Đồng nghĩa của unshakable

Alternative for unshakable

unshakable /' n' eik bl/
  • tính từ
    • không lay chuyển được

Tính từ

Not able to be shaken
steadfast resolute unwavering firm staunch steady unswerving immovable constant fixed unflinching sure adamant inflexible unflappable abiding imperturbable nerveless entrenched impregnable unsinkable tenacious determined unyielding persistent unrelenting dogged single-minded obstinate stalwart stubborn persevering unfaltering indefatigable unflagging committed unbending purposeful unshakeable obdurate strong dedicated true vigorous untiring undaunted insistent relentless strong-willed pertinacious solid unshaken uncompromising set resolved bold steely spirited gritty sturdy unhesitating mettlesome intransigent strong-minded undeviating indomitable stout bound earnest intent gutsy stable forceful reliable persisting enduring diligent faithful loyal assiduous plucky perseverant unchanging implacable driven rock-ribbed fast assertive tireless rigid dependable hard patient valiant decided brave devoted bulldog unfailing unbendable courageous certain serious strenuous trusty never-failing full of determination stiff stout-hearted spunky tried and true tried and tested bent upon meaning business dead set on zealous fierce ruthless fanatical lasting continuing eternal hardened prevailing emphatic infallible lusty immutable iron undying trustworthy hard-nosed bullheaded purposive grim deliberate bent sedulous manful importunate dead set settled definite decisive hanging tough compulsive indurate inexorable stiff-necked true-blue four-square tough consistent hell-bent on bound and determined straight dyed-in-the-wool do-or-die tried-and-true hell-bent upon bent on unswervable focused pigheaded headstrong ingrained deep-rooted direct rock-solid wholehearted self-willed never-tiring focussed unmovable cohesive redoubtable coherent mulish possessive unforgetful dour formidable daring hard-working strict good honest dutiful trusted whole-hearted audacious steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse in earnest hard-line determinate dominant unmalleable unalterable unmistakable responsible trustable tested calculable effective well-established sticky inexpugnable unqualified seasoned domineering going explicit positive stand pat hang tough through-and-through hard-and-fast thick-skinned cast-iron hard as nails hardy rugged toughened in for long haul like bad penny intrepid everlasting remaining surviving endless boundless out permanent inexhaustible intent on on one's mettle insistent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on tall in the saddle intent upon ceaseless continuous perpetual unending durable indissoluble long-lasting fail-safe unlimited surefire unfading can't-miss unerring continual lifelong standing bottomless imperishable ongoing perennial dateless immortal ageless timeless same absolute delivering there come-through invariable counted on rock solid ambitious motivated ardent secure secured industrious keen inspired enthusiastic avid hungry compelled enterprising obsessed consumed tight rooted anchored taut obsessive active eager striving possessed thirsty desirous embedded stationary braced riveted motionless robust cemented galvanized monomaniacal pushy impelled sound fixated aspiring militant obsessional energetic induced established impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised safe go-getting self-starting hard-driving nailed snug moored fastened wedged unmoving welded unfluctuating bombproof goal-oriented frozen substantial tightened mounted bolted lodged soldered stuck screwed irremovable immobile jammed self-driven urged on hell-bent self-assertive hearty aggressive fiery bitter stony unquenchable furious ferocious burning granite

