Đồng nghĩa của self assertive

Tính từ

Having or showing boldness, ambition and initiative in achieving a goal
aggressive ambitious assertive enterprising fierce go-getting high-pressure in-your-face militant pushy self-asserting assured audacious bold bossy confident forceful immodest self-confident strong sure determined forward driven strong-willed domineering overbearing resolute insistent spirited zealous single-minded pushing self-assured committed tenacious self-possessed firm persistent dogged keen avid obtrusive presumptuous obstinate bumptious feisty officious steadfast staunch ardent motivated earnest eager enthusiastic strong-minded thrusting uncompromising unwavering intent industrious pushful stubborn active self-driven self-starting goal-oriented hard-driving purposeful decisive intrusive interfering meddling prying brash meddlesome can-do busy positive resolved nosy loud dedicated aspiring intruding hungry unyielding snoopy protrusive nosey presuming offensive obnoxious untiring ruthless thirsty desirous inspired obdurate vigorous energetic demanding arrogant importunate collected cocksure impertinent high-powered certain steely believing in oneself gung ho fanatical tough self-reliant unhesitating gutsy cool-headed stalwart brave persevering unflinching indefatigable unflagging unfaltering unbending eager beaver power-loving get up and go high-reaching power-hungry bent upon sure of oneself progressive striving full of determination plucky dead set pioneering self-seeking commanding bullish overconfident authoritative dictatorial self-important opinionated emphatic poised cocky composed strident nervy loudmouthed decided fearless dogmatic imperious resilient full of oneself intrepid dominant powerful unruffled go-ahead intense defiant relentless unfazed self-respecting adamant gritty iron-willed hardy courageous secure hard-nosed sure of yourself unshakeable obsessed undaunted bent unrelenting level-headed like a ball of fire hell-bent on the make two-fisted undeviating mettlesome adventurous indomitable pertinacious desiring success bustling overzealous overbusy self-motivated inquisitive pragmatic over-assertive hopeful upwardly mobile rude fussy bureaucratic intermeddling imposing controlling projecting prognathous blatant jutting flagrant sheer bald bulging unabashed daring compelling dashing compelled consumed impulsive fixated obsessive urged on set galvanized unshakable guided serious monomaniacal fixed besetting unbendable unshaken pushed compulsive steered obsessional galvanised possessed immovable induced impelled bludgeoning persuasive intensive forthright full-on provocative outspoken shocking direct coercive pressurizing robust rugged assaultive pressured stressful difficult strenuous cool carnivorous calm hardened phlegmatic pressurising absolute red-blooded fit as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard as nails doughty cynical hard hard-bitten nonchalant unperturbed doctrinaire imperturbable impassive not taking no for an answer biased prejudiced inflexible pontifical serene tranquil settled sanguine upbeat relaxed bigoted self-sufficient dauntless unflappable of fixed views pompous pigheaded bull-headed of preconceived ideas dogmatical opinionative partisan self-opinionated opinioned together competitive diligent assiduous dynamic unremitting tireless not backward in coming forward sharp-elbowed surefooted nonplussed sure-footed sedulous gladiatorial hang-tough self-willed bound and determined rigid unabated full-blooded intensely competitive stop at nothing steady brutal cutthroat bloodthirsty having killer instinct go for broke scrappy warlike cut-throat sustained stringent dog-eat-dog rigorous ferocious bullheaded fiercely competitive equanimous at ease filled with aplomb laid-back passionate irrepressible firm in spirit loyal independent perceptive tough-minded faithful vehement ironclad sagacious keen as mustard animated resourceful heroic take charge mean stout-hearted stout unswerving valiant sturdy solid constant intransigent iron manful stouthearted lionhearted stiff true spunky gallant rock-ribbed violent indurate lusty hearty implacable devoted potent stable resounding muscular purposive fast valorous dependable inexorable perseverant Herculean unafraid wholehearted greathearted heroical gutty reliable inured trusty hardline unsentimental undauntable four-square lion-hearted strict toughened hard-working true-blue deliberate redoubtable adamantine cast-iron bulldog sound bound realistic ballsy daredevil tried and true tried and tested unchanging adventuresome venturous spartan noble effective influential meaning business game unswervable unwearied enduring trustworthy incessant driving headstrong inexhaustible weariless hard-hitting devout definite patient good allegiant diehard case-hardened stony perky jumping grind hyper resistant hard-boiled vital grim willful go-go mulish callous indurated unshrinking impenetrable hard-edged persisting chivalrous venturesome stiff-necked manly dead