Đồng nghĩa của almighty

Alternative for almighty

Đồng nghĩa: divine, great, omnipotent, powerful,

Tính từ

Exceedingly large
huge colossal enormous immense massive gigantic mammoth monumental prodigious stupendous tremendous vast epic giant Herculean king-size king-sized mighty monstrous oversized titanic towering very great booming deafening ear-piercing ear-splitting resounding roaring substantial thundering thunderous astronomic astronomical crashing hulking humongous jumbo king size mega monster thumping whopping bumper ginormous very loud whacking awful desperate excessive extreme great loud serious severe terrific gargantuan grand mountainous Brobdingnagian large hefty elephantine humungous leviathan walloping supersize pharaonic cyclopean supersized cosmic herculean gigantesque cosmical considerable galactic Himalayan super-duper whopping great thumping great bulky whacking great super oceanic vasty heroic planetary heroical very large very big big heavy weighty sizable sizeable extensive immeasurable oversize handsome imposing princely gross generous boundless grandiose voluminous inordinate outsized wide infinite expansive broad ponderous extravagant tall full-size behemothic outsize exorbitant overgrown dirty great statuesque limitless high stellar kingly ample unlimited lavish magnificent giant-size comprehensive mastodonic Gargantuan capacious mondo unwieldy cumbersome megalithic spacious commodious socking great good-size good-sized a whale of a super colossal lumbering laborious clumsy extraordinary rip-roaring spectacular marked Homeric sky-high incalculable elephantic eternal endless through the ceiling measureless illimitable widespread interminable awesome formidable expanded overwhelming abundant sweeping prolific plenteous mundo detailed unbounded man-size Bunyanesque swelled massy fair-size great big roomy biggish economy-size of considerable size deep largish life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized husky goodly lofty family-sized staggering family-size brobdingnagian whopper man-sized tidy all-inclusive far-flung spread-out stretched-out never-ending whale of a far-reaching solid significant behemoth heavyweight blimp mahoosive cumbrous major titan super-colossal giant-sized extremely large extremely big larger-than-life extra-large jumbo-sized barn door Cyclopean impressive cavernous fantastic profuse extended large-scale copious striking pythonic plentiful open appreciable unfathomable healthy long bottomless wide-ranging comfortable majestic fathomless boxcar phenomenal remarkable complete thorough outstanding whaling universal full exhaustive substantive good bountiful superabundant splendid liberal exceptional all-encompassing gaping rambling yawning inexhaustible wide open august pronounced notable airy chasmal imperial marvellous unending all-embracing respectable catholic inclusive palatial marvelous global interdisciplinary multidisciplinary rangy stately cross-disciplinary glorious abysmal noble memorable numerous awe-inspiring regal bounteous gallant royal baronial rich fat uncrowded astounding unusual intense surpassing strong superior thick burly unfathomed untold important sturdy terrible monolithic strapping steep immoderate everlasting indefinite immensurable horizonless elevated profound superb unfailing inestimable material ambitious proud wonderful decisive conclusive emphatic exalted consequential decent outspread numberless fabulous noteworthy unmistakable unqualified rolling amazing no end of incredible no end to panoramic out-and-out general encyclopedic compendious bombastic awkward brawny mind-blowing spacey breathtaking stunning cavelike beefy wholesale utmost ungainly mind-boggling cracking sunken disproportionate unsounded pervasive abnormal stiff excellent classic hunky mortal paramount encyclopaedic meaty hulky spread out eminent deep-set protracted historic countless far-ranging unconfined dreadful undue lengthy unplumbed powerfully built solidly built illustrious unrestricted transcendent permanent supreme fearful unconscionable overmuch swelling fine across the board intemperate plethoric abounding plumbless prodigal momentous multitudinous various fair unreasonable insane overdue