Đồng nghĩa của gushy

Alternative for gushy

gushy /'gʌʃi/
  • tính từ
    • hay bộc lộ, hay thổ lộ (tình cảm...); vồn vã

Tính từ

Effusive and often emotional
effusive fulsome emotional enthusiastic maudlin mushy sentimental soapy adulatory ebullient excessive expansive extravagant exuberant gushing hagiographic hagiographical lavish lyrical mawkish nostalgic oleaginous overdone overemotional rhapsodic unctuous unreserved unrestrained affected affectionate bathetic cloying corny demonstrative dreamy icky idealistic impressionable inane insipid jejune languishing moonstruck overacted overenthusiastic loving oily hyped up over-effusive dewy-eyed over the top laid on with a trowel lovey-dovey over-enthusiastic OTT schmaltzy soppy sloppy slushy saccharine weepy sugary sappy romantic drippy syrupy tear-jerking touching tearful tender gooey simpering soupy pathetic novelettish sickly cheesy over-sentimental cutesy sobby sugarcoated spoony sticky spooney fruity wet chocolate-box sweet softhearted vapid passionate soft twee treacly sloshy cornball sick-making silly visionary rosewater hokey toe-curling three-hankie three-hanky trite sugar-coated hearts-and-flowers nauseating lachrymose sickening soft-hearted banal oversentimental tacky sickly sweet oversweet Mills-and-Boon honeyed teary feeble sickly-sweet self-pitying blubbery glib hammy voluble exaggerated ingratiating candied cloyingly sweet over-the-top too much over-emotional actorly prodigal wholehearted theatrical generous dramatic superfluous unlimited profuse overflowing touchy-feely uninhibited unconstrained outpouring vociferous all over someone free-flowing moving poignant affecting emotive heart-rending cute stirring tragic disturbing sad kitschy heart-warming melodramatic evocative heartbreaking impressive plaintive impactful heartrending precious pretty fatuous romanticised romanticized pretty-pretty hacky sensitive exciting thrilling affective melting impassioned bromidic wistful poetic harrowing kitsch cornpone schlocky choking campy piteous pitiful upsetting misty-eyed saddening pitiable goo-goo dime-store expressive corn-fed warmed-over gentle disgusting quaint bijou histrionic melancholy depressing dainty attractive picturesque soft-focus namby-pamby controversial dismal bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane powerful sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull uplifting soul-stirring haunting touchy miserable mournful wretched intense visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions

Tính từ

Excessive in obsequious praise or flattery
unctuous sycophantic fawning obsequious ingratiating flattering oily smarmy grovelling toadying servile cringing smooth bootlicking suave crawling oleaginous slick soapy fulsome glib humble subservient gushing adulatory slimy urbane greasy saccharine sucky hagiographic hagiographical insincere effusive cloying plausible cajoling nauseating hypocritical buttery sickening wheedling slippery groveling saponaceous phony phoney creamy pinguid smug creepy silver-tongued smooth-tongued brown-nosing arse-licking self-abasing smooth-talking apple-polishing smooth-spoken honey-tongued forelock-tugging ass-kissing Uriah Heepish enthusiastic glowing complimentary laudatory acclamatory eulogistic sugary mealy-mouthed honeyed encomiastic deferential sleek supple insinuating coaxing bland compliant truckling abject self-effacing worshipping praising reptilian worshipful appreciative reverential commendatory blandishing rhapsodic lionizing slavish highly favourable encomiastical rave extravagant all over someone excessive inordinate overdone lionising worshiping immoderate lavish profuse extensive liberal ample generous over-appreciative rapturous OTT gross magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious over the top oiled slithery slippy glassy slicked greased lubricated lubricious skiddy creeping applauding commending icy silken sweet-talking soft-soaping lustrous toadyish wet silky submissive admiring favourable disarming winsome winning endearing flannelling blarneying soft charming serving insinuative timeserving gratifying favorable glossy shiny fatty shining pomaded salved smeared anointed daubed swabbed Brylcreemed unsafe glacé sugarcoated plastered down like a skating rink glazed unsteady waxy satiny perilous unstable polished glistening sweet persuasive pleasing sweet-sounding sleeky