set on fire-eating tight clinging extreme unerring safe bravehearted convincing firmly-based pious down-the-line invincible unbeatable brassy unfailing unceasing unconquerable immoderate radical tried-and-true steamroller convinced liege powerhouse cohesive impavid unmovable continuing plugging unstinted undeterred fireball continued plodding coherent great unblenching have-a-go possessive unforgetful unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable patriotic hanging tough hot dutiful steel bulletproof unassailable insuperable unstoppable untameable insurmountable impervious unwearying unstinting worthy unfearful puissant unalarmed fervent trusted heavy undefeatable impassable immutable complete thick unbreakable fast-track high-octane genuine out impassioned supportive close rock hard capable hard-headed thoroughgoing thorough intent on do-or-die weighty effectual mighty authoritarian ruling successful supreme efficient forcible fervid perfervid practical shrewd set on determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle hell-bent on on one's mettle insistent on hell-bent upon bent on hell bent on intent upon on the go ball of fire down-to-earth matter-of-fact total sweeping full unrestrained true-hearted world-weary true to life accustomed habituated difficult to keep down compacted packed concentrated consolidated compressed hard-handed compact rocky all-embracing all out uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled highly capable in control full of get-up-and-go in the saddle fiery unquenchable burning bitter furious granite lacking sentiment quick to bounce back toughened by experience out-and-out virile unmixed out and out pulling no punches quick to recover as hard as nails desensitized experienced deadened seasoned rolling with punches acclimatized coarsened used wilful unfeeling uncaring benumbed inaccessible coldhearted cruel acclimatised steeled uncompassionate heartless contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent hardhearted hard-as-nails unrepenting impious unemotional desensitised prepared disdainful unashamed obtuse perverse intractable hardheaded ossified inconvincible pat unsparing unmalleable unpersuadable categorical hard-line bloody-minded hard-core not giving an inch hard and fast die-hard brick-wall

Tính từ

Having an arrogant, self-important or pompous manner
arrogant haughty pompous supercilious imperious lordly presumptuous overweening lofty pretentious superior uppity uppish cavalier bumptious hifalutin highfalutin peremptory huffy important sniffy huffish chesty presuming toplofty toploftical assumptive masterful high-handed high-and-mighty stiff-necked self-asserting high-hat conceited proud overbearing cocky patronizing self-important condescending snooty patronising smug overconfident vain egotistic disdainful vainglorious forward brash high and mighty insolent stuck-up egotistical snobbish domineering swaggering opinionated prideful impudent pushy boastful audacious bold affected immodest magisterial self-opinionated snotty pontifical grandiose brazen bossy hoity-toity cheeky puffed up impertinent scornful contemptuous swollen-headed hubristic cocksure blustering toffee-nosed saucy full of oneself self-assured bigheaded self-satisfied snobby confident self-centered brassy fancy-pants self-confident sassy bragging egoistic egoistical narcissistic swellheaded self-conceited self-centred sententious selfish fresh know-it-all nervy snippy full of yourself dictatorial egocentric autocratic self-affected self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed self-congratulatory authoritarian stiff rude stuck up wise assuming biggity pontificating mocking bloated biggety showy scoffing sneering complacent assured officious elitist big-headed aloof unabashed smarty la-di-da inconsiderate ostentatious pert uninhibited contumelious jumped up wise guy strutting brazen-faced too big for your boots foolhardy tyrannical self-righteous self-serving overbold despotic uncivil indifferent orgulous rash familiar careless cold-shoulder free overfamiliar bullish pushful la-de-da high-minded portentous brassbound arch shameless flaunting puffy barefaced smart swanky on an ego trip bold-faced smart-alecky malapert putting on airs braggart bombastic self-loving braggy self-complacent self-pleased unreserved holier-than-thou self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery self-applauding dominating extroverted extraverted blusterous puffed arbitrary offhand oppressive ambitious refined high curt casual undemocratic heavy-handed highhanded throwing one's weight around high falutin unconcerned dismissive insouciant uninterested willful rigid wilful inflexible anti-democratic repressive honourable gracious honorable above oneself consequential unceremonious discourteous self-aggrandizing reserved distant detached posh boasting poncey inflated windy unblushing remote boldfaced flip high-flown persnickety throwing one's weight about procacious cool tony abrupt brusque glib terse