overweening intolerable impenetrable prevalent overextravagant devilish plummetless sundry legion several many multifarious resplendent sublime scopious scopic exceeding lank teeming reasonable unmeasurable no strings mastodontic much without limit bull lordly across-the-board without end not to be sneezed at steady earthshaking earth-shattering Moby grandiloquent Miltonian daunting thrashing superhuman lasting Brobdignagian high-ceilinged startling miraculous dilatable distensible expandable enduring unforgettable astonishing immortal cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical moving renowned irresistible dynamic wide-open pleasing wicked top maximum unbelievable sensational flabbergasting dramatic soaring appalling OS frightful fantabulous billowing high-flown high-sounding uttermost wondrous prolonged distinguished epoch-making baggy chasmic muscly powerful fleshy heavyset muscular chunky stout thickset fierce harsh horrific crucial vital profitable spanking ominous shattering heightened increased escalated jacked up well-built decided abiding sky-scraping multistorey radical acute rare max outstretched Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy maxi devastating featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless oafish lumpish decent-sized bonny arduous unhandy measurable loose-fitting larger buxom greater zaftig baroque fancy unmerciful altitudinous prime latitudinous beamy marathon noticeable above average intensified wide-reaching mass unmanageable unplumbable unmeasured in-depth loutish heavily built clodhopping well built mesomorphic clunky superlative pre-eminent abyssal blanket simple convoluted covering unmanoeuvrable consistent very long critical urgent fundamental incommodious ceaseless undying girthy big and strong not inconsiderable roly-poly muscle-bound broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed extra large nationwide unco thewy stark indiscriminate comprising soundless gorgeous crushing paralysing preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping central pressing essential unfading unbottomed unceasing tolerable dignified undetermined ethereal leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty international awash unexclusive far reaching pretty haughty splendiferous hollow elaborate paralyzing overcoming unreal thoroughgoing wide physically meaningful worth taking into account sepulchral opulent plush classy luxurious very deep inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating something else exciting eye-opening broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged broad-ranging broad-based cyclopedic embracive all-in omnibus wall to wall no catch ultra dark flash flashy swanky real worthwhile key extending far down thorough-going wall-to-wall discursive encyclopedical encyclopaedical stretchy extendable enlargeable distending streets ahead no holds barred no strings attached luxuriant eventful firm sound gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant dismal splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex theatrical fustian high-flying dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed useful durable valuable principal aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant alveolate socketed chambered big-deal tectonic major-league proliferous myriad innumerable rife multifold manifold full-out incomprehensible full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale curved inward overflowing thick on the ground uncountable multiple motley disparate replete unremitting assorted diverse miscellaneous well-provided varied incomputable populous unnumbered mixed uncounted multiplied rampant well-supplied frequent crawling with stink with a dime a dozen on tap ad nauseam unwarranted unbridled exaggerated superfluous unrestrained gratuitous needless extortionate surplus uncontrolled profligate wanton improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant outrageous wasteful dissipated uncurbed unhampered ridiculous unchecked supernatural overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited self-indulgent too many O.T.T. too much OTT over the top out of all proportion over the odds way out uncalled for a bit much