Tính từ

Ridiculously extreme or excessive in degree
extravagant exaggerated excessive exorbitant extortionate immoderate unrestrained high undue disproportionate effusive extreme fulsome gushing needless sky-high unnecessary unreasonable unreserved unwarranted fancy-pants inordinate overextravagant plethoric steep intolerable overgenerous overweening profuse unconscionable uncalled for outré lavish overmuch stiff insane towering overdue devilish fancy unmerciful baroque intemperate over the top outrageous OTT wanton self-indulgent profligate prodigal superfluous too much a bit much surplus wild indulgent overindulgent enormous preposterous unmeasurable extra reckless abandoned uncontrolled unbridled decadent over the odds dizzying uncurbed redundant uncalled-for unbounded hedonistic imprudent overkill sybaritic superabundant unrestricted severe supererogatory unlimited epicurean dissolute overboard criminal pleasure-seeking dissipated wasteful unchecked overabundant excess too many boundless limitless de trop in excess prohibitive O.T.T. inflated sensual heavy way out debauched gratuitous over-the-top harsh substantial out of control supernumerary spare lotus-eating hedonic punitive super irrational unhampered exuberant rampant uncontrollable fast-living luxurious runaway riotous licentious unjustified out of all proportion voluptuous egregious violent monstrous pleasure-loving huge surplus to requirements voluptuary uninhibited bacchanalian pampered abounding ridiculous rigorous serious recrementitious stratospheric supernatural more ruinous drastic greedy unhindered punishing sharp draconian raw excessively high overflowing audacious unfettered swingeing unrelenting unconstrained rash demonstrative additional radical heedless libertine theatrical dramatic out of hand overdone overblown desperate extraordinary dire dissipative unjustifiable unwarrantable improvident unbalanced forceful careless great vast unfair unneeded increased abundant absonant strong too-too immense over monumental massive remaining impetuous unacceptable dispensable ludicrous momentous far-reaching expendable crippling strict useless illogical free inessential tremendous tough unjust humongous ungovernable unwanted prodigious giant whopping epic austere incontinent too great gross nonsensical shameless nonessential oppressive up to here unmitigated unyielding astronomical louche leftover unrequired unusual saturnalian carnal improper residuary epidemic widespread extensive pandemic raging rife pleonastic superfluent rampaging flagrant pervasive devil-may-care unasked self-gratifying turbulent proliferating spreading like wildfire on the rampage profusive raised untempered actorly expansive wholehearted generous boosted exceeding overinflated very too passionate parsimonious effete sweeping tempestuous over the limit copious large significant going too far easy plushy overpriced expensive blown up out of all proportion hard considerable voluminous ample champagne a lot absurd inexcusable sizable sizeable luxury-loving Lucullan sensualist senseless unused unproductive disposable uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy stringent left over waste not required to spare enthusiastic big substantive onerous cruel grievous rough depraved gluttonous gourmandizing sinful extraneous on your hands unessential ebullient far-fetched impulsive capricious cavalier bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim luscious lush Dionysiac far-out posh pricey unrightful imbalanced unlawful wrongful peremptory unprovoked arbitrary brash carefree heightened escalated handsome healthy jacked up major beyond the pale murderous trying excruciating burdensome searing binge-eating fast-paced rank aggressive dominant tumultuous touchy-feely grandiose unconfined vehement prevalent infinite immeasurable stupendous fantastic astronomic hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable emotional outpouring salacious gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous unshackled untrammelled out of bounds luxuriant above average abnormal intensified mega mighty mammoth thumping silly monster mountainous gargantuan colossal gigantic vociferous uncompromising stern unbending spreading clamorous blustering unruly boisterous exceeding bounds rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing furious undisciplined unimpeded natural unsuppressed robust intense fast irresponsible frivolous foolhardy costing an arm and a leg volatile irrepressible unbound loose unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable rigid zealous remorseless exceptional consequential super-duper exciting temerarious daredevil slack gadabout fast and loose corrupt unrepressed fanatical free-flowing downright unconventional uncommon thorough absolute remarkable unseemly ferocious spontaneous frank flamboyant candid impertinent indiscriminate blunt ungoverned immoral impotent plenary open untrammeled lawless bizarre fabulous utter sheer all over someone mass out-and-out dear out of proportion supererogative exacting extremely high out of sight over one's head more than one can afford more than can be afforded

