Đồng nghĩa của pass by

Alternative for pass by

Đồng nghĩa: go by, go past, pass, surpass, travel by,


To ignore
forget let pass neglect pass over abandon close the eyes to disregard fail ignore leave look the other way miss not choose omit overlook overpass pay no attention take no notice of discount gloss over pass skip pay no attention to pay no heed to turn a blind eye to turn a deaf ear to slight bypass brush aside close your eyes pay no heed be oblivious let go leave out skip over slur over look past leave out of consideration slip up on fail to see fail to spot let fall between the cracks fail to observe leave unnoticed fail to notice connive turn a blind eye condone connive at blink cushion overleap dismiss not take into consideration take no account of close one's eyes to avoid considering not dwell on lose sight of pass up let slip forfeit forego blow shirk lose pretermit avoid leave undone lose track of let go of be remiss fail to remember not remember pass on fail to take advantage of trip up drop the ball skim over lose out on overshoot squander throw away underlook blow it fail to exploit leave something undone let something slide mislook reckon without drop fail to anticipate cut forgo eschew leave behind fail to take account of dispense with give something a miss cut out steer clear of do without give a miss skirt fail to keep skate over fail to retain fail to deal with skirt around fail to keep sight of fail to mention mislay misplace miscarry muff blunder flub botch avert fail at fail to take fail to seize fail to grasp fall short of forsake discard desert defer contemn scant underestimate elide evade depreciate postpone procrastinate reject pay no mind be lax about not attend to skimp on set aside not care for brush off let slide fail to look after think little of procrastinate over leave alone shrug off turn your back on not care tune out pay little attention to be remiss about fail to care for be derelict be indifferent be careless live with fail to provide for not trouble oneself trifle with be irresponsible keep one's distance turn one's back on make light of have nothing to do with keep at arm's length be negligent laugh off throw to the winds be remiss in


Relieve, absolve
exempt free excuse release spare discharge liberate absolve dispense except exclude grant immunity relieve exonerate grandfather clear give immunity let off pardon relieve of let go let off the hook make an exception for make an exception of privilege from write off go easy on wipe the slate acquit exculpate deliver reprieve set free forgive vindicate whitewash dismiss disembarrass emancipate unburden disburden divest disencumber rid unbind unchain unfetter unshackle remit untangle spring declare innocent amnesty wipe the slate clean disculpate find innocent wink at blink at be lenient to deal leniently with be merciful to save from show mercy to have mercy on find not guilty abandon drop remove immune protect assoil safeguard privilege grant someone a dispensation grant someone an exemption give immunity to grant immunity to condone overlook exclude from pronounce not guilty manumit wipe off let someone off uncage loose disenthrall disenthral enfranchise grant an amnesty to be lenient on disimprison enlarge shrive let out lifeboat bleach sanitize sanitise launder allow to go allow to leave let loose send away turn loose set loose strip unleash resign let off easy wipe it off let up on pull lighten yank make exempt pity forbear deliver from disburden of free of extricate from get rid of absolve from rescue from exempt from disembarrass of disencumber of free from excuse from liberate from release from remove blame unburden of boot out set free from discharge from pull out of the fire be merciful have pity on save from harm save bacon leave uninjured leave unpunished bail out give quarter to not harm save neck be lenient get off the hook get out of hock grant a pardon to refrain from hurting leave unhurt grant pardon to give a break leave unharmed loosen untie extricate unmanacle unyoke rescue save ransom redeem unbridle set at liberty give rights to unlock befree affranchise bail unloose wipe slate clean detach disengage justify cast loose free up cut loose put on the street parole free from restraint free from restriction bring off open the door for grant exit to let someone out demobilize demobilise unhook spring loose turn out free from blame let off hook rationalize explain bail one out save one's neck disentangle get out from under rationalise unloosen uncork expel untether unclick release conditionally release on parole give terms uncheck set at large take out let fly let go of allow to run free allow to run riot give a free rein to disregard overpass ignore forget tolerate not take into consideration gloze over brush off take no account of pass over deliberately ignore close one's eyes to bury the hatchet paper over let pass give absolution suspend charges gloss over brush aside turn a blind eye to take no notice of grant amnesty shrug off