Tính từ

Significant or extreme in degree or intensity
intense acute fierce ferocious deep profound heavy terrible violent dreadful blistering explosive keen hard vicious furious excruciating vehement hellacious frightful ghastly intensive exquisite fearsome fearful heavy-duty extreme severe strong powerful great sharp serious agonizing concentrated forceful burning harsh overwhelming searing raging agonising excessive consuming unbearable insufferable heightened thorough flaming uncontrollable grievous total piercing unendurable turbulent vigorous frenzied overpowering stormy blustery tempestuous very great potent forcible passionate major fervent drastic extraordinary earnest energetic exceptional complete ardent harrowing hellish urgent full torturous racking tough penetrating tormenting strenuous wild right proper all-consuming cutting marked close fiery torrid deep-seated gusty poignant hot shrill out-and-out heated boisterous squally tumultuous devastating unqualified high radical bitter supreme biting storming desperate volcanic outrageous durable industrial-strength sound real pronounced impossible heavyweight long-lasting intolerable diabolical grave unstoppable awful inexcusable dire unforgivable reprehensible indefensible relentless disgraceful shameful parlous very bad compelling transcending heartfelt fervid zealous impassioned sincere stiff stark titanic mighty crushing powerhouse eager fanatical emotional wholehearted significant abject boiling baking scorching feverish enormous heartrending perfervid critical deepest hearty protracted intensified cut-throat warm-blooded sizzling roasting deep-rooted deeply felt undue diligent exaggerated sweltering blazing strained vivid pungent stinging cyclonic tropical parching withering mother of all inclement menacing volatile thundery bumpy thunderous windy savage howling exhaustive scalding resounding ungovernable inordinate typhonic blustering rough swirling choppy destructive rabid rampaging uncontrolled rampant intemperate riotous unrestrained chaotic restless roaring rugged stormful uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic blazing hot blistery baking hot broiling red-hot convulsive painful enraged ruinous peppery all-out in-depth detailed comprehensive concerted paroxysmal dynamic aroused coercive shooting boiling hot very hot stabbing all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing thoroughgoing painstaking demanding downright egregious out of control full of force gale force like a furnace distressing assiduous conscientious all-embracing meticulous scrupulous methodical minute absolute utter peracute sudden sedulous sweeping extensive searching high-pressure elaborate determined widespread resolute rigorous careful pure veritable finely tuned rank thundering maximum utmost ultimate unadulterated brutal tremendous flagrant gross unalloyed uber sheer preposterous arrant persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up particular encyclopedic encyclopaedic exact royal efficient whole-hog full-dress hard-hitting from A to Z blow-by-blow active aggressive mettlesome spirited far-reaching enthusiastic laborious specific blunt dedicated considerable compendious consummate cyclopedic embracive punchy panoramic universal inclusive omnibus arduous taxing cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged in-your-face thoughtful pulling no punches exacting weighty difficult circumstantial soup to nuts clocklike particularized itemized all the way plenty slam-bang plucky all out thoroughpaced particularised itemised systematic technical leaving no stone unturned crash telescoped expert focused functional personal immediate intricate experienced positive true perfect specialized focussed specialised exclusive unmitigated fair firsthand direct complex onerous complicated labored confused abstruse te formidable oppressive recondite solemn knotty round-the-clock total-immersion customary unmistaken specially designed essential elemental full-scale bad hazardous sobering big worrying perilous dangerous toilsome threatening disastrous punishing life-threatening consequential bleak precarious ugly grinding usual special intimate categorical full-blooded muscular assertive first-hand exhausting brisk umbrella definitive global clean laboured wall-to-wall full-blown catholic confronting the word thought-provoking no stone unturned attentive accurate punctilious fastidious provocative reflective confrontational challenging insightful fussy precise deliberate judicious orderly heedful industrious provident strict faithful circumspect cautious finicky solid observant regardful concerned religious prim selfdisciplined correct loving discreet picky chary pernickety persnickety nice perfectionist by the numbers by the book going to great lengths more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

Tính từ

Of, or like, God or a god
all-knowing all-seeing boundless celestial deathless deific divine enduring eternal everlasting godlike godly heavenly illimitable immortal infinite omnipotent omnipresent omniscient pervading holy goddesslike immaculate spiritual angelic supernatural beatific mystical seraphic supreme saintlike mystic sacred deitylike superhuman empyreal blissful cosmic saintly hallowed blessed ethereal transcendent supernormal deistic preternatural empyrean deiform paradisaical unworldly transcendental transmundane ambrosial metaphysical cherubic rapturous blest incorporeal supernal extraterrestrial superterrestrial otherworldly ghostly astral elysian immaterial extramundane unearthly beyond human unfleshly virtuous other-worldly unphysical out of this world all-powerful sublime glorious paradisiacal paradisal lovely delightful sweet entrancing ravishing excellent wonderful beautiful paradisical paradisiac enjoyable alluring exquisite scrumptious lush adorable yummy luscious delectable delicious darling paradisaic Elysian magical pure exalted superlunary numinous joyful rapt idyllic Arcadian perfect paranormal occult phenomenal uncanny miraculous utopian ineffable angelical innocent ecstatic serene golden ideal non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive angel-like happy charming Erewhonian Edenic Olympian empyral enchanting awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring inspirational magic beneficent humble righteous devout self-sacrificing angelly kind radiant angellike archangelic caring appealing weird intangible nonmaterial nonphysical discarnate platonic refined airy disembodied devotional rarefied asomatous more than human