cursory perfunctory off ungracious puffed-up impolite on your high horse on high horse ironhanded dominant splendid exaggerated grand spectacular flatulent flowery highfaluting magnificent overstated impetuous previous premature overhasty hasty precipitate take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish sure presumptive positive smart aleck jaunty hotshot certain smart guy smarty pants disrespectful improper inappropriate daring brass-necked forthright irreverent aggressive overassertive coming on strong direct overfriendly bare-faced over-assertive thrusting bantam temerarious madcap daredevil reckless full of hot air riding for a fall overoptimistic heedless vaunting loud obnoxious heading for a fall offensively self-assertive pleased with yourself self-admiring aristocratic self-regarding self-absorbed swollen commanding authoritative egomaniacal stuck on oneself tyrannous autocratical tyrannic self-obsessed wrapped up in oneself potty ritzy inner-directed stuffy dogmatic solipsistic self-interested introverted derisive individualistic withering self-involved self-oriented self-preoccupied self-infatuated self-concerned slighting insulting self-seeking disparaging jeering iron-handed abhorrent strict draconian severe harsh imperial belittling full of contempt imperative pleased with oneself personal exclusive coercive derisory priggish goody-goody loudmouth autarchic egomaniac peacockish thoughtless forceful scathing assertive iron-fisted demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative regnant doctrinaire unyielding sardonic opprobrious in love with oneself inward-looking demanding self-respecting think too highly of oneself snot-nosed think a lot of oneself too big for one's breeches subjective obsessive have an excessively high opinion of oneself intimate intrinsic too big for one's boots isolated standoffish stooping absolute elitist airy dicty silliness giddy dizzy flighty disciplinarian totalitarian cliquish la-dee-da complaisant wiseguy illiberal denigrating defiant bullying blowing one's own horn sarcastic overproud cynical hypercritical lording it swollen with pride on a high horse on one's high horse majestic regal imposing august judicial stately dignified too big for one's britches nose in the air abusive despicable malicious preponderant ascendant prevalent highfalutin' compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory inborn ingrained inherent idiosyncratic uncaring unthinking think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas looking after number one wisenheimer Neronian dogmatical clamorous crack-the-whip stern firm throwing weight around dictative rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating genteel mannered contrived artificial chichi precious schmaltzy campy grandstanding well pleased proud of oneself self-approving independent taunting lah-di-dah self-indulgent self-sufficient having a swelled head wrapped up with oneself hypocritical pious pietistic sanctimonious crowing flamboyant big self-aggrandising cock-a-hoop turning up your nose at looking down your nose at high falutin' upper-class subjugating controlling hard-nosed hard temperamental disapproving upstage gone Hollywood over-refined full of airs and graces strong-willed high hat dog it pharisaic mealy-mouthed pi moralizing unctuous windbag brag boast conceity ham phony gall phoney preachy Pharisaic noble canting Tartuffian Pharisaical in driver's seat crack the whip moralising big talking blowing one's own trumpet too good to be true

Tính từ

Light-hearted and carefree
gay cheerful merry cheery bright jolly animated glad buoyant lively vivacious happy jovial sunny blithe frolicsome joyful mirthful playful bouncy carefree exuberant festive light-hearted sprightly upbeat blithesome bubbly chirpy debonair effervescent gleeful jaunty perky sparkling elated frivolous gamesome insouciant joyous lightsome active airy animate bouncing brisk canty cheering chipper convivial crank devil-may-care energetic eupeptic frisky frolic fun-loving gladsome happy-go-lucky high-spirited jazzy jocose jocular jocund kinetic laughing lighthearted mettlesome peppy pert pizazzy pizzazzy pleasure-seeking racy rakish rollicking slaphappy snappy spanking sparky spirited springy unconcerned vital winsome zippy ludic sportive waggish alert brash confident forward in good spirits in high spirits keen presuming pushy wild full of beans as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world breezy ebullient peart zestful vigorous full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed zingy dynamic genial untroubled full of vim and vigour enthusiastic vibrant optimistic jubilant funny unworried dashing positive hilarious spry full of the joys of spring radiant entertaining humorous euphoric excited bright and breezy good-humoured of good cheer smiley good-humored cock-a-hoop zesty facetious pleasant content grinning smiling jokey casual hopeful without a care in the world witty as merry as a grig exhilarated zappy amusing light