Đồng nghĩa của go back on

Alternative for go back on

Đồng nghĩa: renege, renege on, renegue on,


Formally put an end to
abrogate revoke repudiate countermand override abolish annul cancel end invalidate negate nullify overrule overturn quash repeal rescind retract reverse void withdraw recall veto discontinue dissolve scrap suspend vacate avoid break off recant remove renounce stop vitiate abate ax axe backtrack on chop declare null and void disaffirm disannul ditch dump null obviate renege on set aside abjure annihilate call back deracinate disclaim do away with nix obliterate reject renege scrub subvert supersede take back terminate torpedo undo waive get rid of roll back strike down do in finish off knock out put an end to wipe out give something the chop knock something on the head disregard ignore disobey dishonour dishonor refuse to fulfil unsay disavow abnegate foreswear forswear backtrack backpedal renig do a U-turn back down do an about-turn row back climb down render invalid overthrow render null and void disallow discharge dismantle kill lift drop call off neutralize rule against neutralise dismiss abort make void stamp out deny delete eradicate erase expunge eliminate offset discard abandon cancel out black out blot out bring to an end counteract destroy cut suppress extinguish efface counterbalance zap disestablish X-out disown cast aside rub out countercheck redress cry off make ineffective declare invalid weasel out blue pencil back out of take out defeat make null and void undermine call exterminate trash alter cease counterorder countervail upset counterpoise throw out finish remit wash out liquidate outvote dispense with root out sweep away snuff out disqualify unmake frustrate close down back out withcall phase out render void go back on one's word declare retreat back-pedal on discount KO blow go against weaken banish refuse bleep watergate worm out opt out shoot down stand down throw over purge omit do a U-turn on get off the hook backwater forget break edit black exclude censor change unfit impair circumduct call in overset retire refute redline down prostrate bottle up cork up shut down hush up elide dele knock on the head turf belay rebut halt put damper on wangle out blow sky-high render meaningless put the lid on put out get shot of cast out drive out nig scratch confine restrict compensate squash limit take off junk pull the plug crawl out of knock down bring down pull back take away draw back extirpate shed cross out strike out X out dominate flout prevail defy predominate desist contravene oppose ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross ink out blank out block out x out blue-pencil stroke out put a line through edit out white out jettison forget it trample underfoot ride roughshod over render inert rule out wipe slate clean excise disband trample upon forbear put down break with turn down clean up relinquish apostatize forsake call all bets off adjourn turn thumbs down inhibit squelch prohibit dial back welsh back off contradict eat one's words worm out of bring to naught conclude prorogue desist from disunite break up wind up fly in the face of put kibosh on negative balance compensate for put the kibosh on wreck destruct split up close sever disorganize shoot ruin loose wrack wind down decimate shatter postpone demolish collapse make up for correct fade out resolve into balance out counterweigh equalize square up overcome be an antidote to equalise deactivate even up conquer defuse subdue counterweight render ineffective


To betray someone's trust
backstab betray cross backbite slander smear double-cross two-time sell out play Judas sell down the river attack indirectly stab in the back deceive trick be unfaithful be disloyal cheat mislead desert be unfaithful to commit treason turn traitor take in break faith with be disloyal to let down play someone false break promise doublecross pool attack delude bluff fail forsake denounce abandon jilt knife stitch up do the dirty on pimp on bite the hand that feeds one put the finger on break faith give someone a Judas kiss be treacherous to break one's promise to turn informer sell the pass bite the hand that feeds you deliver up hand over turn in walk out on knife in the back turn state's evidence grass up give up blow the whistle break trust be a Judas to break with defraud swindle cuckold con dupe victimize burn victimise step out play away take advantage of be dishonest hoodwink fool beguile bamboozle cozen gull juggle hoax string along humbug sucker take for a ride hornswoggle gaff misguide snooker misinform put one over on scam snow gammon spoof buffalo have catch have on suck in fake out bilk diddle disappoint do lead on rip off pull a fast one on seduce inveigle ensnare illude kid rook sting pull a swifty on entrap outwit shaft gyp sell exploit bunco fleece flimflam pull the wool over someone's eyes lead up the garden path finagle stiff fiddle entice tempt swizzle euchre lure mulct bait sharp lie jive impose on take to the cleaners sell a pup to rope in pull one's leg pull the wool over somebody's eyes be untrue to disinform four-flush hose screw skin fake beat stick chisel outfox circumvent mousetrap caboodle lie to put on overreach lead one down the garden path pull wool over eyes lead up garden path play trick on do a number on pull the wool over one's eyes do someone dirty rat on give away cuck cheat on squeeze maneuver manoeuvre bleed lead down the garden path pretend milk baffle dust jerk around chicane pull something cuckoldize feign sham embezzle be inconstant to pass off psych out shuck blag swizz misdirect hustle chouse pluck shortchange gazump short nobble skunk ream thimblerig split misstate prevaricate doublespeak misrepresent put horns on horn hornify double deal shake down do in propagandize distort pervert fudge bunk fabricate sink drop move down let fall defy defeat foil charm enchant attract entrance entangle enmesh propagandise hypnotize bewitch dazzle woo blind mesmerize captivate spellbind give wrong information to send on a wild goose chase throw off the scent put on the wrong track put on an act give someone a bum steer cover up wrong steer put up smoke screen put on false front bait and switch lead astray give the wrong impression double-talk win over elude rebel against frustrate thwart belie disobey soft-soap sweet-talk decoy allure solicit challenge butter up befool take jockey shave hypnotise play manipulate finesse mesmerise dissatisfy disillusion pull down depress disenchant lower leave in lurch take down leave stranded fall short mock play for a sucker hook falsify clip rob gouge impose upon take for cross up play joke on take to cleaners beat out of pull fast one take for ride

Trái nghĩa của go back on

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