Đồng nghĩa của listless

Alternative for listless

Tính từ

Lacking care or enthusiasm
apathetic impassive indifferent lifeless spiritless indolent supine lymphatic unenergetic vacant vigourless lackadaisical limp effete inattentive insouciant mopish lukewarm passive shiftless slothful uninterested absent abstracted bored careless dormant energyless heedless idle languishing leaden neutral phlegmatic slack blah easygoing laid-back out of it half-hearted lacking energy sluggish lethargic torpid languid dull unconcerned lazy inert inactive languorous slow enervated disinterested unenthusiastic flat lacklustre cool unresponsive lackluster cold passionless heavy unfeeling unemotional feeble unmoved slow-moving dreamy detached dispassionate emotionless leisurely perfunctory tame sleepy uninspiring weak blasé vapid tired easy draggy otiose insipid characterless pococurante depressed droopy stagnant laggard plodding casual uninvolved dispirited lagging bland down Laodicean dry tepid relaxed uncaring moony uninspired insensible drowsy sad lax unanimated procrastinating ponderous dejected despondent irresolute stolid disconsolate low slow-going callous melancholy downhearted weary dawdling measured creeping boring downcast colourless blue dilatory crawling negligent cast down tardy offhand deliberate snaillike loafing delaying down in the mouth moderate loitering stoical unhappy down in the dumps unhurried tortoiselike postponing miserable incurious wimpy nonchalant dead crestfallen muted sorrowful glum colorless do-nothing quiet low-spirited woebegone morose comatose snoozy bloodless dopey prosaic moody heartsick heartsore drab work-shy monotonous undemonstrative spineless unexciting tedious uninteresting dreary wearisome unsympathetic gloomy unexcited unimpressed aloof melancholic stoic halfhearted slapdash wishy-washy numb impassible gradual distant affectless remiss upset nothing cold-blooded heartless bone idle slow-paced disheartened heavy-hearted slow-footed desolate discouraged tearful fed up distressed broken unimaginative humdrum disappointed mournful doleful heartbroken pessimistic joyless inconsolable could care less forlorn ineffectual heavyhearted saddened brokenhearted mundane dim troubled cheerless faint nebbish blahs pining sleepyhead cursory reluctant ineffective laid back desultory commonplace fainéant subdued unwilling wooden vanilla somnolent coldhearted insensitive submissive dallying good-for-nothing workshy uneager sedentary static dismal undistinguished impervious vigorless indecisive pathetic oppressed unexcitable unenthused uncurious sombre somber unaroused motionless untouched objective inexpressive frigid tranquil ho-hum run-of-the-mill quiescent weighed down broken-hearted cowardly inanimate uncompassionate deadpan unconcerned about dolorous lacking vitality apathetic towards offhand about uninvolved with nonchalant about uninvolved in what the hell couldn't care less hard-hearted demoralized bored by don't give a damn bad unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about hurt sullen emotional along for the ride in pain triste bummed out saturnine demoralised bored stiff down in dumps gray anguished turned off aggrieved grey tristful down-hearted comfortless in the dumps sulky being lazy lacking in energy taking your time unconvincing unkind anaesthetic anesthetic lame weakly sleeping selfish hardhearted bovine placid dozy yielding meager paltry unperturbed superficial stiff vegetating unlively acquiescent servile pliant docile lustreless slumberous soporous soporose unflappable unimpressible carefree disimpassioned meagre stagnating desensitized groggy aimless damp hollow lumpish slap-happy desensitised dying moribund declining peaceful unoccupied fruitless futile worthless drony resting mechanical expressionless pointless sentimental romantic daydreaming faineant laissez-faire two-dimensional sedate gentle steady easy going not enthusiastic not caring sluggardly unrushed laboured tortoise-like comfortable undemanding pabulum lusterless zero prosy spent spring fever wistful dragging leaden-footed snail-paced snail-like dillydallying pokey poking poky languished out of sorts dysphoric bowed down teary in tears bereaved weepy lugubrious down in mouth in grief hapless regretful in doldrums crabby black bitter negative sick at heart pensive grief-stricken morbid grieved flaccid laggy lollygagging late behindhand labored imperceptible milk-and-water namby-pamby impartial jaded wearied unbiased equitable non-committal weak-kneed wet limp-wristed crummy destroyed cast-down down and out agonised rueful elegiac in the pits agonized funereal elegiacal uneasy fatigued unambitious unmotivated casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless uncaring about unprejudiced heedless of uninterested in frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of equal fair careless of cavalier about square oblivious to controlled calm ennuied wimpish soft nerveless frail invertebrate weakened weakling insentient insensate defunct extinct weary of nonaligned self-controlled clinical restrained impersonal inorganic mineral unsocial diffident supercilious highbrow scornful not giving a monkey's silent haughty uncommunicative superior jejune reserved level-headed businesslike cool-headed collected hard-headed meek low in spirits non-organic soulless exanimate unimpassioned mopy desiccated anaemic rational unagitated unsentimental unruffled sober serene brassed off bored to death bored rigid wavering flavourless watered-down flavorless vacillating sick and tired bored to tears mediocre sapless browned-off wretched complacent gutless drippy hopeless remote equable unimpressionable composed abiotic anemic dismayed despairing choked flagging thick-skinned chill obdurate reticent marble hard-boiled glacial poker-faced sickly infirm woeful sorry defeatist daunted hangdog nonvegetable without life nonanimal not alive deceased inoperative nonliving azoic chap-fallen going through motions aloof from indifferent to detached from incurious about distant from in low spirits in despair dragged as sick as a parrot brooding chapfallen down-in-the-mouth mopey singing the blues sunk sick as a parrot shot down going with the flow rolling with the punches cool, calm and collected flat tire lacking in vitality