irrepressible exultant contented sporty ecstatic comical enjoyable diverting fun exciting easy delighted hearty nimble full of pep fresh flippant overjoyed comic smart easy-going droll blissful impish thrilled go-go chucklesome roguish full of hope mischievous skittish kittenish as lively as a grig nonchalant festal dapper alive and kicking coltish forceful full of fun fiery strong bubbling pleased beaming over the moon joking raffish flamboyant agile whimsical passionate laughable sparkly boisterous prankish bold stylish wick swinging joshing lusty antic spunky jumping stimulating colourful colorful on cloud nine free and easy tongue-in-cheek natty gratified relaxed heedless scintillating ardent full of get-up-and-go showy good perk delightful eager volatile rapturous rocking vivid unserious wonderful frolicky pleasurable laid-back sharp flip celebratory tireless high triumphant daring untiring full of energy hardy on cloud seven hyper indifferent friendly uproarious resilient sassy jesting ball of fire welcoming unruffled interesting saucy pleasing puckish careless larking risible wanton fay sportful elfish larky ludicrous teasing tickled sanguine flashy devilish expansive buzzing quick enraptured fantastic cool transported elastic feisty rapt zealous easygoing silly striking unusual impassioned heartening bantering daffy affable stoked agreeable gingery wrapped indefatigable potent forcible powerful clever larkish stirring enterprising industrious beside oneself with joy strenuous unflagging red-blooded stalwart sturdy high-powered snazzy in jest amused informal rousing feeling one's oats clubby social rejoicing holiday gala unthinking cordial energized activated composed exulting sexy frenzied spiffy unperturbed rich proud crowing up enlivening cheerly game loud boon camp campy energised blessed serene romping ridiculous farcical glorying magnificent marvellous marvelous outgoing gladdening prideful backslapping dizzy beatific venturesome dazzling fast riot scream back-slapping walking on air grooving glitzy spruce generous bullish arch gloating calm rosy delirious avid intense Pickwickian charming satisfying welcome glib gratifying fun-filled uninterested irresponsible capering tricksy rascally in raptures on the go abuzz gallant mobile apathetic pococurante incurious elvish satisfied unrestrained wicked good-natured peppery agitated engaging uninhibited heartwarming happening humming alive effusive riotous amiable thankful chuffed intriguing bustling thoughtless driving honest supple busy nutty aggressive piquant poignant espiègle moving rugged in fine fettle frothy in seventh heaven in fun robust beguiling laid back barnstorming at ease emphatic feckless lackadaisical excitable flipping flying lots of laughs gutsy tongue in cheek gushing blissed out responsive full of zip in transports of delight floating on air full of joie de vivre not serious heart-warming neat spritely graceful sociable conversible companionable hospitable spectacular uncaring unconsidered bonny gregarious carnival insubstantial frolicking fashionable invigorating laughter-filled fanciful gladdened Christmassy chic aware salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic warm glowing pertinent dull relevant tight fairylike breathless benign invigorated pixieish scampish knavish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish loony chaffing jollying good-time tumultuous excellent swift new outstanding whopping rapid remarkable exceptional poised pacific measured collected possessed commodious providential sober feelgood fervent youthful turnt jumpy gritty dramatic envigorating party trendy flush sunbeamy clowning valiant Panglossian Pollyannaish idealistic ventilated mellow easy-breezy low-pressure decorated feastful carnivalesque feastly partyish peaceful orgasmic flying high captivated intoxicated blest tickled pink can't complain looking good full of vim and vigor gelastic nonsensical derisive asinine mocking derisory inane preposterous har-har absurd eccentric bizarre rhapsodical willful unruly off-the-wall sidesplitting go-getting heated burning hot occupied sent hale and hearty spicy unconstrained offhand enlivened glamorous aglow juiced up hushed unflustered sedate full of the joy of living raring to go exhilarating heady pulling one's leg putting one on satirical wry wisecracking grand dexterous deedful eventful dextrous bubbling over exalted smug for a laugh reckless improvident vitalized bucked flourishing electrifying on the move blissfully happy deliriously happy gentlemanly sportsmanlike fair popping splendid heavenly lovely tasty pungent distinctive tart tangy virile vehement flushed unconventional bohemian to the point wacky crazy flaky joculous flakey boffo slap-happy disposed to look on the bright side always expecting the best adventurous roseate hopping coruscating astir determined intensive thriving fabulous glorious great magical doing handsprings trim revelling free-minded full-blooded punchy abubble vibrating effective high-octane full of