Tính từ

Not bendable
unbendable unyielding unbending inflexible rigid firm uncompromising obdurate intransigent dogged implacable perverse headstrong willful unrelenting mulish pertinacious adamant opinionated inexorable relentless determined bullheaded hardheaded pigheaded adamantine fixed steadfast intractable refractory recalcitrant contumacious uncompliant incompliant remorseless balky unmanageable cussed tenacious persistent persevering unreasonable cantankerous rebellious insubordinate untoward iron brassbound tough grim ornery mule stiff-necked self-willed single-minded die-hard set in one's ways stubborn obstinate wilful unshakeable immovable hard-nosed resolute ossified hard indurate inconvincible hardened strong-willed self-opinionated pat iron-willed steely unflinching resolved unwavering bull-headed bloody-minded strong-minded unmalleable unpersuadable contrary unswerving indefatigable uncooperative steady rock-ribbed stubborn as a mule set in stone stalwart bolshie stiff restive staunch indomitable insistent froward tireless assiduous unflagging unalterable importunate set cross-grained locked in dead set dead set on hanging tough pig-headed purposeful noncompliant non-compliant defiant untiring stroppy difficult sedulous unswayable standing pat resistant dogmatic heady opinionative unmoved unbreakable diehard game convinced contrarious stony unimpressible impertinent unrepentant harsh hardhearted bullhead tough nut to crack cold fish proof against persuasion uncompassionate mean unemotional unfailing with one's toes dug in wrong-headed with one's feet dug in deaf to reason impassive constant committed dedicated unchangeable stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken earnest stand pat solid quiescent permanent unmodifiable immutable set in concrete tough nut dug in stick to guns unadaptable spirited awkward strong mettlesome unfaltering perseverant undaunted unchanging purposive cast-iron hard-line strict hardline unappeasable unsparing merciless hard and fast pitiless rigorous stern winner-take-all zero-sum hard-core ruthless win-or-lose all-or-nothing cruel severe unforgiving unmovable stringent dyed-in-the-wool standing one's ground unremitting unstoppable decided obstreperous unaccommodating disobedient ungovernable wayward renitent brick-wall authoritarian absolute not giving an inch bound iron-fisted draconian domineering as stubborn as a mule narrow-minded bound and determined exacting doctrinaire extreme one-sided pass-fail high stakes high-stake patient frozen petrified stiffened inveterate unbudgeable thrawn mutinous hidebound immalleable durable indurated rigidified fossilized bony pervicacious blinkered haughty attentive unassailable boneheaded unreceptive inalterable fossilised proud aloof locked-in hard-shell with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way sure set-on crisp unflexible unabated mortal hard-headed pounding set in your ways secure certain well-founded rugged categorical do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground sticking to one's guns hold the fort unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable ingrained deep-dyed indelible irremovable unvacillating ineluctable necessary ironclad mean business no going back hell bent on like death and taxes immobile compulsory fierce uncharitable dour by the book disciplinarian browbeating callous formidable rough hard-hearted austere ascetic oppressive imperious drastic pressing unsympathetic dire astringent no-nonsense ascetical autocratic disciplinary heavy-handed grave demanding tyrannical pontifical fanatical biased prejudiced speculative intolerant impractical dogmatical theoretical opinioned unpragmatic unrealistic swivel-eyed hypothetical zealous ideological holding fixed views authoritative dictative bigoted magisterial dictatorial

Tính từ

Firm, strong, or substantial
solid sound durable firm strong reliable robust stable compelling established steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible infallible toughened cogent reinforced indubitable secure unbreakable fortified impregnable inured enduring hardened steady invulnerable lasting safe stout strengthened sturdy imperishable invincible substantial cast-iron long-lasting rock-solid tried-and-true well built well-built well constructed well-constructed well-defined well-established well fortified well founded well-founded well-made unyielding unbeatable unconquerable indomitable insuperable inviolable bulletproof unstoppable insurmountable unattackable impenetrable unsurmountable unbending unshakeable unflinching dauntless indefatigable resistant shatterproof infrangible irrepressible supreme undefeatable impassable untouchable irresistible powerful immovable non-breakable well defended everlasting armoured adamantine nonbreakable hard-wearing rugged tight incorruptible resilient tough brass-bound hard indissoluble armored perdurable heavy-duty permanent made to last hardy vigorous stalwart hard-bitten strongly made built to last resolute staunch bombproof well made trustworthy foolproof tried impervious failsafe fail-safe well-engineered tried and true tried and tested high-quality well engineered rigid hearty strapping fit able-bodied lusty healthy heavy brawny mighty fixed fast seasoned cohesive proven tested hard as nails reputable proved certified demonstrable well-grounded time-tested well-tried tested and proved serviceable inexpugnable stark error-tolerant stiff inflexible leathery dense steeled molded conditioned moulded withstanding tough as nails muscular athletic whole hulking iron forceful husky beefy thick thickset intact tenacious impassible knockabout concrete hale wholesome bouncing well well-conditioned unimpaired undamaged well protected storm-resistant stormproof well-protected flourishing well-armed flawless vibrant wide-ranging sane vital undecayed normal perfect rigorous unhurt unblemished steadfast right as rain alive and kicking hanging together holding together up to snuff in the pink committed unfailing immutable unchangeable true faithful responsible constant sure balanced equable trustable unwavering settled honourable calculable trusty unfaltering honorable good long-lived long-standing well balanced well-balanced deep-rooted

