Đồng nghĩa của scheming

Alternative for scheming

Đồng nghĩa: calculating, calculative, conniving, designing, shrewd,

schemes, schemed, scheming

Đồng nghĩa: connive, conspire, contrive, intrigue, plan, plot,


Tending to scheme
artful cunning designing foxy sly tricky wily guileful Machiavellian slick calculating conniving crafty deceitful devious duplicitous slippery underhand subtle beguiling cagey cagy cute disingenuous dodgy Janus-faced manipulative shrewd treacherous unscrupulous conspiratorial slim dishonest shady shifty underhanded crooked sneaky unprincipled double-dealing fraudulent two-faced deceptive cheating insidious dishonourable unethical furtive bent unfair snide immoral sneaking disreputable dishonorable untrustworthy clandestine secretive dubious dirty shonky indirect surreptitious false sharp roguish stealthy rogue evasive oblique insincere corrupt secret covert plotting perfidious lying contriving snidey deceiving fast mendacious illegal knavish nefarious unlawful under the table dissembling hidden untruthful hypocritical unsporting backstairs unreliable amoral unsportsmanlike fishy hugger-mugger hollow-hearted false-hearted truthless mean hole-and-corner low-down unconscionable double-faced iffy below the belt base ignoble counterfeit astute collusive two-timing underground undercover private cutthroat cloaked stealth Punic privy reprobate low evil sneak slinking cloak-and-dagger back-alley astucious skulking cowardly black criminal wicked exploitative improper corrupted conscienceless hush-hush nasty vile errant sinful despicable bad unsavoury ruthless shameless mean-spirited behind-the-scenes elusive villainous degenerate contemptible unconscientious sinister fly-by-night squalid shameful scandalous questionable self-seeking dastardly dirty-dealing unpleasant unsavory colluding conspiring caballing stinky Byzantine veiled shrouded trick murky bootleg bogus sham erring obliquitous gimmicky unpredictable suspicious feigned cynical slimy playing politics put on playing games opportunist intriguing not candid not frank uncandid under the counter not straightforward faking one out unhonest opportunistic dicey unfaithful irresponsible traitorous unfrank misleading unveracious expedient fugitive deviant dangerous undependable spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off fake mock phoney phony imposturous pretended terminologically inexact not entirely truthful uncertain unsafe unsteady inconstant insecure unstable hard to pin down mutable variable changeable sideways sidelong under-the-table economical with the truth not to be trusted hole and corner cloak and dagger under wraps disguised cautious creepy masked behind someone's back circumspect sub-rosa unjust wrongdoing sordid cheap ignominious rotten beggarly ungentlemanly double-crossing venal clever shabby foul detestable scurvy paltry worthless fly execrable illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject inequitable unsportsmanly faithless disgraceful degraded casuistic selfish degrading mercenary recreant wrongful petty unworthy arrant currish scungy sorry deplorable lousy scummy lame carny illicit ratty scabby yellow off-color ill-gotten against the rules not cricket low-minded out of order depraved debauched defrauding cruel brutal merciless fallacious debased iniquitous inhumane callous vicious malicious heinous malevolent inhuman wrong perverted hateful monstrous incorrigible scornful pitiless unfeeling rancorous morally wrong licentious dissolute maleficent scoundrelly self-indulgent unkind objectionable vitiated decadent brutish disparaging defiled despiteful delinquent forbidding hard-hearted ungodly libertine bestial unrighteous bloodthirsty sadistic heartless wrathful demonic scrofulous harsh black-hearted virulent evil-minded dark lawless profligate inexorable wanton infamous vengeful felonious vindictive contemptuous grisly gruesome pernicious disdainful cold-blooded savage spiteful tyrannical barbarous


Showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters, sometimes with guile
shrewd astute clever canny cunning intelligent perceptive discerning smart wise judicious sensible crafty prudent sharp wily artful sly acute sagacious knowing savvy perspicacious devious insightful subtle foxy guileful keen calculating tricky sage slick discriminating alert designing ingenious sapient brainy cagey cute observant slippery beguiling streetwise pawky underhand hardheaded argute dodgy cagy heady profound deep fly smooth suss accurate disingenuous farsighted probing astucious calculated inside shark quick-witted sharp-witted clear-eyed clear-sighted far-sighted hard-boiled heads-up long-headed on the ball far-seeing media-savvy in the know on the inside wised up on top of up on Machiavellian sneaky conniving deceitful shifty slim insidious deceptive dishonest duplicitous manipulative unscrupulous intriguing carny shady resourceful politic vulpine skillful skilful double-dealing treacherous crooked plotting adroit dexterous dextrous adept cheating imaginative inventive deft untrustworthy street smart street-smart discreet fiendish arch Janus-faced shonky delusive underhanded furtive tactful stealthy contriving cautious chary masterly considerate careful proficient evasive greasy captious bluffing dishonorable dissembling illusory elusive traitorous as sharp as a tack dishonourable crazy like a fox strategic conspiring quick heedful leery brilliant experienced tactical impish roguish secretive mischievous controlling serpentine malicious gingerly circumspect wary safe premeditating guarded fraudulent snide full of plans sneaking dirty tricksy neat misleading delusory witted wry conspiratorial enterprising secret whip-smart sly like a fox covert sensitive craft complicitous delicate polite crazy like fox nifty mean complicit understanding thoughtful conciliatory diplomatic gracious suave treating with kid gloves courteous capable opportunistic bland planful penetrating percipient incisive piercing rational intuitive bright aware reasonable critical practical enlightened sound knowledgeable fine sane logical watchful ready vigilant analytical sober erudite attentive genius gnostic razor-sharp informed sophisticated rapier-like nimble realistic worldly-wise down-to-earth trenchant clear penetrative matter-of-fact open-eyed learned commonsensical responsible well-thought-out analytic refined level-headed quick on the uptake quick off the mark mature grounded razor-edged knife-like sharp-sighted awake searching fast supersmart conservative ultrasmart responsive downy sharpened good keen-witted exceptional thinking apt nimble-witted well-reasoned agile hyperintelligent cultivated razor-like cerebral balanced reflective cultured levelheaded commonsense sharp as a tack no-nonsense insighted together witty reasoned just pragmatic well-founded cool ratiocinative sophic judgmatical judgmatic well-advised enquiring questioning inquiring not born yesterday thorough mindful reserved scrupulous finely honed all there not missing a trick having all one's marbles softly-softly precautious on guard on your toes interested on the lookout on the qui vive exquisite whiz einstein razor sharp contemplative sentient scholarly self-aware educated joined-up philosophical sussed tasteful showing great knowledge with great knowledge hip intellectual precocious able frugal hep businesslike hard-headed complex exacting detailed selective with it precise having fancy footwork hard-nosed graceful full of insight reasoning conscious reliable fastidious stable steady adult dependable tuned in wise to with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground minute close-lipped knows what's what acuminous ear to the ground proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted close-mouthed exact cognitive kid-glove nobody's fool having smarts examining exploratory inquisitive researching intense pointed investigative curious mental like a clam civil harmonious on lookout having foresight moderate controlled mentally stable temperate noncommittal not rash cognizant considered grown-up worldly polished smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five quick on the trigger conceptual with all one's wits about one expedient deliberate sharp-eyed well-balanced eagle-eyed advisable wide-awake keen-eyed playing one's cards close to one's chest punctilious desirable hawk-eyed concentrating efficacious tentie regardful focused tenty beady-eyed Argus-eyed seemly seasonable judicial well judged common-sense well advised well-judged surveying deducing correct eager considering alive comprehending intentive advertent discovering on one's toes detecting contemplating focussed observative with eyes like a hawk valid solid hard coherent firm consequent justified well-grounded serious-minded commonsensible well thought out well-informed full of common sense conversant reticent measured apprehensive hesitant tentative provident suspecting suspicious forethoughtful restrained au courant in right mind keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs all ears walking on egg shells with eyes peeled thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves taking it slow on your guard playing safe belt-and-braces hedging one's bets with reservations watching one's step watching out on the watch with one's eyes peeled steady-going


