Đồng nghĩa của ravishing

Alternative for ravishing


Extremely beautiful or pleasing to view
beautiful lovely fetching alluring attractive striking bewitching captivating charming enticing gorgeous knockout seductive adorable appealing beauteous comely enchanting fair handsome pretty stunning bodacious cute glamorous sightly smashing taking tantalising tantalizing bonny delectable delightful entrancing exquisite luring radiant aesthetic babelicious bonnie dazzling divine esthetic fabulous likely lovesome scrumptious seemly drop-dead gorgeous sensational amazing fab fantastic good goodly heavenly incredible inviting magnificent pleasing terrific wonderful good-looking drop-dead eye-catching very beautiful out of this world well-favored desirable beguiling irresistible engaging hot tempting fascinating winning sexy elegant foxy pulchritudinous prepossessing easy on the eye fanciable fine winsome provocative fit sultry charismatic tasty arresting luscious sweet magnetic nice nice-looking bootylicious beddable agreeable pleasant glamourous erotic sensuous sensual come-hither nubile graceful spunky arousing adorbs splendid delicate shapely lush intriguing enthralling likable dishy well favoured resplendent likeable voluptuous superb sexually attractive sublime easy on the eyes personable darling titillating dainty as pretty as a picture lovable suggestive siren come-to-bed sexual elfin hunky dreamy congenial exciting stylish fine-looking steamy raunchy endearing well-favoured on fleek statuesque interesting admirable specious marvelous angelic grand buxom beckoning marvellous amiable mesmeric magical well-formed beaut rapturous excellent flirtatious drawing racy attracting great enjoyable satisfying compelling pleasurable spellbinding mesmerizing gratifying photogenic blessed welcome cuddly disarming saucy risqué becoming classy symmetrical ideal refined affable blooming grateful delightsome dulcet blest savory hypnotizing precious naughty savoury genial dear amusing aesthetically pleasing provoking absorbing mesmerising hypnotising witching breathtaking slinky aphrodisiacal tasteful amorous brilliant very attractive aphrodisiac coquettish riveting stimulating impressive flamboyant glorious mouthwatering super dollish inveigling aesthetically appealing cunning wholesome presentable engrossing jolly felicitous delicious palatable neat curvaceous choice fun capital strong cheery hypnotic telegenic showstopping prettyish kissable teasing thrilling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious entertaining diverting dapper enamoring fashionable clean-cut seducing a ten well favored extremely beautiful very pretty fetcjomg devastating young youthful top artistic decorative goodlooking jaw-dropping ornamental curvy toothsome feline bedroom gripping immodest shameless enhancing fancy physically attractive trim dreamboat eyeful bijou warm welcoming young-looking ingratiating insinuating loveable passionate sexually arousing sexually exciting picture-perfect sirenic spicy beautifying infatuating enrapturing tarty orphic extremely attractive adult juicy invincible powerful unconquerable inevitable indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable magnetizing magnetising electrifying transfixing compulsive consuming Orphean cherished warm-hearted simpatico sympathique affectionate suave mouth-watering appetizing as nice as pie erotogenic erogenous erotical amatory scintillating coruscating intense transcendent vivid immersing involving a sight for sore eyes virile willowy sheen sympatisch cherishable friendly exceptional studly persuasive cordial encouraging open unputdownable curious gamy skin fruity robust sharp noble athletic smart spruce smooth camera-friendly debonair drawing attention prizable nurturable appreciatable in good taste very interesting thought-provoking spectacular majestic good looking appetising mature libidinous positive satisfactory well-dressed well-proportioned magic brill peachy ducky cool topping wizard bonzer champion ripping cracking corking spiffing mild acceptable exhilarating worthy favorable joyous comforting enviable flashy euphoric comfortable valuable sound sunny clear swell beezer frabjous sumptuous splendiferous magnolious splendacious ambrosial ineffable yummy refreshing top-hole very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasurable very pleasant A1 rad prime glossy honourable snazzy ace commendable hunky-dory OK honorable reputable splashy sterling zingy soothing superior slick boss spanking intoxicating hospitable showy in order relief unspoilt not bad glad