Tính từ

That does not deviate, veer or turn aside
undeviating unchanging steady unvarying unwavering uniform even unswerving invariant firm undying solid absolute loyal total unequivocal in a straight line unflagging resolute untiring steadfast unfaltering decided unfluctuating unhesitating resolved unyielding unremitting relentless persistent dedicated staunch determined fixed tireless immovable unrelenting unvacillating consistent indefatigable unshaken constant abiding sustained unqualified intense pat sure enduring unshakeable regular set inexorable unflappable dogged single-minded brick-wall never-failing set in stone dead set on stable invariable changeless perpetual continual uninterrupted continuous unbroken immutable inflexible eternal ceaseless lasting permanent unalterable unchangeable never-ending continuing endless unending static monotonous unchanged incessant unvaried everlasting unfailing habitual same nonstop unceasing unrelieved rigid reliable interminable unabated predictable unabating non-stop stationary perennial unmodifiable irreversible fast level homogeneous running persevering unbending continued equable smooth stabile ageless incommutable inalterable hard-and-fast imperishable round-the-clock dependable settled matching orderly rhythmic timeless true standing unwearied homogenous metrical indefinite frequent undiversified straight established repeated long-lasting indelible unfading ineradicable round the clock plain flowing unaltering expected fluent balanced alike never-changing not changing unwaning day-and-night world-without-end amaranthine ongoing recurring prolonged fluid frictionless true to type uninfluenced recurrent persisting chronic day and night on a treadmill staying repetitive adamant implacable regularized standardised standardized regularised interminate unwearying entrenched irremovable well-established sacrosanct like the Rock of Gibralter solid as rock unmoved never-ceasing around-the-clock oft-repeated indestructible forever lifelong indissoluble irreparable perdurable dateless durable immortal deathless in place in position fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians perduring for keeps set in concrete forever and a day in for the long haul on an even keel agreed arranged preset definite predetermined allotted confirmed specified prearranged defined decreed precise prescribed frozen express determinate final hard explicit exact planned flat inexpugnable certain unblinking still stated unmovable definitive stipulated inveterate cast-iron writ in stone in the bag hard and fast not subject to change periodical periodic nonrandom steady-going all-year-round similar equivalent identical equal incorrigible fateful well-proportioned ordered ossified fated normal compatible plumb symmetrical systematic consonant methodical monolithic well-balanced of a piece

