Đồng nghĩa của speculative

Alternative for speculative

Tính từ

Engaged in, expressing, or based on conjecture rather than knowledge
hypothetical theoretical academic conjectural suppositional abstract notional tentative unproven academical groundless putative theoretic unfounded unsubstantiated untested ideational suppositious suppositive analytical assumed conceptive dangerous experimental formularized hairy ideal idealised idealized ideological intellectual logical philosophical presumed projected unproved based on guesswork in theory unconfirmed conceptual conjectured questionable impractical supposed imaginary unsupported metaphysical unverified unreal baseless spurious unjustified uncorroborated postulated foundationless ill-founded vague unreliable unsound without basis without foundation unwarranted presupposed unattested presumptive hypothetic not backed up by evidence unreasonable suspect doubtful pure uncertain invalid nonvalid contingent indefinite transcendental transcendent general false misguided misinformed ungrounded trumped-up supposititious imagined unjustifiable fabricated idle unrealistic disputable debatable flimsy pedantic problematical imaginative unearthly codified quixotic formalistic instanced tenuous untrue specious fallacious vain erroneous dubious on paper in the abstract as a premise gratuitous bottomless trumped up illogical fanciful fancied illusory visionary imagal non-practical divinatory non-technical blue-sky mendacious misleading uncalled-for untruthful off-base deceptive unpragmatic unauthenticated not practical irrelevant empty inaccurate fundamental higher basic postulatory useless inferred surmised suspected nominal alleged apparent postulational guesstimated figured reputed guessing unresolved surmising purported ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish reasonless untenable equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed indeterminate casual contestable assumptive stochastic proposed pretending problematic recondite likely unpractical nonconcrete inferential asserted made up intangible immaterial on a hunch without substantiation without merit on a long shot unestablished untrustworthy not validated dodgy iffy weak nebulous undependable suspicious dubitable open to question fishy controversial arguable hard to believe open to doubt

Tính từ

Pursued as a gamble, with possible large profits or losses
risky uncertain hazardous unpredictable chancy dicey unsafe dodgy iffy precarious perilous dangerous hairy insecure treacherous touch-and-go parlous tricky high-risk rocky jeopardous threatening menacing unhealthy serious venturesome delicate touchy sticky unsound gnarly fraught with danger bad thorny deadly exposed adventurous venturous viperous dangersome fatal grievous grave jeopardizing unreliable erratic problematical problematic jeopardising long shot undependable unsettled capricious shonky endangered defenseless defenceless on thin ice playing with fire wide-open on slippery ground out on a limb hanging by a thread ticklish nasty critical alarming malignant loaded vulnerable dynamite impregnable terrible shaky formidable ugly heavy unstable impending breakneck serpentine portentous hot pressing queasy urgent mortal wicked on collision course difficult awkward unsteady tough knotty prickly dubious sensitive unsure desperate touch and go slippery taxing at risk unchancy dire tricksy spiny catchy troublesome controversial trying terrifying vexatious irksome worrying upsetting bothersome concerning Russian roulette in danger in jeopardy death-defying tight doubtful variable changeable bleak life-threatening onerous challenging forbidding arduous unpleasant grim fluctuant wobbly inconstant volatile fickle temperamental in the balance awful punishing rough dark disagreeable distressing worrisome destructive harmful mercurial unfriendly bitter disturbing suspect questionable spartan hostile exigent uncomfortable embarrassing uneasy incalculable extreme rugged contentious scary lethal haphazard ominous reckless threatened injurious toxic unprotected daredevil explosive untrustworthy fearsome tottering rickety complex complicated involved nice fluctuating changeful vexed intricate convoluted open to attack on a limb hanging in the balance on a slippery slope built on sand hard fluid varying mutable irregular inconsistent skittish fitful acute very bad flickery peracute profound egregious unfixed inexact life-and-death at a crisis at stake in doubt riding on it at a turning point at a critical stage at issue

