Đồng nghĩa của teary

Tính từ

Causing, or suggestive of, melancholy or unhappiness
tearful depressing dismal drear dreary heartbreaking heartrending lachrymose melancholy mournful pathetic sad saddening sorry weepy bawling blubbering blubbery distressed dolorous lamentable lamenting moist pitiable pitiful poignant snivelling sniveling sobbing sorrowful tear-filled watery weeping wet whimpering woeful in tears miserable gloomy unhappy doleful disconsolate sombre somber forlorn glum cheerless blue melancholic depressed despondent desolate joyless dejected wretched morose woebegone emotional crestfallen bleak crying lugubrious downcast down funereal wailing rueful sullen cast down upset grim heartbroken comfortless downhearted down in the mouth in the dumps low grief-stricken black heartsick heavy-hearted howling low-spirited heartsore morbid dark afflicted saddened dispiriting down in the dumps inconsolable dispirited heavyhearted despairing cloudy brokenhearted dire distressing droopy gray grey saturnine larmoyant anguished solemn troubled blubbing disheartening uninviting depressive misty hangdog cold godforsaken on the verge of tears spiritless dejecting upsetting broken-hearted oppressive chill murky tenebrific sepulchral darkening plutonian tenebrous mourning lonesome dreich sunless elegiac lonely elegiacal piteous Cimmerian disheartened heart-rending painful dull grieving harrowing close to tears drab disappointed dewy-eyed discouraged maudlin hurt bereaved demoralized drearisome grieved tristful rheumy wistful austere unwelcoming down-hearted demoralised regretful dour dim dingy bare inhospitable stark abject bland in doldrums in grief clinical draggy mopey uncomfortable impersonal wintery institutional down-and-out wintry jarring moving touching grave tear-jerking teary-eyed greeting discouraging hopeless sorrowing aggrieved afflictive bitter dolent out of sorts fed up heartsickening displeased pained affecting worried distraught perturbed bothered bad disturbed tormented concerned dirgeful mawkish sensitive unfocused blurry blurred shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused daunting pessimistic with tears in one's eyes down in dumps moody sick at heart pensive down in mouth hapless cut up all torn up shook up crabby languished broken dysphoric bowed down negative languorous triste listless languid sulky ghastly inauspicious horrid disagreeable troublesome gruesome unfortunate overemotional demoralizing disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable sentimental distressful demoralising unpleasant disappointing oversentimental downbeat grumpy dragged mirthless destroyed hurting bleeding in a blue funk down and out in pain bummed out let-down not happy long-faced grievous funeral plangent aching deploring agonized plaintive bewailing bemoaning dolesome over-sentimental self-pitying calamitous ruthful deplorable regrettable dolorific agonised easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes darkened shadowy humourless humorless clouded overcast sober dusky leaden overclouded dreadful awful tragic severe caliginous stern unlit darkish obscured lightless nebulous unilluminated stygian shady pitchy rayless dusk clouded over unsmiling beclouded terrible foggy louring pitch-black pitch-dark dimmed sedate poor sour serious darksome darkling forbidding lowering displeasing heavy appalling horrific nubilous obscure off-putting surly earnest weighty macabre poker-faced foul foreboding staid rotten crepuscular horrible no-nonsense moping Stygian shocking ominous chap-fallen repugnant in low spirits harsh poorly lit stony squalid hazy sordid traumatic shameful frowning sourpuss muted subdued execrable inferior lousy glowering repellent uncommunicative disconcerting stony-faced horrendous colorless indigent scurvy scungy impoverished detestable repulsive hazed unpromising offensive sickening unpropitious revolting gut-wrenching crabbed ugly distasteful unpalatable in the pits rainy frightful taciturn unnerving horrifying difficult opaque lacklustre deep lackluster chapfallen frightening dismaying colourless boring monotonous lifeless God-awful agonizing agonising loathsome unexciting uninteresting uninspiring humdrum blah badly lit unamused tragical brooding in the doldrums gaunt scowling intolerable disquieting discomforting bad-tempered excruciating crushing grouchy churlish worthless starless moonless phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive oppressed weary mopish broody depressant discomposing vexatious devastated sable unfriendly sorry for oneself sunk in gloom ill-lit derisible mortifying heart-wrenching unlighted choked down-in-the-mouth shot down dampening have the blahs heart-breaking gutted having the blahs having blue devils inky jet black gruff blue funk helpless bummed powerless downtrodden crushed singing the blues bedimmed hideous grisly undesirable sobersided lurid unearthly unclear unappealing unappetizing untempting unattractive repressing dissuading hindering inopportune disadvantageous deterring uncomic flinty fierce intimidating ungentle steely rough mean-looking rugged eerie subfusc strict puritanical douce grotesque ghostly terrifying gory nightmarish disapproving unsympathetic monstrous fearsome unhumorous disturbing troubling not hopeful not encouraging despicable contemptible pitiless grewsome terrific nightmare nauseating objectionable disgraceful vile po-faced serious-minded mephitical hellish irritable unkind repellant bewildering vexing unlucky testing unwelcome annoying abhorrent worrying galling perturbing perplexing alarming sinister revulsive frustrating unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating parlous unpleasing irksome hard-faced hard stringent trashy shoddy filthy spookish weird scary atrocious spooky chilling threatening destitute derisory sick unhealthy disgusting nasty unenticing death-obsessed dirty menacing poverty-stricken promising rain not fair not clear

