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Alternative for mythological

mythological /,miθə'lɔdʤik/ (mythological) /,miθə'lɔdʤikəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) thần thoại học; (thuộc) thần thoại
    • hoang đường, tưởng tượng


Relating to, based on, or appearing in myths or mythology
fabled fabulous folkloric heroic imaginary legendary mythic mythical traditional allegorical fairy-tale fictitious invented chimerical created epic fabricated false fanciful fantasy fictive imagined made-up mythologic nonexistent parabolic pretended storied storybook supposititious symbolic symbolical unreal untrue visionary whimsical fictional fantastic fantastical apocryphal make-believe hypothetical chimeric fantasied pretend imaginal phantom imaginative illusory ideal phantasmal phantasmic notional unsubstantial figmental dreamed-up trumped up proverbial theoretical dreamlike hallucinatory concocted quixotic virtual delusive made up dreamy shadowy deceptive illusive spectral apparitional non-existent fool's paradise all in one's head larger-than-life academic all in the mind estimated romantic famed famous ancient wonderful outstanding enchanted magic important remarkable impressive extraordinary magical told improbable unhistoric customary dubious unhistorical unverifiable related doubtful handed-down fancied assumed ethereal abstract suppositious supposed imagal figment of someone's imagination product of someone's imagination fake sham phoney phony mock imitation artificial pseudo bogus counterfeit simulated synthetic faux phantasmagoric delusory fraudulent feigned ersatz spurious dummy incredible factitious ostensible unbelievable imitative wild utopian idealized substitute forged extravagant mimic seeming unnatural misleading idealised man-made devised affected fantasized dream impractical contrived absurd unworkable insubstantial unrealistic high-flown reproduction replica manufactured poetic plastic phantasmagorical improvised play-play unlikely ivory-towered unauthentic pseudonymous inauthentic cod mistaken fallacious apparent queer semblant put-on thought up hyped up fantasised aerial blue-sky out of this world highly colored surreal vain unfounded acted so-called fishy chimeral conceived dreamt up in your head deceitful unheard of make believe otherworldly unworldly idealistic faked specious unattainable engineered adopted counterfeited pinchbeck not genuine trumped-up adulterine strained forced pseud mechanical optimistic exaggerated idealist hopeful idyllic unachievable unfeasible impracticable Utopian phoney-baloney phony-baloney intangible immaterial nebulous unpractical quixotical impalpable insincere mercurial weird reachy starry created out of thin air transcendental in the clouds pie-in-the-sky unearthly out-of-reach ivory-tower mental transcendent far-fetched preposterous starry-eyed out of touch with reality head-in-the-clouds Panglossian Micawberish ridiculous curious tall capricious crackpot offbeat flakey kinky cock and bull hard to swallow blue sky flaky hard to take pipe dream far out pie in the sky castles in the air fairy tale floating on cloud nine


