Đồng nghĩa của double dealing


The action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth
deceit deception fraud cheating duplicity cunning deceitfulness double-dealing guile artifice craftiness dissimulation trickery chicanery lying treachery craft dishonesty fraudulence pretence underhandedness dissembling slyness wiliness crookedness deviousness duping hoodwinking hypocrisy artfulness bluff feint misrepresentation subterfuge bluffing cozenage crookery cunningness deceptiveness dupery fakery foxiness guilefulness hanky-panky imposture jiggery-pokery wile codology knavery management monkeyshines ambidexterity ambidextrousness chicane cozening defrauding dissemblance entrapping falseness funny business imposition misleading monkey business overreaching pretense trapping two-facedness two-timing dirty dealing dirty pool smoke and mirrors falsity sharp practice flimflam insincerity falsehood mendacity perfidy racket unscrupulousness swindle sneakiness trickiness perfidiousness shadiness corruption fourberie hocus-pocus criminality shiftiness graft phoniness improbity faithlessness affectation stealing speciousness slickness skulduggery cant lie wiles subtlety infidelity rascality insidiousness bunk infamy ruse untruthfulness subtleness quackery display canniness sanctimoniousness hoax cageyness caginess unctuousness con casuistry sting glibness mockery legerdemain dodge disingenuousness scam kidology sanctimony indirection shenanigans sham pharisaicalness pharisaism swindling pietism lip service irreverence bigotry bad faith false profession cheat stratagem intrigue tartuffery gamesmanship rip-off mendaciousness fast one gyp bunco shell game scheme skullduggery trick fabrication jugglery tricks prevarication cleverness fast shuffle extortion snow job humbug hustle invention shady deal sell knavishness sophistry stratagems shrewdness stunt spuriousness perjury put-on pretentiousness dirty trick fix scheming contrivance untruth con game unfairness inaccuracy artificiality jive fake embezzlement falsification bamboozlement posturing schemes manoeuvres ploys evasion manoeuvre machination ruses plot hollowness misconduct maneuvers maneuver fibbing shakedown dirty tricks blackmail grift self-righteousness double-cross con trick confidence trick unjustness duplicitousness spoof play-acting ploy whitewash equivocation plant frame jazz wrong baloney dubiousness fallaciousness double-crossing inveracity piousness betrayal telling stories unreliability treacherousness fictitiousness strategy subterfuges lack of veracity furtiveness distortion hoaxing jobbery feigning surreptitiousness fiddling tactics ingenuity gambit malfeasance unveracity faking hokum disguise conspiracy astuteness fiddle lawbreaking cover up run around bill of goods fastie machinations canard mischief fraudulency dirty work manipulation cover unfaithfulness evasiveness exploitation boondoggle bunko diddle manoeuvring sleight of hand rort game maneuvering frame-up every trick in the book crooked deal palace intrigue monkey tricks slipperiness suspiciousness haughtiness conceit superciliousness pomposity self-satisfaction complacency piety smugness untrustworthiness religiosity ability perspicacity dishonour finesse deceiving misappropriation unrepresentativeness unreliableness illusoriness inaccurateness blind dishonor lawlessness persona inauthenticity pretension affectedness fakeness disingenuity illegality white lies shamming joke disguising counterfeiting concealing masking device nefariousness unlawfulness unnaturalness leg-pull little white lies hiding concealment shrouding veiling obfuscation Trojan horse corruptness dishonourableness suppression camouflage swizzle swizz misbehaviour footwork beguilement blarney sophism dirt treason defraudation disinformation circumvention juggling trumpery faithless dualism duality twoness one-upmanship disloyalty conjuration prestidigitation escamotage magic gimmick move bait and switch unprincipledness unscrupulosity questionableness questionability collusion devilry specious reasoning artful argument snide backhandedness roguery wire-pulling waffle talk verbiage nonsense false piety confidence game expedient trap ramp kite twist fiction fetch being two-faced art misbehavior Judas kiss misleading talk sleight juggle lurk shenanigan knack wheeze play jig fallacy tale taradiddle tarradiddle whopper story erroneousness inexactness fable unreality fib plotting cabal fraudulent scheme snare decoy rig shift schlenter flanker ambush stab in back planning conniving porky double cross delusion hot air barratry skunk song hoky-poky string line smoke gerrymandering tiff quibble squabble fuss spat sucker game hosing design set-up goings-on hankie-pankie fairy tale incorrectness uncandidness lies hokey-pokey carryings-on carry-on dealing complot covin pork pie terminological inexactitude run-around sellout plan snake oil wooden nickel song and dance foul play pettifoggery economy with the truth profiteering venality stab in the back act masquerade guise semblance charade facade crime delinquency subornation wrongdoing villainy bribery demoralization sleaze bribing misfeasance malversation airs pose façade show playacting front demoralisation payola shuffle nepotism affected piety false virtue affected superiority victimisation victimization phoneyness Pharisaism phariseeism empty talk Tartufferie veil posing veneer simulation stall acting misstatement shuffling routine excuse cloak ostentation gag mask pretext appearance make-believe imitation schtick palm-greasing dishonest dealings breach of trust shady dealings being on the take double standard false pretense dumb act