paradisiacal super-eminent passable shipshape first-class select super-excellent paradisal stupendous paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous deluxe copasetic first-rate recreative paradisiac gnarly ecstatic copacetic relishable recherche irie favourable luxurious opulent imposing stately chic plush lavish picturesque august proud swanky ritzy distinguished regal swank awe-inspiring palatial monumental princely grandiose sophisticated remarkable rich elevated exalted posh bright heroic ostentatious magnific cultivated dramatic imperial dashing royal cultured epic dignified massive baronial heroical awesome high-class notable idyllic perfect polished Homeric commanding extravagant urbane modish outstanding ornate creative fairy-tale eminent romantic kingly swish venerable spiffy uptown discerning upscale tremendous courtly extraordinary towering moving famous celebrated illustrious renowned gallant famed scenic luxuriant noted triumphant immortal shining trendy effulgent plushy splendrous nifty preeminent memorable esteemed well-known honored time-honored sleek pompous happy blissful snappy flowing fortunate voguish staggering a la mode dressy panoramic jazzy now chichi elaborate expressive harmonious in vogue dressed to kill wondrous honoured imaginative glittering poised pure enchanted costly innocent expensive Junoesque sensitive dreamlike classic supreme lofty schmick rare glitzy ornamented fairylike cutesy natty mind-blowing luxury colorful profound rakish luxe astonishing phenomenal fly kicky tony kicking sassy palatian colourful chocolate-box lordly groovy prominent big special de luxe utopian pretty as a picture startling pretentious too good to be true with it mod lavishly appointed stirring palatine queenly celestial considerable inspiring prodigious formidable in fashion ominous colossal solemn visual storybook traditional eligible quaint streamlined flattering artful inventive aesthetical sovereign aerodynamic with good taste beseeching high-born well-off gracious tormenting frustrating glam brave discriminating emotional well dressed balletic lithe fastidious camera-ready virtuous saintly tall and dignified righteous prestigious upmarket well-chosen magnifico baroque gaudy spivvy dandy subtle persuading restrained indulgent solid gold exemplary cherubical cherubic fitting acclaimed portly musical pictorial rhythmical twee kawaii beatific Lucullian palace silken Lucullan Babylonian immoderate flowy heady far-out fantastical out of sight unmitigated arrestive surpassing confounding high looking like a million lux fit for a queen well-appointed fit for a king up-market well appointed upper-crust upper-class ultra prodigal profuse upholstered entranced charmed bewitched quiet unobtrusive chaste unaffected classical precise subdued unforgettable stellar figurative symbolic flowery pretty-pretty fiendish conjuring adored trendsetting hip dynamite transcendental the most holy sacred spiritual uplifting too much outrageous inspirational abstract in contemporary modern designer clean-limbed bling funky happening fresh supercool exclusive flash fancy-pants noticeable conspicuous curvacious rounded full-figured pneumatic full-bosomed well-turned perceptive deep poetic insightful jaunty new latest steezy modernistic dap suitable immaculate orderly decent tidy prim spotless clean astounding surprising propitious auspicious as pure as the driven snow swinging gainly balanced proportioned sylphlike well shaped well-rounded regular well formed built opportune up-to-date au courant all the rage dressed to the teeth up to the minute ultra-modern well turned-out à la mode in the mainstream up to date bang up to date pizazzy pizzazzy kenspeckle distinctive noisy grabby unusual pronounced bold catchy noteworthy marked emphatic full of feeling optimistic unique advantageous hopeful trig swagger gay loud obvious uncommon manifest attention-grabbing halcyon idealized embellishing rosy heartening providential peaceful pastoral rustic roseate upbeat promising profitable as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox cosmetic adorning well turned can't miss it out of the ordinary nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread one-off full of promise best golden rose-colored florid garnishing decking furbishing patterned festooned accessory setting off heightening decorating for show rural arcadian Elysian Utopian unspoiled bucolic Arcadian sylvan restful relaxing calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil decorous genteel affected overdone aristocratic stylized well-designed well-bred


