Đồng nghĩa của raffish

Alternative for raffish

Tính từ

Distasteful, crass or vulgar in nature
gross vulgar coarse uncouth common crass crude ill-bred illiberal incult insensible loud low lowbred lowbrow rough rough-hewn roughneck rude rugged uncultivated uncultured unpolished unrefined tasteless boorish impolite indelicate inelegant loutish churlish ill-mannered unsophisticated uncivilized indecorous uncivil uncivilised improper graceless ungentlemanly unladylike philistine raw discourteous unmannerly unseemly oafish brutish offensive cheap raunchy foul-mouthed foul obscene dirty filthy ribald impure lewd bawdy barbaric indecent blunt bad-mannered ignorant cloddish barbarian uneducated smutty tactless primitive rustic gruff provincial blue yobbish earthy nasty profane barbarous off-color in bad taste base inappropriate vulgarian plebeian mean tacky immodest ungracious brusque awkward clumsy indiscreet scatological tawdry curt naughty low-minded saucy ungallant trashy parochial plebby insensitive bearish savage inconsiderate harsh scatologic unmannered sleazy unsavory poor in poor taste wanton mannerless sordid lascivious spicy slobbish clodhopping gamy adult fruity low-down-and-dirty unsavoury near the knuckle loud-mouthed X-rated unfinished simple basic lowdown and dirty ordinary gauche ungraceful vernacular illiterate low-born thoughtless lumpish obnoxious obtuse Philistine unlettered baseborn native general troglodytic agrestic inurbane shoddy rough and ready common as muck sketchy immature backward tough low-bred disgusting salacious dour severe hard brutal bluff risqué debased immoral stiff forbidding austere fierce roughcast grim stern racy cruel steely stark untutored intimidating inhuman louring grievous trailer-park vile taboo flinty artless onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle heavy hard-core suggestive lecherous explicit gaudy distasteful profligate repulsive murderous lowering questionable ignoble flashy garish hooligan licentious malicious rakish scandalous libidinous randy odious scurrilous colourful unclean shameless unbecoming unsuitable unchaste unvirtuous mucky grimy off colour grubby colorful nudge-nudge ungenteel ungainly impertinent disrespectful clownish disgracious flash ostentatious showy backwoods classless gawky hick hillbilly meretricious tatty naff kitsch undignified disreputable unbefitting Neanderthal stupid ornate unclassy trivial useless hideous pretentious artificial foolish unlovely unsightly outlandish makeshift low-down wild unfitting out of place unworthy cheap and nasty uncalled-for heavy-handed inept unapt untoward incorrect unfit ill-advised infelicitous perverse discreditable malapropos inapposite incongruous inapt unhappy amiss wrong out of keeping ruffian shameful ungodly malodorous rowdy gutter steamy pornographic out of the way porn stag carnal lustful porny porno concupiscent unprintable corporeal voluptuous fleshly sensual sexual close to the bone in the gutter locker-room natural abrupt short surly sharp heathen snippy thuggish offhand heathenish snappy crusty Neandertal no-nonsense sullen unfriendly tart undiplomatic terse unhandsome bungling impudent grave brash serious unsmiling vicious short-spoken blundering maladroit snappish insolent brusk brief unsubtle brisk downright direct unchivalrous swinish insulting sober wicked stony abusive off sombre somber to the point callous untamed Rabelaisian strict ferocious impatient cavalier rigorous abrasive caustic impetuous audacious cold broad lumpen cheeky laconic stringent unrelenting pitiless benighted rash lubberly crabbed hardened crisp disapproving solemn frowning hasty matter-of-fact inexorable untactful fresh corrupt outspoken horny aloof devilish stilted plain-spoken frigid icy frosty badly behaved titillating prurient boisterous bad-tempered feral craggy ill-tempered sour stolid roughhewn snippety short-tempered morose derogatory robust beastly truculent spartan bestial imprudent breviloquent relentless dense cantankerous