Đồng nghĩa của apostacize


To abandon or leave something or someone
renounce disown abandon forsake disinherit discard desert eschew apostatize defect dump tergiversate tergiverse turn quit shun cast off cut off give up cast aside throw over leave off throw off have nothing more to do with have done with divorce oneself from sell out toss over walk out on wash your hands of reject repudiate disavow abjure renege negative disclaim refute retract disacknowledge deny contradict change sides gainsay negate forswear disallow recant disconfirm refuse spurn oust disaffirm turn traitor go back on rat on fall away from pull out decline revoke disprofess rebut abscond reverse leave revolt rebel nix reprobate disapprove depart go rat decamp pass escape deselect banish throw out balk at turn down pass up have no more truck with cut out of will cut off without a penny turn your back on go over turn one's coat run out break faith shift one's ground go over the fence backslide stray divert annul change your mind turn back on renig welsh impugn weasel out of go back on your word drop out worm out of abandon belief go over to the other side betray abdicate relinquish ditch abnegate drop dismiss cancel divorce renege on end relations with send packing refuse to acknowledge toss aside write off shrug off divest refuse to recognize exclude disaffiliate bereave defect from deprive exheridate evict dispossess opt out cop out violate oath resign from jump ship neglect cut out leave penniless cut off without a cent withdraw rescind secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties change allegiances revolt against be apostate back out take a walk rebuff cast dishonor demur default shed lay aside flush dishonour be against break with not accept fly in the face of

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