Đồng nghĩa của forethought

Alternative for forethought

forethought /fɔ:θɔ:t/
  • danh từ
    • sự đắn đo suy tính trước; sự lo xa, tính cẩn thận
      • to speak without forethought: nói không suy nghĩ trước
    • sự mưu định; chủ tâm


Careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future
foresight anticipation providence precaution provision prudence prescience vision care caution circumspection discernment farsightedness foresightedness judiciousness planning awareness canniness consideration deliberation discreetness discretion forehandedness forward planning gumption judgement judgment penetration perspicacity premeditation prevision sense presence of mind vigilance carefulness wariness watchfulness sagacity heedfulness perception wisdom insight intuition shrewdness heed cautiousness chariness guardedness perceptiveness discrimination tact calculation prediction common sense thoughtfulness alertness foreknowledge divination good sense forecast gingerliness understanding percipience nous wit acumen economy astuteness sharpness preparedness sensibleness cleverness pragmatism tactfulness practicality reasoning levelheadedness prophecy preconception horse sense attentiveness premonition attention foreseeing precognition intelligence reason thought caginess apprehension smarts sapience sageness perspicuity logic erudition acuity perceptivity enlightenment knowledge savvy keenness comprehension perspicaciousness wits experience sagaciousness rationality ingenuity sanity brains soundness commonsense thrift expectation good judgement clear thinking sound judgment good judgment clear-sightedness savoir faire readiness clairvoyance prospect forethoughtfulness prognostication thriftiness augury vaticination mindfulness outlook prophesy good management presentiment contemplation careful budgeting intellectuality intellection intellect cognition restraint coherence warning policy concern considerateness grasp quickness acuteness lucidness lucidity incisiveness genius sophistication capacity mentality ratiocination moderation rationalness marbles prior knowledge maturity soundness of mind powers of discernment clear mind cognitive faculties logical thought good reasoning sound mind scientific thinking belt and braces contrivance diplomacy expectance expectancy guidance provident foresightfulness smartness rationale learning intention keeping your head down subtlety delicacy sensitivity observance hesitance hesitancy saneness worldliness hindsight long-sightedness prenotion hesitation timidity timidness timorousness poise pansophy balance arguteness imagination frugality worldly wisdom responsibility kid gloves solicitude observation innovation looking forward saving creativity inspiration inventiveness husbandry safeguard abstemiousness economizing sparingness diligence coolness austerity conservation conservatism haruspication psychism pythonism psychic powers adumbration temperance sophrosyne economising creative power insurance third eye omniscience presage breadth of view palladium fail-safe preventive protection prognosis foretaste realization preparation foreboding preventive measure defence defense backstop projection prolepsis inkling deterrent regard security guess risk avoidance Fabian policy realisation safety measure preventative measure conjecture forewarning estimate prognostic foretelling forecasting signal auguring cast presaging predicting token bodement soothsaying sign speculation foretoken prognosticating auspication guesstimate budget best guess refinement appreciation mind sharp-wittedness knowingness intuitiveness skill taste grip good taste know-how cognizance ability brainpower profundity brilliance brightness finesse distinction foxiness cageyness mastery stability resourcefulness cultivation head expertise cunning common hardheadedness capability culture level-headedness education sensibility precocity gray matter style elegance quick-wittedness reasonableness native wit mother wit adroitness familiarity powers of reasoning selectivity scholarship ingeniousness savoir-faire tastefulness apperception sensitiveness expertness conception hold dexterity clear-headedness aptness control polish IQ acquaintance proficiency feeling separation clearness insightfulness grey matter percipiency aestheticism healthy mind right mind recognition initiative enterprise astucity impression normality learnedness aptitude consciousness daylights sound judgement native intelligence senses intimacy class responsiveness idea information solidity what it takes command brain grace technique ken faculty headpiece decorum politeness mental faculties loaf eye nose preference differentiation difference decision bias competence braininess susceptibility adeptness interpretation courtesy soberness cogency urbanity depth selectiveness flair smoothness skilfulness presence artfulness take amenity suavity profoundness respect gallantry guile address delicatesse sympathy the right stuff repose politicness accuracy knack connoisseurship authority schooling assimilation skills conversance skillfulness deep insight acquaintanceship mental health brain cells knowing inside out effectiveness exercising judgment choosiness fussiness fineness razor-sharpness stylishness keen-wittedness logicality cordiality mannerliness respectfulness etiquette suss wiliness calculatedness craftiness fastidiousness demarcation discreteness sense of taste realism cool knowledgeability esprit politesse precision instruction culturedness chic beauty attractiveness reasonability practical intelligence tuition cop on sound sense sweet reason savviness sentience deepness handle estimation timing expedience plain sense powers of intuition knowing soundness of judgement advisability valuation notion right-mindedness correctness nicety faculties clarity quick wits sense one was born with spirit brainbox familiarity with intimacy with acquaintance with cavernousness fathomlessness reach immensity acknowledgement assessment esteem deftness balance of mind expediency kop doctrine acquirements accomplishment accomplishments edification study aha prehension desirability conversance with get-up-and-go imaginativeness appraisal advisableness pundit cerebration egghead psyche gift ability to understand slow take double take greater understanding better understanding enhanced understanding superior understanding comprehensive understanding improved understanding facility receptivity sentiment desirableness mental balance craft acknowledgment forcefulness backbone nerve trenchancy precociousness art upper storey giftedness attainments courage mettle pluck oomph grit spunk exposure involvement intellectual capacity receptiveness sensation aesthetic sense mental capacity mental agility intellectual power I.Q. quickness of mind brain power mental acuity mental ability native ability training practice practical knowledge industry vibes masterliness qualifications professionalism talent qualification ableness gut reaction finer feeling deep feeling emotional response specialization academic attainment contact action grounding specialisation prowess empiricism evidence fitness life skills touch inclination right stuff doing proof efficiency power development deduction inference connection participation suaveness relevance relationship link chain of thought linkage thesis syllogistic reasoning train of thought induction good reason course of thought dialectic syllogism philosophy formal system antithesis and synthesis syllogistics


