Đồng nghĩa của disacknowledge


To show an unwillingness to grant, allow, or consent
negative disallow abjure deny disapprove disavow dismiss refuse reject turn down veto withhold disown reverse rebuff repudiate throw out cancel ban prohibit forbid bar debar embargo proscribe blackball block stop overrule countermand quash overturn invalidate disclaim squash zing give the thumbs down to shut out kill throw censor say no to outlaw declare null and void pass on exclude taboo put down preclude keep back set aside abandon renounce desert discard forsake recant retract forswear decline nix pass reprobate rescind deselect spurn revoke cast off disprofess give up cast defect dishonor demur rat apostatize turn default disinherit tergiverse balk at tergiversate shed lay aside cut off pass up banish flush dump oust dishonour throw over have no more truck with turn your back on be against wash your hands of break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of not accept interdict prevent enjoin rule out restrain boycott inhibit make illegal restrict criminalize criminalise put an end to place an embargo on put a stop to freeze out ostracize eliminate halt estop obstruct except ostracise suspend count out give the red light to close out knock back suppress expel snub check black forfend stymie defeat obviate blacklist discountenance ignore oppose negate shoot down disregard hinder bate limit leave out ward off freeze spike remove down omit forestall vote against repulse cut censure declare illegal hold up lock up evict cold-shoulder forbid to discount keep out rule against pass by put the kibosh on thumbs down get rid of force out not grant pass over stave off put an embargo on leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder interrupt counteract curb condemn let destroy vote down sentence doom place injunction on place an injunction on overthrow begrudge avoid outvote disqualify exempt inveigh illegalize curse declare ineligible stonewall give something a miss give thumbs down to avert abolish officially forbid close down ice out close up gridlock cool cork stopper give the brush-off to consider undesirable penalise penalize deter refuse to employ steer clear of hit list put on hit list fetter disbar bounce bottle up box in hang up jam up tie up nullify put paid to close one's doors to not consider forget about give the thumbs down eject thwart keep lid on put chill on make something punishable declare something a punishable offence dissent burn deny access to disclude occlude sideline override circumvent exile bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in throw cold water on pour cold water on not count refuse to admit cut out miss out throw away refuse permission to put out send to Coventry prevent from entering lock out shut the door on drive out refuse admittance give thumbs down not go for shut off shun cashier drum out shut out of disfellowship slight disdain repel give the cold shoulder to discourage stiff-arm resist brush off snout deprive impede put off neglect not hear of fend off give someone the brush-off push back send away give someone the go-by give the brush cut dead look right through someone tell someone where to get off put in one's place reprove beat off keep at a distance keep at arm's length keep at bay chide hold off tell off lash out at rebuke cross declare taboo shut down say no put the chill on

Trái nghĩa của disacknowledge

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