Of or resembling paradise
paradisaic blissful divine glorious excellent sublime wonderful delightful celestial beautiful lovely rapturous blessed holy enjoyable supernal godlike superhuman supernatural alluring entrancing exquisite angelic ambrosial immortal beatific cherubic seraphic empyrean paradisiacal adorable extraterrestrial lush scrumptious yummy darling delectable delicious luscious sweet paradisaical paradisiac paradisal heavenly idyllic perfect enchanting Elysian out of this world golden happy charming paradisical Arcadian utopian superlunary marvellous first-rate superb first-class sensational fantastic terrific great fabulous ideal gratifying pleasurable gorgeous fab splendid dynamite neat brave top-shelf phat slick prime bonnie cracking quality groovy blue-ribbon frontline boss five-star dandy hot prize swell out-of-sight gangbusters top jim-dandy brag topping bully gilt-edge famous righteous cool superlative top-notch awesome crackerjack classic marvelous wizard choice capital sterling fantabulous down first-string fine topflight immense top-of-the-line prizewinning unsurpassed gone keen blue-chip bang-up noble bumper smashing four-star gangbuster bonny primo boffo gilt-edged supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wicked tip-top radical banner grand dope nifty super superior peachy high-class stellar A-OK corking mean hype bosting brill brilliant paradisic peachy keen par excellence number one saintly numero uno spiritual ethereal supreme transcendental unworldly immaterial godly empyreal sacred transcendent astral elysian hallowed transmundane otherworldly exalted joyful rapt goddesslike immaculate magnificent deific mystical saintlike mystic deitylike cosmic omnipotent supernormal deiform omnipresent metaphysical deistic blest omniscient preternatural almighty incorporeal ghostly unearthly superterrestrial extramundane beyond human too good to be true splendorous unphysical unfleshly virtuous other-worldly all-powerful non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive Erewhonian Edenic eternal pure empyral Olympian amazing innocent serene ecstatic elevated lofty beyond compare unparalleled unmatched unequaled unequalled incomparable matchless unsurpassable ace unrivaled nonpareil unexcelled out-of-this-world phenomenal exceptional second to none unrivalled to die for without equal unexampled dreamy peerless inimitable imposing awe-inspiring majestic outstanding high mind-blowing big eminent lordly resplendent uplifting moving august the most inspiring too much outrageous inspirational stately abstract splendiferous proud more than human


