Đồng nghĩa của maroon

Alternative for maroon

maroons, marooned, marooning

Đồng nghĩa: brownish-red, strand,


To abandon in a remote, desolate place, as on a deserted island
abandon desert leave strand forsake cast ashore cast away quit beach isolate leave behind leave high and dry leave stranded cast aside leave isolated walk away from walk out on leave in the lurch ditch dump cast off bin off jilt give up run out on discard drop chuck abdicate throw over break with relinquish break up with turn your back on kiss goodbye give someone the big E give someone the push jettison renounce surrender orphan leave flat rat on walk away turn one's back on let go of bail out on withdraw from wash hands of back out of hang out to dry leave hanging give the elbow trap wreck shipwreck run away from run away cut off forbear cede eliminate bereave dispose give notice to brush off blow off break off with kiss off throw up throw away leave all alone make an orphan leave alone leave parentless get rid of disown reject repudiate depart from betray screw resign yield spurn sacrifice give up the ship flake out cop out cut loose bail out opt out of let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of chicken out take a powder storm out drop out fly the coop take a walk bow out dispose of wash one's hands of take the oath drift away take your leave of go away from show the door change one's tune give someone the air abstain from split from withdraw renege back out pull out resign from escape ignore stop go back on retreat back off jack in pack in step down from let down apostatize get out of tergiversate abjure retire renege on neglect hand over get out bow out of disappoint step aside from avoid defect finish with forgo exit go backpedal disregard retire from forswear fail opt out leave in trouble leave helpless sell out throw in the towel vacate shirk turn down recant depart waive eschew turn back down abscond pull back disengage wash your hands of balk recoil bail on disillusion leave off default on flee walk out disenchant change sides backtrack stop participating in break fall away from leave someone holding the baby abnegate leave someone in the lurch decline refuse miss disinherit welsh bypass cancel fink out forego baulk discontinue retract dodge evade revolt shun tergiverse rebel dismiss let pass give up on duck decamp disclaim disavow bail concede weasel out bag disgorge beg off back pedal pull fail to honour split up with move from change your mind fail to take advantage of drop out of go over shift ground take back walk out of wriggle out part with step down have nothing more to do with run out give the heave-ho have done with turn traitor call it quits deliver up abstract oneself divorce oneself from call it a day give something a miss turn coat go over the fence stop participating break faith chuck in shed forget evacuate refuse to have anything to do with turn over to absolve yourself shrink recede throw something up eighty-six turn away from divert snub put behind you duck out stray backslide stand down from cease give over to turn over deceive fail to support pull the plug shy away move away back away go backward draw back coquette welsh on disprofess stop going out with give away break off one's relationship with end relations with kiss good-bye secede detach sink leave holding the bag play one false move down let fall leave in a lurch fall short of expectation walk off end disengage from recede from detach yourself absent oneself scratch from break off split up break up have no more truck with violate oath defect from jump ship revisit turn back double back deny oneself brush aside do the dirty on waste squander cheat finish give the old heave-ho leave at the altar let someone down stab in the back pass up forfeit terminate be gone from be done with let go by miss out on retrace your steps quitclaim elope run off shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of default sidestep bail from clear out from escape from check out from depress lower leave in lurch take down dissatisfy pull down fall short say goodbye to disappear from run along from take off from abscond from exit from set out from absent oneself from hand in resignation stand down cease work give notice stand aside sign off hang it up get off welch pass something up scratch retreat from skive skip shrink from skirt round change return revert be unfaithful blow bag it submit bilk steer clear of rationalize duck-shove cut excuse revoke funk skive off back down on break your word withgo break a promise botch fritter away expend fail to honor row back on go back on your word backtrack on cry off call off wiggle out shy from worm out apostacize go back accede climb down reconsider demur acquiesce admit give in concede defeat rat pass over fail to grasp lose out on let slip fail to take let go lose drop the ball duck out of use pretext have alibi rationalise wriggle out of slide out of demit blow it off get cold feet chicken out of accept defeat wimp out give ground admit defeat hold back cave in throw off change allegiances revolt against secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties be apostate get cold feet about give the slip admit you were wrong have no fight left eat humble pie withdraw from agreement or statement toss over take the count throw in the sponge make one's exit