Tính từ

Lacking energy or liveliness
sleepy drowsy lethargic tired dozy languid languorous sluggish somnolent torpid comatose dopey slumberous slumbersome slumbrous snoozy yawning dull enervated heavy inert nodding quiescent slow yawny dead inactive oscitant draggy heavy-eyed fatigued weary lazy apathetic idle lifeless blah exhausted indolent slothful lackadaisical debilitated passive indifferent weak laid-back lymphatic dormant logy limp unenergetic out of it spent sleepyhead dilatory supine drained impassive moony slow-moving wearied narcotic hebetudinous pooped half asleep beat knackered phlegmatic laggard without energy leaden spiritless quiet worn out sleeping out all in lacking in energy asleep flagging shiftless sapped shattered weakened asthenic neurasthenic worn prostrate aweary done bushed languishing tired out beaten bleary loggy lacklustre lackluster having spring fever dead tired jaded dead beat unenthusiastic dog-tired somnific done in burned-out nebbish wimpy unhurried dreamy worn-out soporific infirm feeble burnt-out wiped out played out asleep on one's feet tuckered out washed-out tapped out unresponsive stagnant hypnotic sedative sluggardly opiate shot dozing stupefied static drugged kaput flat fainéant groggy stupid stuporous faineant somniferous overtired somnifacient zonked insensible whacked neb burned out worn-down ready to drop fagged out worn to a frazzle clapped out unconcerned easy leisurely faint still blahs pining sickly energyless uninterested relaxed slack lax depressed tardy motionless numb bleary-eyed slumbery benumbed insensitive unproductive slow-going slow-paced sedentary half-awake nodding off half awake paralyzed sodden latent paralysed hibernating low inconscious cold done up fagged stretchy unmoving stolid dog-weary vegged out out cold bovine weariful wasted depleted dead to the world out to lunch over-tired tired-out jet-lagged burnt out bedraggled frazzled tuckered effete droopy prostrated rundown sleepyheaded stiff down lumpish mooney sullen off sluggard drippy lumbering dazed crippled disabled dragging dropping lassitudinous hacked creamcrackered jiggered blasé dopy restful wooden out on one's feet on your last legs washed out dead-tired outta gas done for dead-beat bone-weary out of gas run-down wiped-out far-gone ready for bed half-asleep hardly able to keep one's eyes open