Tính từ

Loud enough to cause temporary or permanent hearing loss
deafening booming ringing resounding thunderous ear-splitting blaring ear-piercing overpowering piercing roaring dinning ear-shattering thundering tumultuous blasting carrying clamorous clangorous earsplitting echoing intense loud plangent resonant reverberant reverberating slam-bang sonorous stentorian ear-popping extremely noisy mighty noisy overwhelming rowdy screaming tremendous vociferous very loud turned up at full volume crashing reverberative strident thundery reverberatory powerful raucous deep full cacophonous rich harsh uproarious vibrant strong deep-toned boisterous shrieking obstreperous rambunctious riotous orotund rotund pulsating throbbing heightened intensified pulsing sonorant consonant electrifying enhanced mellow blatant penetrating head-splitting shrill rackety clattery lusty fortissimo beating profound thrilling stentorious round golden high-pitched rumbling high squawky disorderly forte sharp strepitous clearly audible clattering forceful full-throated vehement discordant clear baritone canorous loud-voiced mournful pleasant pure plaintive rolling melancholy stridulatory stridulous stridulant trumpeting bellowing full-toned bass brassy insistent big fulminating heavy turbulent blustering pealing full-mouthed emphatic high-sounding shrieky loudmouth raspy jumping blusterous importunate shouting vocal throaty demanding harmonious lively oscillating melodious fruity palpitating clamorsome plummy full-bodied low robust full-voiced aquiver resonating sounding raising Cain screeching raising the roof wakes the dead piping vociferant whistling treble shattering air-rending squeaky intrusive acute squeaking yowling yawping yauping clamant squawking vociferating caterwauling screechy metallic argute clanging jarring thin scurrilous loudmouthed vulgar crying obtrusive

Tính từ

(of an object or situation) Significant in degree of importance or urgency
major important significant crucial serious urgent core critical fundamental key big consequential considerable focal grave intrinsic meaningful paramount pertinent pivotal pressing substantial vital weighty appreciable central integral large main material ponderous primary principal profound sweeping capital dire essential exceptional exigent far-reaching heavy heavy-duty high-priority imposing intense large-scale notable noteworthy prime pronounced severe sizable acute burning cardinal determining especial eventful foremost heavyweight historic immediate impactful influential instrumental mighty monumental overriding pointed powerful prominent salient striking telling top-priority worthwhile all-important big league big-league big-time dangerous grand grievous high-level high-profile life and death life-changing major-league of concern of consequence of note overshadowing top-level life-and-death of great consequence imperative indispensable determinative deep of moment momentous earthshaking earth-shattering much decisive chief tectonic of significance earnest great portentous of great import solemn somber sombre outstanding sober leading remarkable fateful sedate staid necessary no joke no laughing matter basic deciding humourless humorless memorable of great importance no-nonsense relevant conclusive big deal epoch-making settling landmark impressive radical blue-chip predominant headline signal final dominant underlined uncomic definitive marked forceful extensive groundbreaking extraordinary compelling front-page active top lively useful ground-breaking requisite climacteric hefty tough noticeable conspicuous difficult strong pre-eminent major league hard professional famous staple obvious original four-star high-power imperious strictly business innovative absolute playing hard ball massive premier certain substantive quintessential supreme pioneering underlying rudimentary necessitous preeminent first elementary dynamic elemental mandatory needed required foundational valuable structural dramatic clamorous strenuous indicative milestone inherent energetic constitutional rudimental extreme unforgettable earth-shaking prerequisite constitutive of importance meat-and-potatoes must-have quantum vitally important ultimate life-preserving life-sustaining arresting overwhelming celebrated busy full moving intrusive projecting protruding arrestive jutting obtrusive meaty last clear exciting red-letter super breakthrough valid purposeful eminent greatest renowned famed drastic applicable highest super colossal mammoth event-filled egregious responsible defining shaping causal evaluative apocalyptic hectic action-packed arch commanding epochal innovatory revolutionary strategic pithy apposite germane fitting well-known creative testing sententious definite huge appropriate apropos apt world-shaking world-shattering formative trying searching basal trenchant authoritative sizeable psychological solid high priority imaginative decided incisive special carrying a lot of weight ponderable characteristic root primordial primitive organic initial natural compulsory desperate overruling primal tremendous real widespread crisp fatal operative settled peremptory sensational distinctive rare uncommon glaring unusual newsworthy needful obligatory constituent productive stunning devastating earthshattering ruling master climactic firm respectable sturdy sound touchy insistent showdown climatic component connected innate glum beginning introductory abecedarian ingrained litmus test preponderant resonant keynote generous unordinary glorious particular emphatic good durable healthy ample stern touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice now or never worthy of attention potent wide-ranging broad gloomy dour grim vigorous superabundant abundant galvanic vast steady all important at the heart of sustaining axiomatic axiological bottom-line supporting deep-seated substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying austere blanket all-embracing overarching quiet downbeat sad called for cold sober germinal inspiring inspirational seminal generative far-flung expansive comprehensive ambitious extended wide rangy pervasive wholesale big-deal much needed very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence clamant matter of life and death importunate far-ranging in-depth across-the-board emergent crying across the board prevalent controversial topical current harsh urging propulsive violent enterprising driving motivating impellent instant contemporary disastrous life-threatening distressing live of interest terrible painful brutal bad awful hazardous arduous fierce toilsome threatening bitter bleak ugly taxing sobering worrying perilous intensive peracute exacting punishing menacing excessive precarious grinding competent arterial talented through trunk top-notch able big time excellent effectual of use capable robust number-one stupendous effective splendid splendorous of value skookum top-drawer efficient efficacious most influential most important