Tính từ

Not capable of being denied, challenged, or disputed
incontrovertible certain indisputable sure irrefutable positive undeniable unquestionable incontestable indubitable undebatable decisive definite definitive proven unambiguous unequivocal unmistakable beyond doubt beyond question clear clear-cut conclusive final obvious plain straightforward transparent ultimate unarguable demonstrable demonstrative established evident inarguable irrefragable manifest not in doubt observable palpable patent self-evident unanswerable uncontroversial accepted accomplished acknowledged categorical clinching compelling convincing emphatic express marked pronounced unassailable unchallengeable accurate airtight apodictic authentic beyond dispute nailed-on surefire uncontestable unequivocable watertight beyond a shadow of a doubt as plain as a pikestaff nailed down no mistake sure thing staring one in the face no two ways about it absolute undoubted decided true apparent real genuine sound confirmed authoritative distinct assured valid telling conspicuous firm unqualified forceful reliable fixed open and shut set persuasive open-and-shut tangible striking verifiable flawless credible factual dependable plausible nonambiguous foolproof undisputable unambivalent unquestioned guaranteed discernible barefaced perceptible uncontested cut-and-dried settled bald-faced axiomatic cogent crystal clear binding hard undisputed veritable overt strong recognized explicit blatant solid actual effective inescapable glaring pellucid perspicuous visible noticeable concrete unconditional doubtless unchangeable not in question irrevocable recognised unchallenged precise open undisguised unimpeachable infallible well founded safe lucid powerful bald provable ringing verified immutable sure-fire impregnable writ large undoubtable irresistible perceivable perfect bona fide unfailing flat unalterable salient unconcealed sheer determinate cold satisfying confirmable luculent understandable downright luminous comprehensible broad believable without loopholes bright-line black-and-white as sure as eggs is eggs outright sticking out a mile standing out a mile as clear as day standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb irreversible faultless unvarying detectable convinced confident weighty potent undoubting prominent obligatory without doubt recognizable unfaltering rigid unappealable unerring faithful rational satisfied unwavering persuaded uncompromising unchanging trusty reasonable invariable impressive complete unquestioning changeless inflexible free from doubt peremptory questionless straight secure blinding double-checked influential pure exact self-explanatory inexpugnable flagrant steady right cast-iron establishable resolute efficacious distinguishable trustworthy unbreakable implicit plain to see specific direct out-and-out well grounded recognisable sensible determinative hard-and-fast sure-enough very substantial acceptable satisfactory realistic as plain as the nose on one's face flat-out straight out written all over someone inerrant fail-safe can't-miss no ifs ands or buts authenticated de facto certified clear cut substantiated literal demonstrated existent certifiable inalienable material tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary inoppugnable overpowering unvarnished reasoned appreciable imperative commanding safe to say freely admitted not disputed notable bare necessary compulsory authenticating attestable evincible strict stringent manifestly invincible inevitable veridical unfabled for sure validating discernable apprehensible compulsive insistent exhaustive invulnerable glaringly obvious prima facie stark gross rigorous pat well-founded superior well-grounded irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic well reasoned colorable ostensible seeming remarkable arresting that's a fact supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric uncontradicted total fair unalloyed legit kosher proper plain as day well-proven as plain as day self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating failsafe patently true as plain as the nose on your face plain as the nose on your face last deciding independent down pat for certain rank affirmative no ifs and or buts sober deducible ascertainable inferable beyond the shadow of a doubt enduring steadfast unshaken abiding constant never-failing for a fact tacit hands-down cocksure thoroughgoing consummate thorough forcible determinant revealing settling resolving irrefrangible permanent iron no ifs ands or buts about it virtual implied beyond a doubt can bet on it in the bag absolutist beyond a shadow of doubt blunt unreserved litmus test all out essential unacknowledged irremediable unreversible nof ifs ands or buts resounding candid unblurred set in stone real-life objective real-world attested validated univocal intelligible logical serious lasting indelible unrectifiable finished unrepealable known ascertained hard and fast especial legitimate intrinsic lucent crystal limpid likely what you see is what you get stable frozen sealed no catch unbeatable one hundred per cent probable unmovable well defined for real crystal-clear point-blank supreme black and white straight from the shoulder in black and white non-relative non-variable tried and true handy agreeable effectual correct useful always effective inerrable tried and tested helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing assuasive suasive verisimilar easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed having down pat colourable moving true-to-life possible carrying conviction swaying presumable believeable hopeful there are no two ways about it all sewn up bold frank unsubtle exposed public staring someone in the