Present participle for to enrapture or delight
enrapturing entrancing charming enthralling enchanting captivating bewitching fascinating alluring delighting spellbinding mesmerising mesmerizing attracting rapturing pleasing transporting hypnotising hypnotizing magnetising magnetizing rapping drawing overjoying overcoming holding overpowering overwhelming trancing stunning carrying away blowing away sending into raptures filling with delight thrilling beguiling gripping exciting absorbing riveting rivetting sending enamouring turning on seducing entertaining engrossing wowing ensnaring gratifying wiling intoxicating transfixing tickling pink enamoring killing gladdening amusing diverting tickle to death slaying enticing exhilarating dazzling electrifying knocking dead luring witching stirring stimulating titillating tickling holding spellbound bowling over tantalizing intriguing arresting grabbing elating provoking winning enslaving taking delectating tantalising giving a buzz giving someone a kick sweeping off one's feet interesting elevating moving infatuating rousing engaging inflaming hooking arousing wooing contenting satisfying tempting vamping quickening bedazzling capturing kindling cheering pleasuring catching up rejoicing making a hit with making happy grooving arriding sweeping off feet pleasing greatly fulfilling knocking out giving pleasure to appealing to going over big hitting the spot striking subjugating teasing galvanizing charging stoking occupying coming on to taking someone's breath away sending into transports palpating grappling compelling enthusing rooting to the spot holding in awe immersing enwrapping involving busying bemusing turning someone on pumping up leading on galvanising roping in voodooing forspeaking tricking bedeviling controlling bedevilling giving someone a charge affecting inviting piquing appealing subduing firing interesting greatly animating sweeping off your feet turning one on switching on giving joy to giving great pleasure to uplifting humoring indulging heartening humouring seizing casting a spell on putting horns on putting under a spell putting under magic spell putting the whammy on enlivening warming regaling agitating suiting gladding scoring glorying jubilating exulting knocking one's socks off moving to tears reducing to tears getting one's kicks cheering up making someone feel good bucking up brightening up making content bringing joy to warming the cockles of the heart making a hit with someone agreeing with buoying up giving a lift giving someone pleasure freaking out owning getting under someone's skin preoccupying winning over catching distracting obsessing ensorcelling stupefying inducing persuading engulfing fixating filling monopolizing influencing consuming feasting monopolising catching hold of holding the attention of assimilating impressing spelling ensorceling solacing obliging hexing endearing grabbing the attention of fixing tickling the fancy of making someone pleased making someone glad making somebody's day making someone content prompting falling in love with making hit with eliciting inspiring enveloping enmeshing throwing mollifying soothing placating appeasing bringing around pulling in catching the eye of calling forth bringing forth bringing in arguing into holding one's attention holding your attention taking up cornering hogging soaking sewing up becoming lost upping on applying pacifying misleading losing miring connecting silencing stilling quietening deluding petrifying paralysing befooling besotting comforting gassing sufficing reconciling decoying astounding inveigling halting gorgonizing immobilizing freezing stopping dead palsying paralyzing immobilising rooting cajoling coaxing sweeping you off your feet making a fool of baiting betraying beckoning soliciting leading riveting the attention of stopping one dead stopping someone in their tracks stopping in one's tracks dragging training steering roping pulling hitting on sucking in coming on drawing in


Present participle for steal or violently remove valuable possessions from
despoiling plundering looting marauding pillaging ransacking sacking raiding ravaging robbing destroying devastating harrying raping rifling vandalising vandalizing wrecking depredating razing ruining annihilating gutting leveling levelling reaving depopulating desecrating desolating devouring laying waste spoiling spoliating wasting wreaking havoc on wreaking havoc smashing demolishing trashing breaking marring sabotaging totaling totalling torpedoing decimating pulverizing vaporizing sinking blasting creaming nuking vaporising pulverising tearing down defacing damaging shattering impairing disfiguring blighting crushing blowing ruinating scotching scuppering dashing nixing botching overwhelming defeating wracking busting scourging mutilating maiming pulling down knocking down bringing to ruin rubbing out bringing down messing up wiping out stripping denuding rustling stealing from bringing about the downfall of smashing up spray painting felling dismantling crashing dynamiting breaking up exploding bombing smiting taking razing to the ground overcoming taking out blowing sky-high blowing up blowing to pieces blowing to bits breaking down flattening injuring mangling mullering undoing dilapidating banjaxing defiling euchring overthrowing overturning poisoning bodging dishing extinguishing cruelling reducing depleting screwing up bringing to nothing cleaning out wreaking havoc upon laying in ruins bringing to naught lousing up doing in reducing to rubble reducing to nothing putting the kibosh on doing for blowing a hole in leaving desolate making a mess of leaving in ruins fouling up foraging burgling fleecing burglarizing appropriating ripping off knocking off attacking reiving foraying pirating relieving lifting thieving knocking over sticking up freebooting embezzling overrunning liberating requisitioning salvaging salvageing grabbing lofting havocking preying stealing clearing out moonlight requisitioning laying waste to taking off stamping out making off with assaulting assailing violating dispossessing tearing apart depriving doing prowling kipping burning harassing nicking purloining pinching filching pilfering trespassing invading arrogating confiscating stiffing steaming mugging going pillaging going looting abusing deceiving betraying corrupting compromising marauding over molesting emptying out breaking into holding up turning over going on forays going on raids thieving from taking apart wiping off map doing one in disorganizing prostrating wresting seizing consuming capturing trampling exterminating disrupting swiping snatching making boosting sweeping away doing over tipping over


Present participle for to engage in activity with a person unwilling or unable to give consent

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