Tính từ

Present as the strongest or main element
predominant chief principal leading main primary prime paramount central overriding prevailing capital cardinal foremost key preponderant supreme controlling dominant important ruling sovereign uppermost arch big first grand great greatest highest master overbearing overmastering preeminent premier primal prior prominent sovran superior top-priority top-tier ascendant notable number-one prevalent absolute all-powerful arbitrary authoritative biggest directing dominating effective efficacious governing imperious influential largest major mighty number one numero uno official of greatest importance omnipotent overpowering potent predominate reigning superlative supervisory surpassing transcendent weighty holding the reins pre-eminent top outstanding commanding head vital essential lead ultimate pivotal crucial fundamental best supereminent basic presiding core focal eminent regnant critical unsurpassed topmost powerful distinguished utmost high illustrious famous peerless significant matchless incomparable salient unequalled consummate unequaled renowned celebrated senior noteworthy unrivalled unparalleled unrivaled staple exalted popular noted well-known intrinsic indispensable star champion respected prestigious noble underlying top-notch signal rudimentary stellar necessary remarkable towering elemental integral elevated famed top-ranking finest excellent arch- compelling conspicuous notorious puissant apex heavy high-level greater elite maximum overruling larger esteemed inimitable big-time first-rate first-class unmatched revered prepotent lofty radical striking acclaimed widespread high-ranking world-class glorious strong unlimited second to none marked exceptional imposing high-powered top-drawer successful special elementary premium regal decisive alpha infinite boundless unconditional quintessential urgent total unsurpassable dignified extraordinary magnificent perfect exemplary brilliant crack of prime importance must-have honoured reputable noticeable better formidable recognized honored prepollent pronounced root highly regarded especial No. 1 ranking boss seminal major league recognised of note all-important arresting unassailable domineering heavy-duty big-name guiding current obvious majority predominating emphatic royal inherent unrestricted unrestrained rife rampant unbounded impressive obtrusive accomplished finished moving full characteristic in control determining particular innate utter venerable august aristocratic complete majestic unprecedented consequential tiptop super top-level maximal select momentous unbeatable nonpareil sublime first and foremost burning in the ascendancy ace lion's share of supreme importance peak headmost winning most honourable honorable good high-up record eventful deciding fantastic marvellous storied highest-ranking fabled tops industry leading memorable high-profile original unexcelled well-connected prized valued upper-class marvelous phenomenal trusted iconic constitutional material constitutive best possible admired high profile upper furthermost resonant higher top-class redoubtable major-league to the fore A-number-1 A-1 primo a cut above the rest topflight top drawer of distinction well known big-league of the first rank expert dominative standard extensive final unmatchable ascendent general intervening superseding of greatest significance comprehensive favoured favored chosen initiative axial chad marquee simple oustanding all-embracing all-encompassing strongest telling vulgar received overall common public crowning bulkiest immediate world class imperial kingly serious basal operative keynote strategic worthiest beginning opening in demand bigger elder regulatory monitoring adjusting monarchical monarchal richest magnanimous stately high-class monarchial top-rank assertive executive legendary heroic triumphal idealistic learned front optimal A-list intrusive projecting pertinent protruding relevant arrestive jutting initial out of the ordinary extra special max supervising regulating authoritarian autocratic high priority gifted high-minded first rate highly rated big league second-to-none applauded optimum inaugural insistent dictatorial loftiest substantial utopian unexampled crown magisterial hotshot hotdog heavyweight infamous luminous lionized bright apical zenithal feted undefeated unbeaten hugest upmost uttermost definitive imperative overarching lionised visible the most immortal at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff requisite respectable patrician refined untouchable meaningful determinative climactic pressing acute big-wheel big-shot big-gun upper-level of repute far-famed widely knowbn talked about much publicized of high standing without equal unique prerequisite mandatory needed required worthy genteel historic trendsetting hot-dog top of the line top of the range beyond compare posh much needed earth-shattering high-priority vitally important very important of great consequence life-and-death life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence far-reaching record-breaking first class top-of-the-range par excellence prize-winning number 1 sans pareil highborn upmarket large highbred gentle huge grave wellborn in charge higher-ranking of