face written all over one right under one's nose clear as a bell sharp utter well-defined simple outstanding brazen bodacious forthright dramatic arrant eye-catching unmitigated significant full honest coherent wholehearted crisp crystalline particular vivid pertinent matter-of-fact showy straight-out unadulterated outspoken audible signal upfront categoric profound uninhibited regular plumb avowed dead clean dreadful blooming deadly unrestricted stone shameless crashing plain-spoken graspable all-out relevant blank naked articulate kenspeckle flamboyant noisy splashy brilliant grabby catchy easily seen defined cotton-picking clearly visible bright pointed sincere plainspoken forthcoming unlimited whole intelligent entire cut and dried no-nonsense trenchant well-marked graphic transpicuous unhidden free-spoken distinctive identifiable as clear as crystal noted egregious unfeigned clean-cut urgent determined considerable incisive obtrusive unstinting audacious openhearted bluff noteworthy unguarded tactless undiplomatic consistent standing out unconstrained freehearted translucent straight-from-the-shoulder deep-dyed easy to follow straight to the point plenary wide point blank singular see-through liquid up-front fathomable clearly defined knowable thick speaking as one finds not afraid to call a spade a spade user friendly user-friendly no kicker no strings measurable loud easy to understand well focused unashamed revealed assumed great stunning wholesale understood coercive determining truthful eloquent unrestrained in focus on show notorious detailed plainly seen closing much in evidence dinkum energetic severe vehement guileless arrestive concluding natural clear as day out-front unique narrow meaningful puissant sharply defined undiluted close in plain sight spelled out veracious crying protrusive extreme under one's nose aggressive as plain as daylight not beating around the bush important charming without reservations good up front bull's-eye on-target right on dead-on on the ball call a spade a spade on the money dead on spot on on target spot-on bang on bare-faced from the hip on the button like it is comprehendible perspicacious cognizable eminent joined-up fresh undiminished ill-disguised digestible shallow simplistic noncontroversial colourful above board heavy evinced disclosed divulged focused classifiable easily grasped evidenced dyed-in-the-wool comprehensive well-known abrupt exclusive controlled crystalling runaway official principal telltale accessible unproblematic jejune naive glib enunciated unembellished unsparing sensational spectacular well constructed forward seeable colorful cinched inimitable focussed unadorned upright outrageous readily comprehensible limitless well-worn dense heartless holding water perceptive subtle wise justifiable discriminating judicious germane commonsensical extensional juridicious analytic well-organized analytical congruent discerning consequent inferential holding together key published foursquare on ice sign-posted staring you in the face easily distinguishable unmissable undivided brutal well-established out in the open supposed reputed putative ostensive presumed legible publicized vigorous in full view big as life can't miss it prime unconditioned boldface bold face no lie stone cold no beating around the bush diaphanous thin filmy formidable without reservation infernal blessed blasted confounded finite circumscribed bounded restricted measured limited with no strings open-ended agreed clearly explained without explanation make no bones fit so on the nose just so assertive earnest right under your nose capital excessive inordinate sticking out projecting outwards publicised shared broadcast hearable minute undubitable silhouetted stated state-of-the-art limiting terminating terminal completing finishing ending intuitive insightful ingenious assigned prescribed in circulation free unevasive ardent special divergent discrete ponderable individual astonishing extraordinary ingenuous artless freely available violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic not vague unabashed through and through in every respect full-bore right-down aboveboard capable in the open impudent unblushing flaunting decided upon writ in stone orderly systematic methodical stressed solemn accented impactful able brash brass-necked ostentatious unembarrassed insolent wonderful in the public domain widely known public knowledge drop-dead surprising staggering rare memorable uncommon astounding amazing incredible dazzling unrepentant saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line straight-talking straight-shooting laying it on the line sufficient successful roaring auricular aural deafening carrying vocal sounding given momentous apt justified consequential convictive fitting apposite inducing ratiocinative eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz phenomenal snazzy without shame meretricious deliberate flashy screaming overbold gaudy glitzy brassy garish for a face exciting punchy mighty histrionical imposing theatric acute performant powerhouse grand high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting graceful expressive distinguished startling jazzy lofty wondrous dynamite unusual fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre granted well organized out of the ordinary fundamental indemonstrable presupposed loud enough within earshot goes without saying aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic proverbial able to be heard identical impeccable unmixed errorless verbatim on the nail blow-by-blow on the beam error-free inch-perfect on the mark on the numbers out and out expected hackneyed predictable anticipated foreseen plodding plain as a pikestaff most likely

