Đồng nghĩa của power hungry


Actively seeking a romantic encounter or relationship
on the make ambitious aspiring determined enterprising forceful pushy committed eager energetic enthusiastic go-ahead go-getting motivated pioneering progressive zealous aggressive assertive hungry purposeful driven earnest keen ardent active avid ruthless thirsty desirous spirited intent vigorous militant inspired industrious eager beaver power-loving fierce self-driven single-minded self-assertive self-asserting get up and go high-reaching self-seeking self-starting goal-oriented hard-driving resolute unwavering indefatigable steadfast uncompromising unflagging tenacious untiring dogged persistent staunch obstinate striving adventurous like a ball of fire strong-willed bent upon desiring success full of determination strong-minded obsessed plucky strong dead set resolved hell-bent bent unbending dedicated mettlesome thrusting steely persevering fanatical undaunted stalwart competitive bold unremitting unshakeable diligent confident assiduous unfaltering unyielding relentless dynamic tireless sedulous decisive unflinching rigid obdurate sustained undeviating feisty rigorous ferocious steady pertinacious cutthroat stubborn unrelenting unabated stringent assured bloodthirsty having killer instinct go for broke gladiatorial gung ho hang-tough self-possessed self-willed bound and determined scrappy self-confident defiant warlike in-your-face cut-throat self-assured full-blooded intensely competitive dog-eat-dog stop at nothing can-do brutal iron-willed bullheaded high-pressure fiercely competitive hopeful upwardly mobile insistent firm intense bossy domineering emphatic vehement powerful audacious commanding bullish authoritative passionate dominant tough demanding forward overbearing gutsy sure pushing pushful imperious compelling positive fervent impassioned fervid persuasive devoted fixed wholehearted unshakable strenuous perfervid hot unshaken burning high-powered decided gritty fiery hearty zestful obsessive possessed indomitable unhesitating carnivorous keen as mustard certain two-fisted immodest hardline influential convincing potent robust stout effective violent brassy hard-hitting resilient dogmatic assaultive rabid absolute believing in oneself sincere devout hard-nosed combative compelled consumed imposing not backward in coming forward self-respecting controlling emulous contentious loyal sagacious set unbendable immovable brash bludgeoning intensive vying galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal impelled itchy ripe zealotic extreme antsy fired frenetic fanatic fireball afire gung-ho wild-eyed fearless irrepressible faithful courageous hardy brave importunate coercive daring collected composed fixated compulsive obsessional induced competing driving bumptious loud obnoxious presumptuous officious obtrusive independent perceptive heroic take charge mean poised intrepid pressurizing impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised warring opposing antagonistic oppositional offensive inflexible pressured stressful difficult forthright provocative outspoken shocking direct firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad animated resourceful stout-hearted arrogant unswerving pressurising coming on strong spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action cocksure overconfident self-reliant urged on athirst hard cocky cool-headed excited willing full-on not taking no for an answer hardened raring crazy strident sharp-elbowed nervy loudmouthed voracious longing conscientious enthused warmblooded full of oneself sturdy ebullient solicitous wild iron lusty yearning lively craving grim bitter stony unquenchable furious granite desiring interested mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Trái nghĩa của power hungry

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