higher rank high-grade first-string higher-level superordinate loftier highest ranking of influence eloquent distinctive historical rich oratorical cogent four-star magnific VIP mother of all exceeding categoric categorical unqualified outright fine unbound downright unmitigated tyrannical unreserved unequivocal wholesale transcendental superb unconstrained unquestionable peremptory strapping vigorous hardy robust blue-blooded excelling stalwart forceful doughty sturdy stout widely praised well born well thought of upper-crust natural silk-stocking high-born true entire intellectual ideal intuitive awe-inspiring uplifting primordial unequalable inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending whole unconfined intact abstract eternal theoretical lusty manful indomitable foundational wonderful deep-rooted ingrained terrific mean out-and-out no holds barred all out flat-out without limit straight out built-in hard-wired bottom-line deep-seated deep-down wieldy steamroller strengthy powerhouse smashing virtuoso skilful skillful amazing meritorious masterful masterly tremendous inborn native indigenous primitive hardwired inbred connate immanent engrained congenital sensational exquisite amazeballs fabulous admirable fab eye-catching strong as ox awesome standout wicked estimable beyond grasp neat dazzling unmistakable swell stupendous cool magic keen far-out rad belting wizard brill bonzer schmick beaut ripping hundred-proof A1 phat out-of-sight topping barrie top-hole bosting pearler out of this world exo on fleek mostest supercalifragilisticexpialidocious out-of-this-world spiffing discernible flamboyant grabby evident recognizable bold dramatic blatant distinguishable flagrant glaring splashy flashy catchy showy kenspeckle bodacious forestanding noisy recognisable easily seen in the foreground considerable exigent necessitous profound needful compulsory obligatory earnest of consequence portentous solemn called for severe life and death somber substantive sombre conclusive of moment sober settling of great importance monumental sedate staid no joke no laughing matter of great import of significance rudimental humourless humorless dire no-nonsense big deal meat-and-potatoes underlined introductory epoch-making all important fateful instrumental defining intense valuable germane structural uncomic climacteric appropriate worthwhile real appreciable ponderous applicable nitty-gritty world-shaking invaluable large-scale apposite tough now or never apropos bread-and-butter responsible certain apocalyptic useful pointed helpful clear desperate expedient abecedarian sizable fatal causal earth-shaking importunate demanded last clamant crying emergent ingrain world-shattering deep life-changing difficult serviceable dynamic tectonic earthshaking hard worth its weight in gold hefty in one's blood everyday earthshattering king life-preserving life-sustaining mainstream foundation everything shaping evaluative mainline inner constituent component connected fitting landmark organic definite apt actual at the heart of incumbent trenchant irrevocable super colossal mammoth involuntary nonelective forced indicative business-critical mission-critical big time skookum relative ill-fated doomful unlucky direful inauspicious ominous resultful drastic emergency sore impelling extreme decided incisive inseparable genuine name-of-the-game compulsatory determinate closing sustaining axiomatic supporting substratal underived groundlaying axiological substrative grass-roots bottom driving terrible parlous indelible permanent decision-making appurtenant applicative coal-and-ice wanted desired recommended preferred proper binding specified ineradicable ineffaceable crisp settled concluding clinching prodigious de rigueur intimate connatural hereditary indwelling inmost called-for very great pointful associated energetic sweeping empyrean empyreal litmus test life-saving incumbent on testing searching trying life or death name of game extremely important of great moment of vital importance impactful psychological to the point to the purpose in the public eye grievous overshadowing dangerous of concern ad rem sizeable of mark demanding priceless clamorous solid precious constraining instant showdown climatic touchy glum constructive favorable advantageous beneficial practical favourable inestimable stern inescapable irreplaceable firm sound gloomy grim dour profitable choice rare austere touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread clamouring persuasive clamoring requiring irresistible exacting distressing hurry-up obliging heat-on claiming forcing unyielding much durable ample healthy massive quiet downbeat sad treasured handy propitious conducive gainful productive timely rewarding behooveful commodious auspicious beneficent appreciated fruitful opportune superabundant abundant steady vast cold sober matter of life and death extremely useful extremely helpful beyond price of help of use of service loved of benefit held dear hot of value of assistance worth it big-deal worthful hot property scarce more powerful more important most important most noticeable most obvious most prominent most influential most powerful most illustrious most skilled most excellent most outstanding most significant

