Đồng nghĩa của galore

Alternative for galore

galore /gə'lɔ:/
  • phó từ
    • rất nhiều, dồi dào
      • a meat with meat and beer galore: bữa cơm có rất nhiều thịt và rượu bia
  • danh từ
    • sự phong phú, sự dồi dào


Being plentiful or more than enough in quantity
abundant aplenty plenteous plentiful ample bounteous bountiful comfortable cornucopian generous liberal plenty abounding copious profuse lavish rich prolific superabundant teeming overflowing large luxuriant inexhaustible flush substantial bumper full considerable voluminous opulent handsome great rife infinite lank heavy no end a gogo thick on the ground huge boundless munificent excessive a dime a dozen extensive in abundance sufficient replete plenitudinous swarming exuberant prodigal unstinting wealthy affluent sizeable commodious stinking with no end in sight unlimited extravagant immoderate numerous tidy productive fertile fruitful flowing awash thick fraught thronging well-provided countless broad lousy innumerable myriad no end of filled big rank in plenty mucho overabundant vast immense over the top whopping princely proliferous unrestricted expansive flourishing decent hefty enough and to spare crawling with well-supplied stink with significant populous immeasurable comprehensive sweeping global wholesale good substantive deep measureless booming Himalayan exorbitant exhaustive unwieldy epic mega outsize high major whacking Brobdingnagian cumbersome wide-reaching wide-ranging large-scale far-reaching generously proportioned abundant in abounding in brimming with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with bursting with stuffed with thick with overflowing with overloaded with packed with well supplied with well provided with rife with crammed with loaded with replete with solid with brimful with awash with well stocked with rich in teeming with crowded with chock-full of fraught with jam-packed with chocker with lush complete appreciable fulsome enough competent superfluous swimming improvident chock-full lousy with sizable massive goodly hulking bulky grand largish oversize oversized biggish outsized solid astronomical colossal respectable healthy tremendous thumping monumental limitless astronomic husky weighty reasonable unbounded endless bottomless unfathomable illimitable serious incalculable enormous interminable never-ending whacking great fathomless untold extraordinary umpteen cosmic horizonless indefinite immensurable innumerous uncountable numberless no end to adequate burly notable material sturdy well-stocked stiff high-cost inflated extortionate marked stout steep ponderous mesomorphic robust boxcar steady meaningful legit crammed stuffed packed dripping awkward leaden phenomenal burdensome gigantic over the odds monstrous prodigious mountainous pronounced fat king-size titanic humongous herculean weighing a ton ginormous kingly jumbo elephantine hulky king-sized bonny unsparing giant meaty grandiose mammoth measurable king size thumping great whopping great perpetual everlasting eternal unending not to be sneezed at unfathomed without limit enduring without number uncounted supertemporal sempiternal perdurable extreme wide incessant million amaranthine all-embracing without end stupendous inestimable many indeterminable multiple several multitudinous jillion unnumberable unreckonable unmeasurable zillion legion alive with beyond measure a lot of stacks of a profusion of lots of millions of a multitude of a multiplicity of loads of all kinds of heaps of a shedload of bazillions of scores of a great many plenty of infinite numbers of masses of beaucoup a slew of bags of quantities of a great deal of very many billions of a quantity of oodles of dozens of a swag of tons of a bunch of a great number of hundreds of zillions of piles of thousands of quite a few an abundance of gazillions of scads of more than enough


