Đồng nghĩa của career

Alternative for career

careers, careered, careering

Đồng nghĩa: calling, occupation, profession, trade, vocation,


An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress
occupation calling profession vocation employment job livelihood position post line pursuit business sphere walk life's work line of work day job walk of life line of business work trade field craft racket métier game thing province office employ specialty living lifework situation engagement speciality mission art nine-to-five area gig function role handicraft way dodge domain realm practice rat race arena activity lay grip department slot place avocation berth niche discipline forte service task metier appointment bailiwick skill undertaking spot chosen work capacity stint contract purpose what one is into billet element circle means duty front territory bag do demesne barony firmament enterprise concern precinct daily grind day gig assignment posting placement station connection opening subsistence maintenance terrain sustenance biz handcraft income interest swindle hang play jurisdiction keep specialization dominion grind fief fiefdom upkeep nourishment field of work specialisation long suit turf line of employment means of livelihood means of support strong suit funds line of country orbit alimentation support source of income daily bread source of revenue bread and butter rank class status employment status hire practise caste following course chosen career handiwork patronage custom part tier go schtick labor labour lick grindstone affair moonlight strong point industry sector commitment obligation setup life work field of expertise recruitment hiring world zone contracting expertise responsibility competency competence experience skillset bubble section sport proceeding kingdom means of earning one's living being existence life existing animation sustainment area of study area of interest salt mode sustentation living wage vacancy position of employment faculty specialism area of expertise means of earning a living person's calling circumstances resources scope reach range ambit compass object of study hobby magnum opus distinguishing feature cup of tea masterpiece special project object of attention special number claim to fame minor piece de resistance major field of concentration weakness sweep authority remit influence preserve extent pilgrimage sphere of influence radius area of activity bounds extension circumference span of control limit boundary purview venture operation endeavor project endeavour scheme sphere of activity campaign process effort exploit travail subject drudgery opportunity exertion branch toil moil scene pigeon topic charge baby donkeywork region hard work elbow grease sphere of interest designation environment job title theme pay area of responsibility administration classification incumbency commercial enterprise universe study margin confines pale area of knowledge mob gap vacuum act sphere of study commission chores situation vacant vacant position job opportunity exercise servitude involvement focus participation use rôle brief deed action sweat maneuver doing antic manoeuvre slog application standing plan level pains struggle slaving graft toiling diligence gruntwork value drudge fatigue slavery agenda initiative grade yakka donkey-work programme design stratum ranking echelon reaches rung order footing hard yakka blood, sweat and tears blood, swear, and tears proposal idea degree proposition state estate program system arrangement blueprint strategy position in society social class conception intention deal outline game plan feat pet aim matter master plan road map adventure ground plan plan of action


History or biography of a person's life
life biography account autobiography story bio journey life story adventures curriculum vitae experiences life history memoir portrait portrayal profile chronicle close-up confession growth journal personal account personal narrative personal record report saga trials and tribulations depiction development memorial résumé vita biopic documentary past diary record history experience reminiscences confessions background recollections personal history movie film memories narrative sketch memoirs letters biographical film moblog vlog log blog weblog broadcast feature information docudrama biog picture CV prosopography letter self-portrayal journals personal recollections personal anecdote past life internal life personal life adventure fortunes annal career to date antecedent commentary register annals historical account monograph essay family background tractate thesis reminiscence dossier transactions study treatise dissertation anecdote recollection article note memory description paper discourse pathway path road venture education tradition culture existence struggle sense reality past history sith lore disquisition exposition critique composition tract discussion piece of writing writing review argument treatment narration tale archive chronology recital argumentation opus write-up pamphlet work assessment criticism disputation appraisal script institutes piece book contention assertion theme monography research relation commentaries recapitulation epic version prehistory public records statement recounting detail recount chronicling recountal lecture address speech rehearsal rendering telling detailing play by play run-down story line lowdown sequence of events blow by blow plot sermon oration homily talk peroration whaikorero speaking verbalization utterance monolog expression descant huddle monologue gabfest rhetoric transcript column bulletin editorial post analysis exposé exclusive item proceeding paragraph uncovering revelation section scoop minute transaction sitrep news press report think piece editorial column news story inside story