spirit storming resounding ballsy all-out muscular sensitive have-a-go hard-hitting sound aboil schmick nifty disreputable characterful gagged up for grins swaggering hysterical boastful in transports of joy in transports of pleasure warming uplifting naughty blithely unconcerned carefree and untroubled without care living the life of Riley considerate sportsmanly decent at peace self-possessed romantic attractive plucky swashbuckling deep devout corybantic reveling wowed carried away victorious triumphalist full of character louche ornate glittering gaudy flaunting glittery brazen demoniac motive tough dynamical locomotive kinematic motile encouraging unreserved beside oneself with happiness jumping for joy audacious swish venturous free-swinging elegant nervy emboldened adventuresome intrepid nerved equanimous equable profound glass half full sunny side up honorable square honourable evenhanded just reasonable deepest lacking concern disinterested complacent perfunctory insensible uncurious wild with excitement blown away in a frenzy of delight on a high wigged out delirious with happiness turned on urbane captivating enchanting abiding profuse full frank frenetic absorbing congenial compelling appealing recreative fascinating nice flexible deep-rooted good natured deep-felt warm-hearted sporting flash decadent dissolute dissipated debauched soul-stirring uncontrolled abandoned riveting fearless exclusive swank adjustable adaptable variable free from worry free from care frantic accommodating enthralling provocative inspiring engrossing restorative side-splitting entrancing affecting enticing relaxing impressive be a ball gas priceless thrilling straight shooting square shooting square dealing free-spirited tawdry individual violent fierce rabid feverish full-on overwhelming overpowering furious ferocious malleable distant unanxious fluid compliant unmoved callous aloof detached unsympathetic oblivious dispassionate nonplussed uninvolved unflappable pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding mad neutral reserved unbothered not bothered hardened forgetful self-centered inattentive impassive blind self-centred supine deaf phlegmatic hard-hearted insensitive undisturbed cold stony negligent undaunted giddy versatile complaisant tolerant conformable cool, calm and collected flighty superficial foolish not giving a toss light-minded recuperative mutable soaring empty-headed shallow ditzy puerile zany birdbrained non-serious juvenile idle light-headed harebrained dopey vapid lightheaded goofy futile yeasty vacuous batty featherbrained dippy scatterbrained ditsy childish ill-considered feather-brained pea-brained lacking seriousness dotty nonserious unprofound vain barmy lacking in sense idiotic fit ambitious healthy strapping athletic resolute hale tenacious stout persistent persevering able-bodied committed steadfast dogged Herculean firm staunch driven brawny go-ahead burly motivated progressive aspiring beefy buff unremitting unwearied diligent inexhaustible assiduous pioneering husky assertive pertinacious weariless shredded earnest unrelenting self-starting hungry purposeful unwavering jacked hectic courageous speedy in good condition solid fighting fit unfaltering in good shape blooming ripped in good health well built unwearying hard-driving hunky single-minded unshakeable hasty lithe fit as a fiddle able hard-working stark hurried muscly unflinching incessant unfailing inspired buzzy fast-moving militant sedulous in good trim rip-roaring grind dedicated unswerving eager beaver well bursting with health hefty steady substantial lightning breakneck charged striving sinewy fleet employed blistering galloping ingenious alacritous imaginative intoxicating galvanizing whole thewy intent unyielding inventive breathtaking going strong manly powerfully built gripping action-packed desirous masculine exhilarative uncompromising obstinate thirsty galvanic creative unceasing well-built power-hungry well-conditioned kicky electric alive and well surviving around all right still with us resourceful mind-boggling mind-bending heart-stopping hair-raising mind-blowing on the make ruthless self-seeking engaged fine in the pink galvanising innovative in rude health rowdy goal-oriented self-driven nippy fleet-footed mighty hard influential working indomitable well made capable iron rattling animating energizing thickset suspenseful wholesome fixed raucous solidly built undeviating aerobicized in tip-top condition rough hustling obdurate ready unbending acrobatic budding stubborn original growing all-male energising hell-bent busy as a bee tied-up strong-willed constant macho self-asserting get up and go bent upon power-loving high-reaching entrepreneurial brave manful devoted theatrical up-and-coming patient demanding chaotic noisy exacting challenging whirlwind disorderly physical big talented splitting rapid-fire arduous gifted laborious crowded relentless swarming rumbustious difficult extravagant pushing exhausting trying take-over teeming gumptious