Incorrect or false
untrue false wrong inaccurate incorrect untruthful erroneous inexact misleading unsound fabricated fallacious concocted distorted fictitious flawed invented lying mistaken specious deceptive dishonest fabulous invalid made up misguided off out sham unfounded in error mythical spurious trumped up apocryphal baseless counterfactual fictional imaginary nonfactual unfactual economical with the truth fake bogus faulty phony phoney imprecise counterfeit wide of the mark delusive fraudulent illogical delusory unsubstantiated unreliable unsupported off target deceiving beguiling deluding feigned forged off beam groundless sophistical made-up deceitful defective iffy falsified without foundation contrived questionable unreal full of holes mock fishy unproven ungrounded dodgy unreasonable way off pseudo off base foundationless weak ill-founded sophistic truthless reasonless simulated insincere artificial way out trumped-up illusory pretend not exact not accurate cooked-up unconvincing dubious doubtful unverified off-base unwarranted unjustified off-target improper casuistic cod uncorroborated mad dicey unreasoned misinformed hollow faked flimsy nonvalid affected without basis tenuous idle askew pretended factitious vain ersatz assumed imitation irrational off-beam faux way off beam inauthentic unauthentic dummy implausible make-believe amiss misrepresentative colored fallible untenable untested unconfirmed unattested coloured abroad suspect conjectural chancy shaky rocky disreputable risky awry speculative mendacious undependable uncertain dissembling all wet gratuitous bottomless fakey not true wide imperfect adopted flakey unstable flaky not working improvised plastic way off-beam off the mark unnatural forced open to doubt pseud mechanical doctored counterfeited not backed up by evidence so-called put-on not genuine open to question phoney-baloney phony-baloney legendary unauthenticated uncanonical illusive fanciful superstitious unjustifiable unfitting equivocal debatable impostrous impaired terminologically inexact indefinite contrary to fact allonymous ungenuine inadequate synthetic without substantiation without merit unqualified unscientific wanting dud not the case nonrational illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential preposterous erratic manufactured uncalled-for erring framed devised cooked up wrongly inferred imitative unfaithful careless wild fluffed not trustworthy mimic substitute adrift unsustainable illegal double-dealing actorly quack worthless astray misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated non-existent man-made discrepant garbled way-out untrustworthy way-off not right not precise at fault inappropriate wrong number all off out of line out of commission on the wrong track wrongly identified wide of mark barking up wrong tree off track labouring under a misapprehension barking up the wrong tree in the wrong doesn't wash plausible credible probable apparent sophisticated ostensible empty seeming flattering ostentatious pretentious meretricious presumptive likely captious colorable nugatory presumable pseudonymous strained seemingly correct plausible but wrong apparently right


Impressive or grand in size, appearance, or manner
heroic Homeric august baronial epic gallant glorious grand grandiose imperial imposing magnific magnificent majestic massive monumental noble proud regal royal splendid stately classical legendary brave bold courageous valiant intrepid doughty daring valorous fearless undaunted dauntless gutsy superhuman unafraid lionhearted audacious stalwart Herculean indomitable plucky stouthearted stout-hearted greathearted undauntable gutty exaggerated mettlesome spunky chivalrous rock-ribbed stout extravagant venturesome manful classic venturous feisty lion-hearted high-flown inflated elevated ballsy bigger than life impavid champion gritty stand tall fire-eating impressive heroical resplendent great superb distinguished lofty exalted palatial dignified awe-inspiring marvelous marvellous sublime striking illustrious opulent kingly fine eminent sumptuous luxurious excellent princely celebrated remarkable renowned spectacular lavish gorgeous beautiful commanding splendiferous brilliant venerable elegant famous vast awesome memorable dazzling lordly pompous honored honoured large outstanding famed queenly esteemed solemn triumphant bright radiant wonderful gratifying stunning immortal shining notable swanky well-known towering rich supreme ambitious acclaimed ostentatious unforgettable splendorous superior statuesque noted plush imperious long terrific honourable honorable effulgent posh splendrous arresting divine preeminent time-honored portly extraordinary ritzy splendacious magnolious heavenly pleasurable bombastic aristocratic elaborate deluxe breathtaking ceremonious showy magisterial important smashing fab staid pretentious big dramatic staggering sovereign first-class fantastic prodigious first-rate tremendous mind-blowing eye-catching splashy overwhelming formidable powerful delightful enjoyable stirring ominous something else grandiloquent Miltonian large-scale high-sounding high transcendent worthy high-ranking glittering fit for a prince respected authoritative tall in the saddle fit for a queen fit for a princess prestigious hallowed fit for a king classy highly regarded dynamite unreal haughty admirable super sensational fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous colossal celestial sightly wondrous considerable of repute of distinction flash flashy costly ornate enduring perennial evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing effective unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable purple theatrical fustian egotistic high-falutin' high-flying expensive extended forcible maestoso huge arduous fancy ample moving mega exciting overblown handsome resounding sonorous Olympian remembered marathon very good swank swish plushy eloquent portentous formal fateful landmark momentous consequential something to write home about one for the book palatian cool magnifico flamboyant baroque eventful historic commemorated immoderate immodest solid gold meaningful significant groundbreaking noteworthy pivotal fulfilling exorbitant extreme excessive adored larger-than-life very great very large very long out of this world uplifting epochal good cheering red-letter material heart-warming rewarding pleasing satisfying far-reaching paragon genius laureate storied outrageous disproportionate insane fanciful adventurous zealous unreasonable wild

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