Tính từ

Having an easy-going mood or temperament
relaxed calm casual easygoing nonchalant collected composed mellow amenable chilled poised complaisant mild patient insouciant tolerant unperturbed untroubled assured balmy carefree civil confident coolheaded equable halcyon idyllic lackadaisical levelheaded pacific peaceful placid reposeful restful serene stolid tranquil unaffected unagitated unbothered unconcerned undisturbed unfazed unflustered unhurried unmoved unruffled unshaken unworried cool-headed easy-going even-tempered happy-go-lucky laid-back level-headed mild-mannered self-assured self-composed self-controlled self-possessed stress-free cool as a cucumber cool, calm and collected unflappable imperturbable cool nerveless unexcitable impassive together stoical controlled sedate phlegmatic disimpassioned equanimous steady unemotional at ease easy even-keeled deliberate in control dispassionate unexcited neutral detached centred unimpassioned centered passionless level at peace brave daring fearless self-confident plucky gutsy courageous unafraid complacent stoic intrepid undismayed untouched thick-skinned smug self-satisfied nonplussed immovable as cool as a cucumber roll with punches hard as nails cool as cucumber stiff upper lip quiet free and easy blithe possessed recollected smooth devil-may-care still equal informal pleasant limpid stable breezy lax careless indifferent friendly genial agreeable sober affable gentle well balanced upbeat indulgent happy amiable blasé comfortable temperate natural unanxious laid back apathetic stilly sunny hushed uninterested circumspect grounded heedless relaxing offhand understated low-key good-tempered discreet sociable soothing airy congenial good-humoured without a care in the world good-natured liberal open gay jaunty reasonable sensible downbeat leisurely good-humored lown commonsensical pococurante subdued inconspicuous muted loose incurious flippant cheerful sympathetic undemanding secure unostentatious outgoing cordial jolly subtle flexible gregarious uninhibited gracious jovial polite realistic assertive sane pragmatic buoyant unconstrained mature rational practical sound dependable lenient judicious balanced prudent businesslike regardless wise clearheaded contented debonair light-hearted urbane uncaring obliging understanding reliable played down toned down sanguine sleepy lighthearted cozy simple disinterested low-pressure open-minded cursory sure of oneself full of common sense permissive forbearing unforced positive merry humble easy-peasy unceremonious distant warm lively retired spontaneous restrained cheery uninterrupted unbroken benign lukewarm bright vivacious convivial pleasing unreserved unpretentious unstirred down-to-earth sprightly cosy free from disturbance free from interference approachable unstudied spirited lightsome certain free from interruption languid moderate blithesome slack trouble-free slaphappy inattentive clubby free thoughtless unserious measured sure hospitable staid calmed effervescent audacious accessible bold self-reliant welcoming self-asserting amicable insensible uncurious dauntless unobtrusive unhesitating windless cavalier frivolous light forgetful repressed communicative negligent keeping your cool gung ho filled with aplomb well-disposed conversable well-balanced sure of yourself well adjusted well-adjusted in a relaxed manner broad-minded considerate enlightened unburdened unstressed generous taking your time forgiving empathetic no-nonsense unperturbable calming overindulgent philosophical overfamiliar hard-headed straight humoring even unflurried unprejudiced deliberative farsighted arcadian tranquillizing great-hearted euthymic bored weary stabile orderly systematic unfluctuating methodical elevated soporific inactive motionless diplomatic familiar sombre somber cushy lacking concern perfunctory glutted jaded with one's feet on the ground artless all there unnoticeable humouring tranquilizing boon footloose nonformal cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear effortless superficial pellucid content satisfied reconciled resting fair quiescent careful cautious impervious world-weary calm and collected indolent receptive available serious soothed suppressed quieted overconfident peaceable Zen easeful tractable leisured comfy downhome rosy high free from worry free from care footloose and fancy-free kindly cloyed benevolent nice stormless transparent unoppressive unburdensome docile nonjudgmental puffed up pumped up unstuffy brash pastoral harmonious prelapsarian heavenly bucolic keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together invisible unshowy courteous smart free as the wind free as a bird joyful well disposed easy to get along with easy to get on with non-hostile door's always open likeable clement gleeful free-and-easy joyous glad charming personable kind unstructured uncommitted sparkling jocund paradisiacal sunshiny impetuous reckless prankish animated bland unremarkable soft-pedaled tasteful frolicsome playful funny neglectful free-wheeling free-spirited comradely clubbable neighbourly summerish summerlike hot unclouded cloudless summery jocular remiss humorous matey sweet pally decent chummy optimistic unglamorous modest soft aestival tame estival dry comforting sedative disregardful sparky brisk fancy-free off the hook buddy-buddy facetious out of sight in the background unspectacular minimalist unflashy frisky derelict jokey with both feet on the ground neighborly likable good softened unfussy conservative unassuming muffled unmindful chirpy easy-breezy ventilated live-and-let-live chilled out expansive resilient modulated callous unsympathetic aloof oblivious delinquent irresponsible slapdash slipshod sloppy volatile feelgood high-spirited unthinking spicy peppy racy lazy uninvolved low-profile toned-down without a cloud in the sky bright-eyed and bushy-tailed oscitant supine reserved deaf not bothered hardened hard-hearted self-centered insensitive feckless blind cold stony undaunted self-centred settled played-down soft-sell low-keyed self-effacing self-sufficient asleep at switch neglecting unheedful slovenly behindhand full of beans failing to take proper care can-do surefooted sure-footed full of the joys of spring believing in oneself self-assertive self-respecting not giving a toss