severe taxing knockabout thronging persuasive dutiful roisterous prompt expeditious bent onerous awake warlike resolved scrappy inspiriting turbulent involved obsessed healthful anthemic cracking gladiatorial fanatical efficient steely robustious rigid full of vim express secure in trim inexorable two-fisted at work hardworking durable rude physically fit engrossed powerhouse hard at it rambunctious emotional hell-raising well-made decisive stiff on the hop accelerated as fit as a flea as fit as a fiddle like Piccadilly Circus on the job in fine feather hard-pressed as strong as a horse full of go full of commotion strong-minded sound in body and limb like a ball of fire hard at work stop at nothing full of determination high-pressure bound and determined dead set desiring success pulsating self-directed eye-catching uncomplaining long-suffering fearsome ambulatory expressive unstinting young self-motivated noteworthy conscientious high-energy chivalrous male liberal modern disruptive advanced forward-looking heroic valorous lionhearted stout-hearted manlike enlightened forward-thinking unending loyal unretiring stocky ostentatious heaving roaring A1 rising practical broad-shouldered participating full-bodied well-developed built perceptive dependable fervid zoolike ripping in excellent shape in good physical shape still going strong avant-garde meaty chunky herculean hardline fast-paced adrenaline-fueled as strong as a ox deviceful full of activity never-tiring consumed compelled man-size mannish studly fecund fertile butch laddish man-sized well-proportioned mesomorphic plugging unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plodding high-speed fancy-pants faithful contributing activist thrusting rushing thronged immovable unshakable set unbendable unshaken obsessive built to last hulking bulky stouthearted strong-arm overexcited fast-track formidable galvanized serious monomaniacal impelled adamant outdoor outdoorsy bursting with good health reproductive generative sexually potent procreative gymnastic unsinkable remorseless ironclad painstaking inspirational decided intransigent inflexible headlong volant tantivy productive combative induced fixated compulsive insistent obsessional unhesitating argumentative absorbed interested immersed sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying up-tempo sports-loving competitive tense belligerent as strong as a lion as strong as an ox in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox expeditive going harefooted quarrelsome pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised grandiose monumental bellicose clamorous undisciplined wayward pugnacious die-hard stiff-necked contentious cutthroat sustained rigorous urged on confrontational febrile truculent motivating bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured important impetuous wilful roistering steamroller take-charge disputatious limber light-footed heavy defiant bullheaded brutal motivational elaborate toilsome nose to grindstone dead set on significant agonistic deft in full swing emotive over the top over the top OTT tied up chippy clangorous obstreperous right as rain intensely competitive iron-willed in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke self-assured can-do gung ho self-confident visionary lofty hellish pretentious discordant willowy impactful provoking memorable shocking jolting startling knife-edge fit as a flea assaultive upwardly mobile brawly impelling stimulative quick-moving lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling explosive adrenalized cliffhanging killing knackering ornery touchy viral arousing instigating affective touching instigative exalting refreshing time-poor twinkle-toed urgent power-driven AC DC juiced electronic battery operated motor-driven electrical magnetic plug-in rechargeable intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be wishful large-scale awakening piquing inciting meaningful triggering quick-thinking twinkle toes clear-headed quick on the trigger spright winged mercurial quick on the draw easy-moving enduring reinforced stable good at sports up to one's ears rushed off one's feet overloaded in demand rushed off your feet having a full plate snowed have one's hands full having many irons in the fire slaving busy as a beaver at it on the run having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry quick-witted emotion-charged thought-provoking puissant tiring future possible prospective likely heavy-duty living gutty adroit well-founded live breathing inflammatory thin-skinned on the warpath high-strung hot-blooded longing hard as nails craving advancing itching yearning lusting termagant agitational existing expectant endeavoring endeavouring restless testing harsh unsparing sentient wild and woolly subsisting biological organic existent stem-winding spark plug hard ball burdensome flustering madhouse coming on strong viable mortal bumpy full on wearing imperious among the living having life in the land of the living not dead engrossed in wrapped up at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in