ornery monosyllabic countrified undomesticated straightforward burdensome searing trying excruciating unholy disagreeable unconscionable nonliterate lippy unpolitic injudicious frank presumptuous sexy erotic rigid uncomfortable uneasy wooden lumbering non-literate underbred contumelious malapert undue impolitic unworldly offish fiendish unenlightened bodily blasphemous unacceptable sickening unfeeling unrestrained rustical unsympathetic glowering menacing saturnine upfront rough-and-tumble rank outrageous uninhabited unpleasant lush mean-looking uncharitable earnest arousing flip obdurate astringent strait-laced peremptory grim-faced skin not afraid to call a spade a spade soft-core salty overbearing hard-nosed straight from the shoulder like a bull in a china shop out-of-line in a state of nature undecorous socially unsure shocking near the bone socially inept lacking in social graces socially awkward unfashionable roisterous rollicking ferine fell homespun clipped misbehaved ill-behaved succinct concise testy large subhuman unscrupulous pithy grumpy pointed nescient ungentlemanlike doltish bullying bourgeois merciless improprietous gloomy dismal jungli revolting hoonish irascible undeveloped gritty ill-suited unsuited dreary decisive ill-natured uncontrolled ocker unpoised materialist unread commercial unwise inadvisable sooty formal petulant tight-lipped vigorous hard-skinned rough-skinned tough-skinned uncommunicative poker-faced aboriginal crotchety crabby grouchy taciturn exploitative corrupting beyond the pale nauseating pert brassy businesslike bald bumbling off-colour mature disparaging unthinking unperceptive tetchy cross bizarre fast libertine evil-minded orgiastic incontinent reserved juicy arrogant ridiculous foulmouthed gawkish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy stumbling blockish uncoordinated inartistic anti-intellectual unwholesome colloquial derisive bad degrading unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative unutterable chilly stuffy unemotional rogue careless irritable moody cocky untimely lacking in propriety unfair unworthy of uncomely unseasonable butterfingered dozy gruesome sick gangling clunky purple low-down and dirty off-colored out of line sly scabrous gamey rascally uncomplimentary distant exacting inflexible ill-humoured smart-alecky mouthy smart alecky brazen precipitate dusty insubordinate inaffable disdainful inexpert unskilful uninformed unconventional unjust unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful wrongful melancholic bleak hard-faced dejected glum ugly sulky unforgiving authoritarian unyielding unbending forthright candid open hearty intrusive yokelish bounderish angry ill-humored drastic pulling no punches remote solid ramrod unequivocal good-natured genial approachable not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush extreme ape-like lusty friendly hard-boiled all thumbs with two left feet godless immoderate punishing punitive inordinate crippling blustering barefaced cheery honest sincere threatening unbroken fiery exorbitant swingeing towering excessive unmerciful strong overweening intolerable steep draconian sinful depraved irreligious impious speaking as one finds calloused fearsome physical animal hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue frightful frightening irreverent atheistic cutthroat wilding hellish horrible uncompromising epicurean venomous intense great implacable pagan sacrilegious non-theistic humourless sedate humorless staid repressive sobersided demonic evil iniquitous weighty uncomic free sybaritic luscious sensuous hedonistic luxurious untouched infernal satanic diabolical overrun overgrown rampant agrarian appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual voluptuary escaped neglected luxuriant indigenous deserted desert waste desolate po-faced malevolent unhallowed moving stirring exciting hedonic stimulating delightful physically gratifying pleasing animalistic hot tactile sensory sharpened debauched