To move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way
hurtle dash rush bolt careen race shoot speed tear run cannon course buzz fly scoot scurry streak zoom barrel bowl bustle drive gallop whirl whizz belt blast blow bomb breeze bundle charge flash hare hurl jet jump motor rocket scuttle skedaddle stampede step trot blaze cannonball hasten highball hightail hurry hustle pelt scorch scud shift travel whisk wing zip boogie bucket clip rustle zap hotfoot it barrel along burn rubber go like a bat out of hell go like the wind hie chase rip nip hump ram crack on dart sprint whip post scamper scramble sweep go hell for leather leg it scutter go like lightning bound fleet whoosh wheech get a move on go like the clappers get the lead out swoop cut along step on it whiz flit hightail it make haste plunge lay rubber dive spank along spring bowl along haste get cracking hotfoot jog beetle put on some speed steam rattle along go fast pound skip make tracks move speed up flee plough roll move quickly trip shake a leg sail lunge accelerate canter plow push hurry up amble put one's foot down lope beat it go quicken leap burn lurch skim expedite surge fling spurt fast-track break tear along flutter jogtrot double skite dogtrot vroom kite boil go quickly pace hop it rage dispatch beeline lose no time really move depart go like a bomb whip along get your skates on clear out fuss storm proceed skitter tool ride yeet skirr be quick bullet whistle press on spur lash smoke stir get moving rush headlong burst press bestir make time leave take flight move fast launch oneself throw oneself go headlong dust go like a bullet belt along bomb along stir one's stumps step on gas cover ground move along escape abscond decamp crash bulldoze smash patter propel dog it get out cut and run barge swoosh roar crack roll along catapult run fast waltz go briskly scat vamoose split step lively retreat outstrip push on progress march wind gust run off bug out run away pass shove flow stream gush prance frisk tear out steamroller railroad blitz buck cascade express go away whish sally put foot move like greased lightning stride go like lighting rack hurdle pass by move forward move rapidly go by pour slip away go at top speed busily dig in get a wiggle on gather momentum scatter make yourself scarce make a run for it go rapidly drive fast run very fast rush at turn on steam make it snappy get on it flourish gear up bowl over go all out run like mad flood sloosh tumble make short work of book it chuck it down hop along step along be off like a shot brandish surge through start put on a burst of speed rush around be busy busy yourself plunge ahead pump tear up the miles go like greased lightning go at breakneck speed whip around waste no time not lose a minute take wing pass quickly show quickly be on the go launch pitch heave float thrust move apace head advance cut head off make off set off set out make a break set forth take off aim steer bear veer make slide glide pounce jostle go faster get faster swirl pick up speed bluster drift flurry coast slip hop cruise wash gambol increase speed gather speed light out pick up the pace rev up step up pile pop blow fiercely romp waft thrill exhale frolic circulate flicker billow eddy descend plummet drop well up flick dance caper startle duck dodge flitter go along stomp bounce spin swish twist seethe churn rush off speed away nosedive run out flirt smooth along stoop stalk gee up play cavort stamp flounce bob contend strive squirt puff squall swing strike attack fall scram beat a retreat turn tail tear around skidoo run for it clear off scarper fall upon make for set upon hover vie buzz around hook it skip off levant brush move suddenly dip run round in circles fly down rev peel out make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat jab prod poke stride angrily scrabble go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels make oneself scarce do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost tilt gain momentum move faster continue move past tilt at drive faster jockey for position put on a spurt open it up get a wriggle on step on the gas open up the throttle put pedal to metal put your foot down put on afterburners peel rubber open up put on speed


Change direction suddenly
veer sheer swerve turn swing wheel deviate diverge skew bend curve tack twist weave change direction curl deflect detour divagate divert redirect shift swivel whip change change course incline zigzag avert bear be deflected branch off depart digress dip drift go off course pivot skid turn aside turn off volte-face whirl angle off get around go around train off make a left make a right slew meander sidetrack stray wander wind lean move switch turn away slip vary convert slide angle yaw trend hook tend evolve vacillate transform slither metamorphose move away arch progress tilt slant fluctuate alter bow mutate loop snake crook modulate run head sweep morph roam go verge slope get sidetracked ramble tip transmogrify part sway cant list arc shy pitch point round bank turn from bear off stoop aquaplane gravitate fall off take a turn leave beaten path cut differ rotate lead heel glide ricochet transfer fork slue waver flow coast skim coil spiral sheer off maunder pass incurvate bevel refract excurse camber alternate careen direct roll modify train aim buckle level alter course toboggan angle away be at an angle leave-one-out reorient zag zig break back snap remove proceed derogate jackknife spin aberrate extend make revolve hydroplane disperse straggle bias be lie twirl abandon desert turn on your heel put at an angle warp contort load turn about turn around lurch sidestep err sideslip deform reroute wander away whirl around flex shelve bulge undulate corkscrew channel swing over depart from veer off turn sharply swirl swell droop crimp offlead get off course convolute screw oscillate gyrate concave inflect wreathe incurve convex channel away head off draw away grade descend splay lie obliquely decline beam be askew set recoil focus corner rechannel return backslide retrace revert lither change the course of twist and turn wrap around reverse spin out go into skid shunt rearrange turnabout pass around take a bend hang a right hang a left recline rise fall lay glissade change over change around grow develop metastasize metamorphize chop and change stream skate sail plane brush whisk breeze cruise bowl transmute transfigure smooth along drive move along scooch move smoothly move over affect amend adapt adjust realign transmutate transit interchange edit distort transition disguise mold revise flip-flop substitute replace swap displace remodel transpose mould


