Đồng nghĩa của hard work


Work that is tedious or exhausting
drudgery backbreaker burden chore grind slog struggle hassle imposition toil donkeywork gruntwork headache slavery heavy labor heavy labour backbreaking work tough grind hard graft hard labour tall order tough assignment donkey work donkey-work uphill battle difficult task difficult project no picnic labor labour travail moil trial sweat drudge trouble tribulation fatigue killer bear job beast effort strain work exertion bother problem pain endeavor difficulty tedium workout uphill struggle grubwork task inconvenience daily grind endeavour treadmill grindstone hard row to hoe hard mountain to climb hard time performance graft pains toiling diligence elbow grease bore scutwork yakka chores skivvying swink plodding sweated labour rat race menial labour menial work hard menial labor hard yakka hardship load adversity drain stress battle encumbrance ordeal agony torture test millstone anguish long haul suffering weight nightmare challenge strife conflict marathon endurance test misfortune misery austerity privation affliction destitution calamity torment want persecution oppression grievance penury deprivation need neediness discomfort beggary impecuniousness impecuniosity hazard poverty hardness distress ruination trials asperity rigor ruin disaster wretchedness sorrow danger injury grief curse accident peril mischance worry travails lack catastrophe vicissitude tough luck hard knocks tough break dire straits Herculean task rotten luck rigour trials and tribulations rainy day financial distress


The effort (typically significant) put into a task


The quality of being willing to work hard
conscientiousness diligence industriousness industry assiduousness dedication productiveness assiduity doggedness perseverance tenacity application commitment persistence work ethic effort sedulousness labour intentness zeal striving labor pertinacity energy endeavour sedulity activity determination toil trouble endeavor attention attentiveness earnestness tirelessness vigour laboriousness pains vigor exertion keenness rigour care enterprise heedfulness rigorousness steadiness work carefulness perseveration heed struggle continuance resolve constancy rigor busyness concentration resoluteness indefatigability meticulousness briskness alertness quickness intent intensity purposefulness endurance patience single-mindedness staying power devotion study resolution obstinacy sweat travail singleness of purpose insistence expenditure while elbow grease blood, sweat and tears deliberation punctiliousness drive zealousness studiousness thoroughness enthusiasm wholeheartedness worksomeness backbone ardour ardor dynamism passion spirit fervour fervor purpose eagerness zest steadfastness fervency fortitude grit gusto pluck fire will power firmness spunk guts avidity firmness of purpose willpower ambition stubbornness will tenaciousness decisiveness vehemence warmth conviction strength of character stickability ardency moxie decidedness courage pertinaciousness verve boldness determinedness stick-to-it-iveness spine motivation emotion animation spiritedness excitement bravery braveness courageousness pluckiness initiative feeling Sitzfleisch push zing mettle stamina decision staunchness vitality stick-to-itiveness strong-mindedness heat appetite get-up-and-go passionateness granite oomph fixity of purpose sense of purpose hunger stout-heartedness pep sincerity fire in the belly avidness zip relentlessness fieriness heart nerve vim yearning longing strength go indomitability punch valor focus purposiveness life dash obduracy fervidness gumption obdurateness esprit valour inflexibility dauntlessness intension hardihood fierceness readiness strength of will bulldog spirit strength of mind intransigence ambitiousness thirst desire toughness manfulness devoutness immovability intrepidity seriousness assurance character aggressiveness violence intenseness forcefulness heartiness aggression lust vision brio emotionalism bounce juice liveliness pizzazz intention hustle design ginger welly sap snap force moral fibre pzazz moral fiber empressement hot-bloodedness hankering jazz love weakness self-motivation fixed purpose Dunkirk spirit white heat fire in belly right stuff pep talk what it takes vehemency resilience pursuance stoicism exuberance strong interest gameness urgency toughness of spirit balls fight impetus objective undertaking committedness ballsiness stoutheartedness chutzpah motive momentum clout sticktoitiveness project conclusion fanaticism bottle impellent stuff turn on elan sand inner strength dogmatism certitude thrust confidence impatience certainty fearlessness piousness solemnity hurrah piety religiousness self-control self-discipline self-restraint self-confidence pertinence incentive faith self-mastery stiff upper lip gas starch beans vinegar aim sitzfleisch vivacity restraint self-possession self-command self-containment continence self-government voracity might effectiveness birr efficiency muscle efficacy urge pining power temperament anxiety interest yen desirousness greed wishing appetency voraciousness discipline velleity attitude willfulness liking fancy craving volition impetuosity obstinance anxiousness alacrity anticipation promptness solicitude willingness greediness heart's desire iron will aspiration action itch emulation go-getting get up and go a sense of purpose persistency entrepreneurial spirit importunity pushiness

Trái nghĩa của hard work

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