Tính từ

Unconventional and slightly disreputable, especially in an attractive way
brash garish gaudy loud ostentatious showy flashy meretricious tasteless tawdry trashy vulgar tacky glaring flash brummagem jazzy cheap glittering flamboyant flaring glitzy tinsel screaming blatant flaunting chintzy brazen naff bright brilliant brassy violent harsh over-bright unattractive razzle-dazzle bilious swanky lurid distasteful splashy nauseating noisy swank sickly crude obtrusive kitschy in bad taste overwrought ornate overdone tatty tinselly plastic gimcrack cheapjack cheap-jack crass rubbishy paltry shabby junky shoddy Brummagem worthless twopenny-halfpenny kitsch poor sporty common dirty offensive sleazy cheap and nasty florid gay splendiferous coarse pizzazz gross pretentious colorful frou-frou extravagant chichi snazzy ritzy bling-bling catchpenny pzazz trumpery colourful gussied up putting on the ritz second-rate inferior nasty low-grade substandard bad mediocre lousy ratty wretched execrable run-down low-rent poor-quality third-rate el cheapo miserable grotty average trifling cheapo useless pitiable crummy pitiful dud inadequate junk grubby valueless cruddy lame bold conspicuous expensive subpar sorry base cheapie rubbish tinhorn punk lemon ropy scroungy deficient sad tinny pinchbeck tattered duff fancy nifty below par two-bit entry-level low-end fancy-pants dime-store bush-league below standard below average dime-a-dozen rinky-dink bottom-rung a dime a dozen not up to much second-class two a penny fakey cheesy rotten cut-rate bum schlock schlocky bargain-basement terrible pizazzy glittery pizzazzy bling over the top low-quality sparkling unsaleable in poor taste of little value of negligible value would fetch nothing of no value of no financial value no good moth-eaten dilapidated beat-up scrubby dog-eared tatterdemalion scruffy seedy down-at-the-heels neglected dumpy threadbare grungy bombed-out down-at-heel timeworn tumbledown mangy mean untidy dingy outmoded slovenly faded out-of-date unbecoming low waxy unsuitable poky unkempt broken-down messy stodgy sloppy frumpy

Tính từ

Playfully mischievous
wicked arch impish mischievous devilish rascally roguish playful puckish waggish naughty teasing tricksy cheeky rakish knavish scampish sly elvish leprechaunish pixie pixieish pixy prankish deceiving crooked fraudulent coquettish ludic frolicsome sportive underhand cunning underhanded untruthful lying shifty slick sneaky crafty beguiling deceptive espiègle tricky unprincipled dishonest unscrupulous shady deceitful criminal villainous incorrigible unregenerate swindling reprobate untrustworthy shameless cheating scoundrelly double-dealing wayward malicious flippant lively merry whimsical jokey elfin jocular tongue-in-cheek light-hearted frivolous gay elfish funny lighthearted facetious humorous jesting joking jocose joyous kittenish gamesome jaunty witty sprightly droll comical jolly frisky spirited cheerful coltish blithe high-spirited amusing silly saucy comic flip chucklesome mirthful pert fun-loving jocund skittish knowing jovial rollicking in jest in fun larkish antic entertaining coy pixilated implike glib bantering bubbly flirtatious smart giddy casual snappy clever cute gleeful fresh offhand devil-may-care vivacious frolic perky exuberant wisecracking happy peppy fay sportful larky joshing laughable pleasant zippy fun frolicky wry satirical good-humoured good-humored unserious full of beans tongue in cheek elven pawky elflike artful foxy affected pixyish wily pixie-like mysterious wanton capering for a laugh good-natured as a joke to tease troublemaking mischief-making cocky smart-alecky inane sassy inappropriate putting one on pulling one's leg not serious shallow trivial superficial fiendish ridiculous wise smart-aleck impertinent sarcastic sardonic empty-headed scatterbrained flirty dizzy demure feather-brained hilarious diverting sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair cheery laughing blithesome sunny festive rude irreverent impudent dismissive disrespectful precious cutesy smarty-pants full of mischief childish free and easy flakey camp wacky flaky joculous ludicrous crazy daffy campy boffo breezy mincingly clever lippy risible good considerate game sportsmanly decent generous zestful airy bouncy animated energetic sparky zesty gagged up for grins excitable pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy clowning honest honourable reasonable evenhanded just square wild honorable full of fun full of life full of pep feeling one's oats full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in high spirits full of joie de vivre full of vim and vigour sporting straight shooting square shooting square dealing