The quality of being evil or morally wrong
wickedness evil sin iniquity sinfulness badness depravity wrong wrongdoing evilness immorality rascality roguery baseness evil-doing foulness iniquitousness viciousness vileness devilishness devilry dishonesty double-dealing turpitude unscrupulousness vice villainy degeneracy delinquency deviltry dissipation dissolution perversion pervertedness corruption corruptness curse fiendishness godlessness heinousness impiety irreligiousness knavery ungodliness unholiness blasphemy crookedness devilment diablerie hob impiousness impishness impurity irreverence mischief mischievousness profanity roguishness sacrilegiousness shadiness shenanigans waggery waggishness cheekiness maleficence malfeasance malignity naughtiness peccability peccancy tomfoolery flagrancy infamy malice offence offense unrighteousness cheating deceit criminality misconduct sharp practice imposture duplicity deception chicanery swindling fraud trickery knavishness crime disgrace misdeed bad lawbreaking ill lawlessness venality transgression evildoing atrocity treachery scoundrelism foul play debauchery profligacy licentiousness indecency impropriety degradation lewdness decadence dissoluteness libertinism libertinage outrage degeneration nefariousness wantonness misbehavior lasciviousness misbehaviour vulgarity atrociousness fault debasement lechery harm lecherousness monstrosity waywardness monkey business depravedness rakishness misdoing injury enormity obscenity degenerateness decadency misfortune funny business abjection dissipatedness salaciousness hideousness diabolicalness lubricity abomination frolicsomeness prankishness shamelessness high jinks looseness hurt vandalism catastrophe sabotage demoralization libidinousness demoralisation flagitiousness scandal dirty trick bawdiness prank gag immodesty disobedience malevolence villainousness coarseness grossness injustice unchastity rudeness outrageousness friskiness misdemeanor lustfulness sportiveness perversity sordidness playfulness pranks tricks prurience misdemeanour intemperance dreadfulness abandonment cruelty concupiscence sacrilege meanness lack of morals lack of principles salacity overindulgence crudity bad behavior monstrousness shamefulness smuttiness antisocial behavior promiscuity violation smut dereliction crudeness dirtiness ribaldry loucheness desecration illegality depravation carnality wrongness profanation indulgence filthiness impureness dirt filth nastiness raunchiness blueness raunch mischief-making sinning sybaritism decay hedonism abandon evil behavior voluptuousness incontinence malefaction odiousness self-indulgence contemptibility unseemliness scurrility fast living unfairness dishonour dishonourableness ugliness incivility despicability vitiation wrongfulness trespass indignity pornography felony perniciousness tort larks troublemaking unlawfulness dishonor trouble sensuality malversation profaneness devilishment bad behaviour nonsense capers defilement racket jiggery-pokery excess revel heresy diabolism brutishness improbity goings-on carryings-on hanky-panky carry-on immoderateness gluttony disrespect squalor carousal binge revelry bender monkey tricks offensiveness darkness tear lack of restraint pleasure-seeking la dolce vita life in fast lane rottenness ill-discipline mercilessness ruthlessness abuse indiscipline horseplay insubordination lowness peccantness puckishness bastardization unethical behaviour acting up shenanigan egregiousness reprehensibility decline worsening decrease maltreatment hell deviance culpability deviation abnormality hatred damage spite animosity odium amorality deterioration moral decay miscreancy disagreeableness obnoxiousness unpleasantness indelicacy extravagance recklessness wastefulness guiltiness perviness brutality rankness abasement inferiority poorness execration infringement infraction contravention contamination unnaturalness kinkiness gross indecency indecent behaviour raciness dodginess horridness frightfulness imprecation fallenness imperfection foible eroticism erotism pederasty satyriasis boorishness fleshliness grubbiness incontinency ruttishness pruriency low-mindedness squalidness unsavouriness tawdriness shoddiness ignominy cheapness balefulness scurrilousness ill will indecorum break sneak caper case hit job breach cybercrime bestiality bribery witchcraft magic witchery facetiousness jocularity humorousness wit drollness damnation covetousness sloth demerit pride monkey-business unsuitability drunkenness horror immoral behaviour e-crime reprobation notoriety disreputableness pettiness fraudulency profiteering reviling unlawful act delictum mortal sin fast one illicitness illegitimacy delict clandestineness sordidity evil magic black magic taking the Lord's name in vain obloquy wretchedness irreligion malignance lust rot evil act immoral act ignobility act of wickedness fall from grace atheism disbelief paganism heathenism non-belief agnosticism apostasy scepticism unbelief doubt skepticism