To make a loud, and usually emotional, cry
screech shriek squeal howl yell scream squawk wail yelp bellow caterwaul holler shout squall bawl shrill yawp whoop call out cry cry out judder outcry shudder skid roar call yowl bay ululate bark vociferate thunder clamour halloo hoot clamor creak rasp hollo cheer growl yammer sound off grate squeak groan moan yap croak jar whine keen scrape whimper complain caw crow weep grumble carp gripe mutter bleat grind whinge lament murmur maunder sing out inveigh yip repine grouch nag yaup exclaim bluster greet cackle hail mew sob grouse beef snivel bellyache cooee blare kvetch grizzle snarl kick crab fuss grump scratch bray yoo-hoo rout hiss raise your voice deplore screak mourn waul blubber mither grieve bemoan bell bewail proclaim hurrah boom sing trumpet shout out speak loudly raise voice raise one's voice call at the top of your voice grit scrunch cluck woof clack huzza hoop huzzah announce rumble neigh whisper call hello to brawl voice low cheep peep call at the top of one's voice give tongue whinny sorrow beller yoo hoo pule plead jowl miaow scream bloody murder cry the blues kick up a storm raise a ruckus cry loudly carry on hee-haw bicker quarrel fulminate curse rail declaim threaten gnarl purr meow heehaw hinny crying noise make screeching whirr ejaculate yell at utter threat declare rub sound snort tu-whit tu-whoo plain gabble trill sigh grunt wheeze whiz chirr crepitate bolt utter blat holler out utter a hoot whistle state figure blurt out assert blurt utter suddenly emit demand appeal raise Cain din debate insist raise the roof dispute put up a howl claim agitate come out with burst out with call aloud burst out say loudly rend the air kick up a fuss mewl protest chunter blub object shed tears create boohoo find fault criticize cavil criticise chirp go on kick up a stink break down remonstrate hurt crib natter make a fuss bleed regret scold grieve over condemn fret howl your eyes out be on at someone plain over burst into tears find fault with sniffle agonize suffer anguish take exception denounce reproach knock ache expostulate object to speak out against agonise turn on waterworks turn on the waterworks be sad cry a river sing the blues take it hard raise objections express disapproval make a stand take a stand decry censure upbraid disparage mumble berate oppose rue put up a fight grieve for demur nitpick sniff put the boot in choke up be in tears crack up tear up rail at pick on lodge a complaint make a complaint sorrow for sigh over let go weep over dissolve in tears shed bitter tears complain about wail for pine nit-pick be miserable cry your eyes out put on the weeps wail about cry one's eyes out cry one's heart out cry as if one's heart would break pick holes in run down eat one's heart out pick at inveigh against feel sad quest quibble anathematize execrate except niggle cry fretfully girn sulk drip cry softly hypercriticize blow off take on kick up a rumpus let it out pan peck bother split hairs objurgate weep for sorrow about pick holes despair shed tears for rain sputter witter slur drone muddle swallow burble cry convulsively tears cry eyes out snuffle pine for kick self cry for talk under your breath beat one's breast wear black miss languish yearn wring hands long for be brokenhearted eat heart out eat your heart out be heavy of heart be dejected be despondent be wretched charge dissent gainsay contravene refute twine defy disapprove lay accuse attack disagree indict impute deprecate ascribe differ rant revile admonish impugn lash castigate lambaste vituperate go on about take exception to look askance harass blast roast recriminate trash vilify badger harry abuse blame scorch storm rage denigrate ring the blues hound let it all out chivvy hassle henpeck repent grouch about rip into lay into tongue-lash lay out bully persecute worry pester plague peck at ride dog needle keep on at vex have at bellyache about work over kick up a fuss about crack down on complain vehemently about beef about let someone have it kick up a stink about jump down one's throat go after sound off about go on at heavy carp at keep after egg urge moan at importune tease heckle bait harp on at disturb grumble at goad distress eat nudge prod provoke hector express woe for moan about express sorrow wring one's hands over cry over sorrow over express regret about express sorrow for wail over keen over moan on at keep complaining to bend someone's ear be on your back take it out on breathe down someone's neck get on someone's back give a hard time work on bear be distressed be sorrowful be in distress be mournful be in anguish weep and wail be upset be unhappy


Working permanently in or committed to a particular profession

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