Đồng nghĩa của hard yakka


A condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation
slavery drudgery grind toil moil travail donkeywork drudge fatigue labor labour slog sweat yakka hard labour hard slog sweated labour exertion work effort struggle industry pains hard work graft elbow grease application donkey-work blood, sweat and tears striving endeavour endeavor toiling strain blood, swear, and tears service labouring struggling slaving drag painstaking Herculean task occupation nine-to-five laboring chore gruntwork chores backbreaker skivvying tedium workout swink plodding hard donkey work menial work daily grind rat race menial labour menial labor trouble energy force stress muscle power expenditure bother while venture purpose strength determination discipline sweat of one's brow resolution tension push strife exercise old college try welly hard graft battle pull activity trial diligence persistence hardship pain industriousness assiduity attempt burden conscientiousness undertaking enterprise grindstone ordeal tribulation load perseverance suffering hassle problem tenacity millstone assiduousness spadework uphill battle hard labor manual labor difficult task tough grind tall order tough assignment adversity drain encumbrance treadmill dedication test doggedness sedulousness torture difficulty grubwork agony try shot zeal steadiness moonlight bid weight earnestness vigour crack assay intentness stab task go anguish nightmare fling operation bash whack vigor heavy labour pass uphill struggle whirl heavy labor backbreaking work offer busyness essay headache one's all one's level best routine challenge squirrel cage working day hack work commitment employment oomph attention doing drive conflict duty slogging action physical effort elbow juice pursuit salt mines grit intensity value attentiveness devotion stretch fuss foray crusade resolve study toils vocation patience endurance concentration campaign imposition privation tears distress attempts back-breaking task deliberation deadweight nuisance tax labour of Hercules job resoluteness steadfastness movement dirty work grunt work no picnic difficult project preoccupation hard pull long pull physical exertion pangs trials and tribulations throes best shot try-on crash project dry run single-mindedness scut work thankless task tirelessness sedulity rigour dynamism long haul productiveness pertinacity laboriousness perseveration rigorousness rigor continuance tryout aim try on

Trái nghĩa của hard yakka

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