Đồng nghĩa của purple

Alternative for purple


A carnivorous European mollusc, Nucella lapillus, found on rocky coasts


One of numerous strains of cannabis known for their high THC content and recognizable by the color of their leaves, which vary from solid purple to flecked violet


Extravagantly ornate, like purple prose
grandiloquent florid flowery rhetorical ornate highfalutin aureate rhetoric elaborate magnific exaggerated hifalutin overwritten excessive overheated high-flown high-sounding over the top bombastic magniloquent oratorical overblown orotund fustian overripe euphuistic turgid overwrought overdone pretentious tumid inflated grandiose pompous declamatory ostentatious verbose windy Ossianic affected flamboyant strained laboured extravagant sonorous hyperventilated convoluted pleonastic labored over-elaborate hyperbolic eloquent lofty formal showy stilted fancy baroque articulate fulsome complicated wordy mouthy effusive ornamented silver-tongued arty-farty bombast big pedantic theatrical scholarly erudite flatulent gassy gaseous swollen dramatic fussy prolix la-di-da figurative grand-sounding puffed exalted periphrastic embellished sesquipedalian ornamental rococo fluent puffed-up mannered curlicued actorly busy gingerbread wedding-cake over-the-top rotund high-falutin very elaborate elegant ponderous decorative luscious garnished rich snobbish high-minded bold stodgy Miltonian epic Homeric overelaborate high-wrought arty self-important stuffy oratorial overinflated discursive tall-talking big-talking euphistic haughty windbag histrionic written dignified solemn poetic stagy long-winded flashy melodramatic arresting booming elocutionary Ciceronian epideictic splendid golden yellow brilliant highly decorated Demosthenic Demosthenean contrived glib voluble tumescent vocal imposing grand diffuse redundant euphemistic literary ranting complex decorated involved detailed rhapsodical overestimated heroic boastful braggart bragging long Falstaffian portentous blathering persuasive tedious majestic impressive vast monumental elevated lexiphanic blustering boasting high tiresome rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash pontifical verbal linguistic egotistic stylistic tall stuffed shirt prim learned shallow superficial breezy effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly fervid impassioned gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian full of hot air over-embellished over-ornate serious arrogant grave overworked gingerbreaded bedizened overdecorated gingerbready overornate excessively ornate overembellished flattering well-spoken smooth-talking circumlocutory garrulous circuitous prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling lengthy gushing protracted tautological rambling indirect digressive wandering meandering talkative yakking multiloquent big-mouthed repetitious loquacious gabby tortuous multiloquous gobby logorrheic wittering talky palaverous tautologous repeating ambagious logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone


Relating to, or tending to, arouse lustful desire or excitement
erotic sexy steamy aphrodisiac sexual erogenous lubricious sensual libidinous licentious rousing stimulating bawdy carnal erotogenic explicit lustful naughty racy ribald aphrodisiacal concupiscent lascivious lecherous prurient randy raunchy salacious spicy venereal arousing fervid fleshly horny hot kinky off-color Rabelaisian raw venereous anacreontic earthy sexually arousing sexually stimulating sexually exciting suggestive erotical amorous unrestrained provocative titillating lewd juicy amatory uninhibited sexually explicit saucy fruity gamy adult pornographic dirty passionate wanton voluptuous unchaste hot-blooded ardent torrid physical dissolute sensuous animal sizzling bodily impure coarse loving red-hot gross satyric sultry libertine debauched dissipated lickerish desirous indecent seductive depraved degenerate obscene vulgar goatish corporeal lubricous luscious lush epicurean immodest coital sybaritic hedonistic aroused hypersexual itchy exciting hankering ruttish abandoned decadent itching animalistic luxurious hircine intemperate heavy X-rated stimulated turned-on romantic pleasing delightful zipless impassioned sex-hungry bestial corporal somatic material smutty crude sordid sexually attractive profane genital immoral offensive promiscuous stimulant stimulative personal unwholesome red-blooded warm-blooded loose popper turn-on amative wampole voyeuristic longing unhealthy wicked intimate orgiastic fast self-indulgent wistful warm scorching unspiritual voluptuary appetitive Dionysiac obsessive enthusiastic avid incontinent pleasure-loving unvirtuous Spanish fly love drug wolfish indulgent pleasure-seeking moving physically gratifying hedonic stirring sharpened rough tactile sensory hot to trot turned on lotus-eating immoderate bacchanalian of the flesh desirable attractive enticing hedonist appealing craving


Presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms
lurid sensational shocking exaggerated graphic explicit grisly gruesome macabre melodramatic disgusting ghastly startling revolting colourful extravagant gory hideous horrifying overdramatized rubbishy sensationalist trashy unrestrained appalling cheap kitschy prurient pulp ribald salacious tasteless dirty filthy grim repugnant savage suggestive violent atrocious awful dreadful frightful grewsome grotesque horrendous horrible horrid horrific juicy monstrous morbid nightmare nightmarish shock-horror tacky terrible terrific unearthly vivid full-frontal yellow bloody colorful deep distinct extreme fiery garish low-down obscene off-color offensive racy raunchy rough salty sanguine sinister striking terrifying frightening dire unspeakable loathsome sickening harrowing abominable fearful vile distressing abhorrent alarming repulsive nauseating eerie bad scary forbidding odious beastly spine-chilling hellacious heinous unnerving upsetting fearsome repellent hair-raising direful disturbing nasty from hell dark gross formidable spooky godawful cruel daunting disagreeable sick hateful distasteful detestable grievous intimidating disquieting chilling grody unpleasant foul sombre somber gloomy grave wicked weird execrable redoubtable bleak outrageous black traumatic spookish diabolical ghostly hellish funereal morose shadowy sepulchral wretched worrying solemn dread depressing disheartening objectionable despicable ugly ghoulish deplorable severe petrifying dismal egregious nauseous lamentable noxious disgustful loathly mean sick-making abysmal disconcerting vicious scandalous intolerable displeasing evil perturbing serious unsettling unpalatable insufferable contemptible troublesome creepy miserable shameful agitating unbearable obnoxious undesirable unhealthy rotten sad lousy desperate ominous noisome very bad bloodcurdling unwelcome unfortunate troubling barbaric villainous disgraceful inhuman fiendish nefarious dismaying irksome discomforting barbarous cold sickly ruthless infamous sullen brutish sober terrorizing unsightly base merciless devilish annoying sadistic discouraging shady discomposing unacceptable foreboding humourless humorless irritating terrorising sedate unforgivable tragic dreaded glum desolate cheerless flagitious God-awful off-putting unsavory gray mournful grey hairy woeful unsavoury calamitous repellant icky difficult doleful bitter harsh yucky astounding parlous beyond the pale tremendous gut-wrenching overwhelming hostile shuddersome dangerous gut-churning sensationalistic overripe dramatic taboo critical poignant whiz-bang bilious unwholesome insalubrious unattractive unhealthful haunting diabolic twisted perverted unthinkable unmentionable iniquitous deathly satanic bestial scaring loud great depraved demoralizing bothersome unkind callous lou terribly bad discommoding unpardonable abject immoral aberrant spine-tingling blood-stained inconvenient disastrous punk excessive lewd wrong vexing strange sublime baleful heavy inexcusable misshapen fugly freaky misproportioned reptilian Kafkaesque frozen gnarly huckery onerous suffocating like death warmed up overpowering demoralising reprehensible rubbish mushy pulpy trash pulpish nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin worrisome rebarbative exceptionable agonizing stressful torturous uncanny dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic weak anaemic stupefying poor crummy distressful uncomfortable mortifying unsatisfactory stinking tormenting heartbreaking troublous unendurable fraught vexatious regrettable stunning rancid astonishing bewildering fulsome amazing staggering surprising tragical uncool yukky grotty unhappy saddening sour pathetic unappealing awkward afflicting uninviting afflictive affecting glaring excruciating hurtful galling concerning agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending painful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking brutal straitened unpropitious dour unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable hard joyless hopeless tough discommodious tortured harmful perilous troubled full of hardship doubtful threatening strained exacting adverse ill-omened treacherous ill-boding injurious austere negative inauspicious oppressive pressing precarious comfortless exigent messy jeopardous unfavorable apocalyptic rocky unfavourable infernal murderous black-hearted flagrant low dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited depressive tenebrous inhumane heartless scurvy butcherly brute truculent wanton pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear dingy cacodemonic facinorous death-obsessed sinful ungodly dishonourable dastardly dishonorable sorry corrupt sordid criminal damnable malicious degenerate accursed ignoble reprobate unholy pitiful malevolent demonic unprincipled rank ferocious unrighteous fierce remorseless ignominious opprobrious unlawful disreputable putrid notorious yucko paltry unethical cold-blooded chronic pitiable vulgar coarse impure bloodthirsty unutterable unscrupulous dissolute demoniac discreditable skanky crooked malfeasant indecent shabby shameless perverse illegal unfair indescribable Mephistophelian malignant smutty unfeeling inadequate inferior unclean shoddy dishonest profane impious bent warped crude wrongful maleficent immodest unworthy sanguinary grubby demonical spiteful cursed demoniacal cruddy sullied pits knavish degrading debased underhand preposterous