Tính từ

Depraved, perverted or extremely wrong in a moral sense
depraved corrupt perverted degenerate degraded debased debauched dissolute immoral vicious vile abandoned lewd profligate sinful wicked evil lascivious licentious unchaste corrupted deviant hedonic impure pervy shameless wanton libidinous sleazy unprincipled warped concupiscent dirty fast indecent intemperate lecherous libertine lustful obscene promiscuous prurient reprobate riotous sick sordid unrestrained vitiated wayward base brutal criminal decadent defiled demoralised demoralized dissipated flagitous indulgent iniquitous jackleg loose louche nefarious perverse rakehell rakehelly rakish twisted unclean unwholesome wild bad filthy kinky low mean miscreant sicko swinging sybaritic unconstrained unhealthy unnatural villainous voluptuary deteriorated drunken easy open rotten violated dirty-minded fast-living fast and loose high living in the fast lane pleasure-seeking self-indulgent in the gutter lacking restraint gone bad gone to the dogs night owl light bawdy flirtatious of easy virtue incontinent uninhibited salacious carnal coarse lubricious immodest crude improper smutty sensual abnormal raunchy horny vulgar ribald goatish gross foul rude randy profane hot lickerish incorrigible suggestive amoral nasty blue aberrant passionate satyric fallen lubricous hypersexual X-rated itchy offensive profaned dishonourable desecrated pornographic indelicate disreputable uncontrolled dishonorable naughty uncleanly disgusting hardened distorted tainted racy voluptuous unruly orgiastic unbridled scatological unrefined scatologic foul-mouthed trashy off colour sadistic unashamed unprintable porny gutter blasphemous stag hedonistic ungodly raw unsavoury unembarrassed bestial brazen dishonoured locker-room erotic not pure unabashed earthy scungy flagrant unblushing audacious saturnalian blatant barefaced brash dishonored unsavory fleshly vice-ridden immoderate scurrilous outrageous impudent insolent arrant wrong porno cheeky presumptuous high-handed overbold brassy porn adult despicable impaired near the knuckle bacchanalian uproarious sullied strange degenerated obnoxious distasteful colourful ignoble spiteful unrestricted abusive sexual deviative retrograde Rabelaisian unhindered monstrous Dionysiac infamous wrongful wolfish bold unvirtuous luxurious retrogressive titillating outlandish steamy unworthy ruttish Fescennine unrepentant lost epicurean forward lax contaminated scabrous malicious indecorous desirous saucy fruity brazenfaced bald-faced colorful ungoverned gay explicit out of control erroneous inferior freethinking hellbent deviate unimpeded free untrammeled unconfined roguish degrading gone to seed unrighteous irreligious impious unholy vulgarized vulgarised grotesque vitiate contorted grubby scoundrelly unregenerate ardent overindulgent uncontrollable diseased abased dubious prodigal knavish rascally shrewish incorrect crabbed ill-tempered ill-natured surly unaccommodating bad-tempered churlish misguided decaying moribund declining lusty low-down uncurbed boorish baneful flagitious deleterious poisonous sexy sensualist demeaned sinking flatitious failing animal unmoral relaxed disorderly roundheeled careless lotus-eating ithyphallic Cyprian disturbing hot and heavy confident unconcerned imprudent whorish heedless rank barnyard crass excessive gluttonous gourmandizing venomous irresponsible inconstant undismayed undaunted untrammelled risqué luscious extravagant lush reckless beyond the pale gamy tasteless spicy boisterous noisy loud binge-eating greedy no better than one should be unchecked rampant runaway undesirable macabre morbid shamed snide malevolent gossip-mongering voyeuristic hankering hard-core slippery cheap repulsive off-color bad-mannered odious sneaking contemptible soft-core inappropriate discourteous fractious rollicking fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching longing unhampered impulsive impetuous unbounded gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous pleasure-loving itching ruined Dionysian rip-roaring lively roisterous brass-necked cocky poised composed forthright abashless unaffected unshamed close to the bone disgraced collapsed flat frenetic weird peculiar odd bizarre evil-minded decayed sunken ruinous rambunctious bold as brass venereal funny Bacchic hircine hot to trot shaken unusual robustious rumbustious side-splitting bacchic Saturnalian scurvy on the ground gruesome far-out cranky kooky way-out erratic wacky crazy queer off-the-wall offbeat rum remarkable eccentric funky quirky spaced-out queerish screwy quaint off-kilter weirdo whacky out-of-the-way curious kookie bizarro masochistic interbred incestual nudge-nudge near the bone overt unconcealed transparent impenitent remorseless undisguised unorthodox outre unconventional crinkly twisty idiosyncratic incestuous without shame

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