elope double spring resile make quick exit get out of someone's clutches burst out play hooky break away from get away with make good one's escape wriggle out take on the lam work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers ditch dump turn around run scared step on the gas shy away step back turn away shrink away make a dash for it opt out leave in the lurch cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry turn on a dime make a U-turn desert under fire jump ship go south make scarce make a quick getaway dog it depart secretly


A boat or ship for conveying passengers and goods, especially over a relatively short distance and as a regular service


One who gains a livelihood from trading goods or securities
trader dealer merchant merchandiser broker buyer seller supplier trafficker businessman marketeer purveyor salesman saleswoman agent businesswoman distributor marketer retailer shopkeeper tradesman vender vendor wholesaler barterer hawker monger pedlar pusher runner salesperson stockbroker stockist business person buyer and seller businessperson peddler storekeeper tradesperson representative clerk salesgirl auctioneer salesclerk chandler rep shopman provider sales help banker entrepreneur travelling salesman commercial traveller huckster changer dispenser bursar colporteur shipper chapman jobber sales representative traveller door-to-door salesman traveler sales rep tout assistant importer speculator exporter crier negotiator knight of the road counter-jumper reseller barrow boy sales assistant distributer shop girl grocer shop boy shop assistant sales clerk proprietor street vender middleman street vendor tycoon magnate store owner financier higgler fence costermonger pitchperson packman saleslady cheap-jack travelling saleswoman travelling salesperson traveling salesperson street seller tradeswoman middleperson carrier hauler intermediary arbitrageur roundsman shop-owner doper barker plumber industrialist pitchman duffer shop proprietor shop manager floorwalker business owner foreign buyer international merchant mogul baron contractor outlet source handler consigner sender operator store executive director manufacturer employer drummer commercial store clerk shop manager administrator capitalist shop owner street trader big businessman outcrier pitcher shopwoman retail outlet scrivener homme d'affaires financial expert receiver foreign trader international trader overseas trader criminal receiver of stolen goods dealer in stolen goods receiver of stolen property


A privately owned warship that had official sanction to attack enemy ships and take possession of their cargo

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