Tính từ

Having the appearance of sickness or ill health
sickly pale colorless colourless pallid pasty wan bloodless sallow ashen-faced peaky waxen white anemic anaemic ashen insipid languid peakish etiolated faint light-colored light-coloured lymphatic milky peely-wally whitish washed out like death warmed up watery bleached grey pasty-faced drawn faded whey-faced cadaverous jaundiced ghastly chalky paled tired-looking sapped blanched ghostly mealy discoloured lurid deathly livid doughy peaked drained ashy deathlike wheyfaced down depressed forceless worn bilious white as a sheet washed-out gray low ineffective haggard discolored ineffectual chalk-white dull waxy pinched deathly pale thin weak corpse-like leaden feeble sick green as white as a sheet as white as a ghost white-faced dim white as a ghost unhealthy-looking flat alabaster sickly-looking unhealthy spectral wishy-washy lusterless ivory cream creamy milk-white dulled ghostlike pastel achromatic lacklustre lackluster murky emaciated off-color not shiny unwell yellow waxlike poorly wabbit greyish grayish light opaque washy lustreless drained of color dingy looking as if one has seen a ghost striped yellowish poor inadequate unsubstantial insubstantial corpselike frail exsanguinous bland pale-faced infirm jaundiced-looking neutral uncolored drab achromic monochrome milk-and-water namby-pamby banal grey-faced gloomy dusky grisly characterless enervated ash-colored muddy greenish-yellow waterish deathful deadly deadened unwholesome anaemic-looking tired muted clouded shopworn subdued matte stonewashed cloudy fair the worse for wear matt subfusc nacreous snow-white off-white without color tarnished sullied mat ill pearly misty fair-skinned light-skinned bad indisposed crook ill-looking translucent opalescent lacteal opaline frosted lactescent lacteous liverish queasy nauseated nauseous funny out of sorts rough peculiar off colour under the weather off awful rotten crummy grotty seedy punk sickened not oneself dreadful lousy ropy unsound run-down ailing terrible run down peelie-wally below par not up to par green about the gills in poor shape

Tính từ

(colloquial) Weak in character, lacking determination or willpower
soft weak weakened meek wimpy wimpish prostrate prostrated frail fragile fatigued lackadaisical passionless sick sickly sluggish tepid unenthusiastic unexcited unhealthy unfit uninterested unwell unwilling weakly weary tired strengthless spindly spent shaky languorous indisposed incapacitated ill helpless enfeebled exhausted blasé apathetic ailing anaemic anemic feeble enervated debilitated asthenic sapped softened limp untrained infirm languid out of shape rickety unsteady effete delicate slight faint wasted unsubstantial tender down-and-out low weakling spineless nerveless invertebrate characterless wet wishy-washy limp-wristed namby-pamby weak-kneed milk-and-water drained deteriorated flagging faded undermined unnerved devitalized worn out hindered hampered decrepit encumbered drooping declining rundown done in vitiated rusty paralyzed run-down paralysed withered ravaged atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative susceptible fallible malleable impotent vulnerable impressionable errant defenceless washed out out of gas gone to seed on the ropes out of condition imperfect flawed erring resistless depleted diminished easily tempted defenseless easily led rendered feeble run down below par under the weather out of sorts peaky off poorly ropy crummy crook lousy seedy wabbit not oneself queer off colour not up to snuff slightly unwell not well liverish queasy nauseous not very well funny rough peculiar not in good shape grotty not yourself not a hundred percent bad rotten peaked down beat pooped bedridden off-color sick as a dog worn-out low-energy burned out laid low broken-down laid-up tuckered out out-of-action a wreck in poor health out of commission tired out peakish knackered not feeling up to snuff in bad shape