Tính từ

Sentimental in an exaggerated or false way
mawkish sentimental corny sloppy soppy cheesy emotional mushy schmaltzy drippy sickly treacly cloying cutesy gushing icky oversentimental sappy twee bathetic cornball gushy maudlin novelettish overemotional saccharine sloshy sugarcoated sugary weepy fruity gooey hokey lachrymose romantic slushy soupy spooney spoony sticky banal feeble nauseating sickening syrupy trite wet lovey-dovey over-sentimental tear-jerking sick-making toe-curling chocolate-box three-hanky self-pitying three-hankie touching soft softhearted dreamy sobby nostalgic sweet overacted affected pathetic simpering soapy idealistic tender tearful effusive impressionable vapid honeyed passionate ingratiating demonstrative candied oversweet dewy-eyed over-emotional sickly-sweet jejune inane hearts-and-flowers moonstruck languishing insipid Mills-and-Boon tacky kitsch melodramatic visionary rosewater sugar-coated affectionate loving cute kitschy precious sad romanticized moving silly poignant tragic sickly sweet heart-rending fatuous soft-hearted romanticised excessive hacky OTT unctuous bromidic cornpone schlocky choking campy over the top dime-store histrionic corn-fed warmed-over disgusting heavy exaggerated cloyingly sweet melancholy depressing pretty picturesque attractive pretty-pretty soft-focus plaintive namby-pamby stirring affecting fulsome dismal enthusiastic stale old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed commonplace dull emotive ebullient rhapsodic extravagant exuberant expansive hagiographical overdone unreserved unrestrained lyrical adulatory lavish oleaginous hagiographic powerful heart-warming uplifting harrowing impassioned heartbreaking soul-stirring haunting dramatic overenthusiastic oily exciting thrilling impactful impressive over-effusive hyped up over-enthusiastic laid on with a trowel old hat

Tính từ

Containing, soaked in, or covered in water
soppy drenched dripping saturate saturated soaked soaking sodden soggy sopping soused waterlogged watery awash bathed bedraggled doused dowsed logged washed watered water-soaked wet aqueous clammy dank dewy drizzling foggy humid misty moistened muggy pouring raining rainy showery slimy slippery snowy stormy teeming water-logged wringing-wet dripping wet sopping wet wringing wet damp moist dampened squelchy miry marshy swampy boggy wet through soft spongy oozy quaggy slushy sticky muddy sloppy fenny mucky heavy mushy squashy squidgy squishy gooey soaking wet gloopy pulpy soaked to the skin perspiring sweating wringing droukit perspiry drippy stinky covered with sweat soaked through sweaty streaming drowned pappy doughy pulpous semi-liquid paludal sudoriferous like a drowned rat mossy pasty covered steeped inundated sultry glowing over-moist soft and wet sludgy marish uliginose hot liquid greasy flooded gunky gummy viscid yielding fleshy sparkling flushed big afloat unstable muddied splashed bemired squooshy flabby hosed wetted irrigated sprayed quenched showered sprinkled paludine colourless waterlike dim anemic bloodless flavourless serous watered-down flavorless colorless hazy anaemic beaded clogged claggy clarty sloughy subfuse thick moory peaty uliginous thin soupy runny succulent immersed impregnate full overwhelmed packed marinated overfull replete brimful overloaded brimming gelatinous cushy cushiony downy splashy slap streaming wet diaphoretic sudoric ripe lush sappy plunged dunked coated viscous glutinous mellow luscious tender mucous slithery mucilaginous mucoid oily sauced thirst-quenching juicy syrupy dipped slippy lubricous yukky slick scummy muculent

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