Tính từ

Plentiful or abundant
profuse copious lavish extravagant prolific abundant ample liberal excessive fulsome gushing immoderate unstinting effusive exuberant galore generous overflowing plentiful prodigal riotous bountiful inordinate luxuriant open-handed teeming unrestrained abounding aplenty bounteous extreme openhanded opulent plenty profusive sumptuous superfluous swarming alive with crawling with no end over the top thick with a dime a dozen plenteous superabundant rich large considerable substantial great full voluminous huge handsome extensive bumper sizeable cornucopian rife inexhaustible big flush lank comfortable infinite numerous significant munificent heavy replete substantive hefty countless lush immense tidy vast many sizable thick thick on the ground innumerable immeasurable massive good appreciable whopping astronomical enormous a gogo myriad monumental major multitudinous several prodigious boundless sufficient goodly unsparing commodious productive manifold exorbitant astronomic reasonable unselfish large-scale well-provided healthy magnanimous fertile various serious benevolent beneficent fat kind fruitful tremendous ungrudging in abundance unlimited colossal flowing filled multiple gigantic whacking populous fair legion mammoth multifarious oversized titanic monstrous giant well-supplied humongous grand free charitable solid ready awash complete rank big-hearted fraught packed jumbo herculean thronging crowded noticeable elephantine marked princely willingly given hulking incalculable outsize lousy king-size limitless numberless king-sized respectable brimming sundry frequent king size rampant uncountable overabundant decent expansive quite a few no end of fecund giving bighearted bushy mega honest excellent easy honourable high-minded tolerant considerate kindly loose just noble soft-touch honorable altruistic moderate thoughtful willing greathearted helpful lofty hospitable philanthropic kindhearted equitable freehanded freehearted unstinted high epic profitable open comprehensive free-handed measureless Himalayan multifold extraordinary umpteen untold repeated dripping Brobdingnagian super kind-hearted unusual roomy capacious innumerous overrun proliferous spacious brimful fructuous stuffed recurring chock-full crammed uncounted beaucoup gargantuan thronged generative congested endless prevalent unnumbered overfull persistent jammed overloaded recurrent lousy with overcrowded saturated constant bulky abundant in broad wealthy affluent habitual cram-full regular abounding in reproducing breeding proliferant spawning mountainous spilling over jam-packed largish oversize outsized biggish incessant continual running over all kinds of crammed full plenitudinous perpetual stinking with in plenty full to bursting full to overflowing packed like sardines common reiterated pronounced extra surplus in excess lots of bulging at the seams no end in sight millions of loads of a great many very many not to be sneezed at bursting at the seams heaps of masses of full to the gunwales dozens of hundreds of thousands of adequate understanding warm-hearted soft-hearted sympathetic well-stocked disproportionate thumping acceptable great-hearted stiff moneyed luxurious whopping great steep much large-hearted heightened severe intemperate unreasonable escalated increased jacked up flushed swamped mucho flourishing tolerable worthwhile billowing rolling stink with meaty measurable hulky grandiose pretty whacking great consequential unrestricted fructiferous baggy deluged deep sweeping global wholesale above average abnormal intensified worth taking into account wordy prolix verbose respective diverse varied assorted booming stinking crawling proliferative husky boxcar multitudinal dense unwieldy exhaustive wild multiplied enough and to spare knee-deep a mess of cumbersome spacey loose-fitting cavernous coming out of ears gross impenetrable condensed concentrated compact large number of fruiting progenitive reproductive generating yielding high-volume convoluted swelling simple covering wide-ranging wide-reaching far-reaching multiplex miscellaneous incomputable motley mixed disparate unremitting unbounded mighty humungous fine multiplicity of impassable serried jungly generously proportioned oceanic pharaonic gigantesque planetary walloping galactic heroic supersize cosmical cyclopean monster heroical supersized unnumberable heaps divers high-yielding propagating fruit-bearing childing universal typical entire cosmic leviathan vasty spanking demonstrative whole stacked prevailing advantageous laden loaded enough competent enthusiastic unreserved notable meaningful lucrative long prosperous a thousand and one bursting inundated close-packed swimming improvident predictable usual natural ebullient important gorged lined chockful stocked cramped super-duper extra-large weighted overwhelmed permeated occupied suffused padded plethoric chockablock overfilled covered burdened day-to-day mundane quotidian everyday monotonous wonted daily filled to the brim filled up touchy-feely uninhibited full up full to the gills full to capacity filled to capacity up to the hilt jammed full wall-to-wall full to the brim up to the rafters chock-a-block full to the top topped up a lot of plenty of piles of emotional unconstrained outpouring overflowing with loaded with rich in rife with bursting with replete with stacks of a shedload of scores of infinite numbers of a great deal of billions of oodles of a swag of a bunch of zillions of an abundance of gazillions of a profusion of a multitude of a multiplicity of bazillions of a slew of bags of quantities of a quantity of tons of a great number of scads of periodic overloaded with brimful with awash with well stocked with teeming with crowded with jam-packed with charged with solid with chock-full of fraught with well provided with crammed with chocker with brimming with chock-a-block with swarming with jammed with stuffed with packed with well supplied with vociferous powerful perennial continuing chronic familiar periodical eternal successive steady free-flowing OTT reiterative iterated intermittent all over someone a good many quite a lot of occurring often non-stop overpeopled overpopulated choked torrential scaturient inundant inundatory like Piccadilly Circus like the Black Hole of Calcutta more than enough

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