Tính từ

Dull, sluggish, or ugly
bovine slow stupid dense sluggish thick unintelligent dim-witted dull-witted half-baked ignorant imperceptive inert lifeless stolid vacuous blockish doltish lumpish mindless obtuse phlegmatic placid torpid witless wooden dim dozy dumb inanimate somnolent thickheaded blockheaded boneheaded chuckleheaded dopey dull dunderheaded heavy lamebrained birdbrained daft divvy glaikit inactive lethargic muttonheaded pea-brained pig-ignorant wooden-headed chowderhead dotish hebete slothful unresponsive slow on the uptake thick as two short planks dead from the neck up not the full shilling slow-witted simple brain-dead oafish brainless half-witted moronic cretinous dopy airheaded knuckleheaded pinheaded lunkheaded softheaded bubbleheaded empty-headed unsmart fatuous thick-witted imbecilic idiotic dorky senseless bonehead gormless weak-minded foolish opaque lamebrain simple-minded vapid fat-headed soft in the head dunce-like soft naive dof gullible crazy barmy dippy insensitive as thick as two short planks thick-skulled imbecile chowderheaded asinine boorish crass feebleminded simpleminded uncomprehending feeble-minded woodenheaded blind Boeotian thick as mince dimwitted daffy cloddish unthinking numskulled not with it slow on uptake thick-headed unperceptive unimaginative ill-mannered blundering duncelike coarse gross limited numbskulled clownish braindead impassive fatheaded silly unrefined purblind goofy thick-skinned insensate scatterbrained shallow not bright backward unintellectual halfwitted inane log-headed indelicate unreasoning loggerheaded clottish deficient not intelligent very stupid mentally deficient mentally handicapped nitwitted unhinged deranged insane mad touched nutty crackers nuts cracked mental unenergetic apathetic sleepy languid cuckoo batty bonkers indolent weary lazy passive fatigued drowsy tired idle heavy-eyed enervated brainsick cranky kooky bughouse loony crackbrained psychotic looney slang fruity unbalanced demented wacky haywire bats crazed gaga lunatic loco maniac screwy wacko wud maniacal moonstruck unsound bedlam scatty whacky crackpot whacko kookie meshugge psycho potty meshuga balmy certifiable sluggardly slow-moving yawny neurasthenic asthenic quiescent lacking in energy dotty lymphatic half asleep logy flakey giddy bedlamite not quite right not all there looney tunes flaky loony tunes fried draggy sleepyheaded stiff comatose hebetudinous slumberous down languorous leaden mooney sullen off sluggard laid-back blah drippy non compos mentis in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd unwise absurd ridiculous thoughtless nonsensical harebrained tomfool hare-brained damfool ludicrous imprudent preposterous featherheaded ill-advised unreasonable injudicious pointless laughable risible sappy foolhardy inept rash ill-considered fool irrational jerky indiscreet irresponsible impolitic puerile unschooled clueless reckless screwball cockeyed zany incautious loopy uneducated vacant illogical untutored feather-brained unaware illiterate derisible untaught childish bizarre immature retarded impractical inexperienced flighty green unworldly unlearned benighted nonliterate unread unlettered madcap inadvisable analphabetic idiotical uninstructed frivolous credulous inappropriate weak misguided farcical superficial comical cockamamy addle-brained unmindful uninformed careless infantile innocent pie-faced know-nothing meaningless insipid out to lunch short-sighted off the air in the dark wet behind the ears childlike crude unstudied uncomplicated slumberish doolally stupefied anencephalic anencephalous surd unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish purposeless rude dark fantastic dummy nerdish feeble shortsighted ignoramus callow bone-headed idiot rattlebrained donkeyish obstinate outrageous addle-pated negligent soppy empty fanciful fantastical extravagant impracticable dappy forgetful neglectful without thought foolishly stupid complacent featherbrained ditzy dizzy skittish untrained unknowledgeable unworkable unpractical ill-conceived idiotish squirrelly trifling futile worthless mooning daydreaming inattentive spaced-out out moony derisive derisory unreal mentally slow smoothbrained unenlightened unsophisticated unscholarly unknowing unwitting cockamamie pathetic improvident eccentric as daft as a brush incompetent nescient oblivious out of it unqualified funny feather-headed wild lacking knowledge unconversant vain wishy-washy flat innocuous incognizant insensible unacquainted weird peculiar unconventional odd quirky uninitiated cock-eyed pea-brain strange avant-garde outlandish off-centre unconscious devoid of intelligence amusing oddball light-hearted comic a brick short of a load as green as grass two sandwiches short of a picnic hilarious waggish chucklesome diverting smooth-brained ill-informed dim-bulb kinky dilly hasty joshing in left field humorous way out out there camp witty campy ill-judged inexpedient spur-of-the-moment unguarded tactless inconsiderate ill-timed undiplomatic brash hot-headed graceless wrong-headed wrong unsuitable impulsive undesirable