Tính từ

Naturally aggressive or hostile
pugnacious aggressive bellicose combative hostile antagonistic confrontational fiery gladiatorial irascible scrappy truculent warlike agonistic feisty assaultive belligerent brawly chippy choleric defiant discordant militant petulant threatening argumentative brawling cantankerous contentious disputatious ill-tempered irritable quarrelsome rebellious rough salty aggers biffo pushy hot-tempered bad-tempered itching to fight on the warpath ready to fight having a chip on one's shoulder have a bone to pick contrary warmongering stroppy unfriendly ornery mean hawkish warring violent angry inimical fierce malevolent martial militaristic fighting fractious touchy unkind rancorous inhospitable litigious surly offensive spiteful malicious quick-tempered vitriolic nasty captious hateful wrathful adversarial cross difficult oppugnant unsympathetic battling bitter unruly factious catty bolshie vicious military controversial polemical sullen spoiling for a fight testy jingoistic antipathetic contumacious destructive venomous malignant uncongenial gung-ho adverse unsociable peevish disputative disobedient sabre-rattling recalcitrant turbulent vindictive intractable polemic grouchy snappy splenetic uncooperative virulent rude insubordinate unpleasant crabby challenging insolent cranky hurtful disorderly resistant sour ferocious ready for a fight viperous unmanageable wayward disapproving ill-natured cavilling provocative bloodthirsty contending abusive willful arsey harsh wrangling disagreeable obstreperous bickering loudmouthed huffy querulous narky poisonous grumpy caviling refractory attacking snappish mutinous intimidating churlish ungovernable negative disruptive foul malign rebel hot-blooded obstinate jaundiced short-tempered dissentient balky unreceptive bold froward uncontrollable cold spiky opinionated incompliant wilful at loggerheads ill-disposed forceful dissident soldierly have chip on shoulder pettish stubborn miffy prickly tough perverse active combatant dissentious soreheaded ructious snarly undisciplined unwelcoming war scathing two-fisted acrimonious uncharitable excitable conflicting inconsiderate alien adversary spirited courageous spunky enthusiastic opposing embattled opposed cruel cussed unpropitious maleficent biting malefic militarist armed gutsy disaffected thin-skinned joyless furious dissenting hot flip ardent rowdy wild bilious ireful impudent dour bad impassioned passionate filthy sulky revolutionary radical restive untoward recusant tetchy ill-humored ratty shirty waspish on the outs insurgent mean-spirited ill-humoured fire-eating eristic nonconformist seditious have it in for insurrectionary up in arms incorrigible evil-minded battleful troublesome awkward exasperated intrusive expansionist rapacious invasive naysaying macho fretful mighty peppery pro-war plucky determined resentful acrid savage strident soldierlike battle-hardened paramilitary sanguinary war-mongering war-loving hot-button peckish liverish crotchety grumbling curmudgeonly waxy wrestling tilting skirmishing envenomed pernicious censorious ill assertive vigorous noncivil army chauvinistic flag-waving oppositional obnoxious rotten clashing crabbed indignant irate under arms persuasive uncompromising outspoken looking for trouble wretched vile on a short fuse ultra-active extremist extreme combating at war quarrelling competing short-fused wounding fanatical zealous malcontent disloyal unwilling adversative accusatorial allergic opposite reluctant at odds oppugning sparring rival warrish assertory hotheaded hate-filled brutal tempestuous arguesome quarreling at daggers drawn restless individualistic anarchistic treacherous sabotaging alienated iconoclastic treasonable psyched up angerful frenzied fuming uptight morose tense ranting dyspeptic bristly in a temper raving gruff convulsed cheerless in arms chaotic boisterous troublemaking dysfunctional hard lawbreaking thuggish unrestrained sensitive non-compliant delinquent daring resisting audacious naughty badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous anarchic lawless rugged riotous intransigent mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty discourteous badly-behaved misbehaving whiny problematic itching full-blooded go-getting high-strung radge ugly full of pep trying erratic errant rascally subversive deadly vituperous terrifying cowing terrorising trenchant sharp mordacious frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing bullying mordant socially impaired self-willed tiresome disturbed pesky roguish undisciplinable ill-behaved demanding troublous maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable irksome uncompliant uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive evil baleful wicked critical injurious cutting unfavourable evil-intentioned unfavorable harmful acid damaging prejudicial despiteful detrimental acerbic corrosive deleterious