Tính từ

Feeling no fear or anxiety
unafraid confident daring fearless intrepid lionhearted stout-hearted audacious ballsy bold brave courageous dauntless doughty game gutsy mettlesome plucky spunky stout unabashed by unblenching undaunted by unfearing unflinching unshrinking assured brassy cheeky cocky dashing gallant gritty heroic nervy stouthearted sure unalarmed by undaunted unfrightened unscared valiant not scared having nerves of steel valorous stalwart adventurous gutty venturous manful spirited heroical greathearted undauntable resolute daredevil venturesome lion-hearted adventuresome hardy indomitable have-a-go unabashed feisty temerarious enterprising rock-ribbed unalarmed determined reckless chivalrous rash nerved emboldened unfearful fire-eating foolhardy noble tenacious cool calm brash tough free-swinging aweless manly death-or-glory spartan unwavering strong unfaltering staunch firm forceful redoubtable frightless impavid go-ahead steady as game as Ned Kelly impassive swashbuckling positive brazen nerveless decisive vigorous madcap unemotional risky steadfast unswerving devil-may-care dynamic dogged peppy heedless sporting pushy fortitudinous steely dareful forward resilient assertive carefree herolike puissant icy worthy powerful shameless persevering unyielding unbending imperturbed wild stubborn overbold overconfident undismayed full of determination orped sassy honourable macho great-spirited death-defying gung ho unconcerned unworried unapprehensive dangerous defiant chin-up imprudent ungoverned uncurbed hazardous impervious undisturbed headstrong urbane quixotic hairy suave dignified honorable exciting restless exploratory presumptuous risk-taking thrill-seeking seeking impulsive superhuman salty impudent smart-alecky smart obtrusive crusty Herculean on the go classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant collected not afraid fire eating hot shot elevated high-flown inflated grandiose composed go for broke out on a limb mythological champion controlled self-possessed imperturbable self-confident stand tall emotionless loyal faithful bigger than life cool-headed self-assured unflappable constant dependable assuming bantam relaxed committed devoted dedicated reliable unblinking tranquil patient sturdy trusty true hard-working stable cool, calm and collected true-blue unhesitating tried and true solid bound and determined tried and tested bound steamroller dead set on hanging tough powerhouse energetic lively active vital fiery animated flamboyant enthusiastic red-blooded muscular hasty ostentatious ambitious zippy impetuous virile incautious showy robust passionate potent aggressive vivacious high-spirited sprightly masculine male dazzling jaunty zealous driving bouncy snappy precipitate vibrant rugged full of life gay sparky butch big harum-scarum ill-advised strapping effervescent sparkling gingery brisk lusty injudicious hotheaded frisky chirpy emphatic resourceful exuberant thoughtless pert spanking vehement high-powered intense racy buoyant full-blooded careless go-go breezy keen alert bright full of beans full of vim and vigour eager peppery tireless irresponsible unguarded perky overhasty bubbly furious romantic unwary hare-brained ardent desperate improvident pushing unthinking zesty indiscreet kinetic zestful animate headlong springy pizazzy pizzazzy bouncing jazzy unwise indefatigable harebrained all-male effective resounding striking airy manlike original imaginative ingenious strenuous muscly sporty inventive forcible brawny high-octane bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creative mannish entrepreneurial man-size ripped man-sized hunky hot-headed well-built lordly shredded up-and-coming elaborate progressive innovative monumental well built unconsidered buff jacked lofty irrational laddish violent generative cheerful sharp precipitous hell-for-leather kamikaze outrageous go-getting rousing ebullient shocking joyful sound merry frolicsome pretentious frenzied jumping to conclusions slapdash insuppressible immature premature ill-considered gumptious zappy jolly stirring two-fisted overambitious busy industrious lavish gamesome effectual persistent spry precipitant peart impassioned fresh ill-judged storming punchy intensive coming on strong full of spirit alive and kicking bright and breezy unsafe foolish full of get-up-and-go full of the joys of spring all-out hard-hitting swaggering rakish stylish bravehearted debonair gaudy eye-catching startling flashy roisterous saucy unspeakable Ramboesque mettled resolved rumbustious cavalier attractive raffish earnest pioneering boisterous fun-loving swish elegant unremitting pertinacious liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking modern enduring purposeful dapper perseverant unthought-out ill-conceived misjudged enlightened forward-thinking driven irrepressible frolic crank tearaway bull-in-a-china-shop exclusive swank adult jock stud beefcake ape stallion boyish caveman hunk flourishing electrifying full of fun new rising alive bustling frantic badly thought out not thought through excited happening colorful humming colourful buzzing vivid unheeding lawless hopping coruscating stimulating thriving astir abuzz avant-garde chauvinist he-man sensitive untiring vibrating unflagging radiant responsive husky burly substantial hefty abubble aboil over-venturesome over-adventurous monstrous scandalous heinous anxious stupid wide open mad silly breakneck off deep end out on limb ball of fire full of pep studly powerfully built fecund beefy well made fertile aggressively male ultramasculine unpleasantly masculine atrocious worried distracted in-your-face pulling no punches high-sounding magnetic electric high-minded egotistic reproductive sexually potent procreative large imposing knightly pompous bombastic OTT cheery happy sunny immoderate immodest upbeat large-scale unrealistic high-falutin' high-flying far-reaching on a grand scale flush exorbitant magnificent commanding extreme excessive chivalric magnanimous jovial gleeful playful charismatic influential compelling energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising blithesome chipper imperious impressive fantastic disproportionate impish jocose exhilarated just high sublime gentlemanly fair natural great courteous gifted capable able talented clever quick-witted rollicking sparkly sportive wick devilish glad perk light play for keeps play hard ball over the top fanciful unreasonable insane trim easy natty virtuous courtly flip joking spruce avid barnstorming rocking hot jumping burning zingy hyper hungry take-over itching craving hardworking yearning diligent aspiring hustling lusting advancing self-starting ready in good spirits gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered as merry as a grig as lively as a grig spark plug hard ball negligent inconsiderate misguided unwatchful inattentive unobservant mindless impolitic off-guard unalert uncautious regardless unmindful wary unvigilant neglectful caught napping asleep at the wheel playing with fire leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job foot-in-mouth