roguish scoundrelly unmerciful uncaring hard-hearted rascally morally wrong uncharitable crying dislikeable pernicious malodorous blatant unappetizing fell fetid smelly squalid peccable scurrilous lame scabby scummy sneaking ratty unrelenting mephitic bum pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky bogging not cricket niffy miasmal blue substandard olid irreligious festy homicidal satanical sacrilegious foetid blasphemous blameworthy unrespectable louche shy unsympathetic obvious useless godless amoral inglorious duff poxy arrant pants conspicuous indefensible illicit patent lawless catastrophic illegitimate unreasonable cataclysmic miscreant unsparing on the nose stark insupportable underhanded worthless pronounced improper third-rate forlorn degraded cold-hearted insensitive ridiculous abandoned licentious uncompassionate capital vomitous unhallowed snide currish wolfish inconsiderate a load of pants acrid polluted foul-smelling evil-smelling sleazy smudged bedraggled befouled bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike grungy begrimed soiled uncivilised uncivilized low-minded poison X-rated vomit-inducing ruinous felonious devastating trying barefaced humiliating indictable taxing Hadean brazen senseless deliberate ropy enormous mediocre confounded demonian Luciferian outright undisguised utter beyond contempt piteous unjust hard-boiled profligate audacious naked evident debauched embarrassing erring fallen ogreish unconcealed manifest laughable exorbitant complete inept faulty unbecoming wrathful sucky stone-hearted unforgiving unpitying immoderate palpable transparent inexpressible overt second-rate absurd caitiff ineffable crazed tainted thick-skinned hard-nosed obdurate compassionless desensitized indurate soulless unkindly affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney stony implacable dolorous unjustifiable unchaste lascivious bawdy unbelievable unseemly scatological scatologic destructive revulsive loose lustful desensitised pornographic serpentine unconscionable wayward strong hated out and out out-and-out brass-necked hateable ornery raw porno barnyard scabrous red in tooth and claw stomach-churning stomach-turning with a heart of stone ogry ogrish dislikable transgressing ruffianly blackguardly brackish catty thievish pestilential culpable peccant sneaky Stygian untold outcast crass undescribable ravening good-for-nothing naughty cussed foolish uncouth beneath contempt frenetic maniacal mad possessed impoverished oppressed undignified ill-famed tenth-rate slimy downer bummer rancorous ignorant unlucky unsocial cowardly inequitable poisonous intemperate drunken carnal crucial aggressive gloating abusive cringe-making contaminated untamed insubordinate libidinous demoralised demoralized wild ill-reputed questionable unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent gruff urgent not up to snuff poverty-stricken mephistophelean unrefined uncultured unlettered bad-hearted inconceivable servile inelegant menial intense defective cannibalistic malign relentless drastic detested execrated wilful unimaginable reviled backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting testing pressured demanding frustrating crippling irretrievable weighty despised very disgusting abnormal extraordinary hellborn cloven-footed needless unjustified arbitrary acute highly improper portentous bodeful abominated loathed abhorred sheer plain cut-throat gruelling arduous tiring unprovoked red hot bungling steep oppressing scowling absolute downright inordinate unqualified beyond words preternatural undefinable nagging apparent unmitigated significant major inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed silly god-awful rueful derisory ludicrous foolish-looking disappointing gratuitous groundless motiveless indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil maggot unwarranted maddening impossible OTT exasperating averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic O.T.T. extortionate tricky antisocial against opposite alien invidious extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign irreverent too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious grueling too horrible for words guilty willed unmotivated deleterious damaging in opposition over the top baneful mischievous prejudicial incorrigible nocuous detrimental ill stony-hearted aimless bloodless unemotional late unheard of reeking reeky undisciplined unruly contrary insolent double-crossing stern inclement a stinker of a a bummer of a musty stenchy high fusty flinty draconian frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty bad news pigpen ripe yecchy slaughterous roughshod virulent open bold flaunting ostentatious forbidden prohibited proscribed cataclysmal unashamed flagitous interdicted banned censored flaming noticeable disconsolate unprintable bald-faced bare-faced sorrowing grieving grief-stricken broken-hearted heartbroken no good rude indecorous impolite devastated inconsolable downcast mourning despairing down distressed dispiriting godforsaken pessimistic crestfallen dejected depressed downhearted stick out like sore thumb frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits darkening hanging out impermissible not to be spoken of restricted off-limits no go that dare not speak its name woebegone tenebrific chill sunless plutonian lonesome lonely elegiacal dreich saturnine Cimmerian elegiac cloudy low-spirited down in the mouth long-faced down in the dumps