menacing vengeful counter sarcastic dangerous disadvantageous mortal disparaging dirty barbed tart stinging sardonic sinister noxious astringent low devastating pungent dark acidulous snide baneful grim severe derisive calamitous cynical snarky satirical inauspicious scalding defamatory discouraging scornful acidic satiric incisive poor forbidding acerb withering searing uncomplimentary ruinous murderous smart-alecky contemptuous bad-natured mocking jeering scorching disavowing taunting smart-mouthed moody implacable vexatious ominous snarling nocuous dire blistering barbarous unlucky stern inopportune untimely awful smart-aleck piercing revengeful unflattering ironical unhelpful black lousy sneering derogatory objectionable shrewish grudging vituperative undermining unfeeling grievous unfortunate disrespectful frowning contumelious ruthless distressing keen backhanded horrid scoffing brusque needling scurrilous saucy upsetting carping beastly bothersome hazardous repugnant twitting chaffing arrogant austere dodgy disillusioned perilous weisenheiming regrettable belittling inimic annoyed hellish disobliging obstructive backbiting poison murder unpromising displeased unadvantageous insensitive tricky infelicitous despicable merciless cataclysmic embittered slanderous pitiless disagreeing offended contemptible damning unforgiving aggrieved enemy inexpedient callous disastrous louring shabby uncaring intimidatory woeful inconvenient deplorable tight glowering catastrophic brooding sticky minatory heartless terrible pejorative inhuman minacious base relentless thoughtless glum hard-hearted thorny delicate bleak unappeasable eggy annoying bloody-minded unsafe insidious gross enraged foreboding boot-faced full of hate hairy worrying onerous arduous knotty taxing ungenerous stark coldhearted crippling execrable ignominious dishonorable detestable currish accidentally on purpose inhumane cold-blooded sadistic dishonourable low-down problematical ticklish punishing precarious chancy worrisome concerning iffy not nice low-minded dubious disturbing questionable spartan suspect unsparing prejudicious counterproductive spleenful squint-eyed stabbing razor-edged smouldering bearish of evil intent coruscating burning scowling artful bodeful scathy viperish toxicant ignoble paltry sordid divided split invading compassionless corrupting atrabilious peeved aspersive corruptive sulphurous sulfurous cold-hearted ill-timed corrupt colonialistic imperialistic insulted begruding sore complaining scratchy dripping venom wrought up prepared for war in the midst of battle at swords' points tumultuous uncool envious petty unkindly unamiable uncivil ill-intentioned vexed irked piqued irritated carnivorous discontented crusty full of spleen full of gall gloomy temperamental aggravated incursive hardhearted unchristian galled provoked smoldering avenging sorehead whingy whingeing extremely critical invalidating trigger-happy outraged not conducive inimicable pointed snaky disharmonious sectarian schismatic lamentable dyslogistic depreciative unprofitable depreciatory slighting downside detracting debit-side striking unhappy sharp-tongued on edge unaccommodating discrediting irreconcilable anti assaulting assailing headstrong lethal incendiary imperilling unhealthy unwholesome imperiling afflictive toxic undesirable feral punitive grudge-bearing unwelcome tragic estranged divisive partisan unrelenting unreasonable abrasive serious steely somber unsocial distasteful unacceptable asocial obdurate thrawn mulish capricious against on the debit side untamed brutish ill-boding barbaric retaliatory fatal cataclysmal arch odious renitent full of dislike loathsome humourless humorless desperate nefarious villainous serpentine monstrous depraved uncivilised fiendish abhorrent uncivilized abandoned thirsting for revenge out for revenge tragical heartbreaking distressful heartrending miserable contrariant nonconforming paradoxical pervicacious contrarious inflexible hardline remorseless inexorable at variance sociopathic on the attack wrongheaded converse sombre solemn unfair reproachful condemnatory deprecatory catastrophal dreadful pigheaded bull-headed pig-headed cross-grained unmerciful unpitying blunt hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to unyielding unsmiling flinty cast-iron ungentle no-nonsense mortified stony criticizing reproving fateful shattering frightful horrible antisocial sworn honest candid unenthusiastic about disapprobatory denunciatory denouncing dissatisfied condemning at each other's throats straightforward realistic beyond the pale disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against ill-fated judgmental slating knocking scummy unsatisfactory tardy late malapropos wrong improper unseemly unfit discommodious inadvisable unseasonable unsuited faultfinding unappealing insulting criticising full of reproof ill-advised warts and all straight from the shoulder

Trái nghĩa của self assertive

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