To fail to include
omit drop exclude except miss cut bypass disregard elide preclude bar dismiss overleap overpass pretermit skip prohibit reject repudiate slight withhold leave out count out cut out dispense with factor out leave off take out let slide miss out pass over shut out skip over cast aside fail to include fail to mention not bother give something a miss overlook ignore eliminate ban get rid of forgo debar rule out expel suspend bate discount freeze out waive disallow interdict oust disclude close out eject brush aside evict do without set aside throw out inveigh taboo exempt underlook not include weed out turn a blind eye to mark off leave out of account discard discharge delete erase slur forget relinquish renounce eschew give up let go throw out on your ear give the bum's rush kick out chuck out turf out boot out send packing neglect avoid cancel do away with abolish render needless abstain from put a stop to dispose of shake off give a miss skim over steer clear of pass up put an end to knock something on the head embargo ostracize blackball keep out refuse veto forbid boycott bounce proscribe disbar black banish remove block estop occlude stop sideline blacklist deny access to obviate ostracise prevent not count refuse to admit send to Coventry prevent from entering put out lock out put an embargo on ward off refuse admittance force out drive out shut the door on leave out in the cold close one's doors to disentitle deny disqualify shut off declare ineligible enjoin inhibit outlaw restrict prevent the occurrence of check thwart disfellowship override circumvent limit exile recant forestall forfend avert revoke deprive say no to shut out of deter refuse admission to stand in the way of give the cold shoulder to refuse entrance to not consider stave off put paid to forget about unfit incapacitate disable invalidate nix not make the cut disfranchise eighty-six disenable paralyze impair paralyse weaken cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude close obstruct discontinue screen beleaguer blockade block out fence off keep off keep at arm's length


To move at a fast speed on foot
run dash race rush hurry sprint bolt career speed dart gallop hare hasten scamper scurry fly jog scuttle trot shoot bound hurtle tear zoom lope scoot barrel belt charge go hie pelt pound streak whizz zip bomb double flash jogtrot sweep dogtrot hotfoot it hustle scramble whip blow breeze bustle buzz cannonball careen drive go like lightning motor move nip proceed rocket rustle scud stampede travel whirl barrel along blaze bundle highball hotfoot hurl jet leg it rip step trip whisk amble blast boogie bowl canter crack on flit get cracking go hell for leather go like the wind hightail it hop it hump jump pace post progress ram sail scorch skip skitter smoke spring whiz cut along step on it get a move on make tracks put on some speed tear out get the lead out go by go like a bat out of hell move forward move rapidly stir one's stumps course chase bucket scutter clip burn rubber hightail fleet wing zap wheech shift make haste go like the clappers whoosh swoop push plunge haste beetle spank along lay rubber bowl along dive roll go fast skim move quickly leap steam rattle along hop flee thrust shake a leg quicken flow lunge dance bounce speed up stream prance gambol skirr frisk skedaddle spurt accelerate hurry up flutter caper press put one's foot down surge buck float break propel expedite pour burn bulldoze gush force dispatch fling tear along jostle fast-track send cannon drift strike slide lollop vroom plough leave cavort bob jab make time go quickly boil beat it beeline spiral thump heave plow prod rage lash poke advance press on lose no time punch whack steer make off spout stick go like a bomb move along cascade romp get your skates on swirl spew really move whip along slip fuss patter storm coast stride sink sloosh dig be quick pump swoosh contend spur tool glide ride frolic shove bullet waltz skate slither skite stir waft stab vie take flight power bestir dust kite get moving push on throw oneself go headlong launch oneself move fast pitch soar pass glissade go like a bullet descend decline railroad set in motion step on gas belt along tiptoe graze butt bomb along smooth along hippety-hop cover ground put in motion steamroll cause to move walk traverse get emit go briskly step lively roll along split scat vamoose run like the wind crack start catapult crash smash shuffle crawl climb hurdle go like lighting rack outstrip whistle squirt retreat flood tumble run slowly launch scatter run fast go away clear out festinate march go jogging roar go at top speed make a run for it run off bug out run away rush at steamroller blitz get on it make it snappy rush off speed away light out run very fast make yourself scarce busily yeet burst put foot whish sally hop along step along express lurch curvet eddy rush headlong gather momentum move apace move like greased lightning dig in get a wiggle on flicker turn on steam gear up bowl over go all out rush around be busy busy yourself go rapidly drive fast flick put on a burst of speed make short work of run like mad run lightly slip away be off like a shot billow book it chuck it down ricochet carom glance wind gust brush freewheel cruise head plunge ahead tear up the miles go at breakneck speed go like greased lightning flitter be on the go tread lightly whip around ghost waste no time not lose a minute take wing hammer flirt sashay move smoothly impel play slide along elbow strive bump barge shoulder nudge jolt jam hover make depart lob bang knock screw pop off insert bear down push hard push forward boost attack slink dip buffet drum beat set out set forth head off set off make a break take off duck out scrabble jackhammer smite batter sock aim cut bear veer drill bore twack pop wham go forward move ahead go on make headway go ahead forge ahead tilt jockey for position tilt at compete contest battle fight rival take part in a race face off take part

Trái nghĩa của pass by

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