Đồng nghĩa của pornographic

Alternative for pornographic

pornographic /,pɔ:nə'græfik/
  • tính từ
    • khiêu dâm


Constituting or resembling pornography
indecent obscene lewd dirty blue erotic filthy sexy smutty X-rated coarse crude vulgar bawdy gross improper indelicate prurient ribald adult arousing salacious suggestive titillating corrupting earthy exploitative immoral porn porno porny foul gutter hard-core impure lascivious locker-room mature nasty off-colour offensive profane raunchy risqué rude soft-core stag trashy unprintable wanton rank skin off-color purple rough steamy racy off colour licentious naughty raw saucy spicy scatological scatologic vile fruity near the knuckle lustful indecorous immodest gamy explicit low scurrilous unchaste Rabelaisian sensual carnal unseemly wicked foul-mouthed lecherous crass tasteless shameless loose depraved nudge-nudge disgusting unwholesome sordid near the bone inappropriate unclean lubricious libidinous broad degenerate dissolute debauched salty concupiscent uncouth taboo libertine scabrous blasphemous corrupt base off fast rakish sleazy sexual hot abusive shocking sexually explicit gamey off-colored cheap provocative Fescennine Cyprian scandalous lowbrow colourful dissipated fleshly evil profligate barnyard sinful juicy unvirtuous dishonourable colorful uninhibited wrongful grown up mean full-frontal in bad taste unscrupulous dishonorable close to the bone sick XXX ithyphallic incontinent distasteful orgiastic horny bad debased unrefined abandoned goatish graphic impolite vicious promiscuous low-down randy villainous lowbred bad-mannered uncensored unconventional voluptuous unrestrained tacky unprincipled malodorous loathsome sickening repugnant noisome reprobate disreputable shady whorish unrighteous horrible hideous atrocious unsophisticated unjust page-three inelegant of easy virtue XXXX sooty bodily evil-minded risque illicit shameful outrageous fleshy amoral obnoxious libelous libellous ruttish lusty questionable excessive undecorous ridiculous foulmouthed ill-bred scurvy boorish gruesome profanatory unblushing unpolished wild beyond the pale unbecoming rogue devilish unrightful ungodly unequitable reprehensible itchy lubricous hypersexual satyric passionate dirty-minded in poor taste sly rascally profaned desecrated odious sneaking contemptible malicious slippery discourteous repulsive outlandish unworthy fractious impious tactless raffish roughneck rugged not pure wayward corporeal sex grownup ignorant awkward grody blunt amorous erotogenic aphrodisiacal erogenous erotical aphrodisiac amatory out of line low-down and dirty rough-hewn in the gutter low-minded adults-only desirous voyeuristic hankering longing unhealthy itching unethical vulgarian mucky farmyard iniquitous dishonest nefarious low-down-and-dirty lowdown and dirty wrong unconscionable fraudulent morally wrong unfair devious underhand perverted rotten dodgy black crooked unlawful cutthroat unsavory dark Machiavellian miscreant saturnalian decadent unsavoury graceless not cricket detestable despicable abominable ignoble unpleasant uncivil revolting ignominious abhorrent deplorable indiscreet wretched appalling disgraceful nauseating discreditable common uncultured execrable horrid beastly repellent unacceptable diabolical brutish disagreeable objectionable abject unladylike untoward churlish unmannerly awful monstrous heinous lousy degrading stinking dreadful yucky disrespectful undignified unfitting ungentlemanly perverse ugly icky tawdry uncultivated poor grotty yucko God-awful insulting incult snide currish paltry uncivilized loutish shabby unsuitable horrendous displeasing infamous barbaric fiendish humiliating frightful nauseous hateful uncivilised sorry shoddy truculent ill-mannered undiplomatic hellish egregious noxious disgustful terrible dire loathly ghastly out of keeping sick-making cruel savage brutal irreverent unfashionable ungracious illiberal insensible uncleanly embarrassing fierce ruthless inhuman derogatory lively ferocious underhanded off-putting disparaging unbefitting grubby merciless deceitful heartless remorseless bestial demoralized barbarous unpalatable exceptionable vituperative exciting opprobrious degraded worthless murderous unstylish vomitous unwelcome notorious galling bogging tremendous sneaky deceptive incorrect inapposite inapt unpleasing unspeakable infernal inhumane black-hearted butcherly brute sadistic inglorious gut-churning hellacious scummy repellant inept unfit incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos cruddy undesirable flagitious lurid rubbish affronting inexcusable slimy unappetizing pitiless out of place unforgivable alarming distressing rancid fulsome demoralised creepy no-good godawful abysmal skanky festy unsightly godforsaken vomit-inducing scuzzy yecchy out of the way barbarian toey disorderly base-minded groveling exuberant satirical gaudy grovelling gruff seamy seedy dysphemistic bizarre squalid barro forward bold daring vigorous extravagant robust parodic untactful callow stimulating entertaining thoughtless sullied warped rakehell jackleg rakehelly crummy dubious suspicious suspect animal defiled Philistine fresh cheeky brazen grimy slavish humble servile petty menial brash sizzling tempting seductive oafish strong sacrilegious insensitive despisable sour bitter uncongenial unlovely harsh unlettered annoying irritating mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish blameworthy tainted ill-chosen lowly pitiful plebeian wolfish dastardly funny iffy malevolent meanspirited lame brackish messy physical vitriolic colloquial contaminated shy unrespectable knavish indefensible louche sexually suggestive wounding hurtful exasperating contumelious denigratory invective pejorative deprecatory slipshod ratty scabby disdainable malignant unceremonious demeaning personal impudent vexing provoking impertinent slighting insolent venereal sensuous venomous unsettling intemperate flagrant vilifying drunken derisive unutterable serious ill-advised debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying trailer-park funky harrowing low-life contemptuous censurable material somatic corporal grungy gnarly depressing vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless rowdy ruffian upsetting cheesy from hell very unpleasant good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account vituperous offending insupportable horrific dowdy naff unpardonable grievous intolerable genital grisly horrifying uninviting unlikable putrid dismaying squicky rebarbative cloying surfeiting sleazeball macabre styleless bloodthirsty stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning ticky-tack ticky-tacky diabolic miserable damnable


Firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change
hard-core dedicated dyed-in-the-wool extreme staunch diehard entrenched rigid steadfast committed intransigent bred-in-the-bone confirmed deep deep-rooted deep-seated hard-line intrenched inveterate long-standing radical rooted settled uncompromising deep-dyed die-hard explicit obscene obstinate X-rated determined devoted faithful resolute stubborn unshakable unwaivering unyielding established ineradicable ingrained fixed firm chronic habitual incurable persistent unshakeable well established adamant hardened irremovable abiding innate long-lasting deep-set long-established set inflexible fundamental profound basic incorrigible built-in secure inbuilt subconscious lingering inherent compulsive obsessive inbred embedded seasoned longtime irredeemable perennial lifelong unwavering enduring accustomed habituated firmly established deeply felt true indelible immutable through and through well-established inexorable endemic reactionary conservative traditionalist implanted ultra-conservative unprogressive grounded indomitable unchanging immovable based on out-and-out unchangeable true blue full-fledged infixed instilled deeply ingrained dug in deep-down out and out set firm through-and-through fortified blimpish thorough devout congenital fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist loyal ardent proved fervent earnest complete vehement wholehearted stalwart fiery torrid supreme sicker red-hot thoroughgoing zealous all-consuming hard-shell definite staid unreformable unapologetic impenitent inured fanatical bona fide unashamed card-carrying persisting radicated indurated old continuing customary permanent sworn long-lived usual addicted obsessional pathological hooked inborn longstanding strict tough cast-iron intractable exacting immoderate stringent undeviating rigorous brassbound deep down militant single-minded stiff hard-nosed unbending indurate hard-boiled stern ungiving lodged in one's brain stand pat not giving an inch lasting constant continual ceaseless tenacious ever-present continuous recurrent recurring unabating accepted routine unmitigated ineffaceable protracted irradicable worn valid indestructible unfading unforgettable prolonged imperishable fast inextirpable sustained haunting undestroyable unremovable long-l instinctive intrinsic gut long-drawn-out driven in slow dragging resistant remaining val inannihilable spun-out drawn-out serious incessant severe inerasable memorable inexpungible unexpungeable unending acute dangerous driven irresistible alarming dire grave impulsive uncontrollable rememberable not to be forgotten unerasable stirring never to be forgotten never-ending besetting prevalent absolute utter unswerving unrepentant full-bore unfaltering right-down arrant to the core keen as mustard mad keen genuine

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