Impressive and imposing in appearance or style, especially pretentiously so
grandiose magnificent grand imposing majestic monumental impressive splendid stately glorious awe-inspiring elaborate lavish resplendent striking superb august baronial classy epic gallant heroic heroical Homeric imperial large luxurious magnific massive noble opulent palatial plush proud regal royal flash flashy lofty swanky bombastic complex cosmic egotistic fustian high-falutin' high-flying impenetrable lordly overwhelming splashy theatrical unfathomable vast dignified kingly distinguished great princely exalted sumptuous elevated fine sublime marvellous marvelous splendiferous commanding awesome elegant excellent gorgeous pompous spectacular extravagant ambitious beautiful illustrious eminent queenly stunning ostentatious solemn rich towering terrific posh arresting divine statuesque remarkable renowned supreme imperious big outstanding superior dazzling brilliant pretentious aristocratic venerable ritzy splendacious magnolious tremendous portly extraordinary prodigious bold splendorous formidable stirring ominous showy celebrated fantastic honoured honourable honorable acclaimed costly breathtaking first-class radiant deluxe esteemed large-scale first-rate smashing fab ceremonious magisterial staid dramatic staggering sovereign Olympian honored eye-catching mind-blowing powerful something else sensational fit for a king heavenly fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous colossal celestial sightly wondrous considerable legendary mythological classical courtly high wonderful worthy high-ranking authoritative famous rarefied godlike respected fancy ample fit for a prince prestigious hallowed fit for a queen fit for a princess ornate famed tall in the saddle important expensive dynamite unreal haughty admirable super maestoso highly regarded resounding sonorous handsome eloquent high-flown portentous formal of repute of distinction noted bright triumphant long splendrous swank swish brave plushy effective unrealistic overambitious far-reaching on a grand scale extended classic high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing cool immortal shining palatian forcible huge arduous Herculean magnifico flamboyant baroque moving mega exciting overblown marathon very good effulgent unforgettable solid gold out of this world transcendent something to write home about one for the book notable preeminent gratifying memorable adored well-known time-honored glittering immoderate immodest audacious larger-than-life very great very large very long exorbitant extreme exaggerated excessive outrageous disproportionate insane ballsy fanciful adventurous zealous unreasonable wild pleasurable delightful enjoyable grandiloquent Miltonian high-sounding enduring perennial evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless remembered fateful landmark momentous consequential eventful historic commemorated meaningful significant groundbreaking noteworthy pivotal fulfilling uplifting epochal good cheering red-letter material heart-warming rewarding pleasing satisfying paragon genius laureate storied

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