A crafty, and typically underhanded, means to achieve one's aims
artifice device trick ruse stratagem tactic manoeuvre wile contrivance dodge expedient ploy hoax machination scheme con craft cunning flimflam move deception duplicity fetch fraud guile scam set-up swindle trickery bunco chicanery craftiness gambit game gimmick grift gyp jig juggle knack lurk play rort shenanigan sleight sting subterfuge wheeze artfulness confidence trick con trick flanker rig schlenter shift slyness lie maneuver pretence pretense racket savvy sleight of hand intrigue deceit cheating dishonesty cunningness guilefulness wiliness deviousness dissimulation conspiracy double-dealing maneuvering wiles plotting foxiness plot shrewdness deceitfulness monkey business manoeuvring design cozenage dupery deceptiveness crookery crookedness dissembling fakery canniness jiggery-pokery hanky-panky subtleness slickness underhandedness sharp practice skullduggery cleverness cabal collusion schemes planning subtlety evasion strategy ploys ruses tactics stratagems tricks caginess sneakiness cageyness manoeuvres maneuvers unscrupulousness funny business every trick in the book palace intrigue dirty tricks astuteness huggermugger secrecy chicane legerdemain jugglery skulduggery gamesmanship shadiness shiftiness fraudulence sophistry bluff intention calculation control practice sellout beguilement feint allurement monkeyshines shenanigans lure angle horseplay slant stunt imposition twist switch setup dirty work little game song and dance dealings plots cabals trickeries intrigues devices plans conspiracies artifices knaveries designs chicaneries manipulation conniving trickiness subterfuges contrivances complots deceptions collusions expedients manipulations dealing complot covin knavery double-dealings deviousnesses sharp practices machinations frame-ups ingenuity fix plan disingenuity frame-up imposture sham cheat blind put-on pretext method fake hustle smokescreen misrepresentation cover codology means fastie trap canard humbug kidology catch masquerade jest sport swindling shell game snow job fast one leg-pull sell fiddle course of action line of action spoof rip-off prank cunning plan project posturing brainchild fast shuffle game plan decoy front facade dirty pool cloak mask wrinkle loophole duping snare Trojan horse hoodwinking whitewash façade invention disguise wangle hypocrisy camouflage excuse insincerity stall bunko hokum red herring caper escapade feat joke gag hocus-pocus fourberie booby trap management instrument fun concern secret counterfeit fixture put-up job con game smoke and mirrors distraction practical joke secret plan show bait guise semblance measure pretension mischief charade illusion treachery appearance pose scenario refuge quackery jive veil display falsehood lying feigning finesse veneer swizzle faking falsification diddle posing fabrication cant cozening smoke screen falseness dirty trick action programme make-believe bluffing program enterprise venture blueprint shady deal monkey tricks bait and switch ground plan plan of action master plan gadget gizmo widget antic tomfoolery jape accomplishment frolic lark gambol screen kicker monkeyshine idea toils operation curveball policy winning move resource innovation coinage concoction creation footwork step sweet talk soft soap crocodile tears kite sanctimoniousness specious reasoning artful argument duck porky attention-grabber deviation disturbance distractor commotion diversion interruption take-in boondoggle equivocation struggle agenda formation double-cross bit scene falsity exploitation swizz proposition improvisation way pattern purpose bilk mare's-nest fallacy ride malarkey hogwash story pork pie cover-up shuck crock fib stopgap recourse resort expediency makeshift phoneyness empty talk hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour Tartufferie furtiveness wire-pulling surreptitiousness waffle talk verbiage nonsense double-crossing bit of sharp practice piece of deception roguery oldest trick in the book mock attack system shamming loss-leader shtick extortion stealing blackmail shakedown embezzlement confidence game lies propaganda curve ball false face false clue fool's errand false trail wild-goose chase diversionary tactic misleading clue clever move misleading talk one-upmanship ambush affectation piousness disguising counterfeiting concealing masking arrangement delusion distortion misconduct misbehaviour promotion aid apparatus publicity device eye-catching novelty double cross crooked deal hiding concealment shrouding veiling hot air suppression devilry crafty designs road map grand design image impression claim colour play-acting false show posture misbehavior defrauding misleading overreaching ambidexterity dissemblance trapping two-timing ambidextrousness entrapping two-facedness act gin pretentiousness garb false appearance snivel travesty parody false front outward appearance pitfall dirty dealing temptation hook dragnet inveiglement enticement seducement snag color goings-on hokey-pokey carryings-on hankie-pankie carry-on airs playacting charlatanry come-on plant frame jazz wrong baloney simulation acting misstatement shuffling routine ostentation imitation schtick hoaxing bamboozlement cover up run around bill of goods false pretense dumb act