A great quantity of something
lots bags heaps masses oodles stacks acres gobs legion legions loads plenty realty reams scads slathers slew tonnes tons wad many gallons a lot thousands hundreds millions droves dozens billions zillions a large amount a ton a bunch a great number piles a huge amount a large number a heap a slew a stack a plethora a multitude a wealth a variety an abundance gazillions bazillions a store a mass a load ample amounts a mountain a good deal copious amounts countless amounts untold a bundle a great deal considerable amounts a legion a bulk a buildup a great quantity a trillion a wad inordinate amounts incalculable amounts a whole load a lump a cluster exorbitant amounts a bonanza an excess a jillion superabundant amounts infinite amounts a whole slew a superabundance diverse amounts a volume a whole bunch a hunk a stash a swarm a collection a bushel an accumulation unreasonable amounts untold amounts excessive amounts a concentrate an appreciable amount a thing or two surfeit amounts undue amounts superfluous amounts uncountable amounts an amount surplus amounts unusually high amounts bountiful amounts sufficient amounts a batch enough crowds a multiplicity an army great quantities a profusion a swag all kinds a clump a cargo voluminous amounts a whole bundle a whole batch scores much umpteen myriad rich amounts hordes lavish amounts overflowing amounts liberal amounts generous amounts inexhaustible amounts exuberant amounts plenteous amounts a shedload large numbers quantities multitudes a thousand and one bevies bevvies numbers so many a boatload stock shedload a horde of flocks a myriad abundance profusion mass volume wealth plenitude mountains sight multiplicities bundles bunches stores boatloads slews truckloads pots buckets wads chunks barrels basketfuls fistfuls rafts carloads packs bushels platefuls yards shiploads sheaves passels messes myriads spates potfuls plentitudes pecks deals great deal ocean lot stack ton mountain heap multiplicity quantity bulk store shedloads bundle tonne load bunch swags lashings pile pot raft spate chunk mess plentitude batches boatload fistful barrel bushel basketful truckload bucket yard large quantity deal potful shipload carload pack cornucopia passel sheaf dozen plateful good deal peck hundred collections large amount superabundance amassment lashins assemblage mounds plethoras jillions great amount hosts trillions clusters banks clumps aggregations swag copiousness stockpiles wholes hoards sums concentration trillion plethora jillion opulence fullness thousand agglomerations million mound totals lumps groups congeries accumulation hauls seas manies jumbles hills host cargos affluence large number bountifulness whole floods deposits fruitfulness prosperity plenteousness excess vast amount exuberance variety gob lavishness aggregates luxuriance multitude nimiety ampleness capacity collection gatherings amounts extents arrays bounties amplitude batch sea stockpile decent amount lump oceans a pile throngs armies swarms conglomerations assortments assembly generous amount substantial amount sizeable amount flood plurality mines supply huddles consignments majorities package hoard good quantity good bit ream bank infinity sum richness total drift hill aggregation jumble clump bounty feasts huge amounts scad luxury bounteousness a deal a quantity a plenitude a passel a plentitude a mess a potful a spate a shipload sufficiency quanta sets sum totals mobs bands expanses body harvests overflows portions measures entirety funds totality riots plentifulness profuseness army crowd surfeit horde swarm extravagance riches fortune prodigality prosperousness throng riot sufficiencies shocks backlogs ample agglomeration cluster cargo number haul feast overflow great number deluge mine torrent fund avalanche full house reservoirs constellations routs accruals groupings pushes rabbles scrums shipment parts blocks knots ricks armfuls bikes parcels proportion pools all congregations reserve magnitude batteries wodges sizes press lorryloads dosage doses mints musters goods crushes suites weight cumulations great quantity combinations crams caboodles clots quotas herds deliveries most containerloads clutches copious amount logjams huge amount superfluities outpourings oversupplies surpluses gluts bags of backlog logjam surplus glut numerous several hunks superfluity plentiful a number copious considerable abundant substantial innumerable countless a good few a good number treasuries oversupply many and then some busloads truckfuls power mint deposit harvest gathering manifoldness shares degrees distribution contingents quite a number barrages troops more … than one can shake a stick at avalanches full houses deluges torrents outpouring pallets boxes cartons crates corpora world immensity bings rickles shock assortment hunk areas budgets allotments lengths greatness figures conglomeration aggregate bar alluvion dunes ridges sheet pluralism numerousness diversity ranges galaxies preponderance lead advantage repertoires treasure stashes inventories nest eggs lodes fountains provisions founts caches repertories wells addition output product lists nets turnouts jam concourses infinitudes mob congregation acquisition kits pileups build-ups lodgements agglomerates lodgments accretions cumuli vast number stretch whole enchiladas collectivity oneness works tracts fulls swathes whole shebangs expanse summations gross whole lot

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