A consideration for or reasoning
thought consideration deliberation reflection attention regard contemplation examination interest notice review thinking time heed pondering rumination scrutiny account advisement awareness brainwork mind agonising agonizing hesitation premeditation navel-gazing object study cogitation debate meditation discussion application calculation concentration musing analysis mulling brooding excogitation cerebration circumspection weighing up serious thought inspection judgment perusal judgement speculation consultation conferring negotiation rap planning wariness prudence purpose ventilation ratiocination lucubration grind thoughtfulness carefulness care caution attentiveness heedfulness concern diligence intentness focus engrossment absorption observation introspection assiduity industry observance curiosity mindfulness note eye immersion reasoning inquisitiveness understanding investigation cognizance knowledge perception regardfulness advertence advertency consciousness ear apprehension vigilance preoccupation watchfulness alertness responsiveness nosiness weighing fascination careful considering passion ponderings thoughts captivation grasp hope knowing seeing deriving logic inducing intuition theorization deduction judging ideation rationalization anticipation cognition focusing focussing mark imagination enthusiasm apprehending inferring considering discerning perceiving deducing concluding realizing rationalizing curiousness interestedness receptiveness eagerness thirst for knowledge undivided attention concernment receptivity excitement keenness suspicion zest exploration estimation realising rationalising rationalisation action recognition view once-over ascertainment studying detection discernment introversion discovery apperception enthrallment surveillance acknowledgment spotlight pensiveness inlook solipsism egoism inquiring mind acknowledgement mental acquisitiveness self-observation self-examination self-searching self-scrutiny deep thought self-contemplation self-discovery self-analysis heart-searching self-questioning self-reflection self-absorption soul-searching mentation thought process mulling over brown study


