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Alternative for weariless

weariless /'wiərilis/
  • tính từ
    • không mệt mỏi, không biết mệt

Tính từ

Incapable of being wearied
tireless unflagging indefatigable untiring unwearied persevering inexhaustible energetic industrious vigorous enthusiastic unfailing unwearying resolute incessant active grind hyper jumping perky steadfast strenuous eager hard-working ball of fire on the go persistent unremitting dogged unfaltering determined dynamic tenacious unswerving unrelenting unceasing zealous unwavering assiduous pertinacious diligent unshakeable staunch constant steady forceful Herculean keen spirited intense stout strong patient single-minded indomitable unflinching uncomplaining long-suffering unstinting undeviating fixed loyal unretiring unending relentless undaunted never-tiring sedulous enduring ironclad remorseless painstaking unsinkable hell-bent inexorable nose to grindstone stop at nothing bound and determined dead set on dedicated devoted plugging firm go-go unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plodding eager beaver unyielding stubborn unbending obstinate stalwart strong-willed purposeful obdurate committed earnest intransigent insistent resolved unshakable immovable uncompromising driven intent set valiant willful strong-minded inflexible steely adamant mettlesome unhesitating decided bold plucky sustained implacable lionhearted perseverant gritty unshaken doughty conscientious persisting unchanging stout-hearted laborious rigorous importunate unabated tough full of determination stiff-necked bound brave aggressive courageous assertive headstrong continuous unflappable continual sure stiff pigheaded rock-ribbed perpetual hard-nosed ruthless solid hard purposive bullheaded busy bulldog manful endless studious ambitious ceaseless unbroken uninterrupted dead set nonstop bustling unabating interminable enterprising high-spirited eternal avid non-stop gutsy indurate true operose running unrelieved mulish spunky ardent unvacillating unstoppable unbendable everlasting pushy unconquerable abiding regular militant unvarying self-willed meaning business rigid unassailable deliberate pat invulnerable invincible exacting wholehearted focused engaged go-getting employed bent upon working never-ending motivated unfluctuating lasting grim serious unswervable four-square intrepid permanent aspiring thirsty wilful inspired hungry obsessed desirous undefeatable fanatical fierce unqualified hardened feisty focussed decisive round-the-clock rugged never-failing cast-iron unbeatable hanging tough sturdy bent on hard-driving careful self-starting self-assertive impregnable attentive goal-oriented self-driven brick-wall demanding thorough punctilious unsurpassable meticulous insuperable tied-up hopping occupied hardworking particular swotty secure bulletproof insurmountable unwaning frequent compulsive unsparing hardy ongoing repeated perverse bent perennial iron chronic timeless recurrent high-pressure faithful stern dauntless staying repetitive striving obsessive unmovable monomaniacal impassable undismayed irrepressible hardheaded adamantine inconvincible self-opinionated ossified opinionated full-blooded harsh strict oft-repeated around-the-clock progressive pioneering unappeasable out even uniform consistent toughened invariant do-or-die self-asserting round the clock iron-willed self-seeking hell-bent on power-loving get up and go high-reaching hell-bent upon power-hungry set in stone restless passionate dour formidable firmly-based direct daring radical involved day-and-night well-founded absolute certain hardline undiscouraged merciless perseverative cohesive hellbent adventurous straight trusty reliable cruel habitual undying recurring prolonged ageless indelible ingrained deep-dyed irremovable coherent unquestioning consumed compelled diehard game pitiless possessive unforgetful resounding violent vehement muscular emphatic thrusting sticky possessed monotonous dutiful dependable galvanized impelled unforgiving indestructible ultra-careful like a ball of fire on the make desiring success imperishable interminate definite immutable fixated obsessional induced pig-headed die-hard settled not put off not discouraged impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone never-ceasing long-lasting iron-fisted pounding mortal hard-headed red-blooded lusty vital close correct searching elaborate minute accurate in for long haul never give up tough nut intractable thick-skinned hard as nails like bad penny unsurmountable pedantic scrupulous religious fussy grinding whiz intent on fearless heroic untameable set on determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on hell bent on intent upon urged on bull-headed dateless unalleviated consecutive connected aeonian heedful inviolable urgent clamant pressing exigent contrary refractory going all the way safe bloody-minded without respite powerful irresistible supreme untouchable unattackable slogging stubborn as a mule inured clamorous compelling imperious instant dire imperative entreating burning necessitous crying emergent nagging acute critical capable stouthearted resistant disturbing annoying troublesome suppliant overeager solicitous harassing robust resilient sound competitive confident rolling with punches quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back cutthroat ferocious bloodthirsty stringent assured world-without-end amaranthine warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy overly solicitous self-assured can-do self-confident cut-throat hang-tough intensely competitive go for broke in-your-face fiercely competitive gung ho having killer instinct self-possessed dog-eat-dog on a treadmill day and night

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