Tính từ

Hard to perceive or understand
unclear vague unsure uncertain unsettled indefinite ambiguous debatable obscure indistinct confused doubtful imprecise inexplicit incalculable indistinguishable inexact unforeseeable unpredictable unresolved abstruse arcane cryptic dubious equivocal mysterious perplexing puzzling undefined undetermined confusing hesitant iffy muffled undecided unknown dicey dodgy equivocating indecisive indeterminate indiscernible intangible irresolute shadowy wavering weak elusive vacillating open to question ill-defined in the balance up in the air in doubt unconfirmed questionable pending undependable unestablished doubtable dubitable untrustworthy in limbo up for grabs clouded hazy unascertained disputable moot unreliable chancy flimsy conjectural hairy open to debate yet to be decided touch-and-go in no man's land on thin ice murky hidden nebulous enigmatic undisclosed concealed opaque tentative apocryphal blear uncommitted of two minds risky to be won or lost hanging by a thread touch and go precarious sketchy arguable inconclusive suspect open controvertible contingent controversial contentious borderline not definite unsubstantiated tenuous issuable improbable unlikely spurious negotiable open to suspicion queer open to doubt problematical unsound unreasonable suppositious subject to debate suppositive shaky shady unsupported problematic fishy implausible unrealistic fanciful unthinkable preposterous incredible fantastic ridiculous absurd unbelievable difficult to believe long shot unapt far-fetched scarcely credible hard to swallow fat chance beyond the bounds of possibility fuzzy dim blurred faint blurry foggy misty bleary ambivalent unintelligible cloudy gauzy pale woolly wooly formless out of focus enigmatical nebulose unspecific lacking definition dark noncommittal muzzy unfocused suspicious torn smoky waffling tenebrous obfuscated general muddy on the fence occult loose open to argument betwixt and between barely perceptible misleading paradoxical rough approximate inscrutable hard to make out in question mystic bleared in two minds clear as dishwater not sure in a dilemma in a quandary inconspicuous dithering amorphous blowing hot and cold non-specific double-edged unanswered unconcluded Delphic hard to see shilly-shallying oracular wishy-washy broad unfixed riddling gnomic hemming and hawing to be decided running hot and cold hinky muddled contradictory mixed open-ended incomplete gray grey clear as mud unexplicit oscillating unrecognizable amphibological unsolved unrecognisable unconvinced split shapeless unfinished ongoing indefinable unformed unspecified disputed on the horns of a dilemma in a state of uncertainty inaccurate evasive oblique sweeping bewildering prevaricating conflicting imperfect distant impalpable fogged ballpark marginal floating roundabout unsubstantial circumlocutory circuitous distorted periphrastic shifty skeptical hesitating fluctuating distrustful mistrustful deep elliptical trustless elliptic fuliginous neutral sceptical on ice in dispute divided pendent two-edged on-the-fence neither fish nor fowl on the back burner non-committal hedging your bets in the middle neither one thing nor the other in a state of limbo unstructured unshaped structureless unexplained at issue some kind of faded veiled remote generalized dull filmy polysemous polysemic polysemantic obscured incomprehensible inaudible concerned troubled worried anxious apprehensive disquieted outstanding multivocal illusory settling nothing proving nothing wobbling superficial feeble unclassifiable dreamy visionary cursory swithering conflicted opposed clashing warring opposing vexed indescribable inexpressible nameless crepuscular Cimmerian undistinct inadequate obfuscatory perfunctory peripheral frontier bordering impartial approximative estimated hanging not decided indirect generalised dreamlike blanket overall generic undetailed slippery ungrounded duplicitous basic cagey deceptive subtle unanalysable fugitive unverified unprovable unproven unfounded hard to understand cunning shuffling devious tricky disorganised ill-organized disorganized unlimited disreputable squishy careless sloppy vacillant infirm volatile fickle not reliable not dependable deceitful dissembling indiscriminate fluctuant hypothetical sophistical insecure unable to decide sitting on the fence humming and hawing hot and cold hot-and-cold halting faltering inexhaustible unanalyzable indeterminable innumerable wide under advisement under examination not obvious open to discussion diffident unconfident casuistic false casuistical stonewalling elusory coarse-grained blurred round the edges not particular not partial not specific impressionistic odd shonky funny contestable mootable pseudo potentially dangerous thick potentially false suspected not quite right thin under suspicion not kosher a controversial subject not yet established a live issue a moot point a matter of opinion the jury's out up for discussion bone of contention between sixes and sevens between rock and hard place

Tính từ

Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom
visionary idealistic romantic utopian creative imaginative inventive quixotic dreamy impractical inspired prescient starry-eyed unrealistic discerning enterprising far-sighted idealised idealized ingenious innovative insightful intuitive penetrating perceptive unworkable clever fanciful gifted resourceful sharp shrewd talented wise dreaming fairy-tale idealist quixotical starry unfeasible head-in-the-clouds hypothetical ivory-towered theoretical abstracted ambitious astral daydreaming delusory exalted grandiose illusory impracticable introspective lofty musing noble original otherworldly pretentious prophetic radical unworldly in the clouds out of touch with reality with your head in the clouds vague fantasizing airy-fairy imaginary sentimental dreamlike over-optimistic fantasising ideal chimerical perfect ultimate transcendental idyllic pie-in-the-sky fantastic fabulous fictitious model made-up supreme best perfectionist optimistic Utopian unreal exemplary naive fantasy mythical imaginal hopeful imagined pretend fantastical invented fantasied chimeric fictional phantom notional make-believe mythic phantasmic phantasmal dream high-flown quintessential consummate extravagant archetypal absolute complete definitive pure flawless copybook prototypical dream come true paradigmatic best possible castle-building exaggerated airy classic whimsical unlikely unpractical wild classical improbable legendary arcadian abstract impossible ideological Micawberish Panglossian representative typical optimal untainted prime unsullied optimum essential unblemished untarnished best-example unattainable unachievable poetic mercurial imagal unearthly mental transcendent ivory-tower out-of-reach