Tính từ

Not paying attention to something
inattentive distracted abstracted dreamy absent faraway oblivious daydreaming preoccupied distrait musing unmindful woolgathering dreaming ditzy lost absentminded unconscious unheeding removed unobservant diverted distraught inadvertent regardless scatterbrained vague inobservant undiscerning unobserving unperceiving unwatchful apathetic bored dozy unnoticing absent-minded wool-gathering lost in thought miles away in a brown study out to lunch not with us lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own absorbed bemused heedless distant careless pensive unaware forgetful engrossed scatty neglectful negligent thoughtful far away wandering in a world of your own vacant not with it unthinking giddy brooding disorganized birdbrained dizzy erratic rapt thoughtless empty-headed unreliable feather-headed feather-brained mooning airheaded moony disorganised detached imagining withdrawn remote with a mind like a sieve blank spacey agitated disregardful intent puzzled bewildered unsystematic immersed somewhere else goofy silly featherbrained fantasizing fantasising mystified nonplussed ditsy dippy dappy wrapped up harebrained flighty inconscient worried apt to forget immersed in thought deep in thought unfocused pipe dreaming woolly-headed a million miles away indifferent unseeing insensitive unconcerned empty gone frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical delirious not there beside oneself vacuous deaf forgotten ignored unnoticed out in space omitted minus bare hollow deficient devoid undependable hung up wrapped-up spellbound deep taken up fascinated caught up anxious asleep engaged bugged elsewhere in short supply baffled frivolous frothy lightheaded slaphappy puerile irresponsible light-headed madcap futile yeasty light-minded with one's head in the clouds surroundings idle stupid illogical bird-brained irrational slapdash slipshod lax space cadet goofing off confused unaware of events perplexed flustered troubled insensible amnemonic inattentive to slack negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss not thinking clearly head in the clouds disconcerted ruffled discomposed speculative out of it looking out window having a memory like a sieve inclined to forget remiss in asleep on the job indifferent to not on the job remiss about like an absent-minded professor lax about pestered harassed befuddled tormented meditative reflective ruminative fazed confounded hassled intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic with a memory like a sieve sidetracked at sea chimerical phantasmagoric dreamlike phantasmagorical beautiful otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical introspective marvelous superb illusory imaginary whimsical nightmarish wistful immaterial introvertive marvellous in a reverie with your head in the clouds out of this world in a flap driven to distraction in a daze in a dream muddled disoriented dazed discombobulated muddleheaded stumped addled disorientated pixillated mixed-up pixilated muzzy addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked-out dopey spaced-out punch-drunk spacy zonked dopy at a loss at sixes and sevens muddle-headed spaced out amnesic amnesiac confusional mixed up unhinged unbalanced demented unglued all at sea unsound senile psychotic deranged unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint whacko captivated mesmerized consumed addle-brained glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy not knowing if one is coming or going shook up with Alzheimer's disease fouled up unscrewed ignorant entranced involved hooked intrigued riveted gripped occupied submerged enthralled entranced by in a world of one's own preoccupied by bound-up up to here mesmerised head over heels fascinated by distracted by eat sleep and breathe riveted by taken up by captivated by all wound up enthralled by spellbound by stupefied stunned fuddled thrown dumbfounded clueless shaken flummoxed bushed unnerved discomfited addle astonished bamboozled spaced befogged astounded raddled fogged bedeviled floored beaten shaken up mazed wildered taken aback thrown off balance bedevilled fuzzy

Tính từ

Having no regard
regardless inconsiderate heedless insensitive unmindful disregarding reckless unheeding uninterested careless derelict inattentive neglectful negligent nonobservant unfeeling delinquent rash remiss blind coarse deaf inadvertent mindless crude lax rude slack imprudent injudicious tactless irreflective unthinking precipitate unreflective unwise unobservant incautious undiscerning unreasonable slapdash slipshod ditsy unreasoning unconcerned indiscreet foolish indifferent hasty madcap apathetic senseless thoughtless irrational flighty undiplomatic absent-minded ill-considered ill-advised hot-headed irresponsible disregardful lazy sloppy neglecting impetuous forgetful devil-may-care behindhand foolhardy impulsive casual daredevil wild hell-for-leather harum-scarum oscitant unguarded unwary offhand temerarious kamikaze harebrained lackadaisical precipitous overhasty indolent dilatory misguided improvident tardy fainéant daring brash slothful hare-brained venturesome easy-going venturous slovenly hotheaded permissive oblivious uncareful carefree laid-back disorderly asleep at switch asleep at the wheel playing with fire any old way asleep on the job asleep on job suicidal uncaring self-destructive failing to show proper care and attention giddy uncircumspect scatty untrustworthy unreliable undependable abstracted napping erratic frivolous haphazard dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy barratrous romping light-minded blameworthy culpable slow defaultant woolgathering inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible unsafe unwatchful impolitic off-guard unalert uncautious wary bold unvigilant inefficient caught napping fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin ill-judged off guard foot-in-mouth pay no mind procrastinative incompetent slap-happy disorganized inactive idle otiose pococurante any which way at fault nonchalant lethargic leisurely disorganised faineant workshy quiescent do-nothing unprofessional laggard inert passive dormant detached soft lenient cursory dispassionate insouciant overindulgent incurious unheedful relaxed vague indulgent liberal complaisant loose indefinite broad inaccurate non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless inexact imprecise yielding flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy failing to take proper care accepting tolerant any way floppy nonjudgmental paying no mind limp headlong audacious overconfident overbold tearaway unconsidered overventuresome adventuresome adventurous uncontrolled breakneck unsmart death-or-glory ill-conceived out of control helter-skelter fast and loose bull-in-a-china-shop over-adventurous over-venturesome

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