Tính từ

Requiring great strength or effort
Herculean arduous grueling gruelling hard huge laborious strenuous tough back-breaking burdensome difficult formidable onerous demanding exacting exhausting heavy massive Sisyphean taxing uphill wearisome wearying fatiguing killing knackering toilsome backbreaking colossal courageous forceful gargantuan gigantic heroic impressive mighty vigorous challenging testing harsh excruciating rigorous trying punishing tortuous daunting dicey unsparing sapping prohibitive awful unremitting really hard tough going problem moiling draining fierce intimidating killer agonising harrowing oppressive ominous hellish hazardous insufferable bruising hairy easier said than done merciless nerve-racking high-impact titanic slavish sticky torturesome ponderous operose unpleasant unendurable effortful shattering tormenting weighty not easy unbearable unforgiving hard-won toilful rugged distressing staggering drudgy torturous troublesome severe backbreaker stressful intolerable sweaty grim crushing unyielding galling tedious labored herculean ambitious tiresome serious debilitating immense no picnic tall jarring extreme intense upstream worksome energy-consuming vicious marathon cruel forbidding like getting blood out of a stone uncomfortable troubling difficile laboured solemn agonizing painstaking thorny distressful unnerving rough very hard ferocious grinding impossible tiring grievous bothersome painful savage scabrous brutal problematic wearing depleting cumbersome uphill battle crippling high-pressure discomforting stiff murderous hellacious Augean pick-and-shovel exigent awkward irksome tricky stringent enervating vexatious bitter worrying persnickety traumatic worrisome relentless fraught disturbing enervative strained tense forced upsetting inhuman hostile dire bleak disagreeable dark hardhanded searing inconvenient hefty frustrating pressured grave spartan critical austere terrible strict exasperating clumsy troubled unreasonable tight contrived artificial leaden knotty monumental prickly delicate excessive pressing unrelenting unmanageable weary dangerous mean superincumbent wicked vexing bad perilous precarious hectic tortured uneasy immoderate bold sensitive embittering unhandy steep grandiose dreadful daring aggressive imperious problematical ticklish chancy concerning dodgy iffy extravagant murder ungainly lofty anxious inexorable boring nasty clunky unfriendly dubious suspect questionable energetic time-consuming wretched cumbrous hurtful unwieldy cranky drudging bunglesome major agitating full of problems incommodious beset by problems irritating large-scale disastrous afflicted afflictive a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical exorbitant powerful searching unfair stretching prodigious thoroughgoing prostrating withering overwhelming responsible a nuisance protracted lengthy hardworking mammoth racking punitive unrelaxing chastening an imposition heartrending busy dour drastic carking eventful overtaxing overpowering plodding headache sombre somber dogged affected overdone studied aggravating large order heavy sledding unjust heartbreaking heart-rending slow controversial uncharitable unkind unsettled overburdening careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking no piece of cake pestilent afflicting gut-wrenching exerting despotic domineering inept overwrought unnatural maladroit nagging lively straitened inhospitable stern very difficult shocking trouble ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile impractical by the book audacious lumbersome appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable sober calamitous biting comfortless embarrassed industrious embarrassing fiddly grand elaborate intrepid unrealistic a devil grotty pretentious visionary unrelaxed edgy considerable significant life-threatening acute improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible charged hard to use magnificent fanciful unreal complicated sobering big intensive threatening peracute menacing consequential ugly lousy beastly unlikely constrained stilted self-conscious tickly flustering disconcerting annoying discomfiting uncompromising from hell dolorous bumpy far-fetched bulky hard-line hard-nosed hard-hitting heavy-handed itchy confronting distressed scratchy difficult to achieve intractable objectionable ungovernable offensive recalcitrant causing discomfort ill-fitting a bummer of a insupportable perverse wayward unmanoeuvrable smarting burning aching hurting maddening infuriating improper tender irritated hulking unacceptable egregious raw stinging reddened inflamed chafed lumbering encumbering uncontrollable gross hurt throbbing red achy bruised in pain injured wounded beyond bearing not to be borne abscessed pained sharp sore ulcerated