A feeling that something, often of undesirable nature, is going to happen
presentiment foreboding premonition presage apprehension fear feeling hunch intuition misgiving anticipation anxiety apprehensiveness expectation forecast idea inkling prognostication suspicion worry awareness boding discomposure disquietude disturbance dread perturbation prenotion sense vibes worriment funny feeling sixth sense sneaking suspicion vague feeling sinking feeling feeling in bones handwriting on wall portent warning forewarning prediction omen augury sign foretoken foreshadowing harbinger auspice indication gut feeling impression herald hint writing on the wall signal threat prescience promise prognostic notion fancy prophecy prefiguring foreknowledge ill omen guess token admonition divination foresight consideration foreseeing premeditation signification precursor preconception clue wind change wake-up call bodement contemplation caution straw in the wind handwriting on the wall prior knowledge consciousness intimation satori vague idea expectance expectancy index assurance menace whistle giveaway feeling in one's water danger sign light high sign conjecture surmise vibrations vision winds looking forward theory pointer prefigurement writing suggestion straw forerunner admonishment alarum heads-up alert alarm notice tip-off speculation supposition chill thesis belief view conclusion hypothesis second sight bad feeling notification winds of change feeling in your bones bad vibes advance warning word of warning prior warning feeling in the bones thought presagement prenotice forewisdom auguration omination prenotation instinct qualm glimmer precognition preapprehension prevision readiness preconceived notion foretaste preparation prospect realization outlook feeling in one's bones prolepsis realisation foretelling vaticination soothsaying prognosticating presaging forecasting auguring prognosis prophesy cast predicting sortilege revelation angel oracle apocalypse foregoer outrider prelude announcer messenger usher indicator adumbration tip fortune-telling announcement avant-courier prophet insight bad omen knell prefiguration puku horoscopy the writing on the wall astrology magic word epiphany wink counsel symbol manifestation preindication look out Mayday heads up word to the wise adviser runner reporter bearer representative cue flash inspiration projection clairvoyance bet estimate zodiac calculation foretale auspication likelihood palmistry surmising halseny extrapolation horoscope dope farsightedness providence foresightedness percipience perception haruspication psychism pythonism psychic powers crystal gazing of event anticipation exemplar antecessor advertisement grandparent forefather foreshadow mark model pattern advertiser third eye omniscience advance guard


Decided in advance
predetermined fixed prearranged set agreed settled preset pre-agreed pre-decided pre-established preplanned pre-planned arranged bound calculated deliberate destined determined doomed encoded foredestined inevitable inexorable planned precogitated premeditated programmed proposed scheduled decided beforehand established in advance set up arranged in advance cut and dried presumed presupposed prejudged forejudged predefined prejudiced premature forebegotten preconceived established specified decided stipulated certain prescribed defined definite given stated specific allotted firm designated identified stable confirmed precise determinate explicit exact appointed regular particular assigned chosen decreed express predictable limited invariable resolved frozen inexpugnable final hard flat concrete hard-and-fast hard and fast controlled selected intended contracted granted approved guaranteed indicated declared quantified listed arranged beforehand advance rigged named delineated unfluctuating unchanging unvarying contrived uniform consistent straight constant distinct noted concluded ordained detailed nonnegotiable assumed known clinched fated worked out single qualified laid down spelled out postulated discrete clear nailed wrapped up set in stone sewn up laid out commissioned nominated thought-out framed up sewn-up restricted distinctive bounded specialised selective demarcated straight-out reserved identifiable specialized outright sole circumscribed terminable delimited definable usual measured narrow conditioned customary standard not infinite subject to limitations finite confined routine habitual recommended normal inflexible unchangeable unalterable incommutable unwavering inalterable immutable steady unblinking rigid irreversible unbending undeviating abiding still sure enduring unmovable unqualified unmodifiable definitive inveterate cast-iron never-failing writ in stone not subject to change in the bag

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