To let someone down by abandoning or neglecting them
fail abandon desert forsake leave betray disregard neglect depart ditch reject discard relinquish discount jettison dump ignore repeal forget renounce abdicate disclaim quit jilt abort disown flee revoke screw disavow drop escape rescind abscond from abstain from bail on break with cheat on disappear from escape from flee from fly from refrain from retire from withdraw from back out on be disloyal to be gone from be unfaithful to break up with do away with go away from run away from run out on set out from take oneself off from turn your back on walk out on disillusion disappoint fail to support disenchant leave stranded fall short of expectation let someone down stab in the back leave in the lurch leave high and dry give up cast off cast aside strand bin off throw over leave behind repudiate chuck give someone the push stop give someone the big E forgo desist from surrender pack in give the elbow turn one's back on let go of kiss goodbye cut out cease discontinue swear off kick yield lay off shun leave off have done with dispense with cut loose leave hanging hang out to dry sacrifice cut off forswear forbear from vacate exit end knock off resign from waive cede halt resign scrap axe withdraw scrub depart from leave flat can forbear abjure orphan take off from brush off ax part with wash your hands of pull out of break off with back out of drop out walk away from give someone the air divorce oneself from end relations with take the oath walk away blow off clear out from bail out on wash hands of have nothing more to do with rat on run away leave someone in the lurch stand down from jack in give something up wash one's hands of take your leave of change one's tune drift away spurn show the door bereave deny evacuate leave all alone make an orphan leave alone leave parentless give notice to kiss off disallow forego hand over set aside bail gainsay disinherit refute negate retract negative rebut contradict disaffirm disconfirm pass on skip lay down deliver turn over render bail from say goodbye to get out of finish move from bow out of walk out of be done with drop out of step aside from exit from absent oneself from run along from check out from call it quits junk cancel abnegate terminate beach empty give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop dispose of bail out opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk bow out split from stop having renege on stop using cut off without a penny refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize send packing disacknowledge break deny yourself restrain from eschew do without suspend resist go without pass up scratch shelve back down take the pledge kiss good-bye opt out sign away cast cough up let pass stand down turn down shed lay aside quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in drop like hot potato remit interrupt forfeit move out from move out of bail out from head out from slip out decamp make vacant make empty clear from walk out hightail eject from run off from clear pull out from break off divorce lay off of cry off throw up eighty-six shut off finish with dust off part from wipe out call off shake write off break up give over forget about pack up withhold from not touch stay away from steer clear of leave out get off keep off call a halt to avoid desist skip out on rein in shy from hold off


To leave or cause to remain behind
quit leave desert abandon exit forsake begone evacuate part vacate withdraw bail decamp depart get blow book go move scarper strand vamoose take off buzz off clear off clear out walk out bug off move out bug out cut out dig out go away run along run out check out drop out pack off push on shove off step along bail out pack up peel off pull out push off sally forth get off go off take a walk go out pike off pike out pack your bags split flee scram skedaddle escape beat it run away retire run off make off retreat fly bolt take a hike scoot hit the road get going make oneself scarce set out set off make tracks take a powder hightail hightail it cut and run abscond absent oneself be off beat a retreat get away take flight make an exit head off hook it light out withdraw from run for it get out do a bunk up sticks make a break for it depart from exit from abstract oneself remove escape from start out take leave pull out of beat a hasty retreat make a run for it pull stakes make yourself scarce run get lost go away from disappear abscond from do a disappearing act migrate emigrate leg it move out of sling your hook bog off turn tail run away from peel out flit voetsak scat say one's goodbyes be on one's way hamba retire from disappear from decamp from hop it be gone from duck out say goodbye take oneself off from rack off absent oneself from fly from betake oneself make a quick exit get under way fly the coop do a runner skip off head for the hills go AWOL pack one's bags sling one's hook show a clean pair of heels hit the trail back out embark repair slope off break camp lam make a move go from clear skip avaunt defect vanish recoil flee from bolt from step out remove oneself fall back break take your leave walk off travel skip out move away back off move off take wing take French leave back away take yourself off absent yourself move back shoo move abroad alight relinquish kite issue head transmigrate make walk empty strike out git skidoo evade sally be on your way start get out of levant separate draw back shrink pull back break out of break out go forth slip out take your leave of break away set out from do a fade naff off part with say one's farewells sod off slip away move along clear out from run off from part company go jump in the lake give ground go your way take off from move out from take to one's heels head out from drop back haul off hop the twig get along make a break push along get stuffed nick off pop off get out of my sight go and jump in the lake get moving hop the stick take to flight leave in a hurry take to your heels skiddoo hotfoot it void exeunt go to hell scamper duck avoid egress dodge shirk shun go offstage recede adjourn skidaddle retreat from displace stand surety post security have it away make away flake off abdicate march range cruise advance absent proceed troop go through shoot through get on your bike wend mosey regress do vanishing act bid farewell take one's leave betake yourself fold give way elude disengage make one's getaway go back blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks free oneself extricate oneself put up bail obtain somebody's release say adieu flow off-load ship shove leap bustle hurry make one's way go absent without leave go missing sneak off go west make one's departure break up say farewell ditch relocate make for distance oneself flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly shift drift wander conk out dedomicile move about run for the hills storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out make a start on your bike take a long walk on a short pier draw away go and chase yourself be off with you bail out from clear from pull out from make vacant make empty eject from resettle break off split up quit the scene walk out on ease out go one's ways leave flat ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways immigrate trek resile secede become independent gain autonomy divide off shy away step back turn away disaffiliate shrink away move overseas jump ship leave your country start a new life go south go on the lam do a vanishing act do a Skase make scarce steal away make a quick getaway sneak away dog it do a moonlight flit break free depart secretly make your getaway make oneself scarce from take a hike from scram from say goodbye to walk out of give the slip to take leave from head off from remove oneself from break away from run along from cut and run from slip out from vamoose from set off from clear off from take leave of check out from elope cut stir head out ride off disengage from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down come away do a bunk from take one's leave of walk away be gone take it on the lam make a getaway start off sail set sail make your escape break loose get free make a escape begin step on it bust bear begin one's journey set forward dash make one's escape make quick exit scurry hustle race dart rush seclude oneself run out on cut loose leave port set in motion put in motion uproot do a moonlight scatter commence absquatulate have it away on one's toes shrink back tear off make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave sign out fade away be lost depart suddenly hide pull up stakes take one's farewells slink off slink creep sneak skulk hasten away run from go to one's room shut oneself away in leave for budge from make a move from go out of move from shift from draw shut oneself away take oneself bow out make a dash for it spring opt out leave in the lurch dump cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry slip pass emerge double hasten spur speed expedite zip whiz get out of someone's clutches burst out play hooky get away with make getaway make good one's escape wriggle out take on the lam work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers shake a leg hurry up go like lightning make time make haste get a move on move fast kick rocks go forward set about get on the road creep off sprint bound career aim beeline scramble shoot scuttle steer veer raise sail put out leave harbour put to sea put out to sea hoist sail motor make headway weigh anchor cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock jump hotfoot step on the gas