Tính từ

Being such by habit, long-established, and not likely to change
confirmed hardened seasoned chronic entrenched habitual rooted deep established inveterate settled committed devout firm fixed intrenched lifelong perennial resolute set thorough true ardent complete dedicated devoted earnest enduring faithful fervent immutable incorrigible indelible loyal proved stalwart staunch steadfast uncompromising unwavering unyielding vehement wholehearted compulsive diehard fanatical fiery impenitent ineradicable inexorable intransigent irredeemable longtime obsessive obstinate persistent stubborn supreme thoroughgoing torrid unapologetic unashamed unreformable unshakeable zealous accustomed definite explicit habituated incurable ingrained inured staid sicker dyed-in-the-wool long-established bona fide hard-core long-standing deep-rooted deep-seated die-hard hard-line deep-set firmly established through and through all-consuming bred-in-the-bone card-carrying deep-dyed well established well-established red-hot hard-shell extreme rigid radical obscene X-rated pornographic determined unwaivering traditional accepted orthodox official usual time-honored customary common normal general prevailing familiar wonted popular expected routine classical universal regular acknowledged typical proven historic classic conventional stable acceptable widespread mainstream widely used standard recognized sound approved stock old old-fashioned traditionalistic officially recognized old-style time-honoured recognised sanctioned secure vested permanent constant pathological inbred abiding lasting inborn unrepentant hopeless addicted tried continuing verified unswerving lingering tested long-lasting innate congenital shameless obsessional recurrent ceaseless ever-present continuous continual utter hooked long-lived profound unfaltering out-and-out fundamental reliable dependable built-in inherent irremovable true blue inbuilt trustworthy genuine sure demonstrated unabating honest persisting tried-and-true tenacious recurring unmitigated deeply felt absolute valid basic protracted abandoned unregenerate obdurate full-bore uncontrite right-down arrant steady trusty subconscious embedded beyond hope mad keen instilled fast good infixed unchangeable through-and-through true-blue keen as mustard pious stanch full-fledged deep-down upright down-the-line sustained dutiful honourable honorable deeply ingrained allegiant out and out sincere experienced unforgettable ineffaceable long-l incessant inannihilable irradicable worn addictive reprobate prolonged dependent uncontrollable long-drawn-out irrepressible undying eternal longstanding frequent fortified slow dragging dyed-in-the wool implanted dug in set firm deep down remaining grounded callous irrational unreasonable indurated sworn adamant radicated lodged in one's brain remorseless unremorseful unrepenting spun-out drawn-out haunting by habit endemic based on intractable unblushing to the core illogical clinical irreformable unabashed brazen intense irrecoverable unredeemable irretrievable unrecoverable unreformed irremediable conscienceless constitutional bad beyond redemption useless impossible recidivous uncorrectable beastly irreparable loser wicked certified attested checked authentic heartfelt strong impassioned intrinsic unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic neurotic not contrite undoubted upheld supported verifiable demonstrable establishable avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate burning conclusive integral ingrain hardwired essential constitutive natural native indigenous immanent hereditary enthusiastic heightened severe serious exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary pure true-hearted incorruptible patriotic truthful stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great grave solid righteous right straight responsible just trustable moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent brassbound calculable supportive right-minded in the blood indwelling in-built no lie conscientious on the up and up worthy truehearted veridical undistorted liege estimable high-principled up front scrupulous creditable square all right behind one tried and true tried and tested in good faith

Trái nghĩa của unshakable

unshakable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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