Đồng nghĩa của deific

Tính từ

Divine, of or relating to a deity or deities
holy heavenly sacred godly godlike spiritual religious reverent deifying divine celestial blessed blest angelic superhuman supernatural immortal beatific saintly seraphic deiform empyrean transcendent hallowed omnipotent omniscient omnipresent cherubic almighty empyreal paradisaical extraterrestrial supernal saintlike virtuous goddesslike immaculate mystical supreme mystic deitylike blissful cosmic ethereal deistic unworldly transcendental ambrosial supernormal preternatural transmundane metaphysical rapturous incorporeal otherworldly ghostly astral elysian immaterial unearthly superterrestrial extramundane unfleshly unphysical all-powerful beyond human other-worldly out of this world paradisical illimitable everlasting enduring infinite boundless eternal deathless pervading consecrated consecrate sacrosanct sacral all-knowing all-seeing devout pious devoted committed righteous God-fearing prayerful believing faithful sainted dutiful sanctified anointed dedicated purified pure churchgoing good god-fearing practising charismatic born-again pietistic practicing sublime exalted uncanny magical joyful rapt revered venerated numinous Elysian superlunary sweet angelical paranormal phenomenal miraculous fey dreamy ineffable venerable inviolable reverenced unprofane angel-like glorious fantastical innocent ecstatic serene lovely fanciful lofty elevated airy-fairy untouchable unassailable devotional ecclesiastical sacramental theistic enshrined awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring inspirational solemn Olympian empyral devoted to God dedicated to God beneficent humble entrancing self-sacrificing angelly kind radiant angellike archangelic caring appealing strange psychic weird inhuman alien visionary eerie beatified adored ordained canonized canonised worshipped worshiped glorified set apart among the angels more than human

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