Đồng nghĩa của crap out


To cancel something that one has previously arranged with someone
cry off cancel abandon abort call drop recall repeal rescind revoke scrap scrub withdraw back out beg off call off excuse oneself pull out cop out wimp out get cold feet axe scratch ax stop abolish discontinue nix give up renege nullify halt recant forget about abrogate countermand reverse end retract annul avoid repudiate invalidate cut void terminate erase backpedal overrule override negate take back suspend cease mothball withdraw from ditch disannul dismantle dismiss lift abjure forswear quit break off declare null and void wipe out put an end to call back pack in postpone quash obviate discard disclaim vacate renounce set aside remove deny obliterate make void disown counterorder render invalid desist discharge delete expunge put off turf have done with relinquish throw up back out of retire from forgo drop out dispense with finish with put on ice shelve take out kill rub out lay off interrupt cut off withcall forsake waive chuck in unsay call in disqualify veto redline eliminate jettison forget throw out do away with junk take away dump efface null purge undo omit edit black exclude censor give notice leave retreat desist from turn your back on knock off divorce part with leave off resign from lay off of kick eighty-six shut off ignore dust off part from remit jilt cut out break break with shake shun sacrifice write off break up can give over pack up forfeit ink out render null and void strike down cross out declare invalid blot out blank out cancel out roll back block out blue pencil root out black out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away put a line through stamp out edit out elide X out dele snuff out white out cast aside check arrest go back on finish renege on back down resign retreat from welsh surrender back off fink out bring back pedal default on pull out of knock it off call a halt cut short throw in the towel pull up worm out weasel out chicken out of blow it off chicken out wiggle out shy from stop midstream get cold feet about pull the plug on fail to honour change your mind call it quits overturn dissolve abate disallow overthrow vitiate reject disavow annihilate abnegate rule against refuse disaffirm neutralize backtrack on foreswear neutralise rule out forbid suppress zap refute offset rebut X-out backtrack renig prohibit forget it oppose negative bring to an end decline eat your words cast off throw over knock something on the head contravene rebuff block spurn shoot down make null and void prevent turn down eradicate disacknowledge upset alter extinguish undermine chop subvert disestablish deracinate supersede torpedo apologize outvote get rid of trash apologise discount defeat make ineffective nig contradict counteract dishonour countercheck redress counterbalance wash out shed disprove give the chop dishonor draw back squash change mind do a U-turn on disapprove reprobate pass apostatize have change of heart deselect pass up balk at turn thumbs down ban refuse to acknowledge say no to give the thumbs down to wash your hands of go back on your word fly in the face of relax raise declare unmake eschew back-pedal on knock out finish off do in disobey disregard bleep go against backwater watergate change weaken overset refuse to fulfil down prostrate wangle out inter bring to a close KO lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume blow entomb put six feet under get off the hook countervail pull the plug crawl out of cork up hush up bottle up shut down dominate flout defy predominate prevail vote down restrict compensate limit confine unfit impair circumduct phase out take off row back climb down retire put damper on dial back worm out of pull back ride roughshod over trample underfoot knock down bring down opt out stand down forbear counterpoise belay put a stop to retrograde recede retrocede put the lid on trample upon blow sky-high render meaningless do a U-turn do an about-turn reel in fall back take in row back on call all bets off frustrate ding blackball impugn traverse stonewall cross belie change one's tune do an about-turn on bring to naught render inert wipe slate clean put down abdicate gainsay interdict withhold discountenance repossess reclaim lay to rest pass on knock back not grant give something a miss give the red light to give thumbs down to divorce oneself from turn back on refuse to accept desert explode debunk contest discredit challenge eat crow declare untrue controvert counter disconfirm dissent from eat humble pie disagree with confute begrudge keep back disbelieve shoot full of holes not buy withsay curb take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames restrain taboo doubt disagree stand in the way hold back destroy disprofess rat turn defect lay aside demur default disinherit tergiversate banish flush oust cast tergiverse bar except debar exterminate extirpate liquidate avert forfend proscribe preclude forestall have no more truck with be against not accept have nothing more to do with deter bate squelch stave off leave out put paid to count out ward off not consider shut out close out freeze out close one's doors to excise inhibit clean up put the kibosh on close down put kibosh on

Trái nghĩa của crap out

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