The quality of not being loyal to a person, country, or organization
disloyalty infidelity unfaithfulness falseness falsity faithlessness perfidy treachery inconstancy betrayal double-dealing treason fickleness perfidiousness untrustworthiness duplicity false-heartedness sedition two-timing unreliability adultery backstabbing back-stabbing business dissidence recreancy sellout subversion breach of trust deceitfulness hollow-heartedness apostasy breach of faith disaffection double cross seditiousness untrueness violation bad faith Punic faith subversive activity betrayal of trust breaking of faith treacherousness deception stab in the back dishonesty double-cross deceit double-crossing Judas kiss let-down giveaway trickery sell-out spoof whitewash bunco corruption gyp scam racket grift dodge flimflam fake put-on fast shuffle sweet talk skin game dirty work dirty dealing shell game dirty pool dirty trick co-option co-optation two-facedness attack scepticism traitorousness doubt disbelief fraud skepticism wound act of disloyalty act of treachery cheating unchastity cuckoldry trahison des clercs affair extramarital relations intrigue misconduct amour liaison fornication extramarital sex hanky-panky fooling around lewdness playing around playing the field a bit on the side fling flirtation relationship romance entanglement dalliance thing love affair deceptiveness involvement affaire carryings-on romantic entanglement amorous entanglement carry-on extracurricular activity affair of the heart insincerity falsification mistakenness wrongness speciousness dereliction defection improbity immorality relations extramarital activity intimacy love having an affair secret love affair bit on the side playing away extramarital congress illicit sex extracurricular sex carrying on crookedness mendacity affaire du coeur forbidden love courtship triangle menage a trois love relationship affaire du cœur romantic affair seduction affaire de coeur illicit love playing away from home tryst sexual relationship outside of marriage fraudulence underhandedness cunning artifice guile lying cozenage dupery crookery cunningness craft foxiness dissembling guilefulness wiliness fakery dissimulation hypocrisy craftiness chicane chicanery fourberie foul play sharp practice


Deceitful or duplicitous, especially in a hypocritical way
two-faced hypocritical insincere dissembling duplicitous perfidious untrustworthy deceitful deceiving false treacherous phoney artificial backhanded counterfeit dishonest disloyal double faithless fake feigned jive lying mealy mealymouthed phony pretended unctuous untruthful artful backstabbing beguiling crafty cunning deceptive disingenuous foxy fraudulent guileful knavish mendacious misleading shifty sly sneaky tricky underhanded lip Pecksniffian back-stabbing double-dealing double-faced Janus-faced phoney-baloney left-handed phony-baloney underhand crooked unscrupulous shady devious bent dishonourable unprincipled dishonorable dodgy sharp wily unreliable cheating corrupt scheming two-timing unfaithful designing slick unethical untrue dubious traitorous slippery snide conniving calculating insidious rogue fast double-crossing shrewd disreputable false-hearted subtle shonky Machiavellian dirty undependable hollow-hearted recreant immoral fickle furtive unfair hollow fishy spurious roguish cagey smooth slim inconstant criminal swindling illegal dissimulating astute amoral sneaking questionable defrauding unlawful intriguing indirect canny villainous evasive venal cagy cute delusive smart fly-by-night specious treasonable nefarious low base captious rascally truthless mean pretentious Punic canting clever not to be trusted corruptible clandestine sham adulterous secret pretend jivey glib oily affected unnatural feigning grafting oblique deluding renegade stealthy fly pharisaical secretive smooth-spoken smooth-tongued wicked fibbing plotting apostate buyable snidey unloyal bluffing pharisaic malfeasant ambidextrous iffy pietistic sanctimonious self-righteous surreptitious treasonous subversive seditious inauthentic cynical suspicious unsporting bribable sordid moralistic bland pious caviling assuming covert unsportsmanlike unprofessional unconscionable forsworn wrong low-down rotten scandalous betraying murky below the belt unjust lawless mock ingenious prevaricating equivocating cavilling dirty-dealing perjured elusive illicit carny put-on foul scoundrelly snaky malicious not candid not frank not to be depended on irresponsible fair-weather not dependable bogus assumed nasty suspect seedy reprobate shameless arch unveracious corrupted sketchy sharp-witted ignoble back-alley cloak-and-dagger contemptible cutthroat evil misrepresenting inventing hoodwinking misstating mercenary delusory falsifying inglorious conscienceless degenerate manipulative shameful pseudo illusory economical with the truth under the table skilful skillful