To throw away (something unwanted or useless)
jettison reject discard dump scrap shed abandon chuck ditch junk throw away throw out cast off relinquish desert drop unload ax axe bin cashier deep-six dispose of eighty-six exorcise exorcize expel fling get rid of lose pitch slough off toss toss out cast aside chuck out dispense with eject forsake heave shrug off trash abdicate cast chuck away have done with hurl lay by shuck off slough throw overboard fling away fling off get shot of get shut of throw on the scrapheap do away with eliminate remove see the back of clear out dismiss offload unburden disburden off-load set aside cast away unlade dispose shake off throw root out weed out destroy write off part with discharge transfer shift unpack wreck foist disencumber can leave cut cull dispatch give up shuck rid throw off rid oneself of free oneself of take off put out to pasture throw aside fob off palm off sluff off thrust aside cast out shelve scrub disown exclude bung out bung away make away with throw something off nix unship repudiate yield doff dispossess forgo away negative fling out trim 86 toss aside auction knock on the head pull the plug on adios chase refuse slip evict extrude clear demolish give the boot recycle decommission annihilate obliterate sweep away retire turn down wash your hands of divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye kiss off make over deep six shipwreck strand melt off reduce cast ashore leave stranded consign to scrap heap break up throw up leave behind lighten disgorge discommode relieve leave high and dry void let drop drop off let fall divest take a load off break bulk free from relieve of boot out fire sack kick out let go send packing give someone the boot oust release surrender displace turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push renounce waive moult omit cede disregard exuviate bounce terminate molt sacrifice pink-slip drum out hand over turn off muster out leave out let go of give away make redundant peel off give someone the sack give someone their cards extract manage without do without cope without banish unhand put aside give the old heave-ho give someone their notice loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on exfoliate sluff peel supplant excuse flake mew supersede bump replace bust flake off skin scale freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office ride out on rail let one go declare redundant give someone notice lock out give one notice disqualify resign depose dethrone lay down deliver turn over render unseat boot break delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel back down cut loose take the pledge forbear drop out kiss good-bye withdraw opt out sign away take the oath cough up deliver up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by turn in swear off drop like hot potato ignore court martial leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle give a pink slip throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on


A person who has physically removed him- or herself from the control or direction of a military or naval unit with the intention of permanently leaving


A type of firework that uses a solid rocket engine to rise quickly into the sky

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