The act of engaging in politics, or in political campaigning


Present participle for to scheme or plot, typically in a manipulative or deceitful manner
wangling contriving finagling machinating manipulating maneuvering engineering devising plotting arranging manoeuvring finessing framing masterminding negotiating orchestrating fixing directing conducting working handling achieving planning designing pulling strings playing games intriguing conspiring pulling wires coming up with laying plans hooking inventing wheeling and dealing hatching promoting cogitating trumping up cooking up thinking of thinking up causing controlling managing bringing about setting up originating organizing choreographing mobilizing mounting effecting concocting superintending bringing off pulling off staging coordinating encompassing stage-managing constructing creating concerting putting together conning conceiving supervising angling rigging scamming swinging jockeying doctoring putting on cooking operating organising mobilising upstaging planting fixing up putting over putting through putting one over putting one on running exploiting administering administrating regulating influencing overseeing presiding over steering making arrangements for being responsible for shaping governing guiding leading blueprinting ruling projecting marshaling marshalling overlooking stewarding working out seeing to affecting preparing tricking developing forging initiating programming charting commanding dreaming up heading getting together tending sorting out finding a way keeping mapping out laying out seeing about carrying on quarterbacking scheming out carrying out strategizing about calling the tune running things beguiling playing setting outlining modelling calculating modeling budgeting laying on ordering attending to riding herd on wielding baton chairing using producing compassing generating launching delivering instigating authoring succeeding piloting putting in motion getting up setting in motion putting in place executing shifting passing wrangling elaborating blending preplanning synthesizing harmonizing rewriting unifying harmonising presenting integrating writing composing symphonizing synthesising having the bright idea of succeeding in swinging it working it engineering a way cajoling planning out playing upon swaying funnelling trimming inveigling coxswaining easing taking control of navigating trailblazing channeling channelling edging coaxing spearheading pointing beaconing driving having a handle on taking charge of wheedling having control of funneling turning to one's advantage hitting upon hacking forming ingratiating establishing cheating scheduling outmanoeuvring circumventing persuading pressuring deceiving pressing bamboozling duping bilking constituting defrauding snookering outmaneuvering distorting gaming starting founding instituting beginning timetabling fudging with finding a loophole in tampering with fiddling with interfering with tinkering with exploiting a loophole in advising talking into dealing with jacking up budgeting for getting off the ground straightening out getting going looking after laying the foundations of starting up taking care of licking into shape bossing presiding dominating shepherding disposing calling the shots being in the driving seat being in the saddle exercising control over having the say controlling the affairs of taking the reins running the show pointing in the right direction pulling the strings putting on the right track heading up