vulpine committing perjury imitation wormlike unpatriotic astucious worthless invalid forged unsound contriving iniquitous slimy snake in the grass suborned trustless on the take uncandid unfrank mala fide conspiring not entirely truthful terminologically inexact overdone exaggerated exploitative stinky impish mischievous lacking sincerity bootleg mean-spirited undutiful shadowy pseud irregular fallacious nifty dual dissident of bad faith paltering under the counter dark unsafe untrusty fink perjurious falsehearted malevolent mythomaniac plausible rascal off bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous with tongue in cheek of dubious character potentially illegal hypocritic Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical rebellious opportunist expedient opportunistic observant heedful purchasable cowboy not to be relied upon intelligent acute salty ornery hostile dicey dangerous deviant discreditable goody-goody formal ruthless incorrigible unregenerate mutinous faux backstabby not trustworthy felonious alert rapacious mysterious collusive unhonest breakaway gone to the dogs extortionate profiteering open fast and loose masterly adept raffish bamboozling falsified against the law simulated unqualified dexterous proficient adroit politic resourceful unconvincing flimsy devoid of validity insignificant weak prostituted doubting dud dextrous wayward bad dissolute sinful flighty warped avaricious holier-than-thou grasping dummy cod unauthentic unbelieving ambiguous paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic double-meaning double-edged uncertain ironic equivocal heads-up pawky licentious mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate wanton dastardly simoniac simoniacal padded decadent so-called actorly quack not genuine make-believe sagacious deep greasy streetwise knowing unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering unstable capricious changeful changeable fluctuating hugger-mugger shrouded hidden veiled hole-and-corner open to bribery despicable crazy like a fox backstairs conspiratorial vile errant obliquitous erring gimmicky cheap ignominious beggarly cowardly squalid ungentlemanly playing politics put on playing games unpleasant scurvy shabby detestable paltry faking one out not straightforward execrable illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject inequitable unsportsmanly sorry deplorable scummy lame currish scungy lousy not cricket off-color ill-gotten against the rules ratty scabby low-minded out of order backbiting sinister unsavoury unsavory thieving larcenous sticky-fingered light-fingered pilfering kleptomaniacal improper depraved predatory vicious thievish fabricated concocted spoliative plunderous piratic invented disgraceful unworthy incorrect distorted wrongful unfounded stealing apocryphal imaginary nimble-fingered funny notorious fictitious made up doubtful distasteful cooked-up seamy unwarranted vulgar unwholesome arrant inaccurate erroneous tricksy fiendish inexact reprehensible casuistic flawed petty mistaken keen contrived faked coloured counterfactual colored trumped up trumped-up contraband suspected disbelieved kleptic theftuous furacious corruptable wrongdoing unpredictable unconscientious Byzantine sleazoid sleazo queer macabre tortuous indefensible intentionally misleading selfish degrading self-seeking degraded unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for obnoxious offensive devilish buccaneering fugitive repellent repulsive objectionable rough disagreeable rudderless unnecessary left- handed wry witted pixieish scampish pixie leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish sub-rosa undercover hush-hush concealed untrusted pillaging plundering inventive pretending not on out of turn unsteady insecure hard to pin down mutable variable perilous ensnaring good-for-nothing frolicsome imaginative deft savvy infamous grotty pinching shoplifting pocket-picking boorish uncouth revolting rude churlish coarse gross lubricious a bit much louche adopted wolfish experienced like a snake in the grass unrighteous black unseemly improvised framed devised cooked up noisome repugnant filching shocking negligent non-existent made-up flimflam scam biased prejudiced street-smart street smart on the QT under wraps on the quiet over the fence a bit thick fabulous out misguided crazy like fox discriminatory abhorrent outrageous opprobrious disorderly piratical mythical in error mythological under-the-table disgusting indecent crass tawdry abominable graceless of bad reputation shy unrespectable shoddy partisan low-life no-good odious unfactual nonfactual fictional baseless beastly discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted pitiable lowly lewd derogatory libidinous weighted intolerant slanted preferential no good in bad in low esteem in the doghouse undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary faulty blameworthy culpable cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious unreal imprecise one-sided non-objective uncalled-for misrepresentative sophistical factitious ersatz


Present participle for to betray someone that has one's trust