Tính từ

Seeking to impose a doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations
doctrinaire dogmatic inflexible opinionated rigid fanatical pontifical authoritarian biased insistent uncompromising unyielding adamant dogmatical domineering impractical intolerant opinionative opinioned prejudiced self-opinionated theoretical extreme hypothetical ideological swivel-eyed unpragmatic unrealistic zealous authoritative bigoted bullheaded dictative dictatorial dogged holding fixed views magisterial mulish obstinate one-sided pertinacious pigheaded stern stiff-necked strict stubborn unbending imperious tyrannical despotic overbearing arrogant peremptory autocratic arbitrary bossy tyrannic oppressive repressive harsh severe high-handed illiberal masterful tyrannous absolute assertive cocksure totalitarian obdurate pompous draconian overweening autocratical narrow-minded imperative autarchic undemocratic anti-democratic commanding disciplinarian confident wilful single-minded lordly self-important bull-headed of fixed views haughty officious high and mighty firm all-powerful imposing partisan deaf hidebound shortsighted unpersuadable blind resistant closed-minded monocratic dominating self-assured one-party self-assertive czarist unlimited tsarist emphatic dystopian self-confident masterly assured of preconceived ideas iron-handed pushing driving czarlike decisive iron-fisted entrenched downright unquestionable unchallengeable categorical willful apostolic small-minded sure of oneself close-minded superior Neronian cocky pushy unequivocal tenacious determined fascistic wrong-headed definite formal egotistical bloated condescending headstrong pretentious egotistic clamorous throwing weight around crack-the-whip proud heavy-handed portentous pontificating swaggering grandiose puffy binding narrow limiting traditional classical customary coercive enforceable conventional pig-headed legislating preceptive sanctioned didactic normative accepted prescribed demanding prescriptive positive decided certain overconfident summary forceful imperial aggressive supercilious stuffy sure uncontrolled unrestrained lofty bullying no joke flat-out straight out no ifs ands or buts overproud presumptuous lording it brusque insolent preponderant snotty high-and-mighty uppity ascendant prevalent cavalier disdainful regnant sniffy patronizing abrupt brisk august patronising judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal fixed compelling undeniable stringent finished rigorous strong-willed in-your-face bold self-possessed forward feisty can-do go-getting self-asserting high-pressure enterprising fierce militant assaultive dominant bullish ambitious carnivorous pushful believing in oneself not backward in coming forward self-respecting vigorous energetic vehement direct earnest forcible wholehearted out-and-out ardent explicit resounding unconditional violent dynamic full-blooded unmistakable muscular unambiguous unqualified strenuous distinct clear outright pointed glaring sober ringing one hundred per cent obvious for a face express significant cogent no mistake accented potent flat trenchant stressed definitive important solemn impressive evident

Tính từ

Having a curious or inquisitive nature
wondering inquisitive curious enquiring inquiring pondering questioning speculating guessing probing nosy interested prying searching intrusive investigative analytical doubtful interrogative investigatory penetrating outward-looking examining studious catechistic quizzical fact-finding Socratic heuristic snooping snoopy scrutinizing peering spying eavesdropping over-curious agog intrigued over-interested meddling nosy-parkering busybody meddlesome nosey interfering nosy-parker challenging big-eyed nebby impertinent prurient personal keen sifting busy forward inquisitorial presumptuous poking officious burning with curiosity scrutinising obtrusive intruding presuming protrusive pushy pushing peeping inspecting inquisitory intermeddling tampering querying analytic disquisitive importunate interrupting deep puzzled exploratory pragmatic in-depth gossipy interviewing interrogational cross-examining incisive sharp quizzing research catechistical exploring butting in voyeuristic nosing investigating undercover inspective researching interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interruptive interference bumptious bustling annoying dying to know busybodied overbearing bossy self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial invasive unwanted self-assertive overbusy domineering mischievous unwelcome trespassing disturbing encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing rude fussy bureaucratic uncalled-for piercing chiselling insensitive unpleasant protruding upsetting indiscreet explorative pointed investigational thorough minute enthusiastic fascinated excited eager moved attentive captivated riveted gripped engrossed absorbed affected intent stimulated focused enticed inspired entranced enthused hooked inspirited ambitious roused desirous avid ardent impressed focussed beady-eyed

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