Phó từ

To a very large or great degree
extremely really very exceedingly particularly highly terribly awfully seriously immensely uncommonly vastly especially hugely enormously extra greatly supremely mightily eminently most majorly severely so frightfully mighty real intensely incredibly stinking desperately awful way surpassingly right super heavily wildly blisteringly too colossally fantastically jolly specially fabulously fiercely achingly sorely exceeding much dang roaringly filthy far deadly ever that badly thumping vitally archly cracking beastly full corking mortally whacking bone roaring spanking rattling unco wicked monstrous passing sore such remarkably exceptionally extraordinarily tremendously decidedly unusually ultra well terrifically mega markedly oh-so thoroughly excessively dead ever so mucho inordinately a lot good and as all get-out devilish truly singularly powerful notably devilishly strikingly outstandingly distinctly utterly madly to a great extent significantly profoundly dreadfully overly abundantly plumb lekker very much bloody fearfully fair considerably positively darned acutely deeply staggeringly quite hellish monumentally astronomically monstrously amazingly totally surprisingly completely too-too absolutely signally over uniquely dirty largely immoderately extensively gravely peculiarly downright entirely fully noticeably conspicuously superlatively exorbitantly critically to the nth degree drastically perfectly heartily astonishingly painfully prodigiously hard plenty all that too much substantially appreciably stupendously wonderfully massively wholly in the extreme sizably broadly mad big-time dangerously radically powerfully strangely strongly vehemently passionately altogether materially to a fault hellishly curiously so much unduly unreasonably perilously unwontedly grievously immeasurably intently oddly ridiculously precariously fatally prominently to firmly hopelessly incomparably easily chronically parlously suitably irretrievably indeed in every way in every respect dramatically in all respects to the hilt to the core one hundred per cent a hundred per cent obviously every inch unnecessarily unconscionably rather outrageously hysterically over- extremely badly very badly beyond obscenely pretty discernibly clearly by much palpably emphatically visibly horribly disturbingly dearly infinitely uber by far preeminently by a great amount to too great an extent in excess to too great an degree by a great deal like mad to a great degree by leaps and bounds in a marked degree par excellence like crazy by a mile très by a long way on a grand scale distressfully heartbrokenly positive simply screamingly crazy thundering stonking socking hazardously roughly disgustingly abominably revoltingly flaming confoundedly blasted blooming somewhat carelessly harmfully thrice dashed rarely uncommon unhappily discouragingly unfortunately notoriously unbelievably abnormally uncustomarily unaccountably undoubtedly veritably certifiably exaggeratedly too … 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whimsically memorably inexplicably revolutionarily spectacularly breathtakingly miraculously pronouncedly deviously groundbreakingly aberrationally flakily dubiously momentously brilliantly pioneeringly wondrously exclusively spookily manifestly perversely suspiciously incomprehensibly startlingly diagnostically scarcely mind-blowingly preposterously superiorly daggily innovatively nonstandardly distinguishedly creatively infrequently questionably mind-bogglingly pervertedly absurdly typically unreally jarringly sizeably distinguishingly quizzically inventively individualistically modernly supernaturally imaginatively ingeniously importantly surreally experimentally saliently specifically fishily unforgettably fancifully interestingly heterodoxly nuttily capriciously observably classically glaringly creepily inimitably obscurely anomalistically neoterically insanely contemporarily incalculably implausibly all magnificently matchlessly by a considerable amount imposingly showily 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unrelentingly unyieldingly unmitigatedly remorselessly rigidly nicely exquisitely punishingly steeply fanatically punitively stiffly draconianly austerely rigorously daintily superbly unseemlily flagrantly downrightly grossly oppressively ferociously baroquely unmercifully intemperately sterlingly splendidly popularly heavenlily optimally preferentially unsurpassedly fantabulously lovelily groovily plethorically swingeingly imprudently lavishly overweeningly sheerly fancily intolerably preciously corkingly neatly dandily meanly righteously slickly niftily elegantly bonnily divinely peachily defly choicely favouredly valuably supernally

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