double-crossing betraying two-timing cheating defrauding misleading tricking hoodwinking swindling deceiving backstabbing crossing failing stinging cozening letting down beguiling bluffing conning duping four-flushing humbugging illuding juggling playing false scamming selling selling out splitting breaking faith with stitching up taking in doing the dirty on stabbing in the back selling down the river suckering bamboozling bilking flimflamming victimizing rooking screwing shafting ripping off victimising fleecing finagling hosing chiselling chiseling stiffing burning sandbagging diddling gypping double-dealing doing gaffing taking for a ride fooling hoaxing hustling deluding gulling bleeding skinning fiddling mulcting squeezing snookering sticking shorting skunking reaming thimblerigging shortchanging euchring chousing plucking nobbling beating taking doing in shaking down putting one over on pulling a swifty on pulling a fast one on fudging doing a number on having outwitting chicaning snowing goldbricking hornswoggling jiving milking buncoing robbing shucking taking advantage of giving someone a bum steer taking to the cleaners leading up the garden path selling a bill of goods to bending the rules pulling something funny stretching the rules stacking the cards hitting below the belt exploiting embezzling gouging rushing cribbing jerking around taking out pulling one's leg screwing over blenching trimming breaking the rules belirting rogueing roguing lirting giving bum steer short-changing roping in clipping swizzling doing someone in the eye suckering into selling a pup to taking to the cleaner's pulling fast one doing out of doing number on pilfering playing dirty outmanoeuvring trapping spoofing entrapping kidding buffaloing catching gammoning misguiding misinforming outmaneuvering faking throwing disinforming catching out faking out sucking in having on stringing along hocus-pocusing taking someone in having someone on playing for a fool pulling wool over setting up pulling the wool over someone's eyes overreaching outfoxing circumventing leading on gazumping overcharging inveigling pulling a fast one outsmarting stealing foxing pulling the wool over somebody's eyes outslicking taking someone for a ride outthinking seducing ensnaring selling a pup baffling juking swizzing soaking making a fool of extorting leading astray outjockeying manipulating outplaying outdoing defeating topping outguessing outgeneralling outgeneraling running a game on bewildering capping jipping worsting confusing lying putting on getting the better of figuring out leading one down the garden path pulling the wool over one's eyes wringing despoiling plundering thwarting wheedling putting one over on someone disappointing pulling a fast one on someone luring sucking dry jockeying selling a bill of goods cuckolding gipping framing using wangling befooling pulling something taking to cleaners stepping out playing away lying to mousetrapping imposing on running rings round distorting making rings round pulling wool over eyes stealing a march on playing trick on leading up garden path doing someone dirty weaseling ducking dodging weaselling frauding selling someone down the river surcharging jiggling copping out beating around the bush worming one's way out of slipping out penalising punishing baulking balking forfeiting penalizing fining extracting dispossessing bilking of filching pigeoning grifting blackmailing stumping ruining frustrating foiling impoverishing pauperizing abusing heisting outperforming cajoling coaxing wresting wrenching expelling forcing strong-arming playing dusting putting the screws to charging too much sucking the life out of welshing nicking overtaxing padding sweet-talking preying on overcoming besting hooking falsifying bleeding dry leading somebody down the garden path leading down the garden path pretending flamming fixing going one better than going back on taking for imposing upon crossing up shamming feigning beating out of playing joke on taking for ride winding up swaying contriving play-acting playing a trick on pulling someone's leg making a sucker of playing a jest on playing games with playing a prank on playing a practical joke on playing a joke on impressing blagging psyching out passing off misdirecting conning out of tearing from bleeding someone of something prevaricating misstating biasing biassing misrepresenting gaslighting stealing someone blind rooking out of enticing fabricating tempting bunking perverting propagandizing propagandising enmeshing entangling baiting sending on a wild goose chase putting on the wrong track covering up throwing off the scent putting up smoke screen giving wrong information to wrong steering giving the wrong impression putting on an act putting on false front pulling strings playing games stage-managing twisting around your little finger pulling wires hacking rigging machinating manoeuvring maneuvering finessing doctoring influencing engineering affecting masterminding cooking fudging with finding a loophole in tampering with gaming exploiting a loophole in fiddling with interfering with tinkering with

Trái nghĩa của double dealing

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