Present participle for to prepare something in advance
planning preparing organising organizing arranging developing devising engineering crafting designing forming hatching plotting conceiving concocting drafting formulating brewing building choreographing excogitating inventing masterminding orchestrating premeditating slating brainstorming budgeting contemplating contriving shaping blueprinting calculating conspiring detailing fashioning forecasting framing mapping moulding molding outlining projecting representing sketching planning out thinking ahead working out chalking out fixing up intriguing mapping out meditating quarterbacking readying roughing out sketching out steering thinking out tracing bargaining for blocking out cooking up figuring on figuring out fixing to laying in provisions laying out lining up making arrangements reckoning on roughing in scheming out setting out strategizing about creating laying producing constructing fixing strategizing making fulfilling charting casting coordinating thinking up setting putting together dreaming up getting ready setting up intending proposing weaving planning ahead prepping composing grooming fitting executing drawing diagramming describing accomplishing delineating achieving effecting diagraming performing machinating drawing up making ready compassing maneuvering wangling finagling manoeuvring laying plans doping out modeling manufacturing modelling scheduling fabricating determining deciding settling forging tailoring establishing adjusting resolving assembling founding hatching a plot managing directing cogitating on stamping sculpting carving hewing preparing for penciling in settling on completing knocking off erecting throwing together finishing patterning structuring cutting perfecting turning out working hammering out consummating agreeing on coming to an agreement making arrangements for coming to terms about making plans for jacking up coming to terms pulling things together setting stage making plans making preparations for ironing out shaping up agreeing to manipulating originating programming illustrating presenting explaining finessing negotiating spreading out displaying exhibiting depicting drawing plans of graphing estimating tabulating registering recording documenting costing stage-managing accounting predicting computing making a diagram of making a chart of costing out making provisions running making financial arrangements conducting administrating mobilizing constituting starting marshaling instituting marshalling beginning timetabling mounting concerting mobilising seeing to sorting out dealing with supplying editing equipping adapting getting going looking after laying the foundations of seeing about getting together starting up accoutreing accoutring furnishing outfitting being responsible for getting off the ground straightening out taking care of budgeting for licking into shape appointing anticipating endowing working up building up fitting out smoothing the way getting up making up putting in order filling in making provision


(idiomatic) Present participle for to invent, create, or think of
coming up with devising designing concocting contriving developing formulating masterminding forming hatching machinating constructing crafting fabricating imagining coining evolving excogitating forging planning plotting putting up arranging bringing forth composing creating establishing inventing manufacturing mooting originating stumbling upon uncovering conceiving of cooking up detecting discovering drawing up dreaming up finding thinking up working out doping out hitting on making up putting together setting up trumping up ad-libbing drumming up throwing together whipping up thinking of preparing framing projecting conceiving vamping brewing brainstorming making improvising producing vamping up conceptualizing envisaging dreaming envisioning conjuring up conceptualising fashioning rustling up fixing pondering falsifying cogitating sparking casting shaping intriguing charting blueprinting setting down mapping out faking it getting off playing it by ear slapping together mixing up stirring up batching maturing prefabbing compounding engineering wangling stage-managing orchestrating procuring effecting bringing about moving causing to happen hitting upon becasting rigging laying out casting about handling visualizing visualising picturing fantasizing seeing fancying depicting ideating perceiving conceiting visioning imaging hallucinating fantasying seeing in one's mind forming a picture of seeing in the mind's eye fantasising fantasizing about building castles in air forming a mental picture of dreaming about provoking breaking open breeding working up emerging giving birth engendering procreating laying eggs inducing parenting spawning bearing getting up siring coming out generating causing occasioning giving forth spitballing building assembling erecting raising confecting piecing rearing elevating knocking off piecing together fitting together knocking together structuring turning out cobbling up throwing up feigning readying fixing together fabling prefabricating constituting building up superstructing founding sculpturing jerry-building putting out writing penning drafting authoring inditing modeling modelling rhyming singing versing mixing cobbling together whomping up organizing joining organising compiling fudging together setting type scoring knocking out scribbling banging out timing poetizing putting pen to paper pushing pencil scripting comping coining a phrase putting down ghostwriting noting down

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